Back to Earth

After five successive victories, we lost.

While we are still 5 wins and a loss, this match was for a spot in the finals.

While our defense was effective at times, it was our offense that failed us. We were down 28-29 at the start of the second half but we ended the third quarter scoring a mere 3 points. The shots weren’t falling, our passes became predictable, turnovers were keys to our downfall and our opponents pulled every ploy to match us (In amateur rules, the clock runs despite deadball situations and “accidentally” kicking the ball to the other court (which is either a badminton court or a volleyball court) will not help matters. The game faded and settled at 70-47. While we cringe at this, we will face the other team that lost their series.

Our similarities basically stand with us sporting 4-0 records in the elimination phase, both have the combination of slashers and bangers, and both were reduced to fight for bronze honors because of a bitter loss.

6-1 or bust.

By the way, here is the last 3:25 seconds of our quarterfinal match, in which we won by 12 points (the game was too intense for me to make someone record it).

Game over!


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