Gone Too Soon

2:26pm. Age 50. Half of the world mourns.

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I am not a fan of his later years. His bankrupted, alleged child-molesting, ultra-paranoid version is a massive bust. He seems to be asking for his fame back… but then he secludes himself so people would see him as a nutjob.

However, I am a huge fan of his iconic persona. I guess I don’t know an internet user who did not more or less see a friend or a family member go to a costume party posing as “The Jacko”. MTV started its rise and performers saw the need of an effective video to become worldwide superstars through Thriller. From Thriller to Dangerous, created an era where Michael Jackson could do no wrong. Thriller was a hit! Bad was a hit! Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, Man in the Middle, Rock With You, Ben, Scream, Black and White, Gone Too Soon, Heal the World, Do You Remember, and Jam are among his legendary tracks that have made the top spot of the billboard charts (Writer’s Note: While the Thriller album proved his legendary status, the Dangerous album was his best work).

Bar none, he could have been the best entertainer the world has ever seen.

As it stands Madonna is the last icon standing with Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, the Beatles (at least half of the band) and the King of Pop gone. Like Jackson, Madonna was a colorful entertainer that reached icon status starting in the 80’s. However, unlike Jackson, Madonna constantly revolutionizes herself to catch the eye of the youth… which is what Jacko would have done had not for the scandal.

The scandal basically destroyed his fame and future. Paparazzi choppers and the dreadful sight of a photographer’s lens is Jacko most devious foe. In his final years the world saw him as a child molester… a fag… a scary black guy that’s white… a dad of a set of test tube babies…


I think he should have died before the scandal broke. Sorry for the morbid statement, but I mean well. If he did, then his legacy should have been more than legendary. Not like this. I bet someone would disrespect his legacy and wisecrack for some “low blow” insult to be funny. I bet after a week, we’ll have a bunch of MJ jokes on how he is doing in the celestial place he will settle in. You don’t know what you have ‘til it’s gone! Francis Magalona died as a nationalistic icon. He would forever be revered as the guy that truly loves anything that is Pinoy. While he did use drugs a few years back… it was part of his rebel persona. Elvis and Sinatra died partly due to their vices. Elvis was an alcoholic while Sinatra had the same vice but he outlived Elvis and most of the Rat Pack.

Jackson’s death came also on the day when original Charlie’s Angels Farrah Fawcett succumbed to cancer. The blond bombshell’s case was rather emotional more than anything. Fighting the Big C, she looks to lose the battle. As a final act, she accepted longtime love and fellow actor Ryan O’Neal’s marriage proposal. She died before she could say “yes”. Their deaths happened almost a month after Kung Fu lead star David Carradine’s demise. Whether this was foul play or a sex act that gone wrong, his contributions to entertainment will forever be in the hearts of his fans.

Michael Jackson is poetry in motion. His stage presence was honed during his stint with the Jackson 5 and which translated to his one-of-a-kind charisma. The “leaning” dance move, the crotch hold, and the moonwalk are amongst his flashy moves. Most of the boybands pattern their moves on MJ while there are a ton of singers in the planet that were influenced by the King of Pop. Justin Timberlake is perhaps his heir apparent but he has yet to make an album that would boost his star magnitude a la MJ. His fashion and trademark moves are often copied but could never capture the hearts of the public.

With his demise, I wish the public would see more of the singer that touched a lot of souls in the world and not the dark side we hoped to never have learned.

RIP, King of Pop.

You too, Charlie’s Angel and Kung Fu: The Legend Continues guy.


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