Uncensored. Unscripted. Unsolicited. Just when you think nothing will come out when you engage a conversation inside the realm of cyberspace, TADAH! You can see what you typed in this page!

So what conversations qualify?
1) Must be informative.
2) Must make me look like a dick.
3) Must make the other person a loser.
4) Must be entertaining.

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Here are two grown men trying to outwit each other by dishing in information loosely acquired from the internet. Here’s your chance to get in the know with your lives!

It starts off with a serious interaction that could forever shape the role of humans in the universe as a whole.

The debatable question:

The Sydman: so pare, alam mo bang ang Ovaltine at Milo ay magkalasa?

jorgecosgayon: You lie! Hindi kaya! Adik ako ng Milo nung elementary tapos natikman ko Ovaltine mas gusto ko Ovaltine.

The Sydman: Oo kaya! Nag-taste test ako pare kanina! no diff pare!

jorgecosgayon: Pare that's not true! Iba ang lasa! Baka di ka nag Skyflakes between testing!

The Sydman: Dude, it’s a known scientific fact that Skyflakes is not a perfect variable for chocolate powder testing.

jorgecosgayon: Na-disprove na yan nung dineclare nila na di na planet ang Pluto. Tsk… get with the times!

The Sydman: Dude anyway, ang pH scale ng Skyflakes is 3.87 - 1.3 less than the appropriate testing grounds for a chocolate powder. I don't know about you pero I think mali ang mga scientists na nagsabi niyan.

jorgecosgayon: WTF!?! May mali ka sa assumption mo e. Ina-assume mo na Ovaltine is chocolate powder. Hindi! Powdered pawis ng Negro ang Ovaltine na hinaluan ng kopra! And for powdered sweat with kopra, 3.87 is sufficient!

The Sydman: Dude that's a blatant lie!

jorgecosgayon: Anukaba… why would I lie?

The Sydman: Hindi brown ang powdered sweat ng mga Negro. It's grayish white. And mixing it with copra makes it a mixture.

jorgecosgayon: Gagu, ang kopra ang nagpapa brown.

The Sydman: Oh… I heard cobra… PERO I STILL DISAGREE!!!

jorgecosgayon: Ang kopra-sweat mix has been known to the ancient aboriginies na nag invent ng Ovaltine in ages past. At nung nag kita sila ng ancient Mayans, inventors of Skyflakes! Dun nila napag alaman na pwede ma-neutralize ng Skyflakes ang Ovaltine! Kaya ang Intsik gumawa ng Hao Flakes kasi pag kinain mo ang hao flakes pagka inom mo ng Ovaltine, ang pangit ng lasa! Dahil ang Hao Flakes ay flattened raisins grown in the highest peaks of Tibet! And as any schoolboy will tell you, altitude is the mortal enemy of Skyflakes!

The Sydman: HAO FLAKES! NOW YOU'RE INVENTING THINGS! Hao is a dynasty in QUEBEC! They invented Hao Flakes!!

jorgecosgayon: No… no… no!

The Sydman: Chinese... that's stupid!

jorgecosgayon: Ang Quebec is French Canadian... napagkakamalan lang na sila nag invent kasi ang ancient Gauls (mga French) slaves at descendants ng Chinese! This was when Marco Polo was sodomized by Kublai Khan. His name used to be Marco Olop! But Kublai Khan screwed him so bad bumaliktad pangalan nya!

The Sydman: Eto nakuha ko sa Wikipedia... merong dalawang kingdoms sa Quebec - ang Hao at si Ripitit. Nawala ang Hao. Alin ang natira? <---- how dare you not believe Wikipedia!!! jorgecosgayon: Dude black propaganda lang yan! Gusto ng blacks na mag spread ng white lies! The Sydman: And yeah that Marco Olop thing is true but it wasn't Kublai but his kid brother Joey. It was JOEY KHAN you nimrod! jorgecosgayon: Ay oo nga si Joey Khan nga pala. The Sydman: And gustdecfr!

Actually my boss so me YM-ing so my boss went berserk and typed 9 letters to complete one odd word. Anyway… Jorge for some strange reason, understood this.

jorgecosgayon: You sick fuck!

The Sydman: Who's the historian now, bitch!

jorgecosgayon: Alam mo namang taboo yan si Gustdecfr! *gasp* Will your depravity never end? Is nothing sacred?

The Sydman: That's Haotian for “you look like a bike”!

jorgecosgayon: Pero in Ripitit that's "you suck balls like your mother". Kaya lagi sila nagaaway e.

The Sydman: I agree. Sick people... good thing when Alfonso Coholi invented alcohol in 1822, everyone thought it was happy water... thus their race was wiped out entirely.

jorgecosgayon: Actually it wasn't the alcohol. It was the incidental sodomy with the bottles that wiped them out.

The Sydman: Damn! Except for the Skyflakes thing, you know your history.

jorgecosgayon: Thank yew, butt monkey.

The Sydman: You still suck though. Fetch Fido!

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