The Characters:
The Sydman: A ridiculously handsome man with the ability to create awe-striking sentences!
Chrisangelo: A living thing.

Scene starts when I was working… then out of nowhere, person PM-ed me and gave me reasons to ditch work temporarily!

Chrisangelo: Where do we start?
The Sydman: You tell me, pare.
Chrisangelo: We start with our updated mock drafts… pare! First question: Your draft sleeper?
The Sydman: Hmmm... I don't know actually. It depends on what team will pick what. All I know is that the best rookie will come from Burger King's center spot, Rain Or Shine’s center spot, and Sta. Lucia's guard spot.
Chrisangelo: But if you'll pick one player not named Aguilar, Cruz, Maierhofer, Ross and Sena?
The Sydman: You love Sena. What makes you think he won't end up like Aljamal, Dela Pena and Escobal?
Chrisangelo: Because he's talented! And he's huge… 6'6! Aljamal is only 6'3 and he's playing for
TNT! Dela Pena is overrated…
The Sydman: Aguilar will be usable, Jervy Cruz in ROS will be usable, and some SLR rookie named Arellano, Timberlake, or White could be top rookie.
Chrisangelo: Hell no.
The Sydman: For Sena, ending up in Alaska is roadkill.
Chrisangelo: Not Marcy. No way will SLR draft another guard! No fucking way dude!

Chris is such a foulmouth, no?

The Sydman: Yes way! Reyes is injury prone and Denok has no offense.
Chrisangelo: SLR needs a big guy. There aren't much in the draft since Ballesteros won’t be joining but they need someone to replace Marlou and Dennis so bad… and Kelly too! Ryan, Joseph Yeo, Paolo Mendoza and Denok will carry on. They badly need to strengthen their frontline! I don't care who they pick, if Sena is available they should get him. Matias or Edwin Asoro wouldn't hurt too. Or even Orlando Daroya! But please… No guards for SLR!

My take: Can’t see what the beef with Ballesteros is. Sure he’s 6’7, but if he’s that good, he should be in the Top 4 because of his size and skill.

The Sydman: Remember the 07 draft? Everyone wanted a SLR big man. Who did they get? Damn right… they picked Ryan Reyes instead of Quinahan, Bono, and the rest of the available frontline players.

This were my exact words from the 2008 Draft: Last time SLR had a Fil-Am PG, it was a disaster. Well Alex Cabagnot led the league in assists and steals… in Coke.

Chrisangelo: Well… yes. But now that they drafted a quality guard now's the time to address their need in their frontline especially with Kelly's health, Dennis's age and Marlou's GAME.

Uy o… a Marlou tirade. Pfft.

The Sydman: Free agency or trading is better. Sena will look lost there.
Chrisangelo: He'll do just fine.
The Sydman: SLR’s last picks were Jaime, Mamaclay, Gregorio, even Butel from the free agent pool. When they address their frontcourt, they pick up weaklings. Plus PBA teams have little respect for NCAA players except when they are dominant.
Chrisangelo: That's why they need to use this pick to get a quality big rookie. That's what Sena is! Pare you see how he schooled a 6'8 Ekwe in last year's finals?
The Sydman: Ekwe is no Taulava. Let's see him do that to even Thoss.
Chrisangelo: Well that's a start pare. Who has JR Reyes faced in the UAAP before he got drafted? I'm very well sure Don Yabut isn't Asi Taulava too.

I’ll just cut this since this is more of Chris’ fact-finding realization of his man-crush for James Sena.

Let’s just go to the next question.

The Sydman: Do you love James Sena? You can't see me!!! Woooooooooord life!
Chrisangelo: I'm just saying, he could be the next big thing. And in a draft class that lacks quality big men it's pretty hard to pass up on him
The Sydman: Haha! May man-crush!
Chrisangelo: WTF dude?
The Sydman: Anyway, for the sleeper, I'll go with… Matias. He’s a Larry Rodriguez style of player but with more post up and penetration. You know what, those NCRAA players, if you see one player that's good, he's definitely good. Take Ronjay, Gary David, and Larry…
Chrisangelo: You're biased! Larry Rodriguez IS NOT A NCRAA player! He played for PMI in CUSA! The league I was playing for!
The Sydman: Ok, fine, Division 3 School…

I forgot to ask this to Chris… this CUSA… since I don’t know this league… is this where the Matute Institute of Fashion Blow Dryers play?

Chrisangelo: How about former NAASCU MVP the guy from SLR? What's his name again… the guy who played for AMA?
The Sydman: Jaime? Dude he had skills but Boyet won't be safe merely using his skills.
Chrisangelo: Yes, Chito Jaime. I watched him once play. He's great… he's great… in NAASCU! Pero what happened?
The Sydman: He's a loss at that early 2nd round spot. Lawrence Bonus even if he played two games, was better than him. Unfortunately he plays the same position as Asi.
Chrisangelo: So that breaks your argument that when I see Div 3 School players who are great… will do great in the PBA! You're making things spin!
The Sydman: Guys like David, Buenafe, and Larry played well in the PBL. That's my argument. Look at my 2008 draft analysis. I said to Jaime’s coveting “what the hell”!

Actually, the first lines in my Jaime paragraph are “Oh no… tell me this is a joke”.

Chrisangelo: Alright, alright… next question.
The Sydman: My turn. Will there be a pick number 20?
Chrisangelo: No.
Chrisangelo: Yeng Guiao will pass.
The Sydman: Atta boy!
Chrisangelo: The draft class today is so laughable 16-20, should be forfeited.
The Sydman: I agree. Without Theophile, Timberlake, and the Smart Gilas contingent, nothing's good here.
Chrisangelo: Who's Theopile? He hasn't played in the PBL.
The Sydman: The guy playing in Liga.
Chrisangelo: Oh. I haven't seen him play. Walang Liga coverage sa TV namin.
The Sydman: Get it on NBN. Anyway, I think he replaced Dillinger in the Pampanga Buddies. Think Rob Wainwright with size. Pampanga is TNT’s farm team.
The Sydman: Anyway, if you're Coke, who will you get from the scrubs? You agree with me that their best 5 is surrounded by weaklings?
Chrisangelo: Yes. Hmm… Why would I be contented with scrubs? I'll try to work my way in the top 10! Possibly top 5.
The Sydman: Look, guys like Juntilla, Mark Yee, and Lanete came from the undrafted free agent pool. Surely, there's something for them there?
Chrisangelo: If he slips by everyone… Dino Daa or Ian Saladaga… should he slip by everyone too.

The Sydman: For me its Jim Viray and Josh Urbiztondo.
Chrisangelo: So by signing Jim Viray, they basically sign another RJ Rizada? That's like Ginebra signing Hans Thiele! Rafi Reavis squared!
The Sydman: Nah. Rizada excelled somewhat but come on, Macapagal and Telan are the only credible bench guys in that lineup! Alex Cabagnot is second in minutes played in the league last season because they have no credible point guard.
Chrisangelo: Yep that's why I'm asking them to try and move up. Risk Mark Telan! Try to move up to 5… and get Jervy Cruz.
The Sydman: No. Not Jervy!
Chrisangelo: Mark Telan plus next year's pick and another scrub for pick number 5… and Don Dulay if ROS gets him! Fair enough? Mark Telan is gettting old anyway.
The Sydman: Imagine him playing alongside Asi and Nic Belasco? I smell a bad rookie season!
Chrisangelo: That's the point! Playing with Asi and Nic… he's going to get Mark Telan's minutes too! So he'll play! Win win for both teams! Coke gets a young PF who can make it big in the near future! ROS gets a future pick and a veteran!
The Sydman: No! I think ROS is the better team for Jervy!
Chrisangelo: It's not about what's "better" for Jervy, the question is how Coke would try to move up!
The Sydman: Viva Santo Tomas!!!

This is me being irrational.

The Sydman: Coke could get Alaska's pick!
Chrisangelo: If they work for Alaska's pick, they should get Timberlake. That's a big IF. I don't think Alaska would bite though. Telan is old. Alaska's frontline is old. They don’t need another old guy.
The Sydman: I guess that's why they're trying to lure Enrico Villanueva for Miller.
Chrisangelo: Moving on… Japeth on the block?
The Sydman: TNT will get him eventually because MVP owns a huge chunk of percentage in the Lina Group of Companies’ stock.
Chrisangelo: So who do you think will they trade?
The Sydman: They package him for Ogie Menor and trade him for Yancy de Ocampo and Renren Ritualo… and maybe Gilbert Lao too.
Chrisangelo: What the fuck? Who the fuck cares about Lao?
The Sydman: He's managed by a pretty shady manager…
Chrisangelo: I'd like to see Ranidel and RItualo for Japeth
The Sydman: That will never happen.
Chrisangelo: Better question: would it be smart for BK to trade Japeth?
The Sydman: Yes. Because that means MVP won't pull out from their company.
Chrisangelo: For their chances of winning a championship?
The Sydman: Championship wise, we have to know first who they will get in the Pingris trade because if it is Enrico and another player then that could be good.

Remember that Enrico once drove Red Bull to league trophy.

The Sydman: If it’s KG Canaleta… fuck the world.

It’s not that I hate KG… I just think he’s underachieving.

The Sydman: Otherwise, Yeng Guiao is known for his inventiveness to make weaklings into greatness.
Chrisangelo: Except for one guy… the BIG MAC!
The Sydman: Marvin Cruz? Oh... Mac Andaya!
Chrisangelo: YES! Wait, I’ll go ahead. I’m a fair guy. You get to post the breakdown this time and get the fee!
The Sydman: No.
Chrisangelo: Alright… alright? You'll do it! Marlou says so!

And then here it is.

Tune in this August 2 for the Draft Proper.

Game Over!


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