The Flash and the Furious Review: April 19, 2009

What up! Sunday is a great time to catch two shirtless men sweaty and hugging with brutal insinuations for some kind of thing you wrap in your waist.

This statement should also work in pro wrestling, MMA, and ping pong.


Three things will bug me in this event’s telecast and I expect at least a 66 percent chance of success in this statement.

Commercials: They were many, but it was understandable. Of all the commercials, I loved the LBC TVC. Who orders a rolled-up sheet of paper to whack someone with thru LBC? My guess is SOMEONE THAT’S FREAKIN’ AWESOME! If I become a boss, that's the first thing I would do! EMPLOYEES BEWARE!!! The ad that I hate is a tie: The Love Radio ad was conceptually-not-that-botched but it looked old and it seemed like a student made it. The video quality was poor and it proved reasons why non-TV media should stick to non-TV ways to promote their non-TV media! The Tanduay ad however, is a serious waste of cash. I honestly believe that when they asked the viewers if they want to go to Boracay, they would create some sort of raffle to do so. This assumption was freaking wrong because the ad was meant to tell the viewers that missing Boracay means making a Boracay cafĂ© with pints of Tanduay! Somewhere in the United States, Marshall McLuhan is pissed as hell in his grave…

Which brings me to my next rant…

National Anthem singer: I admit, I was only going to watch the Donaire fight so I caught the Villoria match midway in the fourth round. After the glee I witnessed from the Villoria fight, the next thing I saw was the playing of the US anthem. And then… QUE HORROR! Sure, Tanduay is a major sponsor for the event and they should get some sort of freebie for dishing out the goods to make this event possible, However, making NEY OF 6CYCLEMIND sing the national anthem was bad! First of all, without the band, he’s just a guy singing. They could have just asked some random GMA singer to sing the anthem but no, they just snatched some guy dressed in ordinary clothing, to sing a song that is going to be televised in almost all parts of earth! I mean, if you saw Lani Misalucha, Kyla, Regine Velasquez, Sarah Geronimo, and other singers, one thing you’ll notice is they take the singing of the national anthem as a privilege and as serious as possible. And finally, the gravest of them all. Why is he doing an RNB version of our anthem? Didn’t someone paged him that Lupang Hinirang is a marching song and anyone that violates this will get a fine that could more or less be jail time? I don’t know if that is the case but Ney certainly made the song his and his unique version made a lot of buzz surrounding the judges… boxing judges… THIS IS NOT AMERICAN IDOL!!!

And finally:

Chavit: From the ringside seats to the bleachers area, everybody that is inside the arena, shouting recklessly until the last second of the match are boxing fans. But unlike the normal boxing fan, they do not have the stomach to troop to the ring unlike Chavit. No, I don’t have anything against the former senatoriable. I will always respect a man that owns a tiger inside his premises. However, sighting Chavit in a Pinoy boxing match is like sighting the actual boxing ring: He is always there! A Top Rank Production where a Pinoy fighter is about to contend… he’s always there!

Anyway, here are the matches proper:

Ulises Solis (champion) versus Brian Viloria (challenger)
For the IBF Light-Flyweight title

I must admit, I am one of the few that didn’t think Viloria could perform on the top level. I mean, yeah, he won a title back in ’06, but the way he lost the title and then his constant yearnings to retire made me look at him as some kind of guy who’ll actually prefer doing commentary than seriously being in the ring. This is the reason why I just caught his fight on the fourth round: I don’t think he could win without a hometown decision. Solis is not like those foreign fighters that would more or less hit the deck on the opening bell. He is a champion – in his eighth title defense. I know if the Pinoy surge is 50-50 then Donaire will win and Viloria will take the L.
I am currently eating my words.

This bout is the better bout between the two. Viloria started off strong in which one monster blow placed Solis on a one-way trip to Cut City. However, in the middle rounds, Solis regained his form and started to act urgently. At this point critics wonder if Viloria returned to his normal “quitter” outlook, or if he punched his power out, or if Solis was getting the better off him.

The answer was neither. While Solis became extra aggressive in the final rounds, Viloria showed that he was merely saving his strengths for the final hurrah. Solis is a hard boxer to KO, so slugging in the final rounds and winning in the scorecards was his only option to get a clear win and shake off the “hometown” factor. Problem is, this was the same route that Solis was eager to take. Solis had too much to think about: lost rounds, hometown decision, and let us not forget the deducted points he received when his body punches landed near the crotch.

And then came the 11th round. With Viloria dominating and pressing, and Solis merely looking for that lucky punch, the Hawaiian Punch strikes an almost-perfect right straight hook to the head of Solis. The next scene pretty much ends the bout: Solis’ feet wobbly… Solis’ body shaky… and then Solis’ back kisses the mat. Viloria would take the same stance, but this is merely due to ecstatic jubilation.

I hope this won’t be another one-win moment for Viloria because with that win, he pretty much earns the right to be named champ. Hats off also for Solis for bringing in a stellar show and to lose graciously despite the odds stacked against him.

Winner: Viloria (11th round KO)
Match Analysis: 9/10 – A want a rematch... on even grounds!

Nonito Donaire (champion) versus Raul Martinez (challenger)
For the IBF Flyweight title

This was pretty much a one-sided deal. Martinez is an undefeated Hispanic-American that boasts an all-knockout victory but most of the opponents he faced are no-namers. Donaire however, edge The Cobrita in size, reach, and in the outcome of the fight… speed. Donaire was freaking awesome: landing three knockouts in the first two rounds! The way he fought was insane, especially in dealing with Martinez’ vaulted super-sealed defense. Well, the problem of defending is that you are taking away your points production. That’s why it was important for the Flash to claim those landing areas whenever he gets the chance.

The ending of the fight sucked, however. I mean, from the start of the round, Martinez will not hold his own against Nonito. However, fans clamor for a knockout. When the match ended, Martinez was not down on the mat… nor was he bathing in blood. He was arguing with the refs because of a knockout that could be argued as a slippage. While it didn’t look like it, the matched was stopped to protect Martinez’ from further injuries.

But the sight of a foe without any signs of mutilation, carrying an opponent’s flag could either be a great ending for the event… or some pug that lost his train of thought and now is prancing to the crowd on what he thinks is his homeland’s flag.

Winner: Donaire (Fourth round – TKO)
Match Analysis: 6/10 – This should have been a ten if there was a knockout.

May 2 (May 3 Manila Time) would signal the Pacquiao-Hatton, East meets West bout.

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