Funny Run

Last Sunday I woke up around 4:30.

Odd? Yes.

An even odder story? Last Saturday I didn’t go to UST so that I could sleep early.

Yes, I know you are condemning me but it’s for a reason.

Last May 31… I ran.

Yes, I RAN! Effort and hardship for my part, was executed when my girlfriend asked me to join her on a fun run that would make me circle the premises of UP for the sake of kids!

Yes it’s a charity event! Yes, I never thought in a gazillion years that I would partake into one! The last time I did that was when compulsory ROTC forced me to walk from Espana to Quirino Grandstand to attend some ruckus salute for some military nobody!

But you know what… Cindy went with me once when I was with my DOTA friends. And while she didn’t understand why we are cursing at each other, she tried to understand my life… which is why I obliged in doing what she wants!

Our meeting place was 5:30am at Citimall’s McDo branch. I came on time but she didn’t. She now hails along the lines that separate Pasig and Cainta. She tried the long route and ended up eating vehicle congestion. The 5k gun was to fire at exactly 6:05 and she found me at the meeting place mere breaths of the time. By the time we got off the taxi, the gun just fired. After we placed our bags in the baggage counter, we tried to catch up with the main pack with me gleefully carrying my digicam.

Wrong idea.


For an obese and un-athletic guy like me, running is like a cry for help. Help because I am chased by a dog… or help because my cellphone just got snatched. A mere .20k from the starting line I felt my vain pop. Actually it was the side of my leg because we didn’t warm up! That was the time when I felt that I am dragging Cindy down.

You see, Cindy once ran in a 10k event and she clocked less than an hour. Military men and sprinters were the only ones that usually finish before her. Me there means she has to merely ditch the enjoyment of owning muscle-clad speedsters and nurture a white tub of lard.

It also bit me in the nads that I was calculated things wrong. Remember the time I wrote about my “un-fun” run? I thought for sure that the oval from Sunken Garden to the Oblation area was 4k. Cindy miscalculated it and corrected that it was 2.2k… SHE CORRECTED IT WHEN I WAS GASPING FOR AIR WAITING ARDENTLY FOR THE 2k MARK!

Damn rain didn’t help me as it would later remind me why my nose is stuffy days later the event. The rain also brought the frogs, chicks, cats, and even maya birds to cross the road thereby becoming roadkill.

If you know me, you know that I detest dead things.

To further shame my existence as a strong alpha male, fat women are jogging past me. I see little kids looking at me in an odd manner as if try to tell me…

“Kuya… kaya mo yan…”


I also had to endure those guys leading the directions heckling me because my hot GF is owning my ass! Here’s what she’s doing: She’ll run as I walk. She’ll then rest… and wait for me as I catch up. Then after hearing me whine she’ll speed up again and wait for me in the next time she’ll stop to rest.

There you get our pattern.

Worse, I charged the battery of my camera and when I picked my camera as we catch up with the other 5k runners, I notice that I forgot the camera’s battery at the charger… which is in my house!

But for what it’s worth, I managed to normally jog when I saw the 4k mark. I wasn’t running like the wind… but I was running past the old people that ran in the 3k event. In the final stretch I asked Cindy if we could sprint. She finished ahead of me… which humored the organizers but I accomplished something:

That was my first fun run and I ended the 5k event in less than an hour (54 minutes to be exact). There I saw the organizer of the K.I.D.S. Foundation event and it was actor/businessman Diether Ocampo with his fiancé that looks insanely hot!

Cindy brought her camera (which she didn’t carry when I picked up mine) and we shot a ton of situationers just to make me feel good.

I doubt I’ll do this if the venue is as far as the southern side of Manila (that means no to Bonifacio High and The Fort), but my 54 minutes… seems… breakable. The next fun run I’ll make sure no “Manong” will tease me to run like a fat man because just like Cindy, I’ll run gracefully like a girl.


Basta… sobrang bilis.

You just got Sydrified.


  1. On a similar note.. A different tub of lard broke his foot while sitting down. You know who I'm talking about.. hehe