Post # 46

Work was making my life a tad crappier. Other events in life didn’t help. The thing that I started is turning against me.

Read on.

Chai: Psst! OI!

The Sydman: BUSY!

Chai: Nag-away daw kayo ng GF mo kaya liipat ka?

The Sydman: Ha?

Chai: Aalis ka na daw sabi ni Jorge!

One fateful move was all it took for “this” to happen. Also… that idiot is such a loudmouth.

The Sydman: Tanginang tsismoso. Ewan nag-iisip pa. Pero may kaharap na akong two weeks notice.

Chai: Galit ka? Bakit?

The Sydman: Basta.

Chai: Minsan na lang makakausap, galit pa…

Then she hands out a coffee emoticon. I don’t know how she made it. Anywho, my problems are messing up my head.

Chai: Yan.

The Sydman: Sus!

Chai: Meron ka ba??? Ano ba yan! Ang sungit mo naman!

The Sydman: OO! SAYA NO? Pag di kasali pwede wag dumamay! Pakisabi kay Jorge “ang choo-choo” niya!

Chai: Question… nothing personal… you have an online blog. You talk about yourself and other people in it. And you don’t expect them to talk about u??? Get pissed if they do?? Why promote “it”???

The “it” she was talking about is my blog. Three years when I first started this, I thought it was fun. I still think its fun… but often it breaks the realm of privacy and “for public viewing”. As much as I tried to not field the topics I think are “too personal” for my liking, you never thought you’ll create monsters from your masterpieces.

The Sydman: Di pa ako ready. Just stay out of the way.

Like I said, I guess fairy tales are made for wimps. I don’t know why I bragged that everything is good, because I am eating it as we speak. Sure, I won’t say that I will not cherish those happy memories, and part of me cringe when I don’t say to myself that I want “this” to “work” out.

I had something good once and I thought it wouldn’t get sour. The cycle repeated anew.

“Work” has its ups… but they mostly have “downs”.

Minutes before the actual conversation started…

Jorge: Two words: PLAY ALONG!

The Sydman: Ha?

Work was seriously killing me. I love the fact that I could tinker with my imagination – which is why despite the long hours, unpredicatable clientele, and worthless peons squirming around my back… asking me if I get paid for copy-pasting conversations of my friends and creating tolerable lead-ins for the stories that were touched, I don’t regret my profession even if I have resorted to yearn for every payday, rice subsidy, medical reimbursements, cash dividends, and 17-month pays that come into play.

At lunchtime a job order came to me asking me if I could do a text promo about some daytime soap where dancers crudely act as jungle dwellers whose plot vaguely resembles “Taong Gubat, pamangkin ni Barok”.

The fact that people are looking closely at the things that I write on the monitor and “inputting” their ideas before the script has even finished seriously pisses me.

I bet you’re disappointed that this thread didn’t appear to be what you hoped?

Jorge: Two words: PLAY ALONG!

The Sydman: Kanino? Teka nagu-usap ba kayo ni Chai?

Jorge: Uu! Shhhh!

The Sydman: Ok.

Jorge: Play along. Tagal ko ng di nagago si Chai e!

The Sydman: O sige. Pero I’m also working pare.

Jorge: That works too. Kunyari galit ka.

Hours after the conversation.


The Sydman: She's pissed!

Jorge: I feel kinda guilty. Kinda lang. Ang drama mo!

The Sydman: Yun yung peg ko kanina eh. Medyo pinasama pala kita pero it was more of chismoso ka kasi eh.

Jorge: Oo nga. Nag-YM siya na galit ka daw saken. Wala lang. GOLDEN! Solb na ako!

Before I end this, here are the last nine seasons of Daisy Siete.

Season 21: Tarzariray ang Amazonang Kikay
Season 20: Tinderella
Season 19: Vaklushi
Season 18: Prince Charming and the Seven Maids
Season 17: Uling-ling
Season 16: Tabachingching
Season 15: Isla Chikita
Season 14: Siete-Siete Mano-Mano
Season 13: Moshi Moshi, Chikiyaki

I don’t know if there are any sane persons that post episodes of these things on You Tube. But until the next installment… SURF PORN!


  1. tinderella actually cracked me up. tabachingching..? not so much.

  2. That's Bullshit Jorge!! We all know you don't have ch. 7 wherever jungle tree you decided to piss on as home! You probably got that from a shit smeared tabloid a tourist gave you on one of your "begging forays".

  3. jorge, umi-ere pa ba sa inyo ang manok ni san pedro?