Moj Reynes - Don't call him "Manilyn"

My college days will never be awesome if it was lived without a bunch of computer addicts that basically waste around their parents’ precious dineros to allot pain and swirl around profanities to burned-out slackers.

Fast forward to the yuppie years, where every buck earned means either going to a bank… or donating it to its nearest beer patron. Anywho, back in college there was UST Counterstrike team amply called “COPS”. The group comprised of Noel a.k.a. Jellay, Iceman, Ditty, Windholm, Biohazard, Mark (the reserve player… he’s pretty much like the “Gabby Eigenmann” of the teen supergroup “The Gwapings”) and the idiot that would debut in this page.

Anyway, they once ranked second in the PC shop palaro. Maraming bilib sa kanila pero magulang lang sila (Hindi nila kayang gulangan si Hyubs).

(By the way, nakita ko si Louie noong tumatayo ako sa lotto noong Feb 22 – dahil malaki ang pera. Gusto ko siyang batiin kaso nakapila ako tapos hindi ako sure kung kuya niya ba yon o yung actual na kakilala ko dahil… MAGKAMUKHA SILA tapos di ko rin kayang isigaw ang name niya kasi PAREHO SILA NG PANGALAN AT JOLOGS YUN kaya pinabayaan ko na lang sila.)

Naging sweet pala sila ni Janis dati.


Anyway, even with their combined might…

Wala parin silang laban kay Hyubs.

Moj: Who are you?

The Sydman: Isang hot stud.

Moj: Hot stud… o hot shit?

The Sydman: Jorge? Ikaw ba to?

The COPS team paved the way for me to know Jorge.

They all look alike actually.

Moj: Ehem… ehem…

The Sydman: Diba may asawa ka na?

Moj: Uhhmmm… wala. Ano nga name mo?

The Sydman: Mr. ultra hot…


Moj Reynes a.k.a. Foxhound… the star of the new decade (or the decade where Manilyn Reynes was still in Young Love, Sweet Love).

He’s a jabroni.

The Sydman: So lahat ng mga pinagsasabi sayo ni Geist, gagawin mo?

Geist is “teaching” Moj the ways of “Office Romance”. More on this later.

The Sydman: Once I get a picture of you to make fun off… tapos ilang words… YOU'RE NEXT!!!

Moj: Eh bat mo alam?

The Sydman: I have sources pare…


The Sydman: Dude you're “Xerox” moves will be revealed and Jorge will see it! Mark will see it! Ditty will see it!

Moj: So? I'm not afraid of the big, fat bastard.

That’s Jorge by the way.

The Sydman: You'll be exposed! The gay guy they nurtured turns out to be a MAN! A MAAAANNNNNNNN!!!!

Moj: Ikaw ba yun?

The idiot got me.

The Sydman: No, you human form of nothingness! I reek of AWESOMENESS! You reek of GAS! SWEET POTATO GAS enriched by your sweat glands – learned from the combined teachings of Jorge and Ditty!!! Whenever they search for your name, they'll see you're name HERE! And the dozens... and the DOZENS of my fans will chant my name!!!

** cricket sounds in the background **


My life has reached a new low.

Moj: You're such a sick perv, man! YOU SUCK!

The Sydman: YOU SWALLOW!

More material next time.


  1. If C3po met Pinocchio's blue fairy, and made the same wish, moj would have been the end result. ( the excess body hair is a blue fairy joke to make moj look manly).

  2. oh yeah.. nad syd is a "dwool". (a cross between a "dweeb" and a "fool".

  3. actually moj looks like a rejected vampire in the twilight movie. here he is impersonating a bat hanging upside down

  4. ang mature na ni atong redillas...