2009 NBA Eastern Finals Preview

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I was busy minding my work, thinking of scripts and designs of how I could make a news program look neat when some guy buzzed me.


The Sydman: Woot?

chrisangelo: Would you be kind enough to do the ECF preview?

Yes… this humongous piece of nothing is a YM buddy. When I’m at work he randomly pops up and makes me do things I don’t like (not perverted things fortunately… not yet anyway).

chrisangelo: I already did the WCF preview para covered natin.

The Sydman: Err... pwede. Kaso alaws na Boston eh.

chrisangelo: Come on man. You can do it.

By the way, if you want to see his West review, click here: http://hoops.blink.ph/2009/05/19/wcf-preview-best-in-the-west/

Actually the Eastern Finals is barely making me giddy. Aside from the fact that I have yet to watch the playoffs ardently (blame Sky Cable and my work), Kevin Garnett’s injury made the playoffs so unappealing (Boston should have eaten Orlando raw).

So I guess the Nike prophecy will be fulfilled.

At least on the Eastern side, it would be easy.

The Sydman: Try. May work ako eh. Pero sige. Pero try.

chrisangelo: Try. Forget working! Get back to blogging! Hoops needs you!

The Sydman: Pfft. Watevs pero sige… try.

chrisangelo: Do. I'll just add my thoughts afterwards.

Yes, in my spare time I transcribe my YM conversations and make a story out of the process. This makes my online surfing grand because when I hit Word and type things, people think that I am working.

Funny how my status reports seem so empty this month…

The Sydman: Daya mo. I'm the PBA guy eh.

chrisangelo: No, Ben is the PBA guy. You're the NBL guy! Team Gen San Pacquiao!

The Sydman: That’s the Australian League, boy! Liga Pilipinas na tawag dun! FAIL!

chrisangelo: Nakalimutan ko lang!

The article you are about to see is weak because I haven’t been keeping tabs on the Eastern finals. The most likely thing you’re about to see are a couple of sentences about match-ups and how will the East will be won.

Game on.


Cleveland boasts league MVP LeBron James. This offensive powerhouse churns the Cavs with his almost 33 points scoring average. But he also takes in almost 10 boards, almost 7 assists, 2 swipes and almost a block a game in 40 minutes… which makes him the total player. And the scary part here is he only norms a little less than 2 turnovers per game!

Aiming to destroy his game is Rashard Lewis. The former Sonics star is averaging almost 20 points, 6 rebs, 3 dishes, 2 steals, and almost a block in 40 minutes of gameplay. He is lean, score anywhere type of player that can play almost all positions. However, will his wingspan and size be the perfect elements to shade King James? Fact is, James is like Michael Jordan combined with Charles Barkley (a high-leaper in a power forward's body). I assume that Lewis will guard James loosely and concentrate on attacking the paint rather than wasting sweat on defending.

This is where the Daily Double comes in.

Dwight Howard is a defensive demon. He also averages under 20 points but he also claims almost 17 caroms, and almost 3 blocks in 39 minutes. Whoever amongst the Cleveland big men try to test his skills, Howard would probably go Superman and go nuts embarrassing the random guy. Plus, Howard has been demanding Stan Van Gundy to give him the ball. He is not dumb not to… but he has to get on several hurdles to make his game work.

After Kendrick Perkins, Howard would have to deal with a trio of bangers. Zydrunas Ilgauskas (11 points, 7 rebounds, 1 block) is a large body that aims to withstand Howard. But just like typical Euro guys, his ability to give Howard def is questionable. Anderson Varejao is a workhorse and he’ll likely hug Howard for at least 30 minutes before fatigue or foul trouble sinks in. Joe Smith is another quality big man that could body Howard but I doubt if his lean frame could stop him. Ben Wallace? He has been invisible in the playoffs but you have to wonder when he’ll boom. The guy is a wide body that could create a humongous wall and could probably give Howard those playoff-level fouls that coaches dream off.

The backcourt scenario would probably involve twin threats Delonte West and Mo Williams versus Hedo Turkoglu and Rafer Alston. Williams has been solid for the Cavs this season after coming from a breakout season in Milwaukee. West looked lost in his first year but the playoffs has been good to the former Boston Celtic. Alston will finally get a ride to the conference finals after drifting to several teams. This is Hedo’s first taste of conference finals madness since his early years with Vlade, Chris, and the Sacramento Serbs (I mean Kings). I guess the loss of Jameer Nelson would create some sort of void even if the Magic have adapted Alston, JJ Redick, and Courtney Lee as their backcourt goodness. Hedo would probably defend against LeBron but the thing is, Orlando lacks firepower if either Lewis or Turkoglu would sacrifice their scoring for putting a stomp on King James’ antics.

Compared to Orlando, Cleveland has bench. Cleveland could also lean on Wally Szczerbiak, Sasha Pavlovic, and Boobie Gibson for some minutes even if Mike Brown is probably set on using 7 men to pilot their charge. Orlando also has Anthony Johnson, Marcin Gortat, and Tony Battie to dish out some sort of support. Mickael Pietrus, the Frenchie formerly housed in Golden State, is someone that could provide offense.

Cleveland has depth, defense, offense, and destiny. Orlando is a team that lacks backcourt savvy, but could probably gain acclaim in their inside offense especially in their forward spots.

chrisangelo: BTW, I'm pwning you sa know-it-all-test sa Facebook.

The Sydman: Bum.

chrisangelo: Me > you. Much like Andaya > Marlou.

The Sydman: See! This is why I don't want to help you! Cracking those Marlou jokes to the point na na-infiltrate na ito ng mga barkada ko... in FACEBOOK!!?!? You are so bulokins pare!

chrisangelo: PWNED! They're the ones who joined in! I started it but I didn't really expected them to help me out! Seems like they're good dudes!

The Sydman: Monkey poop.

chrisangelo: So come on Syd. Don't be mad. I won't crack a Marlou joke for a week if you do it! If you do the ECF preview. No Marlou joke for a week! Fair enough?

The Sydman: NO MARLOU JOKE... EVER! Marlou is the league's most awesome man! Kung merong PBA award na most awesome man, sya ang hall of fame! Actually pag nag-retire siya magkakaroon ng Marlou Aquino Awesome Award na mas mataas pa ten-fold sa MVP award... at sa Sportsmanship Award for that matter!!!

I cannot believe I’m posting this on Hoops!

The Sydman: BASTA!!!

chrisangelo: I can't do that. I can only assure you no Marlou jokes for a week.

The Sydman: Why pare... why must you be so hurtful?

chrisangelo: BECAUSE HE’S MARLOU!

Then cybersilence.

chrisangelo: Sorry button pressed.

Then a YM command popped up.

The Sydman: No, I am not going to view your webcam.

Yes, looking at someone’s webcam who may or may not be dressed is not cool.

However, James is the odd man out in the series because he could run rings on the bigger defenders and could post and muscle the quicker players. While Howard could dominate, his 61 percent free throw clip could hurt the Magic when the Cavs would unfortunately resort to Hack-A-Howard. I expect Orlando to deal the Cavs a loss but eventually Cleveland will win the series in 5.

Thanks for stopping by.

Game Over.

PS… Chris’ comment:

If this Orlando team wants to pull an upset, they’re gonna have to play 3 times harder and 3 times better than how they played against Boston because let’s face it Boston fans, Cleveland is thrice the team the Celtics are without Kevin Garnett.

Rashard, Hedo and Pietrus would be designated to try and limit (Not stop) LeBron with Dwight Howard staying at the paint to try and stop his penetrations.

If I’m Stan Van Gundy, I’d be letting the others kill me. Who cares, I’m gonna take that ball out of LeBron’s hand and I’m gonna put the games in the hands of Mo Williams, Delonte West and Pavlovic. On offense, well let’s just put it in Dwight Howard’s words.

“You have a dominant big man… let him dominate.”

But until then, if Orlando fails to limit LeBron to under 25-7-7 a game, I’d say the Cavs would take it in 6.

Thanks for stopping by.

Game Over.


  1. "I expect Orlando to deal the Cavs a loss but eventually Cleveland will win the series in 5."

    well the cavs lost, is this the loss you expected? still thinking the cavs can end it all in 5?

    i don't think so.

  2. oh hey! its captain obvious!

    Alam ko!

    damn turk!

  3. "After Kendrick Perkins, Howard would have to deal with a trio of bangers."

    dude, wtf. in what blue hell can big z, sideshow bob and joe smith be called "bangers"?!? big ben doesn't even bang na din.

  4. There is no physical threat to Orlando's manchild in Clevland's line up. I would imagine varejao selling the flop every opportunity he gets. During the playoffs.. You should throw away the stat sheets because this is where amazing happens. Enjoy the show! Cheesy no?

  5. bangers are those physical players in the mold of ricky relosa. big z is an underrated defender kasi he's european. kaso he's not in the level of d12.

    pero kung basehan ang game 1, goodness gracious i made a superb booboo.

  6. hey captain who thinks he's a basketball expert
    ...cavs in 5?

    its looking more like magic in 5.

  7. at least tumama yung 5.

    imagine... what a wonderful series!

    denver vs orlando!!!

  8. david stern and the executives at nike behind the lebron-kobe commercials are surely pissin' their pants right now.

  9. uunahan na kita. damn, what's the point of having vets if you won't use them?

    sure, williams and west are looming as energy players but remember when wally world was a star? or even when boobie gibson was lebron chief scoring support?

    man, they are losing because they can't use their other arsenal well! ben wallace could attack dwight howard with fouls and basically move ilgauskas to the pf spot since orlando lacks size but they are playing the game that the magic wants.

    did i get this idea when i first wrote this? hell no. mike brown needs a superb hail mary because i can't see this series to end in seven with the game they are playing.

  10. the cavs have a matchup problem with the magic. the oversized magic guards are a menace to the cavs backcourt.

    ok lebron can have his 40-10-7 line every game but that's not enough to overcome the magic.

    You are also giving too much credit to the frontcourt men of the cavs. as jorge pointed out, big Z, sideshow bob, smith and even wallace are not enough to stop the manchild D12.

    in a way although they are not matched against each other, the king and D12 cancel out each other which leaves the other guys to step up.

    as i mentioned above the backcourt of the magic is killing the cavs draining 17 triples and the stat line of the cavs backcourt is just plain pathetic.

    mike brown has a playbook the size of a calling card and the only thing written on it is get the ball to lebron and everyone get out of the way.

    i also note that your making a prediction it ending in seven games without stating who will win it all. scared to make any more predictions?

    cavs in 5? pffft.

  11. its stupid to predict right now. i guess its orlando in 6 because the cavs fans would eat their team if they can't score another win in their turf.