Top 5 (Movies that preemed this March... until before Easter of 2009)

5. RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN (Wrong in soooooooo many levels)
4. KNOWING (Crappy ending combined with crappy acting)
3. FAST AND FURIOUS (Michelle Rodriguez became hot and you kill her?!? BASTARDS!!!)
2. WATCHMEN (Could have been Number One had not for the tower erected by Dr. Manhattan. Nice acting by the Jupiter chick!)



WHAT: Drama based on a Richard Yates’ book.
WHO: Leonardo DiCaprio (magaling lumusot), Kate Winslet (psycho-chick), Kathy Bates (pakialamera) and Michael Shannon (may sayad) and directed by Sam Mendes (Kate's real-life husband).

We intellectuals prefer period films, those masterpieces that infuse great portrayals with an awesome script.

Okay… perhaps I’m bit biased.

No matter what people say about the seriously weak storyline that engulfed Titanic, I think it became every director’s dream of one day… get a budget of that caliber into his or her work (even if this becomes a sequel of Bobocop). Yep, that’s my reason for liking Revolutionary Road and not the Kate Winslet-lovefest I still have where there is still a poster of her somewhere in my room that I bought hours after I watch Titanic WITH MY FAMILY (Note to self: Find the poster and bring it BACK to my wall). Unfortunately, Rev Road fails to even get half of what the Titanic scored (although if they had part of the budget could be given for their top-notch cast).

However, it dished out a great story. It started when the characters of Kate and Leo (April and Frank Wheeler) became dull and boring… much like all married couples without any vices. Once, a happy-go-lucky duo, matrimony killed their “happy fun time”. Unlike the Lizzy Maguire parents… or the Cosby Show parents… and even the stoner couple from Dharma and Greg, this couple lived miserable inside their suburban home where the man works as an underachieving suit in his office while the wife is busy acting like a domestic helper (also add baby maker) with night-out privileges. Problem strikes when Kate wants to abandon their current state to push for Leo’s dream to live in France… a dream that Leo second-guesses and Kate drools over.

Apart from the adultery, insanity, and the “too close to home” dialogues erected in the 90-minute-thought provoker, the only thing missing from the piece is the normal “Kate Winslet” cinema add-on (the boob exposure… I guess we'll find it on The Reader... although there was the kitchen scene… but if you’re looking for action that’s not the place to look). The build-up was awesome and the ending was not a gimme. The film reunites Leo and Kate… and also Kathy Bates (the "unsinkable" Molly Brown from the Titanic movie) but the movie also gets a great supporting crew (especially the deranged dick played by Michael Shannon) At first, you might not try to watch this because… yes, the poster is so boring that from the minute you look at the post you’ll immediately figure out that no talking aliens will arise in this film… ever!

I must admit, the only reason why we watched it is because amongst the films that were showing, we have seen Watchmen and we still wish we had NOT seen Witch Mountain.

But, if you see a DVD of this, I suggest you to spend 60 pesos (or less if you have a Muslim suki)… Rev Road is an awesome tale that will leave you in awe.

However, its NOT a DATE MOVIE! Why? If I say it, consider yourself SPOILED!


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