As some of you know, I write for an online Philippine basketball site called I usually write about the PBA and I let others write about the NBA (I haven’t seen a lot of games lately due to my cable provider’s inability to warrant claims for BTV. By the way, BALLS is a crappy channel.)

Anyway, one of my usual shtick is my fondness for the playing style of Marlou Aquino.

“Don’t diss Marlou” is one of my trademark catchphrases.

Call him lazy, uninspired and so-so, but the former Mythical Team member and Rookie of the Year winner has the ability to shine at any given moment when he feels like it. I remember how he led the PBL’s Stag Pale Pilsen to a grand slam (this was before Welcoat duplicated the feat and when Harbour Centre doubled it). When he was acquired by Ginebra, the Gins automatically became championship contenders (this was until coach Jaworski resigned and Rino Salazar took over the coaching reins where he would face constant Marlou spats). When “The Skyscraper” was traded, he led Sta. Lucia to its first championship after almost a decade of tenure. He would participate in several National teams and would play in various All-Star games before age would take its toll.

Last season, Aquino posted 6.8ppg, 3.3rpg, 1.1apg, and 1.1bpg. In the 2008-09 Philippine Cup, the Skyscraper could only feed 4.1ppg, 1.9rpg. and 0.7bpg, in 13.4 minutes for the Realtors’ cause. Days before the end of the 2009 Fiesta Cup’s first round (As of May 7. 2009), Marlou is netting 10.6ppg, 5.1rpg, 1.4apg, and a league-leading 31 blocks!

A fellow writer named Chrisangelo… pretty much hate Marlou. He thinks the guy is a waste of roster space and his uninspired gameplay is dragging the Realtors to la-la-land.

We pretty much agree on the same basketball stuffs except for this.

xtian_angelo: Whatsap Marlou!

The Sydman: Shuttup. DON’T DISS MARLOU!!!

xtian_angelo: Look at Marlou's stats last night Syd!

The Sydman: 2 blocks!!!!

xtian_angelo: 23 minutes, no points, 2 rebounds and 4 personal fouls.

The Sydman: 2 BLOCKS!!!

xtian_angelo: And oh yeah… 2 blocks.

In the 2009 Fiesta Cup, Marlou is leading the league with nearly 3 blocks a night.

xtian_angelo: But that don’t matter. HAHAHAHAHA!

The Sydman: Shut it! So… may off night siya! But Marlou will still rule your world!!!

xtian_angelo: LOL. Last year, Marlou had an OFF CONFERENCE! I remind you… OFF CONFERENCE!


The Sydman: I hate you.

xtian_angelo: I'll be going now Syd. Goodluck convincing yourself that Marlou's the man.

Marlou is the Superman... or the Elongated Man... BASTA!!!


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