I haven’t been to any of my network friends’ gimmicks lately (because I have been busy with "romantic eklaboos"), so I decided to come with them when I heard they would be drinking on some remote and pristine civilization. Yes, we boozed at Kabooom, a newly-installed resto bar less than 30 giant and non-bored footsteps away from where we were working (it was born on the ruins of Chico’s).

First up, the place is somewhat non-pricy and it features a live band. The ambiance looks good but the seating capacity is not for the claustrophobics because after 50 people, the place would likely go SRO (luckily the place is far away the Timog/T. Morato turmoil).

By the way, I remember the days when Geist would make me a guinea pig in his dubious web of strategies. Why? Because with me preoccupied with making this girl happy…

Having fun at other people’s expense is cool.


The highlights of the night could pretty much be Athan, Isko, Vlad, Caca, Chris, and me ruining Manuel’s diskarte on Jamie (Cindy came but she entered the scene when most of the folks are drunk)…

Pero ruined nga ba? Ehem...

… And the awesome and inspired singing of two grown men hugging each other, Singing How Deep is Your Love horribly, and making us all feel that drinking and singing is vital for suicide.

By the way, I am dabbling on a primitive form of editing “churva” called Windows Movie Maker (note to self: seriously collect enough funds to buy a laptop and then buy a pirated version of Premiere Pro). While I wait for a better form of editing tool, I will do my video blogs with the help of this desktop happy fun time!

Game Over!


  1. kawawa ka naman, wala na pala chicos.

  2. yun nga e. di ko naabutan. so aasa na lang ako sa kwento mo.