There is something about TV5’s Loko Moko High that wants me to watch it even on You Tube…

First of all, let me just say that I sometimes hate Vlad Guarina for giving my website a theme song.

Let’s get Sydrified… Sydrified…
I wanna get Sydrified…
Let’s geeet Sydrified…
Let me hear your body rock… your body rock…


Anyway, I am at my work station on this stressless day of December 29, 2009 and we are moments away to celebrate the New Year! I have yet to do this on my website but one of the easiest ways to blogs in this season is to write your New Year’s Resolutions!


1. CLAIM 5000 PAGE VIEWS: Using Flag Counter, my site has been spotted in 33 countries. I like the fact that 59 percent of the surfers are Pinoys. Actually, if I want to give my site a 50/50 audience share (meaning 50 percent of the readers are foreigners), I need to commercialize my site further. Hey, I can do movie reviews, and hugely popular sports blogs but if I want to press my luck up a notch, I would still insert personal stories.

2. GET THIN: Who cares if I’m fat? Obviously the people I know. It seems that my 225-pound frame is an issue to some and I don’t know why. I am thinking of either buying a treadmill or a stationary bike that I will in front of my TV so I could work on it on mornings and evenings. I hate the fact that metabolism abandoned and thus the appearance of my stretch marks (my sister calls this the “during phase” of a pregnant lady). And yeah, you can’t make me “jog” under the sun.

3. LEARN NEW STUFFS: I am thinking of learning an instrument or attempting to do something ambitious. I am too old to start a new sport and I don’t think I’d be joining Cindy in any more fun runs. I really want to learn to drive inside the highway but I fear scratching the car that my dad bought. I am relearning Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro and Cindy has been giving me tutorials about After Effects.

4. TRAVEL: I have never rode a plane. That sucks. The northernmost point that I have reached was when I went to Baguio. The southernmost point I reached was when I went to Sorsogon. I want to blog about places! Maybe I will get that chance this summer but I first need to clear my work load because I don’t want to be a burden to other people.

5. REPACKAGING: Regardless if this is my family, friends or people who knew me, they still think of me as either that weird guy that has his own world or that childish guy with no backbone. In terms of my love life, people continuously think that I am a womanizer. Here’s the thing: I will always have my own world because believe it or not, that makes me sane (thus the creation of this blog) but no, I am seriously attempting to grow spine. My bank account is borderline in the 40k mark and I hope to double that by the end of 2010. I don’t need to grow old to grow maturity. I want to earn people’s respect.

As for being a womanizer? Hmmm…


For non-Tagalog speaking readers, you probably won’t understand this but puki ng ina, 14 na buwan na kaming magkasama hanggang ngayon hindi pa rin nila maintindihan na hindi ako babaero! Lalake siguro kung may pera pwede basta walang tirahan sa pwet pero pucha, kung may samaan kami ng loob, kadalasan nagmumula sa mga tanginang sitwasyong imbento! Yung sa lalake joke lang yun pero baka seryosohin niyo! Tangina alam kong may sablay din kayo sa pagkatao niyo pero nakikita niyo ba akong hinuhusgahan kayo? Hindeeeeeee! Gusto niyo may pagusapan? Dahil kating-kati kayo sa mga chismax? Eto bonus! First time ko sa pokpok! Ever since, allergic nako sa pokpok! Ayun, happy? Kung madumi bunganga ko MASMADUMI UTAK NIYO! BWISET!



6. ANGER MANAGEMENT: Ever since I’ve stopped smoking (don’t worry, I will return the habit… I just don’t know when) I’m easily riled up. I hate people pissing me off, which frighten me because once, one of my strong points was looking at the good side of bad things. It also never helps the fact that my favorite Korean drama can be seen during the wee hours of 3am (yes, you are not Jologs if you watch Korean drama before it gets dubbed in Tagalog).

The things I imposed are pretty broad and very easy to follow (except for the “thinning” part). I could probably execute this properly with the help of hmmm… mental toughness?

Let the season give you all the awesomeness you hope for!

Welcome 2010!
I just visited my Multiply site and I noticed that all my works in:


* cough * CHEAP PLUG * cough *

When they thought of this, I guess they didn’t know what they had was awesome.

Last Christmas my family went to Batangas to distribute gifts (for some insane reason, kids hate the educational stuffs I gave them). Because my parents have a news program to produce, we returned to Quezon City at around 3pm (we arrived at Batangas at 9:30am). My aunts packed suman and chico for Cindy (seeing her once, they kind of like her).

When we arrived, I was too lazy to head out that Friday so I asked her if I could give it to her the next day. Thing is, she had a wedding to attend to (Calaruega Church in Batangas). Anyway, regardless how drastic I change myself it seems like my “bad rep” still haunts my existence. Hehe, I am like the good guy that allegedly does bad things…


Anyway, I had doubts coming out on a Sunday but I don’t her to expect me just in case.

Who knew something would come forth that Sunday?

That Sunday, my mom said to me to give Cindy the chicos ASAP. It seemed that the fruits have ripened and could turn bad if not quickly sent to the recipients. So I texted Cindy that I would come to her house that Sunday. She said yes.

That’s all she said.


Anyway, I carried a bag of chico in my left hand and a bag of suman on the other. My red palms felt the load I was carrying. After an hour of travel, I found my way to her gate. I was happy that I didn’t get lost in their enormous subdivision. I was about to knock but then a voice greeted me.

It was her dad…

and her mom…

her sister…

their pet dog…

and 20+ guests.

Then it hit me – Cindy told me about a party but I thought it was cancelled.

The first thing her dad said that his friends are bent to GRILL me.

Then Cindy came out smiling.


I like Cindy’s parents. They are like my parents. The only difference is that Cindy’s mom is less noisier (double superlative to emphasize emphasis) than my mom. They had a delicious feast! I got the low down that they were all neighbors in one subdivision and even if they see each other less often, they still reserve one day for an opportunity to catch up.

Anyway, I was drinking beer with Cindy’s dad. I was glad that I didn’t do anything to screw up the moment where my mouth would unleash some raunchy sentence. I was also thankful that I blended in and not stand out. In most days, I would prefer to do as such but in time I learned to test the waters first before I ignite my “Syd-ness”.

I was the last guest to leave at almost 11pm.

And about my treat? The suman made it to the banquet while they ate the chico the moment I hopped the taxi.

And yeah, they immediately placed it on the fridge to still keep it fresh.

This was fun!

The 2009 Batch is a sad batch. Unlike last year’s draft, these rookies are barely standing out. Worse, the rookie that made the most impact is a rookie that was undrafted. Actually, THREE players in the list were undrafted!

Smart-Gilas coach Rajko Toroman called this right: Chris Tiu, Rabeh AL-Hussaini, Mark Barocca, and Dylan Ababou could be first rounders but I don’t think JV Casio, Aldrech Ramos, RJ Jazul, and Mac Baracael get the minutes since they’ll be late first rounders and the teams that don’t really need new blood are the ones picking in these spots. Greg Slaughter and Junmar Fajardo are prospects but they’ll probably become the next Yancy de Ocampo or Sam Eman.

Hell, I don’t think JR Cawaling, Magi Sison, and Jason Ballesteros will be drafted if they joined the draft. But hey, the exposure that Smart Gilas is giving them will be their edge.

Game starts now!

As of December 25, 2009, these guys fared the best league-wise.

Round Pick: Undrafted – Signed by Burger King
A mid-conference pick up, this journeyman is getting the time that Wynne Arboleda sacrificed for the fan beatdown.

Round Pick: Undrafted – Signed by Barako Bull
This former Letran Knight is getting the minutes for a team languishing at the cellar because they lack a dominating big man.

Round Pick: Second Round # 15 by Rain or Shine
Playing sparingly since the return of TY Tang and Sol Mercado from sickbay, a lot is expected when he steps in the court.

Round Pick: Second Round # 19 by Talk N Text (signed by Ginebra as a free agent)
Yes, he is trigger-happy and yes, he lacks court awareness but the experience he gained (with Jayjay Helterbrand and Celino Cruz out) will surely help in ripening his game.

Round Pick: First Round # 4 by Burger King (traded to Coke)
The Chris Ross we wanted is a spitfirish combo guard that could deal damage on both sides of the court. We have yet to see this guy.

Round Pick: First Round # 9 by Burger King
Japeth Aguilar’s change of heart made him BK’s top rookie. While inconsistent, he has shown that he can shine in the pros.

Round Pick: First Round # 5 by Rain or Shine
Cruz can score and rebound but he becomes a forgotten player in the bench when his lack of height makes Caloy Garcia opt for either Mike Hrabak or Mark Telan.

Round Pick: Undrafted – Signed by Sta. Lucia
The guy has scored 20 points twice and he has been able to help the Realtors when he is thrust in the spotlight. He seems like the lesser version of Ryan Reyes.

Round Pick: First Round # 7 by Barako Bull (via Sta. Lucia)
As the season progresses, people can see the “Ronald Tubid” in him. He is a streaky scorer and a gifted defender. He could be the key player of the Boosters when he learns to become consistent.

Round Pick: First Round # 3 by Purefoods
He is the top find in this year’s draft (with Japeth’s departure) but while he is showing flashes of brilliance, it will never be the “Rico Show” at the Giants camp. However, that SF spot in Purefoods is his for the taking since he is agile and quick for that position and he could double up as a chance PF/C also.

I said this draft class was weak when guys like Ford Arao, Lance Convento, Josh Vanlandingham, and the Smart-Gilas members skipped it. It didn’t help that aside from Aguilar, James Sena is out, living only seven first rounders leading the charge for their class. Aside from Sena, Edwin Asoro and PJ Walsham were left unsigned by their teams while other second rounders like Mark Benitez, Charles Waters, Sean Co (Alaska reserved list), and Orlando Daroya have yet to do any damage due to limited (for Co’s case “no”) court time. Round picks Mike Burtscher, Chris Timberlake, Benedict Fernandez, Francis Allera, and Jim Viray have had their moments but they are nowhere near marquee players.

While without a shadow of doubt, this batch fares better than the 2000 Draft class (a class overpowered by MBA free agents), this batch is also seen as one of the weakest in terms of immediate impact. And the next class? With the Smart-Gilas campaign taking the best finds, I don’t think Arao, Convento, Vanlandingham, Bam Gamalinda, Borgie Hermida, Elmer Espiritu, Nonoy Baclao, Hans Thiele, Khasim Mirza, Rudy Lingganay, Fham Bandaying, Pari Llagas, Giorgio Ciriacruz, John Wilson, Mark Caguco, Simon Atkins, Bader Malabes, and the other aspirants could create an impact in the big league.

But then again, I may be speaking too soon...

Just like me already hitting the nail on the coffin on the 2009 Batch.

Game over.

(PS: Come to think of it, I am in favor of having a third round in the draft. You see, while the subpar talents float in these regions, at least the fans can know the players that could make the PBA. I just don’t get the two-round setup where the drafted players drift away while the undrafted players get roster spots.)

This relationship is forcing me to do things I don’t usually do.

When I was single, I will never troop to an I-Max Theater to watch some sci-fi flick.

Well I am not single... and I did watch Avatar on I-Max.

Sheesh… 800 pesos down the drain.

The price: 400 per head is pricy. I was hoping I’ll get freebies but I-Max is pretty much Rialto with a decent story.

Experience: Avatar is James Cameron’s 15-year odyssey that culminated. It is a worldwide hit. Now, watching I-Max for the first time (seated at the “C” seats because the place was packed) made me noxious and it trashed my eyes the wrong way. It took me fifteen minutes to let my eyes adjust to the different layers the glasses would reveal. I must admit when my vision settled, it looked awesome (and not just the part where you’re trying to “make boso” (peep) at that blue-skinned chick brought to life by the voice of Zoe Saldana). It would have been more awesome if the military guy was Dolph Lundgren. Yeah, I was hoping that he’d turn out as the former 80’s action star but he turned out to be someone else.

Story: Do you know those flicks where there is a kid... or an unassuming guy that was embraced by an African tribe and in return, he embraced the tribe’s beliefs and customs. Former Chikiting Patrol child star Nelz Yumul attached the words “Fern Gully” in his description of Avatar and while I don’t know how that animated flick turned out, this is what I thought of the flick. Those movies set in Africa are usually “award chasers”. But these movies also bore the hell out of me. The middle part of the movie bored me in a way, when I got used to the 3D-ness of the flick. I also felt that film could have ended earlier. Sure... this was an epic tale and yeah... all characters were permitted to have their moments. However, it’s not like anyone would remember these characters. Do you think these characters are marketable enough? Have you seen their McDonalds HAPPY MEALS!?!

The finish should be there. That was awesome. The praying gave Jake the emotions to set up the battle. Cameron was smart to link all of the events as one big event. Remember Titanic? I like that film... even if others would discount it as a big-budgeted love story. I like it because the characters are fun and lively. Sam Worthington and Sigourney Weaver played their roles well (even if Weaver’s character could have not died because Jake Sully merely entering riding that gigantic bird is enough for the tribe to worship his presence). I am a huge Giovanni Ribisi fan and that military guy was fun. The tribal stupidity could have taken a notch down. The swerves are too expected. I think the biggest trait of all of these characters is their gullibility. Even the bad guys suffer this.

There are things I like too here. Again I like the way that most of the scenes are linked with one another. Another thing that I found cool is Jake Sully’s childlike appreciation to the nature and customs and how his heart would power him even in the direst of problems.

I can compare Jake Sully to Goku and Weaver’s character as Bulma and the other sidekick as Ulong and Michelle Rodriguez’ character as Yamcha battling the Red Ribbon Army in their quest to acquire all the Dragon Balls. I can also compare this to a man from a foreign land that embraced the culture of this flock and he would repay their kindness by taking the people out from their “sacred soil”.

Verdict: I like the effects... when it was stabilized in my system. I really do. But everything reverts back to the story. I don’t hate it.

It’s just that it’s NOT new to me.

Game Over.

The MK voiceover seriously needs a love life.

(and for some reason, I’m thinking Big Brother should have one as well)

Back in the mid-2000’s, Probe Productions’ Game Plan made a poll to let the public vote on who they thought was the greatest team ever.

In case you didn’t see it… or in case you didn’t know, this was the turnout.

Click to find out (as if the logo was not a giveaway).

By the way, here’s a quick rundown of my Top 12 favorite Thomasians from the 90’s.

1) Aric del Rosario
2) Dennis Espino
3) Henry Ong
4) Dale Singson
5) Bal David
6) Christopher Cantonjos
7) Gerard Francisco
8) Richard Yee
9) Rey Evangelista
10) Estong Ballesteros
11) Edmund Reyes
12) Rudolf Belmonte

Fact is: Since UST switched from Glowing Goldies to Growling Tigers, a newfound swagger was ignited. Face it, Glowing Goldies is such a gay name. The move was said to be prompted by the Goldies’ mascot, a friar, showed up in the opening ceremonies all bandaged up. Longtime UST sports head Felicitas Francisco urged the school to brand UST as Tigers.

Known Goldies before the moniker switch were Pido Jarencio, Bobby Jose, Alfrancis Chua, Binky Favis, Rabbi Tomacruz, Aris Franco, and the late Gido Babilonia. Legends produced by the school include Fely Fajardo, Gabby Fajardo, Larry Mumar, Danny Florencio, and Bogs Adornado.

I was with Cindy last Saturday at SM North looking for gifts for my parents (I bought a jacket for my Dad and a Last Supper wall thing for my Mom) when she gets this call about an errand.

The next day, I was busy reading Mythology Class in my house (Arnold Arre is awesome) when Cindy calls me about the complications of this errand.

Then I volunteered my laptop.

This was the first time Cindy slept over at my house.

My parents were at the house and when I told then that Cindy will come to my house to use my laptop, my Mom commanded me to clean my room. My Dad on the other hand, was at his room watching some sort of Korean drama on KBS World. When Cindy got all the things she need to work at my house, my mom commanded my dad to come with me because she’s too lazy to cook then (I will re-master driving when I get a car of my own). After meeting Cindy at Ever Commonwealth where she also bought a cake, I purchased a chicken and liempo at the Baliwag stall near our village.

Taking out the cake tasting and dinner, she was busy. She’ll often kick me out of the room because I was more of a pain than a help. I would use this time catch the Ginebra versus San Miguel game (I am convinced that Jong Uichico can’t use Enrico Villanueva properly), Mighty Ducks 3, and the OTHER Korean drama my parents drooled upon.

Then I heard a closed door open and she came out saying that my laptop cannot read a MOV file and she asked why I don’t have Quicktime. So I borrowed my Dad’s laptop so I can download Quicktime.

SAYING GLOBE TATTOO IS WORTHLESS IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT! I am bent to switch to Bro next year. I got swindled by a couple of women from the Globe Service Center in a random mall when they told me that the SUPERDUO 599 CAN BE USED TO SURF THE INTERNET (My officemate knew one of them which prompted us to browse their flyers)! I told them, “your flyer reads for calls only” but the two insisted that it can also do such. Now I’m stuck with this with no “undo” buttons to counter my gullibility. Worse, I have unlimited calls to all Globe users which I could care less because my girlfriend is a Smart user! Sure, you can tell me to get an available phone and put the sim card to its slot to activate it for other people but what’s the use for that! That’s not the reason why I placed that! Worse, Globe Tattoo has limited capacity even in the heart of the metro.

Convince she’ll go home by ten, she asked me to find her a cab. But when going home by ten is not plausible (plus the fact that I live in a place where darkness looms the streets), I told her that my parents usually wake up before 3:45am so that they could suit up and attend Simbang Gabi at 4:30. She like this and could rest at my house and do her stuffs when she reaches her house. The first thing she did was to ask for her mom’s permission.

Two hours later, Cindy slept in my room.

Well… not really.

It was “more of a lie down first to rest” thing.

She finished the other things she wanted to finish and then she kept coming out to check me out. I was watching TV with my sister in the living room where I was scouring the boob tube for entertaining stuffs (we were watching One Night Only). I went to my room to find her restless (namamahay is the proper term). Until her time to go home, we were merely napping (I went to the room at three because our newly-painted living room is attracting a tremendous bunch of mosquitoes). When she arrived at her house at 4:45am, she slept and then woke up to work.

Dammit, I forgot that it’s already Monday.

Anywho, because of my hospitality, she’ll treat me with an I-Max movie. It’s not like that I don’t want to watch a free flick but that Avatar should be not the sci-fi thing I’ve been thinking of because pushing and shoving folks of all ages isn’t worth doing if I’m going to see a superbly sucky flick!

Game over.

I haven’t been posting rants for a long time now and that’s surreal considering these days I’ve been extremely giddy.

Anyway, the cons of staying in the office during the Christmas break are the compilation of other people’s work load (I had a dream of slacking out this holiday season).

Forms should be clear. When it’s not, all hell will break loose. No one wants to work during the holidays so if you’re going to make someone work, you have to dish out every detail you need to dish out.

I remember a story from my recent memory (dating back from my other work). I was of course, the star, and there are other protagonists whose lives I don’t want to highlight.

Someone pissed me off because… receiving a form of three phrases that doesn’t have any sense is well… nonsense. When I asked what the form was all about, this person talked like I was a freaking ignorant. Anyway, I won’t go into details but this tested my patience and it made me go ballistic!

But I don’t fight.


I get even.

I remember when I was doing my group thesis and this group mate began telling us to our proctor because “we weren’t letting her join the fun” (let’s think of her as Rudolph and us the other reindeer). I remember seriously shouting pissed outside UST’s AB lobby and puffing smoke towards the internet shop I used to play like I am a character in Reservoir Dogs because I can’t believe a person that usually looks after her boyfriend than the thesis would rat us like that! In the end, we accomplished a perfect thesis with her not knowing that I made her do all the slave work (typing, researching, photo copying, going errand) as the rest of the group thought and planned for the whole thing.

Yes, I am still happy that I planned the whole swerve.

Fast track almost five later (I am that old). I looked at the materials and found that there wasn’t a clear thought in them. I listed every detail I found confusing and went to our heads to tell my discomforts which prompted a sudden meeting with the clients. When I saw they have no definite plans (and I don’t have a clue why) I insisted to make them like the thoughts I am giving them. Mind you I am still doing work but I am corrupting their minds to give me work that I wanted to do.

And with this, I made myself look smart while that person that pissed me off was basically disregarded.

This is me not caring

So what’s the relevance of this rant?



My serious “fuck the world” mentality pops out whenever I feel like proper rationale deals zero damage to one person’s cranium. You’ll love my wimpy, girly fun side but if I know I’m right and I’m pissed off, I’ll see to it that people realize my value by hating their selves. If I see work in my desk I swear, I will use all of my vacation leave during the first weeks of 2010! *

(* this depends on the load of work I would encounter)

Game over.

PS: Syet… job orders are coming!!!

She was part of the movies that I thought entertained me but I don’t really like, LIKE her (as much as Drew Barrymore, Elizabeth Banks, Kate Hudson, Cobie Smulders, Elisha Cuthbert, Olivia Wilde, Kaley Cuoco and QUEEN OF AWESOME Kate Winslet).

But definitely, at 32, losing an entertainer like Brittany Murphy is something we should accept.

The star of such awesome films like Clueless, Girl Interrupted, Riding in Cars with Boys, Sin City, Happy Feet and the hard-hitting Eminem starrer 8-Mile collapsed in her shower and was pronounced dead on arrival at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

She starred in goofy films like Summer Catch, Just Married, and Uptown Girl but her classic, Madonna-like face combined with her versatiliy to do make people laugh and sob watching her (8-MILE RULES!).

By the way, funny how two of her films had the words “dead” in them (Drop Dead Gorgeous and The Dead Girl).

Anyway, she will be missed. This is an early entry selection for extremely talent-loaded heaven.

Look, the power of media is more powerful and dangerous than ever. This was what that idiot Ampatuan failed to understand.

Come on... laugh now.

With one click, the world could spew derogatory remarks because of the actions he did in that gruelling day. Worse, who says media men are those that have a media ID? Facebook subscribers are uploading and previewing those uncensored visuals easily. Because of him, Philippine soil was branded as a dangerous hub for journalists. Anybody surnamed Ampatuan could be seen as devils in flesh and bone. So what if he merely retaliated because of what the victims did to them? In basketball, those that were caught elbowing a player are the ones ejected. Usually this comes from those that “give something back” to the other player. In Iraq, all journalist deaths are either accidental or via bombs. Sure, there were beheadings but comparing us, with a war-torn country still reeling from the military regime enforced by Saddam Hussein is cruel and over the top.

Hell, that Sigrid Fortun guy... a high calibre lawyer with great wins under his belt is by all means, “doing his job” but media can and will label him as “greedy”, “only in it for the money”, “selfish”, “unpatriotic” and other terms since in the Papers because media can and will have its revenge against those that bastardized their “kindred”. The Tiger Woods issue could have stopped as a freak traffic mishap but because of feisty journalists (or paparazzi), Tiger’s problem ballooned to a semi-retirement from the sport he holds dear, Accenture and other brands moving away from his side, and a missus that will spend Christmas (or lifetime that doesn’t involve their kids and a divorce trial) away from him.

Poor Fortun. He’ll go in there and defend a man with 25 counts of murder! He needs to dig down deep, review every loophole he needs to know, pop as many stress pills as possible, and contest the rule of many that has labelled “Junior” and his clan as devils on earth.

And what’s worse... what if he wins?

Okay, I’ll stop being preachy now.

Former WWE/WCW wrestler commented this on his debut: "Speaking of huge wastes, quite the debut for Braden Walker. I don't know Chris Harris but anyone who shows up for their WWE debut in the worst shape of their career, deserves to be fired. Wellness policy aside, I don't believe the treadmill is on the banned substance list"!

Yup, this was harsh… and sadly, true.

(Writer’s Note: I was searching You Tube one night and I saw the clip below. This prompted me to write.)

I remember when I was watching the early days of TNA. There was a tag team that had muscle and at the same time, speed and skill. This is not your typical roided up athletes that could barely perform a hip toss. “Cowboy” James Storm and “Wildcat” Chris Harris can wrestle aerial, ground, or hardcore. I like the fact that they really looked believable. They were quick big guys a la Natural Born Thrillers but unlike those Power Plant members, they know how to move well inside the ring. Eventually the team had to break up when Harris, the dimmed better of the two, was betrayed by his jealous partner with Cowboy smashing Wildcat’s skull with a beer bottle. Storm then got a drunkard Texan gimmick which made gave him more personality. Harris, on the other hand, was the guy bent of proving the people he could become a great star.

And then he started to show guts. Nope, not that bravery bit… the stomach “gut”. You see, he has been discontented with the way his personality-less character is getting the push so when his contract expired, he welcomed the trip up north. WWE found him a great find and he would have been ECW’s upcoming stars (he debuted in that brand) but he was FAT!

See I am fat too. But I believe he lost his skill and speed and became just another big man when he debuted in ECW. Plus, with Vince McMahon not keen of using the real or indy names of his employees, Harris was given a pretty bitchin’ name…

Braden Walker.

No offense but suddenly, James Storm – the Marty Jannetty of the group – is doing well. Storm had something that Harris failed to have which was charisma. Add that to his one pack, and the non-superstar treatment he’s been ranting upon and you just yourself booked to the “WWE Future Endeavors Club”.

I doubt if Chris Harris will ever return in the WWE. I would have seen him join a random individual (during that time it could have been Matt Hardy) to make the tag belts elite. I hear he’s back in the indy circuit. Reforming America’s Most Wanted could be an idea but you have to consider that Beer Money Inc. (Storm and former Team Canada muscle Robert Roode) is currently doing great. And with the way TNA is trying to go head-to-head with WWE? Roode has more of a personality than Harris at this point.

While I don’t think he’ll be doing this…

I hope he gets another shot in either the WWE or TNA to get back his untapped potential…

And push his damned luck once more.

Game over.

Again, two sides of action go head-to-head in a battle where everyone’s a winner!

One deals with the whimsical world of sports entertainment. The other is the also whimsical world of Philippine Sports!

Game starts now!

FANTASY: Bret Hart signs with the WWE

It happened at the Survivor Series 1997 PPV held in Montreal, Canada. The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels will battle the Excellence of Execution Bret Hart for the WWF Belt (this was before they lost the acronym to a panda). Shawn Michaels placed Bret “The Hitman” Hart in the Sharpshooter and mere seconds from the setup Vince McMahon ordered the timekeeper to ring the bell. Bret Hart was shocked. Michaels too was shocked (haha). Referee Earl Hebner ran to the back and quickly rode a getaway vehicle while the wrestlers at the locker room were mad as hell. Bret punched Vince in the face and then stormed out of the arena. This was his last appearance in a WWE ring. Vince feared Bret will take the belt to WCW, which was where Bret Hart would be in a week. Bret doesn’t want to lose in Canada. Michaels? He just hates Bret.

This was the Montreal Screwjob – an accidental yet unforgettable event in the annals of professional wrestling (see Wikipedia). This was when the fakeness of wrestling and the realness of emotions merged. Afterwards Bret Hart moved to WCW where his fame staggered. Sure he was winning belts, but the WCW people can’t use him properly.

He retired from wrestling after suffering a stroke.

He returned to a WWE event to plug his book, plug his DVD and to receive his Hall of Fame recognition (although when the Hall of Fame recipients were standing in the ramp at Wrestlemania, he was absent).

Apparently, Vince and Bret have ironed out their differences… in the business sense.

Effective January 4, 2010 – the first time TNA will air Impact on Monday (Hulk Hogan, TNA President Dixie Carter, and former WCW President Eric Bischoff got this idea to go head-to-head with WWE), Bret Hart will be featured as WWE Raw’s guest host in Canada. His contract will end on April 10 – two weeks after Wrestlemania. For TNA, the ratings will make or break their decision to compete with WWE’s flagship program. For WWE, this is a way to crush a bug that has grown so fat that it thinks it could penetrate the sports entertainment audience.

At this point, let’s look at several scenarios that they could play out:

1 Shawn Michaels during the Slammy Awards, called out The Undertaker for a Wrestlemania rematch of their Match of the Year match (this is for The Undertaker’s unprecedented winning streak). Bret Hart could be the guest ref and this time, screw Michaels when he had The Undertaker beat.

2 This is a longshot but Bret will return as the permanent GM of Raw. He will be a heel in the US and give all the Canadian wrestlers an easy time. DX will face Bret Hart and The Hart Dynasty in a handicap match for Bret’s GM status. After DX wins, Bret leaves.

3 Bret Hart versus Vince McMahon could make fans salivate on how Bret would make this match in some ways… real. Think Matt Hardy versus Edge, two real life enemies battle out to one up the other. Unfortunately, this would be more like a street fight since Vince would suck in wrestling and I imagine a lot of interferences in this match.

4 Bret Hart versus Shawn Michaels should be like Vince/Bret but with more wrestling. Now, I don’t know if Bret is healthy enough to wrestle but if he still has 50% percent of wrestling goodness (better than The Great Khali), I see this as a Match of the Year contender for the hype alone!

This is the four scenarios that would suit best for the Hitman. I want the fourth scenario to become real but I think the first scenario could be better for him story-wise and health-wise.

REALITY: The Philippine Cycling Fiasco

Honestly, there is a SEA Games?

Sigh, no one can see how we’re doing because with basketball scratched out from the list of events – no station wants to broadcast it.

No NBN/IBC/RPN joint project…

No JEMAH/ Silverstar project…

Maybe Solar Sports? So this statement will change from no one… to no Sky cable subscriber can see the SEA Games.

Maritess Bitbit is a 31-year old cyclist that was initially bent to score three gold medals. Its not like she can’t do it… after all, she is the defending champion. With her main rivals retired or injured, this was her chance to claim a medal she can boast on her grandkids.

Only in the Philippines where you could see athletes going on a DNP because of politics.

Why do we have two sports commissions anyway? I just don’t get it. If you look at it, the Philippine Olympic Commission is only for Olympic events but the Philippine Sports Commission heads Philippine Sports as a whole. This is precise if you base it on names.

But we are the Philippines! We don’t care about international federations! I remember when our sports leaders battled FIBA which led to our suspension. No, I agree with the ouster because BAP without any support from the PBA, PBL, NCAA, and UAAP is basically an organization based upon nothing (also the fact that the RP team lost to Paranaque Jets led by Anjo Yllana and Antonio Aquitania). But imagine the sight where the PSC-supported and the POC-supported athletes marching at the opening ceremonies as though they are “united”. Two sets of uniforms, two sets of chef de missions… CRAP!

Bitbit could be flip-flopping here but I believe an athlete’s main purpose is to compete. This is the only thing that separates them from us, less-skilled civilians. When Bitbit says she was threatened, you have to believe it. Bitbit is the only athlete UCI-accredited. No loophole should be used disrespectfully trash their authority. Instead of punishing her for not being like her team mates, Bitbit should have been sent to fight to “avenge” her restrained team mates.

POC Chairman Jose “Peping” Cojuangco called out PhilCycling head Bambol Tolentino as if to say that he was the one responsible for the debacle. PSC Chairman Harry Angping is saying that not making Bitbit compete is unpatriotic. Cojuangco stated that UCI could have dropped the ban on the athletes… if Tolentino approves it. Tolentino did not do it so Cojuangco is blaming him. Tolentino on the other hand, wasn’t approached by Cojuangco. Why would Conjuangco anyway? He is not recognizing Tolentino as the cycling head but businessman / sports supporter Mikee Romero. Romero, famous for creating a dynasty in the PBL called Harbour Centre (later named Oracle), said he just wants to help cycling and if he knew that the job would be this stressful, then he wouldn’t have accepted it.

And the roller coaster continues.

Ultimately, the main protagonists of this soap opera are Cojuangco and Angping. Unity will make sports better. This is actually one of the main facets of competition which is to develop teamwork among members.

Because of politicians lowly athletes like Bitbit are treated like pawns whose mission is to bring gold despite poor conditions. Sure, Bitbit was to be given the 300,000Php given by the sponsors for those that won the gold but Bitbit was about to compete in three events. That means 900,000Php. Fact is, cyclists could have had b are treated like pawns whose mission is to bring gold despite poor conditions. Sure, Bitbit was to be given the 300,000Php given by the sponsors for those that won the gold but Bitbit was about to compete in three events. That means 900,000Php. Fact is, athletes are often victims of lack of equipment, compensation, exposure, respect… if you are not a basketball player, a boxer, or a rich kid, the only training you’ll ever get is through joining the army.

I remember when the Marlboro Tour was one of the highlights of the summer. After these politicians submitted the anti-tobacco ad ban, the tour was cut to half, not televised, or simply not staged.

I hope the next administration address this situation seriously.

There can be only one… and one of these commissions NEED to go!

One is good and the other is bad. Which of these news stories will make people giddy?

Until the next installment.

Game over.

Caronia… HOOHAH… Caronia… HOOHAH… ikabupini… paniguradi!

I remember when this was first launched. Ogie Alcasid was basically starting out as an actor, Gelli de Belen was one of Viva’s emerging stars (alongside Vina Morales and Regine Velasquez) while Michael V was a mainstay in Ready, Get Set, Go and was known as an alternative to Francis M and Andrew E. The show was bundled with the Richard Gomez/ Vandolph starrer Tondominium and their ensemble included Noni Buencamino, Earl Ignacio, Shielu Bharwani, Manny Castaneda, among others (one of my favorite gags back then was when Bitoy spoofed Vandolph by making his cheeks bloat).

Anyway, Douglas Quijano found ways to put his talents in the show when the show re-formatted. Carmina Villaroel joined the cast with Jomari Yllana, Mark Anthony Fernandez, and Eric Fructuoso becoming featured performers. This was when former Bad Bananas Edgar Mortiz and Al Tantay, alongside former Goin Bananas writer Dan Salamante joined the show as off-stage creatives. Former Goin Bananas Whitney Tyson and Caloy Alde also joined the show at one point. This gave Alde a chance to have an own show called Ogag (a la Mr. Bean). Earl Ignacio would also have a Mr. Bean-like show in GMA called Si Tsong, Si Tsang. This was ABC-5’s first victory as a station and this molded the fact that they are innovators. Earl Ignacio returned to the show and together with Bitoy, Ogie, Mina, and Gelli became unstoppable in that Saturday night spot. They would also have constant run-ins with other shows, particularly with Sang Linggo nAPO Sila.

When GMA signed Bitoy and Ogie, Bubble Gang was created. The show was not a direct competitor of Trumpo, although they did throw barbs at each other. Earl, Gelli and Mina were joined by Smokey Manaloto, Hyubs, Binoe, former DLSU Green Archer Maoi Roca, among others but at this point, their popularity has dropped significantly. Gelli and Mina will then leave the show and this would signal revamp of the show.

Then and there, Tropang Trumpo ended and Ispup was born.

Amongst the contributions of the program was the super popular Battle of the Brainless, Bahaw: Kaning Lamig, Baliw Balita, Noon at Ngayon, Bitoy the Little Boy, and the short gags that led to the Chicken Dance 9 (and Carmina Villaroel’s constant usage of the word “Pustiso” or false teeth).

I think the recognition Bubble Gang showed for Trumpo was awesome. Although, it would have been better if they do a whole show a la these gag shows (the best tribute episode I have seen in the current Pinoy TV landscape was the Palibhasa Lalake tribute the kids from Goin Bulilit did).

Anyway, while Bubble Gang would go down in Philippine TV history as one of the most successful entertainment programs of All-Time that is still airing (I will hold Eat Bulaga, Maalaala Mo Kaya, and Startalk in that same category)…

Tropang Trumpo also left a lasting mark nonetheless.


The key for rankings supremacy is your favourite team’s standing.

More on this later.

If you don’t know how the rankings work, you can see the mechanics here.


Gone from the list are: Alex Crisano, Aries Dimaunahan, Bonbon Custodio, Yousif Aljamal, John Ferriols, and Jared Dillinger. The Barako Bull players are thrown out because of the Boosters’ continuous downfall, Custodio and Dillinger are gone because they have missed their team’s last games, and Ferriols is out because of his weak stats.

Game starts now!


50 DON ALLADO (PUR – Not Rated Last Ranking)
It all depends on how Purefoods fares…

49 CHICO LANETE (BK – Not Rated Last Ranking)
If BK can’t win two games in the coming weeks, he’ll drift away again.

48 BEAU BELGA (BK – Last Rank # 44)
He played well actually. Such a shame his team barely wins.

47 JAYJAY HELTERBRAND (GIN – Last Rank # 25)
The biggest loser has played only five games this season. This is his swan song.

46 RICHARD YEE (BK – Last Rank # 34)
The 12-Rank drop was due to his struggles to score.

45 BILLY MAMARIL (GIN – Not Rated Last Ranking)
Hot Mama stepped up in the Kings’ last games.

44 NIC BELASCO (TNT – Not Rated Last Ranking)
Will St. Nic be bothered now that Orlando Daroya is getting playing time?

43 JC INTAL (GIN – Not Rated Last Ranking)
The Rocket is no bust! He’s getting numbers… with Caguioa, Helterbrand, and Valenzuela out!

42 MARK BORBORAN (ALA – Last Rank # 33)
Despite falling 9 spots, expect his growth to continue with the Aces.

41 RAFI REAVIS (PUR – Not Rated Last Ranking)
For a 6’9 he can’t score. He’s an aggressive rebounder though.

40 YANCY DE OCAMPO (TNT – Last Rank # 38)
Used sparingly in their last few games.

39 GABBY ESPINAS (SLR – Last Rank # 24)
Injured. Down 15 notches. He needs to heal soon so SLR can score the fifth place seeding.

38 LARRY FONACIER (ALA – Last Rank # 29)
Don’t get me wrong. His play has improved this season… but a stat hunter? He is not!

37 RONJAY BUENAFE (BK – Last Rank # 31)
One of the two offensive weapons of the Whoppers. Now if only they could win games…

36 ENRICO VILLANUEVA (GIN – Last Rank # 45)
Remember when he was at SMB and Jong DOESN’T HAVE A CLUE HOW TO USE HIM PROPERLY??? Why? Ahem.

35 LORDY TUGADE (SMB – Last Rank # 35)
He shows flashes of brilliance every now and then but he needs to have consistency.

34 RANIDEL DE OCAMPO (TNT – Last Rank # 42)
Eight spots up because he’s taking some of Jared Dillinger’s share of shots.

33 CYRUS BAGUIO (GIN – Last Rank # 32)
His averages are slowly looking good. He needs to have minutes so he won’t look for a shot every time he gets the ball.

32 JOSEPH YEO (SLR – Last Rank # 21)
Down 11 spots because the Realtors are losing. Did the Paolo Mendoza return affected his game (haha)?

31 DENOK MIRANDA (SMB – Last Rank # 41)
For some reason, he is getting playing time. I hated him during that second Alaska game because his shot selection was brutal.

30 JR QUINAHAN (BK – Last Rank # 20)
Had a bad game against Coke. It really hurts BK that their leading stat getter is a defensive stopper.

29 MARC PINGRIS (PUR – Last Rank # 47)
Scoring 18 spots up, his consecutive 30-minute games are key to his current stat haul.

28 ALEX CABAGNOT (COK – Last Rank # 27)
His numbers without the win points guarantees him a top ten entry. With Asi back, a couple of wins could be in the offing.

27 RICO MAIERHOFER (PUR – Last Rank # 23)
Pingris got his playing time from Maierhofer. If you ask me, Maier could have performed well than Marc if had 30 minutes a night.

26 HARVEY CAREY (TNT – Last Rank # 39)
Up 13 places because not only is he rebounding well… he is scoring well too!


25 PAUL ARTADI (PUR – Last Rank # 37)
He gets his stats when Purefoods goes on a scoring binge… which is a sharp contrast to Roger Yap.
STATS: 21.1mpg (13g) – 7.9ppg, 2.4rpg, 3.2apg, 1.8spg & 2.2tpg

24 JASON CASTRO (TNT – Last Rank # 22)
The Maestro’s last few games aren’t that spectacular because of Renren Ritualo and Pong Escobal’s “breakout” moments.
STATS: 25.0mpg (12g) – 9.6ppg, 3.2rpg, 3.7apg, 1.0spg & 2.2tpg

23 ERIC MENK (GIN – Last Rank # 28)
Productivity is Menk’s Major Issue. Sure, he fields good stats but his playing time and health makes you wonder.
STATS: 19.8mpg (10g) – 12.8ppg, 7.3rpg, 1.9apg & 2.1tpg

22 MICK PENNISI (SMB – Last Rank # 26)
The most “pornstar-ic” name in the league may break the Top 25 but it is all because SMB is winning.
STATS: 24.2mpg (13g) – 7.1ppg, 5.1rpg, 1.0bpg & 1.2tpg

21 GABE NORWOOD (ROS – Last Rank # 19)
Like Cabagnot, he is a great stat-getter playing for a team that plays well in the first 46 minutes of the game only to lose in the crucial moments.
STATS: 38.2mpg (12g) – 13.8ppg, 6.7rpg, 3.8apg, 1.8spg, & 2.6tpg

20 ROGER YAP (PUR – Last Rank # 36)
After two weeks of tragedy, he went berserk to dish out great stats! Unlike Artadi, Yap is best suited when the Giants go on a halfcourt set.
STATS: 24.2mpg (13g) – 10.2ppg, 4.4rpg, 3.5apg & 2.5tpg

19 SONNY THOSS (ALA – Last Rank # 16)
Thoss could potentially dish out good stats but he’s overshadowed by his better playing team mates.
STATS: 26.2mpg (11g) – 9.3ppg, 5.6rpg, 1.3apg, 1.3bpg & 1.8tpg

18 ALI PEEK (TNT – Last Rank # 18)
Peek’s points might be low but his rebounds and blocks are his forte.
STATS: 24.6mpg (12g) – 9.1ppg, 7.0rpg, 1.8bpg & 1.7tpg

17 JAMES YAP (PUR – Last Rank # 30)
Why is he not scoring 20 points a night? He needs to break out from his shooting slump! If you saw the halftime feature last Sunday, Yap said Paul Artadi fares better than him beyond the arc. WHAT!?!
STATS: 31.8mpg (13g) – 14.0ppg, 3.5rpg, 2.4apg & 2.0tpg

16 RYAN REYES (SLR – Last Rank # 15)
He had a dismal scoring night in their last game but expect him to bounce back in their next assignment.
STATS: 32.5mpg (11g) – 11.4ppg, 5.5rpg, 4.0apg, 1.9spg & 1.6tpg

15 KERBY RAYMUNDO (PUR – Last Rank # 13)
He missed two games to heal an injury (that benefited Pingris) and he returned as his usual stat-grabbing self via a loss to end their 4-game win streak.
STATS: 33.3mpg (11g) – 14.0ppg, 7.5rpg, 3.3apg, 0.7bpg & 3.5tpg

14 DORIAN PENA (SMB – Last Rank # 14)
The fruitiest name in the league could have had a couple of really crappy games but thanks to SMB’s super record, his rank is on a standstill.
STATS: 21.6mpg (13g) – 7.5ppg, 8.7rpg & 1.8tpg

13 MIKE CORTEZ (SMB – Last Rank # 17)
The Cool Cat has been giving the Beermen that extra boost despite having a ton of players playing in his position.
STATS: 21.3mpg (13g) – 10.1ppg, 3.2rpg, 2.5apg, 1.2spg & 1.5tpg

12 REYNEL HUGNATAN (ALA – Last Rank # 8)
Moved out of the stats not because he played bad but there were other marquee players that stepped up.
STATS: 22.9mpg (11g) – 13.2ppg, 6.6rpg, 1.7apg & 1.8tpg

11 RONALD TUBID (GIN – Last Rank # 11)
Tubid with Kevin White is not good for the eyes because White thinks he’s the primary offensive option (which is Tubid’s job). With Johnny Abarrientos though, Tubid is getting awesome touches that often translate to shots.
STATS: 31.5mpg (12g) – 17.2ppg, 5.4rpg, 1.3apg & 1.0tpg


10 TONY DELA CRUZ (ALA – Last Rank # 7)
There is a saying – “He, who turns the ball less, gets the ball more”. Sigh, I try to act Zen but I fail. But for real, the guy gets 30 minutes a night and owns 0.5 turnovers per game. That should be something, right?
STATS: 31.7mpg (11g) – 9.6ppg, 6.5rpg, 1.9apg, 1.1spg & 0.5tpg

9 JIMMY ALAPAG (TNT – Last Rank # 9)
His game is a little weak this past few games but that could be due because he’s hurting. You need to realize how important he is for the Texters… although Jason Castro could be using this as opportunity to assert his self more.
STATS: 32.8mpg (13g) – 14.6ppg, 3.3rpg, 5.9apg & 2.4tpg

8 JONAS VILLANUEVA (SMB – Last Rank # 12)
He breaks to the top ten because like Dela Cruz, he gives more to his team than points. He is a consistent stat-grabber as far as rebounds, assists, and steals are concerned. And I think people are getting the point that his awesome 2009 Fiesta Cup wasn’t just because SMB had less players.
STATS: 25.8mpg (13g) – 8.6ppg, 4.2rpg, 5.4apg, 1.2spg & 2.2tpg

7 JOE DEVANCE (ALA – Last Rank # 6)
JDV outplayed the bigs of SMB to claim their 10-1 record. He is tied for first in terms of rebounds for the Aces and he ranks fourth on points and second in blocks. The Speaker of the House really looking like a “darker” Bong Hawkins!
STATS: 29.4mpg (11g) – 13.0ppg, 7.0rpg, 1.8apg, 0.8bpg & 1.4tpg

6 DONDON HONTIVEROS (SMB – Last Rank # 10)
From that 2000-01 supreme SMB title drive, he is the only player that has played steadily until now (Seigle and Ildefonso are bothered by injuries, Pena never gotten past as the guy that gets the boards and Racela has been letting the younger guys take his spot). Expect his to do wonders in the playoffs.
STATS: 28.9mpg (13g) – 15.4ppg, 5.4rpg, 1.7apg & 2.5tpg

5 LA TENORIO (ALA – Last Rank # 5)
People love his current style of play. The Aces, the fans, and the league believe that Flying LA can become the guard they’ve been searching for years. Like I said, Tim Cone is molding this team to the team he salivated upon 13 years back. He leads the team in scoring for the second time this season.
STATS: 33.5mpg (11g) – 16.0ppg, 4.9rpg, 4.1apg, 0.9spg & 2.5tpg

4 MACMAC CARDONA (TNT – Last Rank # 4)
The guy averages 28ppg when facing Coke and 36ppg when facing Burger King. These teams have SG defenders not in Captain Hook’s level. The only thing that could be his problem is that when he explode, the next game is dimmed subpar… only because claiming 12 points is so not Macmac-like.
STATS: 33.9mpg (12g) – 21.2ppg, 5.3rpg, 3.4apg, 0.8spg & 3.4tpg

3 WILLIE MILLER (ALA – Last Rank # 3)
During the SMB game, Miller failed to deliver the offense. However, this is the Thriller that CAN play minus the scoring cudgels. Foes fear his capacity to go berserk that people still think he’s a threat even if he’s not looking for his shot. Check his stats and he leads the team in rebounds and assists.
STATS: 33.3mpg (11g) – 15.5ppg, 7.0rpg, 4.7apg & 2.7tpg

2 KELLY WILLIAMS (SLR – Last Rank # 2)
Machine Gun has been without question, Sta. Lucia’s Mr. Do It All. Again, if not for SMB’s win-loss card, he’ll be on top of the rankings. His turnovers are high because teams know whom to guard in this team. It doesn’t help that the SLR bench hasn’t been that productive on a consistent basis (Chris, at this point, yeah, you can diss Marlou).
STATS: 40.5mpg (11g) – 17.3ppg, 13.9rpg, 3.6apg, 1.8spg, 0.9bpg & 3.5tpg

1 ARWIND SANTOS (SMB – Last Rank # 1)
The Spiderman should be more than happy in his stint as a Beerman. I thought his numbers would diminish but instead, his job just got a lot easier. It’s hard to guard Arwind especially if you have a lot of players with more or less the same calibre manning all lanes. Alaska has somewhat diffused this “Spider” problem by quickening the pace by playing small ball on the Beermen. Siot was baited to put Arwind in the center spot (it didn’t help that he has slow big men and his thrill to play two guards and two slashers at once) which didn’t work for the SMB as much as he thought it would. It did work on the OTHER EIGHT TEAMS IN THE RUNNING SO ITS GOOD NONETHELESS!
STATS: 32.8mpg (13g) – 18.8ppg, 10.5rpg, 1.8apg, 1.6spg, 1.7bpg & 1.9tpg

There are four Alaska players, three SMB players, and 2 TNT Texters. Yes, you are seeing the tools in order for your favourite team to win. Things will change again after Christmas.

Until that moment…




Provoked by a trip to the mall, one’s suicidal tendencies flourished.

Don’t worry… this is not mental… yet.

December 14, 2009

I was at Trinoma to eat lunch. This was a Monday and my officemates wanted to hang out. After eating at Food Choices (Paotsin is an underrated lunch meal), I longed for a dessert. I insisted of meeting up with them to the smoking area so I could swerve to Dairy Queen (by the way, the “smokes” I am getting are the secondhand ones).

For some reason I bought the 12-ounce Oreo Blizzard rather than my normal 16-ounce craving. Why? I don’t know actually…

By the time I left Dairy Queen I had this smile in my face because I was licking a plastic spoon. But then I saw my officemates still near DQ because they were checking out the stalls so I find myself not texting them.

As I met up, it revealed to them that I was eating an Oreo Blizzard! Then a particular officemate, Isko, someone calling me fat most of the time, snatched the Blizzard out of hand and asked if their tag line was real.

What tagline? You know… the thing where they serve the Blizzard upside down?

Yeah he did it.

After 10 seconds of holding it upside down, the cream fell as we rode the escalator.

In an attempt to save the Blizzard… he tried to catch it with his hand.

Does he think I would eat that dripping goo after it went to his hand?


Yes, piles of what was once my dessert parted and settled at the top and bottom of the escalator.

This is suicide.

The word suicide was coined specifically for me by my officemates. It all started when we had our lunch in Ma Mon Luk. While people adore the tradition of this restaurant, I fear the big portrait of Ma. The place looks so old and I think spirits wander the area. Anyway I ordered a concoction called suicide, which was a combination of Coke, Sprite, Royal, and Sarsi (during my high school, we call this “Mix”). When I saw this, I sipped and then with an accidental flick of the wrist, the contents dropped on my slacks.

Yes… I wore slacks.

Ever since, a dumb ass move that leaves you dirty like a grade schooler is dubbed as “suicide”.

When Isko was freaked out with the goo in his hands, I ran upwards with my insane insulting giggle glaring at the background. Isko asked if he needs to pay my Blizzard. I said don’t bother because it was funny.

That’s why I posted this on my blog.

Game over.

PS: Anyone from Trinoma reading this? Can I get a copy of your CCTV in the escalator near Fully Loaded around 1pm to 2pm?


Rachel Bilson of OC fame just got bad…

Sour and creepy are other words to describe this.

Game over.
This was the Saturday Night Live take of the Tiger Woods controversy.

Money or no money, no one’s safe with regards to infidelity.

Well… except if you’re Bill Clinton.

By the way, I think this was the first time I laughed at Kenan Thompson that does not involve a Nickelodeon show.

Game over.

The guy was a former MVP and he stepped up as one of the league’s best players especially when the NBA is making a transition to do away with Michael Jordan, Hakeem Olajuwon, Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, Clyde Drexler, Patrick Ewing, and the other late 80’s to early 90’s guys.

I hated the fact that he had to retire after 29 teams snub him and 1 team, mediocre at best, picking him up only to demote him as a sub (nothing wrong with this except that he can still play). The Philadelphia acquisition is vital for AI’s legacy. Philly gained a packed arena while Iverson could have a legacy in the City of Brotherly Love.

In his first game back, he played against Carmelo Anthony and the Denver Nuggets. Anthony liked having Iverson as his teammate but his scoring increased when the Nuggets gave up Iverson for Chauncey Billups. At Detroit, Iverson suffered the biggest setback of his career – the savior destroyed the Pistons’ chemistry which led to this Eastern powerhouse’s downfall.

One horrific year was enough to make him an eyesore.

In his first game back wanted by the fans, he chipped in 11 points, five rebounds, and six assists but the Sixers squandered an 8-point second quarter lead to fall to Denver 93-83. Iverson played almost 38 minutes but could only sink four of his 11 shots. Actually, it was Denver’s bench that made the difference in the game outscoring the Sixers’ bench 29 to 2 (JR Smith had 11 while rookie Ty Lawson had 12).

The other AI, Andre Igoudala topscored for Philly with 31 points – the same points scored by Iverson’s Denver counterpart Billups who has become more of a playmaker than a scorer. This Billups’ game where he also led the Nuggets in rebounds (8) and assists (8).

Honestly, I wanted him for Boston. Inasmuch as I like the Big Three of Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce and while I am a fan of Rasheed Wallace and Kendrick Perkins, I am not much of a fan of Rajon Rondo. Last season, part of me wanted Doc Rivers to trust on Stephon Marbury (Marbury didn’t re-sign because he thought there are teams out there that will still sign him). Add the fact that the Celtic development in the guard spot is the underachieving Marquis Daniels (although now he seems to be doing well), I just wanted some oomph off the bench.

Now Iverson will find it hard to win a championship with the players Philly has right now (reasons why they are down the standings), but Iverson’s ability to demand wins is what they lack right now. Iverson hates to not play and miss out so he endures health problems.

But while Iverson is humbled at this point, we can’t really know how the AI experiment would hold.

I just wish he lasts a season so that when his contract is up, he could easily retire without the words “unwanted” written near his image.

Game over.

Critics are quickly calling the Ohio State standout as the next Sam Bowie. After two injury plagued seasons, Greg Oden will again be out of a season because of a broken left knee. He left in a stretcher on December 5 against the Houston Rockets two weeks after scoring a career-high 24 points in one game and 20 rebounds in another game.

He had surgery Saturday and the Blazers don’t expect him to come back.

After revealing the results, Oden apologized to the team. With a healthy Oden, the Blazers are expected to break away from the West seeds “#5 to #10” club. They acquired a great vet in Andre Miller and with Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge expected to improve, things are looking up for the Oregon-based franchise. When the Blazers drafted Oden, he stirred the buzz as the next Tim Duncan.

But now they are calling him the next Sam Bowie.

Bowie, as everyone knows is considered as one of the biggest busts in NBA history. Portland longed for size and in 1984, they found the need of acquiring Bowie as the draft’s second pick overall. Sure, he averaged a decent 10 points in his decade-long career, but he was also injury-plagued. It didn’t help that Bowie was the guy in the middle of Hall of Famers like Hakeem Olajuwon and MICHAEL JORDAN! This was also the draft that saw Charles Barkley saddled at the number 5 spot and John Stockton still in at the 17th position.

Darko Milicic should understand this predicament sandwich by not two but four of the league’s elite (LeBron James # 1, Carmelo Anthony # 3, Chris Bosh # 4, Dwyane Wade # 5).

Anyway, it doesn’t help Oden that Kevin Durant is leading the Oklahoma City Thunder to a great start. Other 2007 Draft batchmates that are doing great for their respective teams are Al Horford, Joakim Noah, Rodney Stuckey, and fellow Blazer Rudy Fernandez. Marc Gasol, drafted in the second round of the 2007 Draft (48th overall), did not play in the 2007-08 season but he has been since a vital cog with the struggling Memphis Grizzlies. The guys mentioned have played exceptional ball that should make Oden livid.

Should this faze him?


But he also needs to draw something from his predicament.

First up, he needs to be compare to another injury-plagued Portland ace.

Bill Walton didn’t have Karl Malone’s ironman career. The guy was a quick bruiser. But whenever he plays, he gives his all to dominate and create impact. Sure, argue the fact that he had perhaps three or four good seasons in the league but in two of those four seasons, he won championships (one with Portland and the other as a sixth man for Boston). Oden could be a larger version of Kevin Willis. You can see this as positive or negative but Willis was indeed a great backup that fills a team’s need in the center/power forward spots. Willis could have been slowed down by injuries but he can still dish out great performances.

The same could be said to Antonio McDyess, Kurt Thomas, Kurt Rambis, Sam Perkins, and Danny Manning.

However, he could experience rebirth in some way.

The end is not here for Oden’s superstardom. Unlike in the 80’s, sports medicine is not an out-of-the-blue career choice. This is actually thought and there are a lot of players that should have had bad careers but they are still playing in the league. Alonzo Mourning, Grant Hill, and Shaquille O’Neal are examples of this “medical phenomenon”.

As of this moment, the oddsmakers have pretty much given up on the seven-foot defensive wall. But let’s say this: if he comes back he’ll be twice as dangerous for those that have already struck him out.

They’ll never know what will hit them when 52 get the games deserving of his worthiness.

Game over.

The guy called Eki “Eddie” Fatu in real life was 36 when he passed on.

He was a two-time Intercontinental Champion defeating Jeff Hardy in his first title defense (losing it to Santino Marella – this was Santino’s debut as a fan with a wrestling background) and then taking the belt from Santino six weeks later (he lost the belt to Jeff Hardy 2 months later).

He started out as part of Three-Minute Warning, Eric Bischoff’s destructive Samoan force bent to break rules and make Eric’s foes pay. Working as Jamal, he was released from his WWE contract when he got involved in a bar fight less than a year in Raw.

He is part of a rich heritage of wrestlers coming from Samoa. Among his relatives and “island mates” are the Wild Samoans, High Priest Maivia, Rikishi, Manu, Yokozuna, Rosey, and the Rock.

He went to the indies, Japan, and TNA before returning to the WWE as the Samoan Bulldozer Umaga where he became a member of Raw and Smackdown’s elite upper midcard division. Accompanied by his handler Armando Alejandro Estrada, he fought wars with Triple H, John Cena, Kane, Jeff Hardy, CM Punk, and others.

I don’t know the specifics yet but they are saying that his death happened because of two almost successive heart attacks. He was released from his WWE contract (by now his characters has learned to speak English unlike his earlier “Tasmanian Devil” speech patterns) because he violated the company’s policies twice.

Before his death, he wrestled for Hulk Hogan’s Australia Tour where the likes of Ric Flair, Mr. Kennedy, Val Venis, and Shannon Moore were also at hand. This was his last appearance in the squared circle.

He will be missed.
This is a digital short a recently created.

This is an art film about a man whose life was somewhat tarnished because of an unexpected amphibian.

Don’t worry. It’s a hanging ending.


Welcome to the first installment of FvR. I’ll do a short take on the make-believe world of Sports Entertainment but I’ll mix this up with an actual news story.

Game starts now.

FANTASY: ECW v2 to close?

This version is not like the days where the “Land of the Extreme” was REALLY extreme. I guess WWE planned this to be their nationwide version of WWE Developmental. ECW served as a stepping stone for CM Punk, Even Bourne, Jack Swagger, and Sheamus and its title gave unlikely champions like Rob Van Dam, The Big Show, Punk, Swagger, Christian, Matt Hardy, John Morrison, Chavo Guerrero, and Tommy Dreamer a shot at the top (although it seems like the ECW title is pretty much in the level of the Intercontinental and US titles).

The deal with this concept died when Paul Heyman was booted out of his creation by Vince McMahon. In the first ECW One Night Stand, guys like JBL and Kurt Angle criticized the PPV especially the true-blue ECW warfare displayed by Masato Tanaka and the late Mike Awesome. Heyman tried to re-vision his creation but could he really? Extremeness is way past its expiry (the horrible December to Dismember PPV comes to mind).

So what happens now? Sure, this is an internet rumor but they are thinking of using their airtime for another WWE Superstars-like show (this is like the new Sunday Night Heat). Amongst the names in ECW land, Christian is poised to do something cool in Smackdown, William Regal could get Vladimir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson (who recently turned on Regal and Kozlov) to work for him when he moves to Raw, and newbies like Zack Ryder (seen in photo), Yoshi Tatsu, Abraham Washington, and newly signed indy circuit wonder Bryan Danielson will be sent to the two brands where they’ll either show promise or become the next guys released by the company. Shelton Benjamin could become a “spot” monkey on either brands while Goldust could sadly be waived or join Funaki, Jamie Noble and Dreamer in the sidelines… before getting waived (or a road agent role).

With Hulk Hogan getting a management role in Total Nonstop Action (TNA), I guess he could continue the trend where the TNA execs “fish” WWE’s residue.

REALITY: Tiger’s WOOD gets a BOGEY!

More like a whammy actually. One by one, endorsements are fleeing the grasp of this Asian-American superstar that once upstaged Michael Jordan as the highest-earning sportsman. Why? Golfing superstar Tiger Woods figured in a car accident recently when his SUV collided with a tree and a fire hydrant somewhere near his house at around 2:30am. This accident was nothing serious (minor lacerations) but this pulled him out of all golfing-related events until his injury has healed. He had to pull out of his own charity event because of the matter at hand.

No, he is fit to drive when this happened but when reporters asked him for more info, he went mum and asked for privacy. This spawned rumors of infidelity. Married to Erin Nordegren, a 29-year-old former Swedish model that had her own bouts against negative press (she was mistakenly tagged as a girl posing nude in a couple of mags), Woods is being linked to a Rachel Uchitel, a big-time nightclub owner based in New York City. Of course she denies this and people have yet to produce real facts against this rumor but it was said that this was one of the reasons behind the “incident”.

The car crash happened last November 29.

On December 1, he was charged with one count of reckless driving by the Florida Highway Patrol. The following day, he expressed regret for the transgressions and offered an apology in his website.

Moments after, some cocktail waitress from San Diego named Jaimee Grubbs (the spelling of her name is basically our Jhenifer, Bhernadette, and Rhizzahhhh) stated that she met Tiger Woods on April 13, 2007 in Las Vegas and a few days later they had sex. They kept the communication lines until October 2009. Quoting the US Weekly writeup, Grubbs received these lines from Tiger…

“I will wear you out… when was the last time you got laid?”

“Send me something naughty… go to the bathroom and take (a picture).”

Whoa Tiger.


Poor Tiger.

If true, Woods just got bamboozled by some lass whose dream to become famous would poise her to launch this “Tiger hunt”. Grubbs appeared briefly on the VH1 reality show Tool Academy.

VH1… reality show… hmmm… UGH!

Tiger needs to fix these kinks stat… unless he wants to be an endorser solely for condoms.

Maybe alcohol?

Anyway, so did world of make-believe made enough stride to defeat the realms of reality?

You decide.

Game over.
Here is Attack of the Show endorsing Twilight.

I don’t think endorsing is the right word to describe this.

Losing their places are the following players: Willy Wilson, Larry Rodriguez, Nic Belasco, Dennis Espino, Jay-R Reyes, and Celino Cruz.

Now on with the show.


I will not tolerate persons challenging the list, but feel free to comment on how your favourite player needs to move on with his slump.

Game starts now!


50 ALEX CRISANO (BB – Not Rated Last Ranking)
The only decent big man in the Barako Bull lineup.

49 ARIS DIMAUNAHAN (BB – Last Rank # 43)
Making up for the offense left by the injured Jojo Duncil.

48 BONBON CUSTODIO (SMB – Last Rank # 38)
Ten points down for missing the November 29 Burger King game.

47 MARK PINGRIS (PUR – Last Rank # 45)
Fell a few places despite a great game against the Realtors.

46 YOUSIF ALJAMAL (BB – Last Rank # 39)
His 21-point game against the Aces only made up for his so-so showings (stat-wise).

45 ENRICO VILLANUEVA (GIN – Last Rank # 32)
What’s happening? Why is Jong Uichico benching him??? Is it because he’s struggling???

44 BEAU BELGA (BK – Not Rated Last Ranking)
The guy may be inconsistent but PBFANTASY addicts love the rewards from getting him.

43 JOHN FERRIOLS (ALA – Not Rated Last Ranking)
This is a guy that got this high because his team is always winning.

42 RANIDEL DE OCAMPO (TNT – Not Rated Last Ranking)
This guy is struggling but more or less is showing some spark nonetheless.

41 DENOK MIRANDA (SMB – Last Ranking # 37)
Funny how he gets effective minutes on a guard-loaded squad.

40 JARED DILLINGER (TNT – Not Rated Last Ranking)
From a horrible start we went berserk to score an 18-point, 18-rebound game.

39 HARVEY CAREY (TNT – Last Ranking # 35)
Returning from injury, he merely continued his usual ball-hunting ways.

38 YANCY DE OCAMPO (TNT – Last Ranking # 48)
He plays less minutes but gets better stats than his younger, better brother.

37 PAUL ARTADI (PUR – Last Ranking # 34)
He played well doubling his efforts when Roger Yap was playing hurt.

36 ROGER YAP (PUR – Last Ranking # 24)
Maybe a DNP is better than playing really less minutes and damaging his stat lines.

35 LORDY TUGADE (SMB – Last Ranking # 35)
Zoomed 15 slots up for owning a Yeng Guiao-squad with 20 points and 10 rebounds.

34 RICHARD YEE (BK – Last Ranking # 33)
Had he known this would have happened, he would have moved from Purefoods a long time ago.

33 MARK BORBORAN (ALA – Last Ranking # 40)
Still a project, but he fits well as SF in Tim Cone’s bench mob.

32 CYRUS BAGUIO (GIN – Last Ranking # 36)
That’s right Skyrus, inflict damage before Mark Caguioa and Jayjay Helterbrand get back their minutes!

31 RONJAY BUENAFE (BK – Not Rated Last Ranking)
He was #54 in the last ranks. He’s playing well because Gary David can’t get a break in Yeng’s system.

30 JAMES YAP (PUR – Last Ranking # 21)
Yup, no typo or error here. He is playing bad ever since Coach Ryan made him a reserve.

29 LARRY FONACIER (ALA – Last Ranking # 49)
Yes, King James is in bad land when this Baby-Faced Assassin is ahead of him. Worse, Larry’s team is Number One.

28 ERIC MENK (GIN – Last Ranking # 27)
Major Pain is back. Now all he needs to do is score major minutes from Jong Uichico!

27 ALEX CABAGNOT (COK – Last Ranking # 23)
The lone tiger in the ranks. He has great stats but he’s down here because his team can’t win games.

26 MICK PENNISI (SMB – Last Ranking # 30)
The Aussie with an awesome name is reaping the benefits playing for a streaking squad.


25 JAYJAY HELTERBRAND (GIN – Last Ranking # 13)
Two lacklustre games followed by an injury made him drift downwards. Luckily the Kings are still afloat because of Johnny Abarrientos.
STATS: 32.0mpg (5g) – 14.4ppg, 4.8rpg, 6.2apg & 2.8tpg

24 GABBY ESPINAS (SLR – Last Ranking # 22)
Had a great 20-point game to add in his stats but the 3-rebound only output against Purefoods destroyed its semblance.
STATS: 29.7mpg (9g) – 11.4ppg, 9.1rpg & 2.9tpg

23 RICO MAIERHOFER (PUR – Last Ranking # 19)
Inconsistent, but amongst all rookies, he has the closest shot to become the best of their batch (*paging Jervy and Ogie*).
STATS: 22.3mpg (9g) – 9.4ppg, 7.2rpg, 1.1apg, 1.6bpg & 2.0tpg

22 JASON CASTRO (TNT – Last Ranking # 29)
I see that they are calling him “Maestro”. Not unless he can “ball” flute a la Levi Celerio’s “leaf” flute, this too early.
STATS: 25.3mpg (9g) – 10.6ppg, 3.8rpg, 3.2apg,1.0spg & 2.2tpg

21 JOSEPH YEO (SLR – Last Ranking # 28)
The Ninja is playing like ex-Realtor Rob Parker these days. Meanwhile, Bitoy Omolon is playing like Noynoy Falcasantos (Bitoy needs more offense).
STATS: 31,4mpg (9g) – 11.4ppg, 4.6rpg, 4.7apg & 3.1tpg

20 JR QUINAHAN (BK – Last Ranking # 26)
People will quickly that Yeng Guiao needs to concentrate in the coming elections when their top man in the ranks barely scores.
STATS: 24.0mpg (10g) – 6.6ppg, 7.7rpg, 2.8apg, 1.6bpg & 0.8tpg

19 GABE NORWOOD (ROS – Last Ranking # 18)
Mr. Prez must be happy with their second win. He must also be happy that Solomon Mercado finally scored 20 points!
STATS: 38.0mpg (9g) – 11.7ppg, 6.6rpg, 3.8apg, 1.7spg & 2.4tpg

18 ALI PEEK (TNT – Last Ranking # 20)
With the talk of aged vets getting their moments, Man Mountain is up top ahead of Flying A, Dennis Espino, and others.
STATS: 25.3mpg (9g) – 8.3ppg, 7.2rpg, 2.2bpg & 1.7tpg

17 MIKE CORTEZ (SMB – Last Ranking # 14)
He had great numbers which is a reason why a took him this week as my fantasy player. And then he went statless in 5 minutes of play...
STATS: 19.8mpg (10g) – 9.0ppg, 3.8rpg, 2.5apg, 0.9spg & 1.5tpg

16 SONNY THOSS (ALA – Last Ranking # 25)
He jumped nine spots because he posted big numbers in terms of points, rebounds, and blocks for three straight performances.
STATS: 25.2mpg (10g) – 8.6ppg, 5.3rpg, 1.2apg, 1.4bpg & 1.9tpg

15 RYAN REYES (SLR – Last Ranking # 16)
Posted big numbers against Ginebra but during their out-of-town game against Purefoods... well, can’t say he played poor, but his team could have won that game.
STATS: 33.3mpg (9g) – 11.7ppg, 5.8rpg, 3.4apg, 2.1spg & 1.7tpg

14 DORIAN PENA (SMB – Last Ranking # 9)
The fruitiest name in Philippine Basketball took a backseat to Sam Eman and Mick Pennisi in their last games but hey, at least they are winning.
STATS: 23.2mpg (10g) – 8.5ppg, 9.7rpg & 2.2tpg

13 KERBY RAYMUNDO (PUR – Last Ranking # 11)
The Giants are freed from losing streaks... and also winning streaks as well. This is the only reason why Kerby can’t break the top ten spot.
STATS: 33.7mpg (9g) – 14.7ppg, 7.4rpg, 3.1apg, 0.8bpg & 3.7tpg

12 JONAS VILLANUEVA (SMB – Last Ranking # 17)
Jonas started out as a fourth option that in time blossomed into a great player. So Samigue Eman fans, don’t give up on your idol!
STATS: 24.5mpg (10g) – 7.9ppg, 4.2rpg, 5.1apg, 1.3spg & 1.8tpg

11 RONALD TUBID (GIN – Last Ranking # 15)
Talk about significant contributions! During Jayjay’s second leave of absence, the fearless Saint went on a tear! That 33-point explosion against the Tigers and season-long turnover-less-ness is wow!
STATS: 32.0mpg (9g) – 16.8ppg, 5.8rpg, 1.6apg, 0.8spg & 1.1tpg


Before we go to this rank’s top ten, let’s see who leads their team in points.

RAIN OR SHINE – Gabe Norwood (11.7ppg): What’s worse is Ryan Arana’s the only other guy with ten points and more.
BARAKO BULL – Yousif Aljamal (12.6ppg): Barako Bull’s San Beda connection is the only players scoring in double figures.
COCA-COLA – Alex Cabagnot (13.2ppg): Leading in points and assists? That’s exhausting!
BURGER KING – Ronjay Buenafe (13.8ppg): Gary David would have had more if he was used more.
PUREFOODS – Kerby Raymundo (14.7ppg): Where’s James Yap?
ALASKA – Willie Miller (16.7ppg): He also leads his team in points and assists but hey, they win most of the time!
GINEBRA – Ronald Tubid (16.8ppg): Thanks Coke for giving him 33 points!
STA. LUCIA – Kelly Williams (16.9ppg): The Realtors will live and die with K-Will in tow.
SAN MIGUEL – Arwind Santos (19.1ppg): He also leads the Beermen in rebounds, steals, and blocks!
TALK N TEXT – Macmac Cardona (21.0ppg): The scoring leader popped 40 points against the Whoppers!

At this point you’ll probably know why some teams fare better than others.


10 DONDON HONTIVEROS (SMB – Last Ranking # 6)
The Cebuano hotshot struck big during the Beermen’s out of town game. Despite a mere 5-point howl in the Sunday BK game, his team did enough damage to seal the win in their favour. Also, Lordy Tugade did get a huge chunk of stats there. It’s hard to pick a SMB player to consistently play big because they have so many guns! Well... except if your name is... more on this later.
STATS: 28.3mpg (10g) – 14.2ppg, 5.4rpg, 1.5apg, 0.9bpg & 2.9tpg

9 JIMMY ALAPAG (TNT – Last Ranking # 4)
Another dropper from the list, again you have to know that he is a constant player to use for the stat lines. Even if he barely gets time, look for him to give the Texters a sense of direction. TNT has a very strong backcourt with Alapag, Castro, and a person you’ll see later leading their team. While Captain Hook is a gimme in the SG spot, the other two slugs it out for points and assists. With two improving their stock, someone must feel stat loss. Jimmy did score a mere 5 points in their last outing.
STATS: 33.4mpg (9g) – 15.7ppg, 3.6rpg, 5.9apg & 2.6tpg

8 REYNEL HUGNATAN (ALA – Last Ranking # 12); 7 TONY DELA CRUZ (ALA – Last Ranking # 10); 6 JOE DEVANCE (ALA – Last Ranking # 5)
Holy crap! What’s this? Is this a ploy of me being lazy??? Save your sighs readers! There are five Alaska players in the top ten and they pretty much got here because of Alaska’s swell record. At the start of the season, Tim Cone’s lineup had the laziest offseason. After the Willie Miller trade rumors regressed, the team could only take Mike Burtscher and Sean Co – one of whom is in their reserve list. Their cohesive lineup is currently felt by the league. Joe DeVance learned his role and is comfortable in his role as not being the top man (unlike during his rookie season at Welcoat). He can shoot outside without sacrificing the lack of rebounding support. Meanwhile, old reliable Tony Dela Cruz is getting the minutes for contributing in the other facets. This may not be TDC’s Shell version (where he was king), but he is a very busy man scoring with those “hustles”. Reynel Hugnatan? The best thing about the Aces right now is that you think their depth is weak but in reality, their bench is really, really solid with less egos doing extreme damage. Hugnatan is currently that bench mob’s main force.
STATS: HUGNATAN – 23.5mpg (10g) – 13.1ppg, 6.2rpg, 1.9apg & 1.8tpg
STATS: DELA CRUZ – 31.2mpg (10g) – 8.9ppg, 6.4rpg, 1.9apg, 1.2spg & 0.6tpg
STATS: DEVANCE – 28.2mpg (10g) – 12.1ppg, 6.8rpg, 1.3apg & 1.2tpg

5 LA TENORIO (ALA – Last Ranking # 7)
I separated Flying LA from the others because I had more to say about this guy. Nowadays, it seems that Johnny Abarrientos is undergoing a “pseudo” rookie season with the injury of Jayjay Helterbrand and Celino Cruz and is expected to play the top PG role (since Kevin White barely productive in that spot). This has been the role Tenorio has been donning for the Aces since the trade that brought Cortez to the Beermen. Tim Cone poised Tenorio to be his lone, natural PG. Currently the Aces has won 90 percent of their matches. You can point part of the blame on Flying LA.
STATS: 32.4mpg (10g) – 14.9ppg, 4.8rpg, 4.0apg, 1.0spg & 2.5tpg

4 MARK CARDONA (TNT – Last Ranking # 8)
Known for his scoring abilities, it’s hard not to doubt his capacity to wreak havoc on his foe’s turf. Captain Hook bombed Burger King in their last game, hitting 75 percent of his shots for 40 points and 38 minutes. The last time Macmac scored 40 in a conference, Talk N Text won the crown. Amongst the current superstar scorers that started 2001 and younger, it seems like Cardona is doing well while the likes of James Yap and Gary David are struggling and Mark Caguioa has yet to recover from his injury. The only other player to challenge him is the next guy in the list. TNT versus Alaska… again?
STATS: 33.2mpg (9g) – 21.0ppg, 5.4rpg, 3.1apg & 3.4tpg

3 WILLIE MILLER (ALA – Last Ranking # 3)
Team effort is paving the way for the Aces. That is why Miller is sitting comfortably at the number 3 spot. Miller is still leading his team in points (and ugh… turnovers), but he is also quietly leading them in minutes, rebounds, and assists. Why am I saying quietly? Miller needs to score his usual bundle of bombs but he isn’t forcing his shots like last conference. He knows his team mates will back him in terms of offense so he either dishes the ball or keep the ball alive to give his team mates more opportunities in getting baskets. The Aces look poise in nailing the Philippine Cup title.
STATS: 33.4mpg (10g) – 16.7ppg, 7.3rpg, 4.9apg & 2.8tpg

2 KELLY WILLIAMS (SLR – Last Ranking # 2)
His stats are import-like. Only the top player in this ranking rivals him in this distinction. Without him, Sta. Lucia would falter. He is the only player in the league to average 40 minutes a ball game and this is big considering that a blood disorder forced him to sit most of the Fiesta Cup. K-Will is dominant but part of the problem of the Realtors is that they have a weak bench. Some players in the ranking go all out when they enter but Williams has the unfortunate duty to go spirited and restrained at the same time. He needs a steady watch of pacing when the conference breaks to the knockout stages.
STATS: 40.3mpg (9g) – 16.9ppg, 13.4rpg, 3.2apg, 1.7spg, 0.9bpg & 3.6tpg

1 ARWIND SANTOS (SMB – Last Ranking # 1)
It was said that Danny Seigle has been cleared to play but unfortunately for him, his spot has been taken by the Spiderman. The reason why SMB gets more talent is because of PBA’s laws against the injured list and their restricted free agents. Anyway, Santos has been extra dominant playing for a talent-loaded squad. He can contribute without scoring and if he scores, the other SMB players look to upstage him. But this is healthy and all, considering that the team is on a current 8-game surge. And the most important thing regarding Arwind is that he gets less than 2 turnovers a night. With the style of play he’s playing (check out his numbers), that’s good!
STATS: 33.0mpg (10g) – 19.1ppg, 10.4rpg, 2.3apg, 1.7spg, 1.9bpg & 1.9tpg

So this ends this instalment, until the next one…