2009 PBA FIESTA CUP TOP 25 (FEB 28 - MAR 12)

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Anyway, Macmac Cardona was my preferred top player of the Philippine Cup.


In case you didn’t hear the boos… in case you didn’t see the finals of the Philippine Cup and in case you still don’t hear the boos he encounters EVERY freaking time he touches the ball in the 2009 FIESTA CUP, NO ONE was more instrumental, controversial, and sensational than what Cardona did for his franchise and for the league.

(As much as I want Willie Miller to own another MVP title, the Philippine Cup semis and finals proved to be a ratings grabber because Captain Hook gave his all on and off the court. The PBA got it wrong with naming Miller as the BPC.)

However, new conference… means new adventures. Unfortunately, Cardona is nowhere near MVP levels in this conference. Actually, the entry of imports has made a lot of players crap in the sidelines and basically bench warm.


The Rules: In this conference, there is one entry that would change my Power Rankings. Sure, you know that it is an addition of the five main stat categories (PTS + REBS + AST + STL + BLK). But the point system is based upon the PBFANTASY’S point system (see http://www.pbfantasy.com/). Also we have to factor how these players play their minutes effectively.

And now…

The TURNOVERS play an important role.


THE BENEFITS: A no-explanation enumeration of the players that could have performed better to see a bunch of words across their names.
















Measly statements telling people why they ended up in this predicament.

25 RONJAY BUENAFE (COCA-COLA): After a weak Philippine Cup, Buenafe is off to a hot start. His 16.8ppg ranks first in the Tigers’ local scoring department.

24 DORIAN PENA (SMB): The guy barely makes 20 minutes a night but the Big Dawg could still own the league’s bigs with his 12.5ppg and 7.5rpg per night.

23 JAY WASHINGTON (SMB): This spot should be vacated next week when J-Wash continues to trade his uniform for flip-flops because of an injury.

22 WESLEY GONZALES (SMB): SMB’s injury-plagued lineup has its own pros and cons. For Wesley, playing more and getting 10.8ppg and 7.5rpg is a bar none upside.

21 JOE DEVANCE (ALASKA): While he doesn’t enjoy the slashed minutes he has right now, the biggest consolation he has is the fact that he is seriously getting the goods.

20 WILLIE MILLER (ALASKA): After a crappy import, the Thriller should be pleased now that Rosell Ellis is taking away the double teams thrown at him. This should improve his stats in a big way.

19 ENRICO VILLANUEVA (PUREFOODS): In their last few games, he has been delivering the goods missed by their “other” offensive providers.

18 JAY-R REYES (RAIN OR SHINE): As the Painters’ chief muscle inside the “paint”, the ex-UP Maroon is getting mauled day in and day out… but his 13.7ppg and 8.3rpg is saying otherwise.

17 LA TENORIO (ALASKA): Yes, the coming of age of LA Tenorio’s game has begun. Add the fact that he is the only point guard in the team that Tim Cone trusts, those heavy minutes should produce more big time stats.

16 DONDON HONTIVEROS (SMB): I guess Hontiveros is saving his best for the playoffs. Still, his numbers are nowhere near “patsy” levels. His all around game and leadership is keeping the injury-plagued Beermen afloat.

15 DON ALLADO (PUREFOODS): For those who taught Don Allado’s game will sink once he joins the big man-infected Giant squad… you’re kinda right. Brian Hamilton’s streak of off-nights is making Allado stints possible (yes B-Ham had one good game… one… good… game) but once Purefoods skids out of the standings, Allado is an explosive scoring import away from bench-warming hell (someone will definitely join Rich Alvarez and Richard Yee).

14 JAMES YAP (PUREFOODS): In his first game, Big Game torched the hoop for 33 points. And then B-Ham’s inability to become an offensive threat crushed Yap’s invulnerability. Although he rebounded from that pitiful third game… his 3 points wasn’t a pretty sight for all the people that picked him up in their rosters.

13 WYNNE ARBOLEDA (BURGER KING): Okay… I see eyebrows rising. Hear me out. Arboleda is averaging 7.3ppg, 4.5rpg, 5.5apg, and 1spg. Yes, I know that’s nothing special. But fathom the fact that he only averages 20.5 minutes per night? Wonder if Yeng Guiao would use him more often? I guess that could happen now since he has regained the reality that he is the boss’ son-in-law.

12 SUNDAY SALVACION (GINEBRA): Jump in glee Ginebra fans! Uhurm. Okay, just like Wesley Gonzales, Salvacion’s name came into picture when Mark Caguioa, Junthy Valenzuela, and the rest of the BGK crew are suffering from injuries. While I would have wanted for the Kings to get Allado from that 3-way deal, Salvacion is getting the spoils from all of the Rod Nealy and Jayjay Helterbrand double-teaming.

11 TONY dela CRUZ (ALASKA): This season has been a great confidence builder for the ex-Turbo Charger. Since his entry from Shell, Alaska has been nothing but mean to the once double-double churning forward. Now comfortable in the system, TDC is getting major minutes from Cone.


10 KERBY RAYMUNDO (PUREFOODS): I wonder how long it took for Kerby to snatch Jondan Salvador’s number? With all the big men in their lineup, I am seriously thinking that this is Salvador’s last PBA stint as a Giant. Anywho, sure Raymundo’s numbers are great and he should be a few notches higher. HOWEVER he leads all locals in turnovers with 5 per game. Sure, Tiras Wade and Rod Nealy own more, but they usually touch the ball every time their team draws possession. For a guy like Raymundo to average more TO’s than James Yap… this needs to change.

9 MARLOU AQUINO (STA. LUCIA): I have a friend named Chrisangelo who could be tuning in at every freaking SLR game because he couldn’t believe that this lanky underachieving, waste of salary cap space giant is turning out to be an awesome shock this conference. Sure, Dennis Espino would probably displace him any moment now but his league-leading 3.3bpg is certainly a welcome surprise.

8 JAYJAY HELTERBRAND (GINEBRA): Helter has yet to wield his offensive awesomeness in the opening stages of the Fiesta Cup. You could say that with Rod Nealy getting clamps from all sides of the court, now is the time for Jayjay to explode. Until that day comes, you’ll pretty much see the Kings struggling past the .500 mark. However, the return of his assist league-leading ways is a good sign for the “other” Bandanna Brother. Sheesh… if only Mark Caguioa is playing right now…

7 JONAS VILLANUEVA (SMB): Just when you think the first Fiesta Cup Player of the Week’s 15 minutes are up… he finds ways to make you think otherwise. Performing like a dog in heat is nothing new for Jonas… in his UAAP days. Even then we falls behind to guys like Tenorio, Tang, and others in terms of popularity. Here in the PBA, he stuck around a team filled with stars for an opportunity to shine. With 15.8ppg, 5.3rpg, 4.5apg and 1spg in almost 30 minutes a game… now is the moment he has been yearning upon.

6 JIMMY ALAPAG (TNT): Unlike his teammates, the Mighty Mouse remains unfazed of the dangerous “championship syndrome”. This attacks teams that just won the championship, making them do their usual games a couple of steps below their normal levels. Perhaps this was the reason why TNT is in the deep end of the standings. However Alapag is doing his best to keep his team at bay with him registering great numbers. Until Cardona, Ranidel de Ocampo, Ali Peek, Harvey Carey, and Jared Dillinger edges out their respective slumps, Alapag is tasked to carry an unenviable chore to creep up wins for their squad.

5 ASI TAULAVA (COCA-COLA): Until this day, the Tigers seems to lack the respect that was handed out to the other teams even if they have this big-time mammoth in their arsenal. Why? The coaching chaos and a ragtag collection of unwanted veterans and introverted youngsters are the factors keeping this team from ever regaining their once-populous fanbase. So the only solution here is to win games, which Asi is trying hard to attain day in and day out. His 12.5rpg leads all locals in terms of rebounds.

4 GABE NORWOOD (RAIN OR SHINE): Punishing his opponents with his all-around play, Norwood’s ability to play all positions makes him extremely valuable for the Painters’ first crack for a plum. Unlike his partner Solomon Mercado, the fire in his game has yet to go off to unruly proportions (although how could we forget the quarterfinal match up they had against the Realtors where their errant behavior cost the team a chance for the title). In 3 games so far, his 14.3ppg, 9.3rpg, 3.3apg, and 1.7spg makes him a very prized entity for Rain or Shine.

3 ALEX CABAGNOT (COCA-COLA): Here’s another shocker that should make people jump at their seats. But then again, maybe you know what I’m talking about. Just like Tenorio, Cabagnot is a point guard that gets a lot of playing time in his roster. However, Kenneth Duremdes seems to overact in this department by giving him 40 minutes per game. Sure, Duremdes has a lot of point guards that could share his minutes (Kelani Ferreria was recently added to their lineup), but check out his stats: he gives out 16.3ppg, 4.8rpg, 6.0apg, and 1.8spg. But what’s great about him is that he rarely commits any turnovers… something that makes him superbly important to their cause.

2 KELLY WILLIAMS (STA. LUCIA): Machine Gun Kelly’s numbers dipped after a weak showing at the hands of the Kings, limiting his numbers to a dud 3 points and 7-rebound effort. However, his mere presence brings fear to SLR’s enemies, making him the uncrowned second import of the franchise. And just like a snap of a finger, he quickly overcame a crappy game to produce a 21-point, 13-rebound explosion against the Boosters. If he could just contain his bad games to a respectable output then Williams should be a great catch for all PBFANATICS out there.

1 ARWIND SANTOS (BURGER KING): Ranking numero in the rankings is… the SPIDERMAN! For some insane reason, playing in Yeng Guiao’s tutelage is making Santos to go out and play more. With Guiao’s dreaded play hard or think hard… in the far side of the bench (recently received by Shawn Daniels), Santos is claiming boards, blocking shots, and dumping deuces in superb fashion! Currently Santos is leading the Titans in points with 19.3ppg, ranks second behind Daniels in rebounds (9.0rpg), has 1.5apg, 0.8spg, and owns 1.5bpg. The sad thing though is that they are currently in the middle of the pack after an erratic start. Knowing Guiao’s habit to shake up his personnel after they fail to bring in the W’s, Santos’ rank-leading ways are in serious jeopardy.

The Power Rankings should return in about two weeks. Why? Ummm… I think work will bum me out before I get my usual write-ups to even get a title!

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So… until my next installment… GAME OVER!


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