This is more of an errand post more than anything.

Because this pretty much sums up what did last weekend.

I started my day with an errand search. My cousin from Florida (Can I say your name Andy?) contacted my cousins in Batangas because he wants to have two Francis Magalona shirts and a bunch of OPM songs. Luckily, l was going to spend time with Cindy to watch Transformers so that means I’ll make tuhog-tuhog the opportunity (pardon my St. Paul-ness).

I started MY TRIP to Trinoma where Cindy waited for me (obviously, I was late). Then before I traveled, Cindy insisted on watching Ice Age 3 instead of the special effects-infested flick. I was actually happy because I heard the reviews and it seems like Michael Bay tried to make Dawson’s Creek with robots. The story was said to be unbearable and it seems he used a bunch of tekkie gadgetry to awe the audience. Unfortunately for him, I hate those kinds of movies and I guess all I can say is Ice Age has that kiddie element that barely alienates the older audiences. The sci-fi-ness of the cartoon was left in the scenario but the story touched all the characters (Buck is annoying at some parts).

After Ice Age, we tried to look for FM shirts in Trinoma to no avail. Then Cindy suggested if we could go to Megamall where a Nike-Adidas sale is happening. We took an MRT to Megamall where we looked at a slew of people in search of obscenely non-pricy apparel. Since we didn’t see anything, we went to St. Francis Square where I saw a bunch of OPM songs. Gee, I am sorry… I’m condoning pirated goods but I also did a lot of renaming and ripping for those pirated CD’s to be inside a lone CD (I think its prison time or confiscation if they see you riding a plane and owning a bootleg CD). Anyway, we took a taxi and took a longer route to go to Robinson’s Galleria (our feet… tired… or shirts… sweaty).

According to Francis Magalona’s Clothing Collection’s Multiply Site, the shop is located the third level of its West Wing. I saw my boss there and I asked her if she knows where the shop is. She didn’t know but a few steps later, I saw it. The place had no recognizable signage except for the three stars and the sun logo in the kiosk.

After a Max’s dinner, Cindy went home and I went to UST to play Dota with my friends.

After a ton of cursing… and Dota playing, I went home. I was ripping the CD’s and renaming them but after an hour I grew tired and slept.

I woke up around 8am to deliver the goods, as well as the errands my parents finished, and we headed to San Pedro, Laguna (to pick up some apparel my aunt asked)…

… And then eventually head to Batangas.

This is actually the part where my relatives asked me to shoot the eyeglass they bought for my cousin. My mom is modeling the glasses while I film it. The lenses used are Transition lenses (it becomes an instant sunglass when exposed to the sun).


I was shooting this after I burned all the OPM pirated CD’s I bought.

I am kinda leaning on finishing this piece without any semblance of an enlightening thought or an interesting finishing statement.


(By the way, my father’s laptop has a small music library so Andy, medyo less-than-stellar ang mga other titles ng CD. Siguro learn to love 80’s OPM balladeers na lang.)


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