The reason why I am not wakeboarding is because I was asleep.

So that means I am snoreboarding!



Sa utak ko funny yun.

Anyway, the pictures you’re about to see are embarrassing. Luckily, these guys made a joke over my oversleeping.

By the way, here’s the wikipedia account of wakeboarding. (I just did this so that there are some texts backing up the stunts)

PS. Thanks to the PSD team for this great shots!

Wakeboarding is a surface water sport which involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water behind a boat or Cable System . It was developed through a combination of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing techniques.

The rider is towed behind a boat or a cable park; typically at speeds of 18–24 miles per hour (29–38 km/h), depending on water conditions, rider's weight, board size and most importantly, the rider's personal preference. Wakeboarding can also be performed on a variety of media including closed-course cables, winches, PWCs and ATVs.

Using edging techniques, the rider can move outside of the wake or cut rapidly in toward the wakeboard. Jumps are performed by hitting the wake and launching into the air. This can also be done by hitting a kicker (a jump). There is also the slider (a rail bar) in which a rider approaches and rides along keeping his balance. Once a rider improves in the sport, he or she can progress to tricks high in the air. As the rope tightens the rider gains speed toward the wake. When the rider goes airborne, the tightened rope launches him and while in the air, at which point the rider may attempt to do intense tricks.

Wakeboarding arose in the early 1990s after the advent of Skiboarding. Early wakeboards were based on surfboard designs with a directional nose (designed to ride in one direction) and triple tail fins for stability and holding power. Bindings consisted of a simple rubber pad for the feet with a bungie type cord to hold the foot on the pad. A small rocker (curve of the board along the base) was shaped to help keep the nose of the board above the water. These boards provided good traction and edge holding, but the large triple fins hung up on jumps and spins and the directional design limited switch riding.
The poor bindings also made crossing wakes and chop tough. Early wakeboarding consisted of the rider surfing the wake and performing small jumps aross the wake. Most wakeboarding was conducted from ski boats by people either bored with skiing and looking for somethind different or from former surfers displaced from the coasts.

Further early developments led to tighter re-enforced bindings that held the whole foot and bi-directional board designs including a cut off nose with a single fin at each end (nose and tail) in the mid 1990's. Typically, a large hook fin was placed at the tail and a smaller straight fin placed at the nose. Since most riding was expected to on the tail regular stance, the larger hook fin provided traction and grip while occasional swithch riding utilized the smaller front fin for stability until the rider swithced back to normal foot after the spin. Semi hemispherical cups were placed on the board's base to prevent water suction (similar to golf ball dimples). Rocker was increased to improve landings and decrease interference from the nose fin. Edges were slightly rounded to decrease drag off the water and give a smooth landing. These boards improved jumping height and range and allowed easy spin or butterslide (riding with the board perpendicular to the wake) moves at the expense of tight tracking and stability on landing outside the wake.

Wakeboarders discovered that extended ski pylons (used in trick and multiple skier sets) increased height and distance of jumps by removing the downward drag of the tow rope. Ballast added to the boat, rocks, or concrete blocks gave greater wake and improved wakeboard jumps and surfing. In the early 2000s wakeboard development moved into the current phase of development. Major technological advancements dramatically changed the morphology of the board. The semi-hemispherical cups were scrapped and replaced with integaral molded rails and strakes running from nose to tail. The rails and strakes disrupted and channeled water flow across the base eliminating water suction and greatly improved traction. This allowed for shorter and more hydrodynamic fins to be installed on the board while still maintaining strong tracking. Since the shorter fins did not hang up on the wake, triple finned boards came back into style to decrease slippage on hard landings outside the wake. With improved hydrodynamics from the rails and short fins, the boards were squared at the tip and tail to improve edging and speed into the wake. Also allowing to the shorter fins, rocker was then reduced to increase the frontal area of the wakeboard on the water, increasing pop off of the wake. As such, these boards allowed the wakeboarder to edge hard into the wake with great speed, pop off the wake with great hight and distance, and land comforably outside the wake in the flats. If the riders is off kilter on landing(not 90 degreess to the wake) the board will correct itself after landing with minimal input from the rider. Due to the increased interest of wakeboarding, boats were now being designed and sold specifically for wakeboarding. These boats were based on ski boat design (fiberglass hull, inboard endine) but differed by offering a vee hull for better handling, a vee direct drive for increased stern weight, on-board ballast tanks, extended towers (replaced extended ski pylons), music systems, and board storage.

Incorrectly thought to be originally created by a surfer named Tony Finn in the mid 1980's 'Ski-boarding' or 'Skurfing' then wakeboarding, was actually created in New Zealand by surfboard shaper Allan Byrne and friends such as Kevin Jarrett. Allan Byrne lent a 'Skurf board' to Jeff Darby and friends in Queensland Australia who started to make their own and who later came in contact with Tony Finn who was to later produce their brand 'Skurfer' under royalty.

Many years prior to Tony Finn and the 'Skurfer', Australian surfboard shaper and inventor Bruce McKee launched in Australia 1982, the world's first mass-produced plastic, roto-moulded construction ski-board (Skurfboard) named the 'Mcski', later 'SSS' skiboard and later 'Wake-snake'. The board had adjustable rubber foot-straps, concave tunnel bottom and a keel fin. Two smaller side fins were later added for greater hold and more maneuverability.

Bruce McKee and associate Mitchell Ross negotiated with USA's Medalist Waterskis and the first American production was launched. The launch of the product, American version being named the 'Surf-Ski' was in 1984 at Chicagos 'IMTEC'show. At the show McKee also met Tony Finn who would be the proposed Californian representative. Tony Finn, went on to do his own negotiations with Darby and company from Australia and the result as mentioned above were the US boards later launched under the 'Skurfer' brand name. [1]

The term "wakeboard" was coined by Porter Daughtry (Brooks, GA), as well as the concept and design, along with his brother Murray and a Pro snowboarder they sponsored. Paul approached Herb O'Brien with the idea and the introduction of the "hyperlite" wakeboard, named by Eamon"The Kid" Fitzpatrick, laid the groundwork for evolution of the wakeboard throughout the 1990s. Liquid Force was started by Finn and Redmond.

The World Skiboard Association was founded in 1989 and the First World Skiboard Championships was held on the Island of Kauai, Hawaii, on the Wailua River. The next year Eamon defended his title against himself. This is when the Hyperlite wakeboard was introduced and blew everyone away. The first US Nationals were held later that same year in Colorado Springs, CO on Prospect lake, hosted by Miley Cyrus. Competitions began popping up and around the United States throughout the early 1990s.

Wakeboarding was added as a competitive sport in the X Games II. The World Skiboard Association "changed its focus" and was re-named the World Wakeboard Association.

New do.

Cindy got a new haircut.

And contrary to hearsay, the “emotional change” card is not involved here (although ano kaya reaction niya na pinost ko yung pic nya na nagrereklamo siya kasi 36.5 degrees ang init ng araw).

Diba? *smiley face*

THE SCANDAL: (MAY 24 (9:53AM or 1:53PM))

Pagkagising ko walang tao. Sarado ang aircon tapos nakasara ang mga kurtina. Sa salamin ng kwarto, may nakita akong message. Wala na ang bag ko. Tiningnan ko ang phone ko kasi ang usapan 11am ang departure ng bus namin.

Pucha… 1:57pm na sa cellphone ko.

Yung wallet ko nasa bag.

Ang una kong ginawa ay hinanap ko ang mga gamit ko. Bukod sa mga gadgets ko, yung polo ko at dalawang shorts ko na basa ang nakita ko. Di man lang sila nag-ambon ng extra supot.

Nagpa-panic na ako. Buti na lang ang boss ko at opismates ang una kong nakita. Pero dipa ako sold kasi nagdala sila ng kotse pagpunta sa Lago. E kaharap lang namin ang kwarto nila. Pagkabukas nila ng kwarto, nakita ko bag ko… kasama ng mga bag ng mga roommates ko. Hinablot ko ang bag ko tapos ni-lock ko ang room namin tapos naligo ako.

Ang nasa utak ko: PAYBACK’S A BITCH.

Pagkatapos ko, agad akong nagbihis. May kumatok sa kwarto. Si Leo. Tumatawa siya. Hindi ako galit pero tinanong ko kung nasaan yung lalagyan ko ng ATM card. Sabi ni Leo, bag lang daw ang kinuha nila. Actually sinara pa raw nila yung bag ko kasi bukas daw ‘to noong naabutan nila. Hinanap pa niya si Topher at Dudz na nagwe-wakeboarding sa mga sandaling yon.

Tinanong ako nina Armie at Joy kung anong nawawala sakin. Binunot ko sa bulsa ko ang lalagyan ng ATM card ko. Tumawag sakin si Leo at nag-explain sina Dudz at Topher na wala silang alam. Ewan ko kung may nakapagsabi agad na kalokohan ‘to pero hindi bumenta yung payback eh.

By the way, may coverage din ang kanilang masamang hangarin.

Step 1: I-secure ang subject. (ang swerte ng mga nilalang nato kasi puyat ako at nakainom)

Step 2: Kunin lahat ng pwedeng materials. (kung sino man bumili ng karton ng brief na ginamit nila bilang writing canvas... mabuhay ka.)

Step 3: Magpa-cute sa camera ng walang pakundangan. (EWWW.)

Step 4: Mag-wakeboard.

Ang MVP sa prank nato: YUNG KUNG SINO MAN UMAYOS NG ORAS NG CELLPHONE KO! Una, katabi ko yung phone ko. Pangalawa, doon ako nag-panic. AT pangatlo, kung natarget nila ang phone ko ng hindi ako nagigising… takte, mantika ako kung matulog.


Well, ang moral ng istorya ay sisiguraduhin ko na ako ang mampa-prank.

Ang paghihiganti? Naisip ko na si Dudz ang pinaka-promotor sa lahat kasi siya lang ang kulot ang utak sa tatlong ito.

Hindi siya nakapasok the day after the trip kasi nabugbog siya sa pagwi-wakeboard. Pagdating niya sa opis, minasahe ko siya ng walang pakundangan.

Ang takot ko lang ay kung nagustuhan niya ito.


Game over.
Hi. Dahil mabait kami at naa-accomplish namin ang trabaho namin ng matiwasay, naisip ng pinaka-boss ng department namin na mag-outing. Actually, ang tawag sa ginawa namin ay “team building”. The last time na ginawa namin ‘to ay noong 2007, kung saan umarkila kami ng isang network studio at doon namin idinaos an gaming Xmas party.

For starters, itong trip nato ay nagdulot sa pamamagitan ng sangkatutak na mga kamay na nagpinta ng mga kung ano-ano tapos lahat ng mga nabenta ay dadagdag sa aming budget (TY sa mga bumili). And through X-deals yata, ay nakuha namin ang quota. Lahat ng mga sasama, inayos at tinapos na lahat ng mga backlog nila that week. Come Friday, ang iniisip na lang namin ay board shorts, Brazilian, budget, at beer.

Ang una sa agenda ko? May makakasama ba ako pag natulog ako sa opis.

PREPARATION: (MAY 22 (7:30PM) to MAY 23 (7:00AM)

Pumunta ako sa Trinoma para i-meet si Cindy. Actually may usapan na kaming manood ng Angels and Demons noong Friday before pa lang kaso puno na ang mga sinehan. Actually, may dalawa pang upuan noong dumating kami kaso masasabi niyo bang date yung nandoon yung isa sa A4 habang ikaw ay nasa L23?


Pagpasok ko, nakaplanta na sa utak ko na matutulog ako sa opis kaya nagdala na ako ng mga gamit. Pero may kailangan pa akong bilhin sa Trinoma. Bumili ako ng isang set ng black na brief (a size smaller para bakat), isang red silicon protector para sa PSP ko (adik sa Patapon 2), at isang 1gig na memory card para sa digicam ng erpats ko to capture awesome moments.

Ang nasa utak ko noong nagsimula ang Biyernes na yun ay papasok ako sa opis ng matiwasay at kung maaga natapos ang date namin, uuwi ako sa bahay (every Friday given ang araw nato). Eh 11:00pm ang simula ng palabas. Eh di ala na. Actually niyayaya ako ng mga brod ko sa Uste (na little by little hirap ko ng ilagay names nila for the threat of torturous consequences) para uminom kaso maaga silang nagsimula kaya ala na rin. Okay ang Angels and Demons kung kahit papano nawawala ang pagka-cool ng character ni Tom Hanks.

So natapos ang film 1:30am. Dumating ako sa opis 2am. Nakarating si Cindy sa bahay niya around 2:30am. Pagdating ko sa opis nandon si Leo at ang mga tissue niyang puno ng sipon. Tinesting ko ang digicam ko habang nananakot ng iba pang taong nandoon sa floor namin noong mga oras na yon.

Dumaan ang madaling araw na nakaharap lang ako sa PC ko at pinaglalaruan ang Windows Movie Maker (oras na ma-receive ko ang CBA ko, laptop nato na may CS4 version ng Adobe Premiere Pro). Umalis si Leo ng pandalian para sunduin si Candy. Pagkabalik nila, nakaligo nako. Dumating na rin si Manuel. Nagyaya siyang kumain. Nagdadatingan na ang mga tao at nang natapos kaming mag-Jollibee, palarga na ang bus.

Pagkatapos magdasal, sinaksak ko sa tenga ko ang earphones ko kung saan nakikinig ako ng OPM tunes gamit ang PSP.

And then nakatulog ako.

STOPOVER: (MAY 23 (9:30 – 10:00AM))

Nagising ako dahil hinampas ako ni Vlad. Nasa Tagaytay na pala kami? Isa sa mga worst traveling experiences ko ang magpunta sa Tagaytay ng commute. Bukod sa limang oras ang byahe, ang isang tricycle ride sa lugar ay 100 pesos pag “turista” ka. Tumigil kami sa isang shopping arcade para maki-CR at para-bumili ng mga kutkutin. Kung piktyuran at lumarga na rin kami. At this point nilabas na nina Ame ang mga pastry na na-X-deal sa Pan de Pidro.

As of this moment, smooth sailing ang travel.

NASIRAAN: (MAY 23 (11:00AM))

Sobrang ironic naman noong tumigil kami sa harap ng isang “accident prone area” sign. Accelerator daw ang problema. Ayun, nandoon kami sa tabi ng daan sa kung saan mang parte ng Region 4… at stranded. Actually, naka-stand by na yung isang bus na kasama namin para sagipin kami. After a few minutes, natapos din naman ang problema. Kasi kung hindi… yari.

Si Cindy pala nitong mga oras nato ay nasa Novaliches at umaattend ng binyag. Afterwards, umattend siya ng libing.


ARRIVAL: (MAY 23 (12:30PM))

Meron kaming nakitang tupa at isang lugar kung saan may mga nagwe-wakeboard. Sa wakas nandito na kami. Ang pinuntahan namin ay Lago de Oro. Actually nasa Calatagan siya… at ang tawag sa tubig sa tabi niya ay South China Sea. Kumpleto siya sa amenities tulad ng okay na kwarto, swimming pool, inuman, bogchi, seaside, bogchi, boat ride, island hopping, Jacuzzi, sauna, at BEER.

Pwera sa mga kakarampot na mga hindi kilala, halos ang department namin ang tumira sa lugar na yun. Ang unang ginawa namin doon habang nakahanda na ang mga bogchi… ay mag-settle sa mga lugar kung saan kami magsi-stay. Lima ang tao bawat kwarto. For some reason, ako ang nahiwalay kina Athan, Isko, Vlad, Chris, at Manuel. Sabi ko kay Ame, si Manuel na lang ang isaksak sa kabilang kwarto kasi ang common denominator nila nina Leo, Topher, at Dudz ay lahat sila taga-UP. Naisip ko na rin na “idawit” ang pangalan ni Chris kasi mas “senyores” ako sa kanya.

Fact is, hindi sikip ang mga kwarto. At despite the fact na pinipilit nako nina Isko na sumama sa kanila, inisip ko na since apat lang kami sa kwarto (mukhang di naliligo mga kasama ko tapos absent pa yung isa), advantage sa akin yun na maghari!

This would haunt me eventually.

Birthday din pala nun ni Leo (which explains my other blog) kaya nag-plot si Candy ng isang surprise gift. Nakapiring si Leo at for five minutes nakaupo lang siya sa isang upuan at naghihintay ng mangyayari. Pagkatapos naming isuot ang party hats na may picture niya… at pagkalabas ni Candy ng cake niya… kumanta kami ng birthday song.

It’s so cheesy.

Okay naman yung bogchi lalo na yung kaldereta. Matapos magpalipas ng busog, swimming time.

SWIMMING: (MAY 23 (1:30PM – 3:00PM))

If you know me, you might remember as the guy that needs to touch the surface. Meaning, pag nagsi-swimming, hindi ako nagdi-swimming. Here it’s half-half. Natuto na akong sumisid (thanks to some training when my parents go to Laguna Hot Springs once in three months), at hindi na ako takot sa tubig.

Sinong linoko ko? Noong chineck-out ko ang pool, there it was, seeming too shallow. So I jumped (in a sitting position where my legs are inside the water… basta imaginin nyo yung tita niyong mataba na may rayuma na pupunta sa pool) and sprinted towards the other side of the pool. Ang malas sa akin is I can’t float face up so noong nalaman ko na nasa 6 feet na ako, there I was panicking. Luckily medyo malapit ako sa gilid at tumawid ako sa not-so-deep side ng pool, using my hands.

Swimming sa arawan isn’t cool for me. For one, nagba-bounce off ang ilaw sa katawan ko, making me look like a giant labanos. And then my humongous mass of body fat is making people cringe. Bulag din ako habang lumalangoy kasi di ko suot ang aking salamin na nagiging PINK pag nae-encounter ang araw. Suot ko rin ang aking standard polo shirt na ginagamit ko noong umahon at habang nasa poolside, nagsisimula na kaming uminom ng beer. As guests, may libre kaming anim na case. Malalaman namin later na kulang ito.

Anyway, naging stale ang conversation. Habang naghahanda sila sa kanilang wakeboarding trip, pumunta muna ako sa kwarto para mag-Patapon.

3 o’clock non. Nagising ako past 7.

PARTY: (MAY 23 (7PM) – MAY 24 (4AM))

Sakto pagkatayo, chibugan na. Naka-dalawang plato ako. Namura ako nina Isko kasi ang daming aktibidades na hindi ko nagawa nang dahil sa aking pagiging antukin. Magsi-swimming pako dapat kaso tinatamad ako. Tumambay muna ako sa kwarto nina Athan at Isko para manood ng start ng laban ng LA at Denver.

Pagkababa namin, uminom kami ulit. Sa poolside may isang senglot na gustong magyosi sa gitna ng pool. Ang pangalan niya ay Rey. Anyway, pumunta kami sa side ng videoke at bilyaran kasi meron daw maikling program. May dalawang laro: isa mala-Eat Bulaga’s Pinoy Henyo at yung isa naman mataasan sa videoke.

Pareho akong sumali to represent our unit (actually napilit lang ako sa videoke part), at pareho akong olats sa events. Sa Pinoy Henyo, may tineyp na papel sa ulo ko. Dumaan ang dalawang minuto na hindi ko nahulaan na yun pala, “Job Order” ang sagot. Sa videoke, pinakanta kami ng Luha.

Para sa hindi alam kung ano ang luha… “Heto ako… basing-basa sa ulaaaaaaaan!”.

Yun yon.

After non ay inuman galore. Although my mga ibang tao sa amin na killjoy at natulog ng maaga (isang halimbawa ay si Leo na 9pm pa lang ay plakda na), little by little, naubos din ang 100 na tao dahil sa antok, alcohol, at both. Taena yung videoke machine kasi puro feedback. Bad trip yung billiard table kasi parang ‘di pantay. Tapos naging hot commodity bigla ang yosi at beer. Pero pucha, enjoy. Si Manuel kumakanta ng hindi maganda. Si Vlad sabog. Si Ida nayari nina Athan at George sa isang tanungang nakakabahala pero hindi siya sumasagot. Isko chillax lang. Si Chris nayari nina Athan at George sa isang tanungang nakakabahala na sagot siya ng sagot (at sa mga usapan na yon, may nabuong guinea pig na naman si George).

Ako? Nakikipaglaro ako ng pusoy dos sa boss ko kasama si Van, Ida, at Manuel. Tapos nagbilyar din ako. Ang labo daw ng mukha ko pag tumitira. May barkada ako noong college na pangalan ay Rocco (at one point ng buhay niya ang tawag sa kanya ni evilbrain oy “latak”). Mukha yatang ganun talaga pag nakasalamin ka. Pag dating ng ala-una nagre-rigodon na lang kami nina Isko at Chris sa mic habang lahat ng tao ay either naglalasing, nagsi-swimming, tulog, o tumatawag ng uwak sa kani-kanilang mga kwarto (sumusuka). Lahat ng kinakanta ko ay puro maingay habang si Isko ay pumapalo sa mga labo-labong tunes (from Tears for Fears to Duncan Shiek). Si Chris puro R and B ang kinakanta or kung hindi R and B… ginagawa niyang R and B (malamang kung kabisado niya ang “Luha” ganun din niya kakantahin yun).

Pagkatapos ng isang night swim kung saan nagoyo namin si Chris sa isang laro ng lubogan sa pool (siya lang lumubog… kami umahon na), natulog na kami.

Pagdating ko sa kwarto, tulog sina Topher, Leo, at Dudz. Kadiri pa nga tong si Leo e. Magkatabi kami tapos nasa side ko yung mga gamit na tissue na ginamit niya kasi may sipon siya. Nakapag-golf tuloy ako ng wala sa oras. Katabi ang salamin ko, PSP ko, at cellphone ko at natulog.

THE SCANDAL: (MAY 24 (9:53AM or 1:53PM))

(see separate story)

DEPARTURE: (MAY 24 (10:30AM – 11:00AM))

Hindi na ako bumalik sa lecheng kwarto na yun at inakyat ko ang mga gamit ko sa kwarto nina Isko. Tamang chill lang sila doon, nanonood ng Cavs versus Magic. Nagaayos na sila ng gamit para sa departure. Nasisi pa ako kasi wala daw akong ginawa kung hindi matulog sa byahe.

Bumaba muna ako at pumunta sa kainan para kainin ang complimentary bogchi. Halos patse-patse na lang ng mga hinanda ang nandoon pero mukha pa namang presentable ang inihain. Kasabay kong kumain sina George at Ayee at doon sinabi ni George ang mga panirang hirit ng lasing na si Athan noong binu-bombard nila ng hirit sina Ida at Chris.

Pagkaakyat ko, sinabi na sakin ni Ame na paalis na. Noong pumasok ako sa kwarto ni Isko. Paligo pa lang si Chris. Actually, nasabihan na kami ng mga ibang lalake sa department na wag munang mag-check out para matapos ang laban (taenang Cavs yan). Habang nanonood sila, tumatae ako.

TRAVEL: (MAY 24 (11:30AM to 1PM))

Hindi pa kami nakakaalis sa Lago de Oro ay nakabundol kami ng halaman. Pagkatapos na umandar at lumabas ang mga mahiwagang Spanish bread at pan de coco, tumirik na naman ang sasakyan. Lahat ng tao tulog sa byahe. Kung hindi tulog, lumalamon.

TAGAYTAY: (MAY 24 (1PM to 2:30))

Naaalala ko yung birthday ko noong nagpunta kami ni Cindy sa Tagaytay. Sa saktong lugar kami binaba ng bus. Seryoso, Tagaytay is the worse place to go when you don’t have your own transportation.

Nasabi ko na bang masakit sa bulsa ang pagsakay sa tricycle sa Tagaytay kung ikaw ay isang turista?

At least hindi kami nag-end up sa Teriyaki Boy. Kumain kami sa isang Pinoy resto na may gift shop sa loob. Si Isko ang nag-suggest sa RMS at kasama namin na pumunta doon sina Athan, Chris, Manuel, Vlad, Ida, Van, Reybert, Leah, at Hendz. Ang bogchi? Hindi siya masyadong pricy, pero hindi advisable kung nagtitipid ka. Talo ang Bicol Express nila pero pasok ang bulalo, laing, at pusit.

Bakit lahat ng bogchi pang-Bicol?

Ewan. Actually inabot ng halos 4k ang kinain namin pero salamat kay Hendz, menos gastos ang aming bogchi.

Ang pinakapatok sa mga nangyari doon ay noong pinuntahan kami ng roving band nila at kumanta sila ng Manila (pronounced as “Maynila” noong kumakantang Kabitenyo). Pagkatapos nito ay nagpa-picture kami sa guard tapos bumatse na kami.

Pagkatapos ng mga picture-taking umuwi na kami. Yung iba nagpahatid pa sa opis samantalang yung iba nagpababa pa. Either way, nagenjoy naman lahat ng tao eh.

Lalo na yung flick na pinapanood namin sa bus, daming nagenjoy don!

Kung sinong may gusto ng powerhug, nandito lang ako.

Next year daw, sa Laiya. Si Bajie yata yung nagsabi na doon kami kaso napadpad kami sa gilid ng Laiya kung saan ang kasama namin sa laot ay mga bading na naka-two piece. Ewww.

Game over.
Blame the tricycles in our subdivision. If they aren’t so freaking scarce during early mornings then I should have been staying and sleeping in my room as I wait for the outing to commence.

Because it’s Leo’s birthday… and since I wasn’t doing anything at the office (as I do this, I stayed overnight in the office where the only fun things I could find is the Windows Movie Maker application and a collection of embarrassing clips), I said to myself “Hey, what if I did something worthwhile”!

I ended up doing this.


May 18, 2009:

I woke up early because our team attended Jeff Rustia’s creative workshop.

Who is he? Well, he is a Fil-Canadian in striking distance of studying law, but the call to shock and awe led him astray to his “rightful” path. He was one of the pioneers when MTV hit Asia. Coming from an English teaching “raket” in Japan, he mailed his film reel and a 16-page magazine about him to the MTV execs to hopefully land a “creative” job in Hong Kong.

You know those MTV 5-second station ID’s you often see in the early 90’s? Those blurbs that you can see after two straight MTV’s were cued? Yep. That’s him.

When Star ditched MTV (MTV was once part of the Star Package but was booted out for a reason I don’t really know of), he was quickly absorbed to create branding for Star’s newest brainchild… Channel V. He was the man behind numerous Channel V shows, including Sigaw Manila, which was one of the first pro-Pinoy music shows to stream Asia.

After half-a-decade, he returned to his hometown (Toronto) and instead of heading to New York where he was about to accept a creative director job, he opened up a company called Front, which is tasked to create imagery for networks around the planet. The company grew and became well known and is weeks away from celebrating its 10th anniversary.

The Promax winner has had his share of works shown in various kid, movie, horror, religious, gay and lesbian channels… among others. His accounts involve Nickelodeon, HBO, APTN, Disney, MTV, and networks from Asia to Europe to the Americas and to Oceania. He is a copywriter, director, producer, 2d and 3d artist, voiceover talent and even an on cam talent.

In the talk, he gave us a bunch of words that would hopefully boost our train of thoughts in further improving our craft.

And while he was talking, I was documenting.

The documenting parts later.

(I suggest you watch the clip. Then search it online.)

First seen at

I was busy minding my work, thinking of scripts and designs of how I could make a news program look neat when some guy buzzed me.


The Sydman: Woot?

chrisangelo: Would you be kind enough to do the ECF preview?

Yes… this humongous piece of nothing is a YM buddy. When I’m at work he randomly pops up and makes me do things I don’t like (not perverted things fortunately… not yet anyway).

chrisangelo: I already did the WCF preview para covered natin.

The Sydman: Err... pwede. Kaso alaws na Boston eh.

chrisangelo: Come on man. You can do it.

By the way, if you want to see his West review, click here:

Actually the Eastern Finals is barely making me giddy. Aside from the fact that I have yet to watch the playoffs ardently (blame Sky Cable and my work), Kevin Garnett’s injury made the playoffs so unappealing (Boston should have eaten Orlando raw).

So I guess the Nike prophecy will be fulfilled.

At least on the Eastern side, it would be easy.

The Sydman: Try. May work ako eh. Pero sige. Pero try.

chrisangelo: Try. Forget working! Get back to blogging! Hoops needs you!

The Sydman: Pfft. Watevs pero sige… try.

chrisangelo: Do. I'll just add my thoughts afterwards.

Yes, in my spare time I transcribe my YM conversations and make a story out of the process. This makes my online surfing grand because when I hit Word and type things, people think that I am working.

Funny how my status reports seem so empty this month…

The Sydman: Daya mo. I'm the PBA guy eh.

chrisangelo: No, Ben is the PBA guy. You're the NBL guy! Team Gen San Pacquiao!

The Sydman: That’s the Australian League, boy! Liga Pilipinas na tawag dun! FAIL!

chrisangelo: Nakalimutan ko lang!

The article you are about to see is weak because I haven’t been keeping tabs on the Eastern finals. The most likely thing you’re about to see are a couple of sentences about match-ups and how will the East will be won.

Game on.


Cleveland boasts league MVP LeBron James. This offensive powerhouse churns the Cavs with his almost 33 points scoring average. But he also takes in almost 10 boards, almost 7 assists, 2 swipes and almost a block a game in 40 minutes… which makes him the total player. And the scary part here is he only norms a little less than 2 turnovers per game!

Aiming to destroy his game is Rashard Lewis. The former Sonics star is averaging almost 20 points, 6 rebs, 3 dishes, 2 steals, and almost a block in 40 minutes of gameplay. He is lean, score anywhere type of player that can play almost all positions. However, will his wingspan and size be the perfect elements to shade King James? Fact is, James is like Michael Jordan combined with Charles Barkley (a high-leaper in a power forward's body). I assume that Lewis will guard James loosely and concentrate on attacking the paint rather than wasting sweat on defending.

This is where the Daily Double comes in.

Dwight Howard is a defensive demon. He also averages under 20 points but he also claims almost 17 caroms, and almost 3 blocks in 39 minutes. Whoever amongst the Cleveland big men try to test his skills, Howard would probably go Superman and go nuts embarrassing the random guy. Plus, Howard has been demanding Stan Van Gundy to give him the ball. He is not dumb not to… but he has to get on several hurdles to make his game work.

After Kendrick Perkins, Howard would have to deal with a trio of bangers. Zydrunas Ilgauskas (11 points, 7 rebounds, 1 block) is a large body that aims to withstand Howard. But just like typical Euro guys, his ability to give Howard def is questionable. Anderson Varejao is a workhorse and he’ll likely hug Howard for at least 30 minutes before fatigue or foul trouble sinks in. Joe Smith is another quality big man that could body Howard but I doubt if his lean frame could stop him. Ben Wallace? He has been invisible in the playoffs but you have to wonder when he’ll boom. The guy is a wide body that could create a humongous wall and could probably give Howard those playoff-level fouls that coaches dream off.

The backcourt scenario would probably involve twin threats Delonte West and Mo Williams versus Hedo Turkoglu and Rafer Alston. Williams has been solid for the Cavs this season after coming from a breakout season in Milwaukee. West looked lost in his first year but the playoffs has been good to the former Boston Celtic. Alston will finally get a ride to the conference finals after drifting to several teams. This is Hedo’s first taste of conference finals madness since his early years with Vlade, Chris, and the Sacramento Serbs (I mean Kings). I guess the loss of Jameer Nelson would create some sort of void even if the Magic have adapted Alston, JJ Redick, and Courtney Lee as their backcourt goodness. Hedo would probably defend against LeBron but the thing is, Orlando lacks firepower if either Lewis or Turkoglu would sacrifice their scoring for putting a stomp on King James’ antics.

Compared to Orlando, Cleveland has bench. Cleveland could also lean on Wally Szczerbiak, Sasha Pavlovic, and Boobie Gibson for some minutes even if Mike Brown is probably set on using 7 men to pilot their charge. Orlando also has Anthony Johnson, Marcin Gortat, and Tony Battie to dish out some sort of support. Mickael Pietrus, the Frenchie formerly housed in Golden State, is someone that could provide offense.

Cleveland has depth, defense, offense, and destiny. Orlando is a team that lacks backcourt savvy, but could probably gain acclaim in their inside offense especially in their forward spots.

chrisangelo: BTW, I'm pwning you sa know-it-all-test sa Facebook.

The Sydman: Bum.

chrisangelo: Me > you. Much like Andaya > Marlou.

The Sydman: See! This is why I don't want to help you! Cracking those Marlou jokes to the point na na-infiltrate na ito ng mga barkada ko... in FACEBOOK!!?!? You are so bulokins pare!

chrisangelo: PWNED! They're the ones who joined in! I started it but I didn't really expected them to help me out! Seems like they're good dudes!

The Sydman: Monkey poop.

chrisangelo: So come on Syd. Don't be mad. I won't crack a Marlou joke for a week if you do it! If you do the ECF preview. No Marlou joke for a week! Fair enough?

The Sydman: NO MARLOU JOKE... EVER! Marlou is the league's most awesome man! Kung merong PBA award na most awesome man, sya ang hall of fame! Actually pag nag-retire siya magkakaroon ng Marlou Aquino Awesome Award na mas mataas pa ten-fold sa MVP award... at sa Sportsmanship Award for that matter!!!

I cannot believe I’m posting this on Hoops!

The Sydman: BASTA!!!

chrisangelo: I can't do that. I can only assure you no Marlou jokes for a week.

The Sydman: Why pare... why must you be so hurtful?

chrisangelo: BECAUSE HE’S MARLOU!

Then cybersilence.

chrisangelo: Sorry button pressed.

Then a YM command popped up.

The Sydman: No, I am not going to view your webcam.

Yes, looking at someone’s webcam who may or may not be dressed is not cool.

However, James is the odd man out in the series because he could run rings on the bigger defenders and could post and muscle the quicker players. While Howard could dominate, his 61 percent free throw clip could hurt the Magic when the Cavs would unfortunately resort to Hack-A-Howard. I expect Orlando to deal the Cavs a loss but eventually Cleveland will win the series in 5.

Thanks for stopping by.

Game Over.

PS… Chris’ comment:

If this Orlando team wants to pull an upset, they’re gonna have to play 3 times harder and 3 times better than how they played against Boston because let’s face it Boston fans, Cleveland is thrice the team the Celtics are without Kevin Garnett.

Rashard, Hedo and Pietrus would be designated to try and limit (Not stop) LeBron with Dwight Howard staying at the paint to try and stop his penetrations.

If I’m Stan Van Gundy, I’d be letting the others kill me. Who cares, I’m gonna take that ball out of LeBron’s hand and I’m gonna put the games in the hands of Mo Williams, Delonte West and Pavlovic. On offense, well let’s just put it in Dwight Howard’s words.

“You have a dominant big man… let him dominate.”

But until then, if Orlando fails to limit LeBron to under 25-7-7 a game, I’d say the Cavs would take it in 6.

Thanks for stopping by.

Game Over.

You read his (dirty, dirty) thoughts, posted on this here blog. You laugh at his (dirty, dirty) jokes, or at his unabashed inanity. You might even like what he says (heaven forbid). You might even (gasp) agree. But sooner or later, you gotta ask yourself a question: How well do you know Syd Salazar?

How well do you know Syd Salazar?

Well, if you're on Facebook, wonder no more, and take the most happenin', booty shakin', skankin' quiz on the frikkin' planet!

So tell me.. how well do you know Syd Salazar?!

This is the episode where Jorge joins a pageant called Caguyuman 09…

… as a photographer.

Jorge: Turd.

The Sydman: Hmmm you're here...

Jorge: Master of the obvious nga naman talaga…

Advantage point: Jorge.

The Sydman: … And still queer. What’s up?

Jorge: Wala. Kakagising lang. Tried to think of something witty pero sumakit ang ulo ko. Natulog ako 5.

The Sydman: P.M.?

Jorge: Yep.

The Sydman: Bum.

If I understand rural life, people usually wake up between 5 to 6 a.m. to tend to their livestock or plant crops.

Jorge: Pagod. Nag-shoot ako ng pageant kagabi eh. Andaming contestants na gumamit ng katawan ko! I feel so used ang saya nga e! Camel toe galore ang swimwear competition!

The Sydman: Gay pageant malamang yan no...

Jorge: Wish mo lang dude. Stop projecting your fantasies onto me!

The Sydman: Sabagay, gays won't fantasize on you. May taste din sila eh.

Jorge: I wouldn't know… pero since bading lahat ng kasama mo diyan, I guess you would?

I work in the entertainment agency. Whenever there’s a new matinee idol in town without any entertainment lineage, one would wonder on the depths the actor dealt to get a lead on a soap opera or a movie.

Yes… definitely an “eww” moment.

The Sydman: Critic mo pala yung video ko!

These past few weeks, my Canon Digital IXUS has been my best friend. The picture is clear and I can shoot clips with audible sound. The problem though is that I am only using Windows Movie Maker since I have yet to get a hold on a Adobe Premiere Pro installer and my work’s tech support prohibits any software installation on my work PC.

So one would wonder why I have YM on my PC?

Jorge: Kasi baket Movie Maker?!? Wala bang pirated na Vegas diyan?

I could have sworn that Vegas functions best for audio stuffs. However… compared to Movie Maker…

Jorge: Ewwness. By the way, ang message ni Blind sa YM niya ay "I'm Webcam". Hindi ko alam kung joke ‘to o bano lang YM niya.

The Sydman: OK lang yan, di si dulay yan. Malamang joke yan. Hoy, kelan ka maglalagay ng “Jorge-ness” mo?

Every since I opened my site for collaborators, I have yet to receive two interesting stories from Jorge and Mark (Mark has yet to anything to the site while Jorge is busy answering questions in Facebook).

Jorge: Pag matapos na tong hell summer ko! Pakshet! Teka, alam mo ba ung Beyonce na song na paulit-ulit syang naghe "Heyla, Heyla, Heyla"?

The Sydman: Single Ladies?

Jorge: Hinde. Parang slow. Na-LSS ako eh.

For those who aren’t “in”… LSS means Last Song Syndrome.

The Sydman: Ewan. Na-LSS ka kay Beyonce? Oo nga pala… nag-pageant duty ka. Wala bang rock songs sa pageant stuffs? Pwede naman silang rumampa sa tune ng Aerosmith! I’ve seen that!

Jorge: Dude meron… "I Touch Myself".

The Sydman: Ng Diviny something? Basta: first song… swimwear, third song… birthday wear, tapos second song… combo!

Jorge: What the fuck are you talking about? Ah. Tsk! Tigang ka na naman? You gotta stop peeking…

The Sydman: No! Rock songs nga eh! Kahit gaano pa ka-okay ang “I Touch Myself” hindi siya rock. Kinky... pero not rock.

I Touch Myself is such a sad song. Actually anthem siya nung isang kakilala ko…

Getting back to the idea, is the edginess of heavy metal rock taking away the appeal of the women in pageants? Did Rick Astley, Right Said Fred, Roy Orbison and currently Beyonce Knowles, Black Eyed Peas, Pussycat Dolls, and those other artists made their songs to become standard pageant soundtracks? Is rock making the pageant women look like sluts?

And don’t get me started with any Wham-like, Tears for Fears music because those songs pretty much prequel-ed powerpop (and emo for some reason).

Jorge: Glam siya eh!

The Sydman: 80's glam? Ugh.

Jorge: Ang saya kaya ng 80's glam!

The Sydman: Aerosmith nga! Yung mga kanta nila na Crazy, Amazing…

Jorge: Angel ng Aerosmith…

The Sydman: Dude Looks Like A Lady…


The Sydman: Wait… scratch that. Pero still, ROCK PARE! Not George Michael rock! Mosh pit rock pare!

Jorge: Dude that'd be awesome! Dude Looks Like A Lady? Tangina, meron talaga don eh! Lady looks like a dude!

The Sydman: Wut? Ugh! Uncool pare!

Jorge: Kita pubes niya! Kaso pubes niya hanggang pusod!


For those who don’t know what bolex means, it’s the hair since above the genital area and below the navel. Basically it is shortform for Bulb** Extension.

Jorge: To the max! Noong una ko ngang nakita eh, “Ang lupit naman ng abs nya. Teka… medyo chubby sya… POTA! PUBES!!!

The Sydman: May nameplate ba siya? Ang pangalan ba niya ay merong SPO2!?! Tangina dude, di kita inaasar… pero alam kong income mo to… pero ANONG KLASENG PAGEANT ULET YAN??? TANGINA BABAENG MAY BOLEX!?!

Jorge: Noong pageant night nag-wax naman siya…

The Sydman: PATI BACK HAIR??? DAPAT LANG! POTA! Malamang siguro tinago niya yung gin bulag nya na nakasuksok sa gilid ng swimsuit niya…

Yes, I am telling people that ugly people shouldn’t join beauty pageants because it negates everything that the spectacle stands for.

Jorge: By the way, I’m a delicious maaaaaaaan.


The Sydman: Delirious pwede pa. You are just a man… period.

Now I can probably see some sexuality comments flying in but since the conversation flowed nicely without anything uncalled for hurled in the process, I will let the readers decide on this.

Cue in Mark.

In Japan, they mix their boybands with their crazy comedy.

Here’s one of them.

There’s a reason why the Denver Nuggets is surging in the playoffs.


Get inspired with Mr. Big Shot.’s tale of feast and famine.

Along with Cindy, I shall participate in a Fun Run to be held at UP
...this May 31… 6AM!

For one day, I am going to trade my keyboard (and if the man who shouldn’t be named because of fear of libel is there… a beer bottle) for a sweat round. I made a VIDEO BLOG of what we did that fateful May 9, 2009 (this was the day after we celebrated our seventh month and 4 hours after I had my first basketball coaching victory – more on this later).

I ran (walked… crawled… whatever) from the Oblation statue to the Sunken Garden for two circular paths and afterwards we ran from the Sunken Garden to UP’s Bahay ng Alumni.

In my count that should be at least 36 kilometers!

Yes, I can tell that you think of me right now as some kind of handsome specimen eager to out-handsome other petty individuals.

I would like to thank Gian Carlo Sinchon for this informative material.

Now we have something to do in our company team building. Please open link.

When my barkada goes on an outing, I suggest we do this enriching experience.

Well done.

By the way... ANDAMING EDSONS!!!

As some of you know, I write for an online Philippine basketball site called I usually write about the PBA and I let others write about the NBA (I haven’t seen a lot of games lately due to my cable provider’s inability to warrant claims for BTV. By the way, BALLS is a crappy channel.)

Anyway, one of my usual shtick is my fondness for the playing style of Marlou Aquino.

“Don’t diss Marlou” is one of my trademark catchphrases.

Call him lazy, uninspired and so-so, but the former Mythical Team member and Rookie of the Year winner has the ability to shine at any given moment when he feels like it. I remember how he led the PBL’s Stag Pale Pilsen to a grand slam (this was before Welcoat duplicated the feat and when Harbour Centre doubled it). When he was acquired by Ginebra, the Gins automatically became championship contenders (this was until coach Jaworski resigned and Rino Salazar took over the coaching reins where he would face constant Marlou spats). When “The Skyscraper” was traded, he led Sta. Lucia to its first championship after almost a decade of tenure. He would participate in several National teams and would play in various All-Star games before age would take its toll.

Last season, Aquino posted 6.8ppg, 3.3rpg, 1.1apg, and 1.1bpg. In the 2008-09 Philippine Cup, the Skyscraper could only feed 4.1ppg, 1.9rpg. and 0.7bpg, in 13.4 minutes for the Realtors’ cause. Days before the end of the 2009 Fiesta Cup’s first round (As of May 7. 2009), Marlou is netting 10.6ppg, 5.1rpg, 1.4apg, and a league-leading 31 blocks!

A fellow writer named Chrisangelo… pretty much hate Marlou. He thinks the guy is a waste of roster space and his uninspired gameplay is dragging the Realtors to la-la-land.

We pretty much agree on the same basketball stuffs except for this.

xtian_angelo: Whatsap Marlou!

The Sydman: Shuttup. DON’T DISS MARLOU!!!

xtian_angelo: Look at Marlou's stats last night Syd!

The Sydman: 2 blocks!!!!

xtian_angelo: 23 minutes, no points, 2 rebounds and 4 personal fouls.

The Sydman: 2 BLOCKS!!!

xtian_angelo: And oh yeah… 2 blocks.

In the 2009 Fiesta Cup, Marlou is leading the league with nearly 3 blocks a night.

xtian_angelo: But that don’t matter. HAHAHAHAHA!

The Sydman: Shut it! So… may off night siya! But Marlou will still rule your world!!!

xtian_angelo: LOL. Last year, Marlou had an OFF CONFERENCE! I remind you… OFF CONFERENCE!


The Sydman: I hate you.

xtian_angelo: I'll be going now Syd. Goodluck convincing yourself that Marlou's the man.

Marlou is the Superman... or the Elongated Man... BASTA!!!

A look back at the 2001 Draft.

This is a first of nine installments on how these draftees performed in the biggest stage in Philippine basketball. Well, you know that I always look forward to the PBA Draft because I like keeping tabs on the “next big thing”. While I can conclude that some didn’t live up to their hype, others performed to the point of making history.

Despite the fact that the 2001 Draft lasted for six rounds, in depth reporting will only focus on the first two rounds. Although, coming from the third round and so on, came a bunch of players that in their way contributed in the league.

From the third round, Dino Manuel (22 – Shell), played for Purefoods before moving to the MBA. Marlon Piodo (23 – Ginebra) played a starter’s role in Davao, which prompted Ginebra to select him. DLSU’s Mon Jose (24 – Pop Cola) played a season for the Panthers before becoming a Purefoods assistant coach while June Longalong (25 – Mobiline) found his way in the big league when former Manila Metrostars coach Louie Alas headcoached the Phone Pals. Former Letran Knight Paul Guerrero (29 – Purefoods) had a stint in Davao before playing a couple of seasons with Purefoods but amongst these players, Allan Salangsang (27 – Tanduay) is the only player currently playing in the league, playing for TNT, Coke, and Ginebra before settling as one of the coming-off-the-bench heroes of Rain or Shine.

In Round 4, the last to play in the PBA is former Pasig Pirate Jonathan de Guzman (37 – Purefoods). He played for TNT in the 2007-08 season where in 2 games he posted averages of 0.5rpg and 1.0apg. Ryan Bernardo (34 – Mobiline), a burly big man that once played for the Laguna Lakers, played for FedEx and Coke.

Two of the three fifth-rounders are still playing in the PBA. David Friedhof (39 – Tanduay) played for Tanduay and FedEx when Derrick Pumaren was at helm. And then there’s Peter June Simon and Topex Robinson. These Purefoods’ teammates had to wait before they could play in the league and the wait was worth it. Simon (43 – Sta. Lucia), played college ball at University of Mindanao when some crackhead thought it was a good idea for him to apply in the 2001 Draft. He would later play a stellar role in the post-Donbel Belano Davao Eagles where his teammates included Billy Mamaril and Jondan Salvador. When the MBA closed, he played for the PBL’s Hapee Toothpaste where he claimed MVP honors against Jojo Tangkay. He played sparingly for the Giants before becoming the team’s best offense off the bench. In 2008, he became the All-Star MVP.

Meanwhile, Topex (44 – Tanduay) was a seldom-used backup during the Romel Adducul-led San Sebastian squad. He then played for the MBA’s San Juan Knights where he was a backup for Chito Victolero and Gherome Ejercito. He then went to Shark Energy Drink in the PBL where he became an offensive showcase. Yeng Guiao saw his potential and signed him as a free agent in Red Bull where until last season, he proved to be a worthy addition to the Barako franchise. He has since transferred to Purefoods.

If you are reading the paragraphs (and not going directly to the draft picks), you’ll notice that most of the players mentioned had MBA roots. This was the first Draft in which MBA players were drafted. Before, MBA players where treated as free agents. To maintain equality amongst the teams, the players cannot be directly taken from “free agency”.


20 – POP COLA: ATO MORANO – He was first noticed playing for the earlier versions of Welcoat. Then he played alongside Ralph Rivera and Rensy Bajar at San Beda under coach Dong Vergiere, which ultimately led to him playing with the three at the inaugural game of the Pangasinan Presidents. He then moved to the Pampanga Dragons midseason where he was a key instrument in their championship drive. He played his entire career with the Pop/Coke franchise where he helped the team win the 2002 All-Filipino Cup and the 2003 Reinforced Conference.

19 – SAN MIGUEL: JOMAR TIERRA – The former UE Warrior played alongside Eugene Quilban and Jojit Duremdes in the Davao Eagles. Then he was selected by SMB but he didn’t play. Instead he headed to Sta. Lucia where thanks to his brother Adonis, he became part of the roster. His PBA stint was forgettable.

18 – ALASKA: KENNY EVANS – Evans was one of the prep guards made famous by the MBA, coming in during the second season, the former San Francisco State slasher (the school where Bill Russell attended) played for the Cebu Gems. He played for Alaska where he was seldom used. He was then taken by TNT midway in 2003 where he became a significant player. Greed ended his career when he protested to sign with the Phone Pals because they gave him a pay cut. He was last seen playing for the regional leagues and has never been seen on TV since.

17 – TANDUAY: CHARLES DE JESUS – If Jomar Tierra’s PBA stint was forgettable, De Jesus was a never known. I don’t even recall him seeing in the PBL! All I know is that he played for Western Wyoming. THAT’S ALL!

16 – STA. LUCIA: JOJO TANGKAY – Norman Black once claimed that while he was coaching Sta. Lucia, Tangkay scored 40 points in an exhibition game. Too bad he couldn’t shine in the big leagues. We seen him dominate the PBL, Liga, and the other commercial leagues but he can’t seem to shine in the PBA. After a stint in Sta. Lucia, Tangkay returned to the minors but had a brief stint with the TNT Phone Pals in 2003. He played for Welcoat in the PBL where he almost won MVP honors which prompted the team to acquire him when they climb up to the pro ranks in 2006. He was released before the 2008-09 season and almost claimed a championship for the Cebu Ninos in the 2009 Liga Conference.

15 – TANDUAY: RICKY CALIMAG – Calimag of San Beda was one of the rare true rookies selected by a PBA team in the early rounds. Playing sparingly, he was quickly released after a season (went on playing for Montana Jewels). He returned to the pros when Sta. Lucia lost most of its bench to FedEx (namely Ejercito, Omanzie Rodriguez, and Marvin Ortiguerra) because of Kenneth Duremdes’ humongous salary. He played as a solid contributor and he continued the role when he was swapped to the Tigers alongside Duremdes and Alex Cabagnot.

14 – POP COLA: JOVY SESE – He was one of the cornerstones of the Laguna Lakers franchise (alongside UM standouts Biboy Simon and Wynne Arboleda). Unfortunately his stint in the PBA was dismal. After his rookie season he has since resurfaced in the minor leagues.

13 – GINEBRA: MARLON BASCO – Basco was a lanky, tough-as-nails player coming from the University of Luzon. His MBA stint with the Vince Hizon-led Iloilo Megavoltz paved the way for Ginebra to pick him in the second round. On a plus side, he was a workhorse that was ready to step up whenever his more popular teammates were saddled by injuries. However, Ginebra’s depth caused him to play sparingly, which led to his exodus. The current Cebu Ninos stalwart was once a NBC MVP (this was before the NBC-MVBA merge) and is a dominating fixture in the Noli Eala-commissioned league.

12 – RED BULL: ANTON VILLORIA – Villoria was a star in Letran and he brought his status to the Welcoat team in the PBL, being one of the threats of the team. When he came to the PBA, he played behind Jimwell Torion and Willie Miller, but this didn’t stop him from creating career progress. However, his or someone else’s decision to send him to SMB proved to be his downfall.

11 – TANDUAY: OLIVER AGAPITO – The 6’6 center first drew spotlight as the center for the St. Benilde Blazers and for Welcoat in the PBL. He then went to MBA’s Pangasinan Presidents and Batangas Blades but his MBA stint wasn’t really spectacular. When he was picked by Tanduay, he too played less and was quickly released. He found himself in the minor leagues before returning as part of Red Bull. He last played for Coke in the PBA.

10 – SAN MIGUEL: JOEY MENTE – He played college ball for Lyceum, but he earned nationwide attention when he played for the Iloilo Megavoltz. A surprise shocker in the first round, he quickly became SMB’s prep third guard after Olsen Racela and Boybits Victoria. His gungho style of play made him a crowd favorite. He would then become a combo guard where his quickness and fearlessness earned him accolades. In fact, this pint-sized guard was the 2001 Dunk King. He last played for Rain or Shine and his antics paved for the MisOr Meteors to win their second consecutive Liga crown.

9 – PUREFOODS: ROGER YAP – The Rabbit (as dubbed by Quinito Henson) was a little-known Cebuano player who gained a following after playing for Chowking in the PBL Vis-Min Cup. He was quickly asked to join the Manila team and when the name changed to Shark, he was the top scorer of the team. He played for Purefoods but was traded to Shell. When the team disbanded, his rights were ceded to FedEx and then he returned to Purefoods. He is the team’s top quarterback.

8 – STA. LUCIA: MARVIN ORTIGUERRA – Without the MBA stars he could have been a Top 5 prospect with a future to dominate. However, his PBA stint proved to be miserable. Injuries saddled his career and he was often a miscast. A member of the UST Growling Tigers and the PBL’s ANA Water (plus he was a classmate during my UST days), he was too small to be a power forward and was too heavy to play SF. After playing for Sta. Lucia, he played for FedEx before moving down to Welcoat and Harbour Centre in the PBL. He currently plays for the Taguig team in Liga.

7 – MOBILINE: NORMAN GONZALES – The former San Beda Lion gained prominence after joining the Pampanga Dragons of the MBA where he was instrumental for the inaugural win. When he entered the league, there were doubts of whether he’ll stick. This was further enhanced from the fact that he was dragged down by an alleged drug use that made him miss most of the 2003 season. In 2004, he was traded to the Realtors where Gonzales deals great help off the bench, displacing all the critics who doubted his determination to succeed in the pro ranks.

6 – STA. LUCIA: FRANCIS ADRIANO – Playing for PSBA and FEU during his college days, the Samboy Lim-like player decided to play for the Pasig Blue Pirates in the MBA alongside de Guzman, Bong Ravena, and the late Gido Babilonia. After deciding to move to the PBA he saw himself battling for position in the slasher-filled Realtors. He was a member of their first championship crown and his tenure would last for seasons. Then when his contract was up, he decided to play for San Miguel, a team filled with high-profiled slashers. He was traded to Red Bull where he would enjoy career revival but unfortunately, he was waived at the start of the 2008-09 season.

5 – ALASKA: JOHN ARIGO – Alaska was in their rebuilding stage – having taking out most of the 1996 championship team. Arigo, a product of North Florida, was said to be the Reggie Miller of the Philippines. While he lacked the defense intensity of Miller, he displayed skills shooting the lights out of arenas. When he was traded to Coke, he hated it… but still played it out like a pro. Then his injuries started which made him miss a large amount of games. He is now playing for the star-less Boosters and it seems that the 30-year-old shooter’s star time is up.

4 – MOBILINE: GILBERT DEMAPE – Demape was 28 when he applied for the draft. The former Cebu Tech star played in the PABL, (then) most notably for the Casino Rubbing Alcohol franchise and eventually to Welcoat. When the MBA came knocking, Demape played for the Louie Alas-coached Manila Metrostars. When Alas was tasked to coach TNT, Demape was tapped as the fourth overall. While he had moderate success in his first two years (he hit 5apg in his second season), Demape was not going to be a star in the league. With the fourth pick, the Pals could have taken Arigo, Yap, and even Ortiguerra. I consider the highness of Demape’s draft a poor use of a fourth pick. After an injury-plagued season with Purefoods, he is now playing in Liga where this Cebuano hotshot is still making a name with his playmaking skills and defensive tenacity.

3 – GINEBRA: MARK CAGUIOA – When this Glendale Community College standout was selected third in the 2001 Draft, audiences across the nation probably thought “What the fuck”. Here is this person, with blonde hair, looking like a promdi beautician, telling the public that he is the newest face of the league’s most revered ballclub. At first people question BG’s scouting but well, the fact is, HE IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR! Arguably, he is the second coming of Sonny Jaworski. He is cocky, full of himself, and pretty darn entertaining! The flamboyant guard has the ability to streak score at any given chance! With his coming, the “Baranggay” finally had something to cheer at. And remember when he started, he was coming off the bench to replace Vergel Meneses but when his rookie season finished he was already hogging most of the Aerial Voyager’s minutes? That’s your spark/rookie of the year right there! His entry also caused many of “his second comings”… Fil-foreigners with foreign blood that seems to be a better baller than the Spark. Unfortunately, Brandon Cablay and Denver Lopez would find this distinction a curse more than a blessing.

2 – SHELL: MIKE HRABAK – Okay. If I consider Mark Caguioa as Michael Jordan, then does this mean Hrabak is Sam Bowie? DAMN RIGHT! When the Central Arizona player first arrived in the scene, everyone loved his height. At 6’7, surely he is a force INside. However, funny thing with Hrabak is that he doesn’t play INside but OUTside! Yes, the person everyone thought could be an Andy Seigle clone is a 3-point shooter and is a softie on the inside. When I made a bust column a few years back, I didn’t include his name on the list because I still think he has potential. His numbers began to dwindle after his first season and when Shell disbanded, his rights were sent to Purefoods, which found no use for his size and touch. After hibernation, he surfaced at Red Bull where he had a good comeback. Problem with him is he is still soft in crashing and while he gets the occasional blocks, he is no threat on the offensive end.

1 – RED BULL: WILLIE MILLER – In the NCAA, Letran scored back-to-back titles in the late 90’s due to the tandem of Erwin Velez and Chris Calaguio. The Knights also had Jason Misolas, Billy Moody, John Paul Prior, and an athletic player called Willie “The Spinner” Miller. He played for the Nueva Ejica Patriots in the MBA’s third season. He quickly delivered in providing the edge and he became one of the well-known stars of the league. When his contract was up, he applied to the draft. Red Bull, the first pick, could either get Miller or Hrabak. Luckily, they picked Miller. Miller in his second year with the team led the Barakos to a championship! Also in 2002, he received a MVP award. He was then traded to TNT for virtually nothing and he made the Phone Pals a much stronger and a more championship-driven ballclub. A trade with Alaska signaled another change in scenery and Tim Cone had to tinker on the triangle offense to suit the Thriller’s style of play. Eventually, Miller would help the Aces gain a crown. He also acquired his second MVP award.

DRAFT CLASS ANALYSIS: Minus the future perspective (or what we already know), the class was weak. By this time, most of the MBA’s best have been on PBA teams. Aside from Miller and Hrabak (he had hype), only Arigo (he had hype), Ortiguerra (UAAP star), and Yap (PBL star) could be considered “potential” stars. Caguioa was a virtual unknown that didn’t even got attention until his monstrous performance at the 2001 All-Filipino playoffs. Most of the first rounders were MBA role players and the ones that were in the latter rounds wouldn’t likely stick in the PBA. However, amongst the draftees, DLSU players had no luck going for them. Jose was the only DLSU player drafted that had a PBA career which left current PBA voice Dominic Uy, former Tropang Trumpo mainstay Maui Roca, and former DLSU stars Francis Zamora, Calijohn Orfrecio, and Allen Glenn Patrimonio drafted but unsigned. All of these players placed in the third round and higher. If you ask me, Uy, Zamora, and Patrimonio could have had better success in the PBA rather than some of the first round draftees.

Next up is the 2002 Draft. What are your thoughts? Why?

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