A narrative that reeks of awesomeness.

Stand back!

For the benefit of those with flash photography…


I haven’t been to any of my network friends’ gimmicks lately (because I have been busy with "romantic eklaboos"), so I decided to come with them when I heard they would be drinking on some remote and pristine civilization. Yes, we boozed at Kabooom, a newly-installed resto bar less than 30 giant and non-bored footsteps away from where we were working (it was born on the ruins of Chico’s).

First up, the place is somewhat non-pricy and it features a live band. The ambiance looks good but the seating capacity is not for the claustrophobics because after 50 people, the place would likely go SRO (luckily the place is far away the Timog/T. Morato turmoil).

By the way, I remember the days when Geist would make me a guinea pig in his dubious web of strategies. Why? Because with me preoccupied with making this girl happy…

Having fun at other people’s expense is cool.


The highlights of the night could pretty much be Athan, Isko, Vlad, Caca, Chris, and me ruining Manuel’s diskarte on Jamie (Cindy came but she entered the scene when most of the folks are drunk)…

Pero ruined nga ba? Ehem...

… And the awesome and inspired singing of two grown men hugging each other, Singing How Deep is Your Love horribly, and making us all feel that drinking and singing is vital for suicide.

By the way, I am dabbling on a primitive form of editing “churva” called Windows Movie Maker (note to self: seriously collect enough funds to buy a laptop and then buy a pirated version of Premiere Pro). While I wait for a better form of editing tool, I will do my video blogs with the help of this desktop happy fun time!

Game Over!

This was midway of the second day of our parkour shoot.

Yes, the awesomeness of this is exerted in full throttle!

And yes, I am just clearing away my .avi stuffs.

April 8, 2009

Me and Cindy were at Trinoma a day before Maundy Thursday to watch the Jordana Brewster-starrer Fast and Furious (who cares about the bland white guy and the bald kind-of white guy).

As we look for a place to munch. we saw an officemate eating in some very, VERY, high end place (*cough* KENNY ROGERS *cough*).

This is our version of espionage.

For a spy mission, this will not amount to anything.

But the food was affordable, tasty, and free (hehehe)!

If there is one thing, that hoping computer shop owners should sigh away from, it is the fact that an installation of a female CR is a waste of space!

Granted, we are living in an age of equal opportunity… and sure, there are some girls that actually compete in 5v5 DotA LAN jousts… but like I said, if you are going to put a separate bathroom for women, you are missing out on at least 4 additional PC units. Owners who failed to see this point, found it hard to see a clean (or perhaps dusting) room that has been left unscathed for over the longest time. These owners (or assistants) have no other choice but to lock the Girls’ CR and make the Boys’ CR a unisex loon.

In this direction, comes another problem.

Let this be a lesson to computer shop owners to think right and think every step they’ll about to pursue.

Moniker: The Man with 2 Golden Globes (near his crotch area)
Group: The Corporate Sinistry
Finisher: Face to groin piledriver (tombstone), Egg Shaker (kick to groin), Beauty School (Old school)

Formerly Bato, Pebbles is a character derived from the combo of the Undertaker and Goldust. He is a big, diabolical gay guy who loves to inflict pain to his opponents. He pleasures on foes suffering from mutilation and disgust towards their tormentor. However, he delights on Estong. He’ll stop at nothing to pursue Estong. His character was picked up from a friend who is out of the country right now and rumor has it that he switched gender in one “innocent” trip en route to Bangkok.

Okay… so what the fuck is this?


Remember those internet spoilers?
What up! Sunday is a great time to catch two shirtless men sweaty and hugging with brutal insinuations for some kind of thing you wrap in your waist.

This statement should also work in pro wrestling, MMA, and ping pong.


Three things will bug me in this event’s telecast and I expect at least a 66 percent chance of success in this statement.

Commercials: They were many, but it was understandable. Of all the commercials, I loved the LBC TVC. Who orders a rolled-up sheet of paper to whack someone with thru LBC? My guess is SOMEONE THAT’S FREAKIN’ AWESOME! If I become a boss, that's the first thing I would do! EMPLOYEES BEWARE!!! The ad that I hate is a tie: The Love Radio ad was conceptually-not-that-botched but it looked old and it seemed like a student made it. The video quality was poor and it proved reasons why non-TV media should stick to non-TV ways to promote their non-TV media! The Tanduay ad however, is a serious waste of cash. I honestly believe that when they asked the viewers if they want to go to Boracay, they would create some sort of raffle to do so. This assumption was freaking wrong because the ad was meant to tell the viewers that missing Boracay means making a Boracay cafĂ© with pints of Tanduay! Somewhere in the United States, Marshall McLuhan is pissed as hell in his grave…

Which brings me to my next rant…

National Anthem singer: I admit, I was only going to watch the Donaire fight so I caught the Villoria match midway in the fourth round. After the glee I witnessed from the Villoria fight, the next thing I saw was the playing of the US anthem. And then… QUE HORROR! Sure, Tanduay is a major sponsor for the event and they should get some sort of freebie for dishing out the goods to make this event possible, However, making NEY OF 6CYCLEMIND sing the national anthem was bad! First of all, without the band, he’s just a guy singing. They could have just asked some random GMA singer to sing the anthem but no, they just snatched some guy dressed in ordinary clothing, to sing a song that is going to be televised in almost all parts of earth! I mean, if you saw Lani Misalucha, Kyla, Regine Velasquez, Sarah Geronimo, and other singers, one thing you’ll notice is they take the singing of the national anthem as a privilege and as serious as possible. And finally, the gravest of them all. Why is he doing an RNB version of our anthem? Didn’t someone paged him that Lupang Hinirang is a marching song and anyone that violates this will get a fine that could more or less be jail time? I don’t know if that is the case but Ney certainly made the song his and his unique version made a lot of buzz surrounding the judges… boxing judges… THIS IS NOT AMERICAN IDOL!!!

And finally:

Chavit: From the ringside seats to the bleachers area, everybody that is inside the arena, shouting recklessly until the last second of the match are boxing fans. But unlike the normal boxing fan, they do not have the stomach to troop to the ring unlike Chavit. No, I don’t have anything against the former senatoriable. I will always respect a man that owns a tiger inside his premises. However, sighting Chavit in a Pinoy boxing match is like sighting the actual boxing ring: He is always there! A Top Rank Production where a Pinoy fighter is about to contend… he’s always there!

Anyway, here are the matches proper:

Ulises Solis (champion) versus Brian Viloria (challenger)
For the IBF Light-Flyweight title

I must admit, I am one of the few that didn’t think Viloria could perform on the top level. I mean, yeah, he won a title back in ’06, but the way he lost the title and then his constant yearnings to retire made me look at him as some kind of guy who’ll actually prefer doing commentary than seriously being in the ring. This is the reason why I just caught his fight on the fourth round: I don’t think he could win without a hometown decision. Solis is not like those foreign fighters that would more or less hit the deck on the opening bell. He is a champion – in his eighth title defense. I know if the Pinoy surge is 50-50 then Donaire will win and Viloria will take the L.
I am currently eating my words.

This bout is the better bout between the two. Viloria started off strong in which one monster blow placed Solis on a one-way trip to Cut City. However, in the middle rounds, Solis regained his form and started to act urgently. At this point critics wonder if Viloria returned to his normal “quitter” outlook, or if he punched his power out, or if Solis was getting the better off him.

The answer was neither. While Solis became extra aggressive in the final rounds, Viloria showed that he was merely saving his strengths for the final hurrah. Solis is a hard boxer to KO, so slugging in the final rounds and winning in the scorecards was his only option to get a clear win and shake off the “hometown” factor. Problem is, this was the same route that Solis was eager to take. Solis had too much to think about: lost rounds, hometown decision, and let us not forget the deducted points he received when his body punches landed near the crotch.

And then came the 11th round. With Viloria dominating and pressing, and Solis merely looking for that lucky punch, the Hawaiian Punch strikes an almost-perfect right straight hook to the head of Solis. The next scene pretty much ends the bout: Solis’ feet wobbly… Solis’ body shaky… and then Solis’ back kisses the mat. Viloria would take the same stance, but this is merely due to ecstatic jubilation.

I hope this won’t be another one-win moment for Viloria because with that win, he pretty much earns the right to be named champ. Hats off also for Solis for bringing in a stellar show and to lose graciously despite the odds stacked against him.

Winner: Viloria (11th round KO)
Match Analysis: 9/10 – A want a rematch... on even grounds!

Nonito Donaire (champion) versus Raul Martinez (challenger)
For the IBF Flyweight title

This was pretty much a one-sided deal. Martinez is an undefeated Hispanic-American that boasts an all-knockout victory but most of the opponents he faced are no-namers. Donaire however, edge The Cobrita in size, reach, and in the outcome of the fight… speed. Donaire was freaking awesome: landing three knockouts in the first two rounds! The way he fought was insane, especially in dealing with Martinez’ vaulted super-sealed defense. Well, the problem of defending is that you are taking away your points production. That’s why it was important for the Flash to claim those landing areas whenever he gets the chance.

The ending of the fight sucked, however. I mean, from the start of the round, Martinez will not hold his own against Nonito. However, fans clamor for a knockout. When the match ended, Martinez was not down on the mat… nor was he bathing in blood. He was arguing with the refs because of a knockout that could be argued as a slippage. While it didn’t look like it, the matched was stopped to protect Martinez’ from further injuries.

But the sight of a foe without any signs of mutilation, carrying an opponent’s flag could either be a great ending for the event… or some pug that lost his train of thought and now is prancing to the crowd on what he thinks is his homeland’s flag.

Winner: Donaire (Fourth round – TKO)
Match Analysis: 6/10 – This should have been a ten if there was a knockout.

May 2 (May 3 Manila Time) would signal the Pacquiao-Hatton, East meets West bout.

Images courtesy of news.yahoo.com.


Imagine high-speed action… tracked by two guys in drag.

Then get a glimpse of table action…

…and things you don’t usually see during dates…

Like what you’re seeing right now.

Yup, I am letting the videos speak for themselves.

Type rest of the post here

Here are some outtakes from our recent TVC.

This is the part with a booboo.

By the way, these two are awesome!

Type rest of the post here

If you think what they’re doing is easy… think again.

When you see these guys trek insane heights and move around to places that would likely “piss off” gravity (and possibly your bone structure), you’ll succumb to the fact that without any background in stunts, gymnastics, kung fu, and even basic "tumbling sa kanto habang may mga kumakanta ng rap" (possibly Tondo or somewhere in Antipolo), then learning parkour is near impossible.

However, according to the guys from Parkour Philippines... (http://www.pkph.multiply.com/ or http://www.pkph.net/) PARKOUR IS FOR EVERYONE!!!

So one would wonder: what the hell are they talking about?


There is a PSP game out called Free Running. I tried to play the game, but the Create-A-Wrestler and the 24/7 modes in the Smackdown versus Raw 2008 game were enough for me to get hooked and forget the game ever existed. Why? If you personally know me, you’ll know that I do not mix myself with anything that shouts sweat, fatigue, injury, and athleticism. Sure, I do like sports… I can man up and get glued to anything that mixes finesse with sheer heart. I love to write about basketball and I can actually write anything and watch anything that does not bore me (I hate tennis matches though… the only time you’ll get me to watch that game is if a hot tennis chick garners some sort of “hot” moment). Playing inside the court however isn’t my cup of tea, as I am more of a spectator than a gladiator. So implying me to play any game where I’m like the Prince of Persia without reaching/finishing any goals and levels is virtually impossible.

However, parkour, the actual activity, is telling me otherwise. Parkour is meant to enhance your physical capabilities as well as your mental smarts. Derived from a French term that more or less means “the art of movement”, it aims to make the body more efficient and quicker in shifting from one speed to another, from one place to another, and to quickly connect one perceived movement, into a graceful collection of move-sets without even getting your thoughts jumbled up.

Do not mistake parkour for free running. As it is, the flare that traceurs emanate are more natural compared to its more competitive counterpart. This is the first thing I saw when these guys where doing their moves: parkour makes you trace to your “kid” days when you were twirling and doing stuffs in your body in an exaggerated manner. Free running is flashier and while aesthetically, it looks cool, its disadvantage lie on being commercial. I think it was parkour founder David Belle who cringes whenever some flexible wannabe whores the activity to the public. This does not mean that he isn’t discounting the exposure. Casino Royale and the numerous Luc Besson French flicks (His French film Taxi, was raped by the American producers when they did its remake) are one of the current releases where parkour was more or less featured. Even Belle starred in an action flick called District 13 where instead of walking like Steven Segal he moves smoothly twice the better than Jean Claude Van Damme! District 13 will have its sequel in the near future. I suggest you Limewire it.

In the shoot I met Bruno, Karen and Macky, three of the chosen traceurs we tapped to make our TVC superbly awesome (Macky is the guy on the left who ruined a perfectly cool pic of me and comic demigod Janno Gibbs). They were seriously sales-talking us to join their sport (can I say parkour is a sport). A next-too-obese guy like me without any poise, equilibrium, and balance could this “thing” make my body coordinated?

According to them, yes!

Parkour is created for people to make themselves “one with the wind”. Granted, moving 10 percent similar to Batman would probably require me years (or a moment before I reach old age), but it will eventually grant me that skill… if I am determined enough. The freedom to glide will open up due to the activity’s yearning for an individual to cheat your perceived motions. They mentioned that they witnessed tubby beginners transform into graceful traceurs. That’s cool. I also admire the fact that they are eager to reach the levels of everybody’s hero… the legendary Jackie Chan.

There is no boy (real boys for that matter) that didn’t waste his brain space and sweat on NOT imitating Jackie Chan. I mean, other than playing an alcoholic in Drunken Master (I only said this because he played a drunkard), he is that adorable underdog that gets a bite out of the audience with his quick-thinking and the capacity to maneuver out of pending doom. Parkour is basically “Poetry in Motion”, meaning taking out the norms and creating flare out of natural movements.
While some of their members were once part of other similarly-based disciplines like martial arts and gymnastics, a normal being can too, prosper in making something out of the sport. The first thing they’ll teach you is conditioning. The bones play a major part in gaining success. The conditioning is meant to make all your 206 bones work in a way to subtract the nonsense you imposed on it by eating more and moving less. Milk is an important facet because it strengthens the bones. This is something I could like because I was once a milk freak (my cousin once lived in my house and he would always drink milk which, like peer pressure, prompted me to it as well). I also heard a no-rice diet. They don’t necessary impose it, but if I want to be flexible and thin in the quickest way, those carbs need to go.

That I hate.

Ehem. Go figure.

I’ll take out the cons and tell you guys the pros of doing parkour.

Safety is an Issue: In pro wrestling, a “complete” sports entertainer is not the guy that dominates the match. This is the guy that could take the fall. That’s why we have a guy like Shawn Michaels stealing every PPV despite the fact of him being 43 years old. The reason for bone strength is for parkour players to sigh away from injuries. As it stands the traceurs could only walk away with simple cuts and bruises. None of the guys I conversed caught their injuries from parkour. Thank conditioning for this miracle. In fact, they once talked about one kid that after two years of membership branched out of their organization and started another parkour group despite still being a work in progress. They saw the guy at one time injured… because he WALKED wrong. Regardless of the risks, safety is a major issue in the discipline.

Leveling: Remember Karate Kid where Mr. Miyagi would make Ralph Macchio do chores before he could do actual Karate? They have a thing like it here too. A beginner will not be thrust in the spotlight to climb high spots not unless he has earned the right to do so. Sure, one might ask the rationale since walking and jumping are mere acts done by humans but this is also where the practitioner’s discipline kicks in. In order to get dibs on the great stunts, you have to perfect the simple ones. These “simple” stunts will prove important in the long run.

Inexpensiveness: Ever seen those overacting basketball players who owns a wristband, headband, armband, those odd-colored masking tapes pressed on their biceps and triceps, knee brace, goggles, etc.? Sure they look pretty… aside from the fact that they pretty much resemble icky, geeky, turds! In parkour, the only equipment you need is yourself and every solid thing that your eyes can lock onto. Sure, short comfortable garments are ideal, but one can’t discount the fact that you can do parkour in a gown! Perhaps the only equipment you could deal with is grips and an appropriate set of sneakers.

Pogi Points: Perhaps the most… important… point… ever. Imagine you’re in bar and there’s this chick who looks at your body and smiles at you. She asks for your sport and you say “parkour”. Suddenly you become interesting. Yes, a sport that sounds foreign will make you such a hottie. I mean, more than half of the population could clearly connect with basketball. The other half? Well bunch them up with volleyball, billiards, badminton, and some random “in thing”. Oh… I forgot about computer games. Yes, the computer games that the only risk you could have is an injured carpal tunnel and a trip to the optical shop. While I consider myself a gamer (don't ask me if I'm good or not), playing DotA is like playing team interactive chess. Compare this to basketball, parkour is too exotic. Plus, the best pogi point in this situation is that the girl you chatted with could join the games instead of just being at the sidelines. Hmmm… yes, this is a crappy reason... a crappy reason... that will convert to genuine love for the activity when it becomes a part of your system.

I am currently finding something clever to utter but it seems my mind just gone blank.


They will conduct sessions for beginners this coming May. The novice will be asked to attend sessions where they will nurture the individual to ultimately like the sport. No idea on their dates so you have to visit their websites for updates. While I doubt May could be a month for me to explore fitness (rather than traveling and going to trips where I will be asked to go topless… thus exposing my wickedly sick one-pack), sooner or later my girlfriend will tell me to shed a few pounds since she’s starting to enjoy a particular hobby called 10-k fun run every Sunday mornings. Also, damn it, ever since Holy Week, my ribs are sore because my sleep posture rivals a pretzel! Whenever I laugh... pain and suffering flourish!

With all the pros that were explained, it could happen. Maybe not next month… but it could happen. I'll leave you with some guy who thinks he's doing parkour.

Until next time. Game over.

Top 5 (Movies that preemed this March... until before Easter of 2009)

5. RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN (Wrong in soooooooo many levels)
4. KNOWING (Crappy ending combined with crappy acting)
3. FAST AND FURIOUS (Michelle Rodriguez became hot and you kill her?!? BASTARDS!!!)
2. WATCHMEN (Could have been Number One had not for the tower erected by Dr. Manhattan. Nice acting by the Jupiter chick!)



WHAT: Drama based on a Richard Yates’ book.
WHO: Leonardo DiCaprio (magaling lumusot), Kate Winslet (psycho-chick), Kathy Bates (pakialamera) and Michael Shannon (may sayad) and directed by Sam Mendes (Kate's real-life husband).

We intellectuals prefer period films, those masterpieces that infuse great portrayals with an awesome script.

Okay… perhaps I’m bit biased.

No matter what people say about the seriously weak storyline that engulfed Titanic, I think it became every director’s dream of one day… get a budget of that caliber into his or her work (even if this becomes a sequel of Bobocop). Yep, that’s my reason for liking Revolutionary Road and not the Kate Winslet-lovefest I still have where there is still a poster of her somewhere in my room that I bought hours after I watch Titanic WITH MY FAMILY (Note to self: Find the poster and bring it BACK to my wall). Unfortunately, Rev Road fails to even get half of what the Titanic scored (although if they had part of the budget could be given for their top-notch cast).

However, it dished out a great story. It started when the characters of Kate and Leo (April and Frank Wheeler) became dull and boring… much like all married couples without any vices. Once, a happy-go-lucky duo, matrimony killed their “happy fun time”. Unlike the Lizzy Maguire parents… or the Cosby Show parents… and even the stoner couple from Dharma and Greg, this couple lived miserable inside their suburban home where the man works as an underachieving suit in his office while the wife is busy acting like a domestic helper (also add baby maker) with night-out privileges. Problem strikes when Kate wants to abandon their current state to push for Leo’s dream to live in France… a dream that Leo second-guesses and Kate drools over.

Apart from the adultery, insanity, and the “too close to home” dialogues erected in the 90-minute-thought provoker, the only thing missing from the piece is the normal “Kate Winslet” cinema add-on (the boob exposure… I guess we'll find it on The Reader... although there was the kitchen scene… but if you’re looking for action that’s not the place to look). The build-up was awesome and the ending was not a gimme. The film reunites Leo and Kate… and also Kathy Bates (the "unsinkable" Molly Brown from the Titanic movie) but the movie also gets a great supporting crew (especially the deranged dick played by Michael Shannon) At first, you might not try to watch this because… yes, the poster is so boring that from the minute you look at the post you’ll immediately figure out that no talking aliens will arise in this film… ever!

I must admit, the only reason why we watched it is because amongst the films that were showing, we have seen Watchmen and we still wish we had NOT seen Witch Mountain.

But, if you see a DVD of this, I suggest you to spend 60 pesos (or less if you have a Muslim suki)… Rev Road is an awesome tale that will leave you in awe.

However, its NOT a DATE MOVIE! Why? If I say it, consider yourself SPOILED!

I have NOT been logging in to Multiply for so long.

Too long that this is my first time to encounter the cross-writing of blogs from blogger to multiply.

This means I still won't have Multiply access in the office... but I could still load new stuffs from my blogger site.

And for those bastards that seems to think that they are "dear" to me. Yes, this means your names will have more domains for "Goggling" fun!

(meanwhile, pardon the fact if the things that you'll read would seem to not look readable, or is a magnitude of nonsense)

Carry on...

Here are the shows that you should look forward to this April and May on GMA.

And check out the guy wearing a “W”…


By the way, if you like the stunts you see, check out http://www.pkph.multiply.com/ or visit http://www.pkph.net/.

With this starts my online diary about the shoot.

It began, as these things now often do, with Facebook. It will end, as these things also often do, with total and absolute effin' inanity. A word to the prude: PROFANITY and POLITICS up ahead!

Not too long ago, I posted this on my Facebook status:
So take your grey poupon my friend, and SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS!

Here's the thing about Facebook status messages: you post them to get a reaction. To get that, it has to be any and all combinations of witty, offensive, provocative, slutty, angry, pathetic, or clique-ish. My intended audience was the latter: not many people quite remember the lyrics of "Eat the Rich"; for most of the pop du jour aficionados (which make up 80% of the listening public) Aerosmith is that pop group that sang "I don't wanna miss a thing". Interesting Pareto Principle effect: 80% of their most famous songs were done in the latter 20% of their existence; 80% of that 20% is utter crap, which is what everybody likes. go figure.

Anyway, I posted that status message because I was rather pissed at certain politicians and public figures (both past and present) as I am wont to do; it happens often. There's a few in particular that got on my nerves, complaining about their oh-so-difficult lives because they have trouble deciding on groceries and shopping. Give me a fucking break. Tell that to this kid:
fuck you and your problems

So yeah. F* you and your problems.

True to form, Mark chatted me up.

Mark: Eat the rich!
at kanino ka na naman galit?

Jorge: ehh, the usual na politicos.
btw nakita ko si joc joc kagabi
may balak tumakbo bilang governor ata dito sa amin

Mark: kapal naman

Jorge: Ang nakaka asar, pwede syang manalo, may sumusuporta sa kumag
sya ang tumatayong anti-mar
ganon sila ka fed up dito ke mar, pati si joc joc, pwede na

Mark: kaya naisipan ni pacquiao na tumakbo din e, kahit sino pwede
sana man lang nag cape na lang si manny
bilang si Pac Man
sakay ng kanyang Pac Mobile

Jorge: at may butler syang dating bouncer ng gay bar, si Albert
at ang sidekick nyang si Ruben

Mark: si joker arroyo si penguin

Jorge: e joker na sya e

Mark: kahit na, mukhang penguin e

Jorge: speaking of, alam mo ba ung farce of the penguins?

Mark: di ko pa napapanood, pero farce na din talaga pulitika dito

Jorge: a basta
minsan sana pwede ung sa 100 bullets
imma cap their ass

Mark: meron na dati ABB
kaso sellout si Alex e

Jorge: onga, small fish lang

Mark: tingnan mo, si ronnie rickets lang ang nag artista. small time talaga

(Mark, like Syd, is a fountain of obscure Pinoy movie trivia, which you'll see presently...)

Jorge: pag ako nag amok, sino kaya papanggap bilang ako
gusto ko si Jorge Estregan Sr.
para talagang may penetration sa sex scenes

Mark: necromancy na yan pare

Jorge: ay
patay na ba si sr?

Mark: tagal na
ayaw mo kay jr.?
sing tigas pero di sing mahal
o kya erap na lang
tulis din yun

Jorge: hehe
e si rex cortes
balbon din at kulot
o si dick ysrael

Mark: hindi sila pwede
masyado silang astig
ayaw mo si ruby rodriguez?

(tangina mo Mark)

Jorge: tangina mo mark
anyan pala ha
*asaran mode, activate

Mark: parang kate blanchett dun sa bio film ni bob dylan?
hindi mo ba napanood yun?
walang biro


Mark: astig hanapin mo!
she really looks like bob dylan!

Jorge: F U! at STFU!
kung buhay pa si ron jeremy sana
o kaya si peter north, same girth

Mark: jan pwede tyo mag kasundo
ron jeremy na lang
o kya si weird al na naka fat suit
i poportray nya si ron jeremy na pinoportray ka

Jorge: i hate you

Mark: epi quizon in a fat suit?

Jorge: ay low blow
gusto ko si boy2

Mark: o kya yung totally out of the blue na walang pagkakahawig sa yo
ding dong..

(Yes, these are my friends.)

Thanks, Syd, for letting me rant here ;)

One would wonder: What’s my reason behind my blog's inactivity?

Here’s a hint: it has something to do with my work… that would make its grand premiere on April 6… and it has Parkour in it.

THIS is also the reason why I am a slave of work from April 1 to 6 (it started with a two-day shoot where day one lasted from 5am to 12mn).

Don’t worry… behind the scenes clips shall be uploaded in the course of the Holy Week!

Until then… GAME OVER!