Here’s a break to all the mudslinging.

Last December 12, GMA held its annual Christmas Party at the Amoranto Stadium. Yes, 10,000 raffle hopefuls stormed the place and ransacked Pantranco’s House of Sports by littering the grounds by cigarette butts, beer cans, and yes… my oozing sex appeal.

Yes, I said it… my oozing sex appeal.

In the department competition, my unit posted third out of nine hopefuls in our annual best of the best duel. Since my entry in their fold, we have yet to win so this is somewhat of an “achievement”.

And this is a step up from the seriously creepy character I introduced two years back when they starred me as Michael V in the “Hindi Ako Bakla” MTV.

That was like… eww…

The only problem I had is that they made me too fruity so I would register great in front of a camera. I looked too fruity!

You can’t hear me rap, because I could only get the pics… so just think of me rapping to this.

Ang sabi ng iba masarap ang mane.
Ang sabi ko naman depende sa mane.

May mane-manehan, may tunay na mane.

Pero ang tunay na mane, babad sa weeweh!

And yeah, here’s a pic with my favorite stalker/groupie.

Break it down, Yo!


  1. yes i did! at gago ka brain! I am not carlos agassi! >:(

  2. Pag nagkaanak si Vanilla Ice at David Archuleta ganito ang lalabas.. Cross breeding should be outlawed...

  3. This is the reason why hip hop is dying. Cross breeding? Outlawed! Cloning Hell yeah! A couple more of this twisted pretzel and hip hop will be gone for good. Next comes emo.. Somebody gag hubs I'll get the cloning vats ready!