Four years of college, a couple of law schools, sleepless nights, review centers galore, one girlfriend, one ex-girlfriend, excessive amount of tears, and tons and TONS of beer later…

… this happened.

1,310 stood out amidst over 6,000 applicants. Mr. 398 is probably crying and crying right now (he is a different case of emo because unlike Hyubs, he looks like an even MORE turd if he tries to color his hair and attempts to wear skinny jeans). BUT DAMN EVERYONE THAT MOCKS HIM! He is IN cloud nine! Nobody can deplete the happiness that engulfs him! Even if he gets raped by large, gigantic fags whose orgasmic satisfaction requires Bengay as a prop, NO ONE CAN SMASH THIS FEELING! CRY, MR. PAKSHET formerly the guy enriched with CHRISTIAN VALUES! CRY!

That is why I felt the urge of logging in his Facebook account to see the well-wishers.

Brian Cuevas feels so blessed. Thanks to everyone who supported me during the bar season. INUMAN NA!”

Jorge Cosgayon at 12:16am April 4
You da Jinggoy! Yebah!

(This is not an insult… this is just his way to make people think he’s a “fun” character. Anyway, here are more Facebook salutations.)

Gian Carlo Sinchon is congratulating Brain for passing the 2008 Bar Exam. Dalawa na pwede mag-Pro bono sa akin! Hehehe!

Brian Cuevas at 11:23pm April 3
Salamat pare! Pwede in "kind" na lang ang bayad? Hahahahaha!

Jorge Cosgayon at 12:16am April 4
Sexual favors daw Blind…

Gian Carlo Sinchon Congrats fafa Brain!!!

Marco Dulay at 10:34pm April 3
Congratzzzzzzz Atty. Brain!!! Kelan ka papainom sa VIP? =))

Juhl Villareal at 10:38pm April 3
wo0t! w0ot!

Jorge Cosgayon at 11:11pm April 3
Wahoo! Next up: si panot!

Brian Cuevas at 11:23pm April 3
Salamat pare!

Juhl Villareal at 12:14am April 4
I object! Wala lang.

Brian Cuevas at 12:16am April 4
Objection OVERRULED!

Juhl Villareal at 12:19am April 4
Eh? Judge ka ba? Lawyered!

Jorge Cosgayon at 12:22am April 4
Order in the court! (Victoria's)


Seriously, amongst my three Dota-playing, beer-drinking, lawyer friends, I always see Elgin as that guy with TONS of motion for reconsiderations and won’t admit defeat easily (tenacious). Tomi is that guy who would likely devise a shady plan, and create compelling scenarios to make the opposition off beam and the verdict to go in his client’s favor (thus creating more opportunities to support his “sagip-GRO” and "yaya, babae ka pa rin" foundations).

As for Brian, since college he was my tag-team partner when it comes to artistry (the short film shot at my house and the short film shot at his house should serve as examples). I remember him saying that he’ll likely be his sister’s protector when Arleen tries to produce docus or flicks that should irk a lot of people. I think I expect to venture a lot more in corporate matters a la Gozon because I think he has the knowledge for both law and media (or better yet, he could venture to film and produce bold films like those attorneys with film outfits in the 90’s). With his newfound power, may he use this wisely and be of FREE service when libel and copyright infringement laws bite me in the rear.

Just think of this clip as an example.

Savor this moment. You deserve it.



  1. it doesn't even look remotely close to me you nincompoop. (mas macho ako dun) and yes i was a babbling cry baby when i learned of the good news. so what?

  2. o cge. gagawa ako ng exact replica. pero ang entrance mo yung kay torrie wilson.

  3. Astig.. Congrats Atty. Brain! The triumvirate is almost complete. Si tomi na lang kulang buo na ang Justice League of Espana!

  4. haha im in the blog im in the blog !! - Jollibee

  5. astig brain!!! idol!!! luppeeettt!!! last one nalang si tomi nalang!!!! - william super pogi

  6. Jollibee: i think the more appropriate thing to say is CONGRATS KASI PUMASA SI BRAIN!

    THE HELL!?!?!

  7. err nag congrats nako sa taas ? eh ? - Jollibee