If there is one thing, that hoping computer shop owners should sigh away from, it is the fact that an installation of a female CR is a waste of space!

Granted, we are living in an age of equal opportunity… and sure, there are some girls that actually compete in 5v5 DotA LAN jousts… but like I said, if you are going to put a separate bathroom for women, you are missing out on at least 4 additional PC units. Owners who failed to see this point, found it hard to see a clean (or perhaps dusting) room that has been left unscathed for over the longest time. These owners (or assistants) have no other choice but to lock the Girls’ CR and make the Boys’ CR a unisex loon.

In this direction, comes another problem.

Let this be a lesson to computer shop owners to think right and think every step they’ll about to pursue.


  1. balita ba ito? e matagal na nating alam na lalake si selphie.

  2. you are missing the point of the psa, brain...

  3. ayos ah, cameo pa si Rhasta.

    ako si blind.