Along with Cindy, I shall participate in a Fun Run to be held at UP
...this May 31… 6AM!

For one day, I am going to trade my keyboard (and if the man who shouldn’t be named because of fear of libel is there… a beer bottle) for a sweat round. I made a VIDEO BLOG of what we did that fateful May 9, 2009 (this was the day after we celebrated our seventh month and 4 hours after I had my first basketball coaching victory – more on this later).

I ran (walked… crawled… whatever) from the Oblation statue to the Sunken Garden for two circular paths and afterwards we ran from the Sunken Garden to UP’s Bahay ng Alumni.

In my count that should be at least 36 kilometers!

Yes, I can tell that you think of me right now as some kind of handsome specimen eager to out-handsome other petty individuals.


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