Something made me crazily-pissed as I read the dailies this August 31, 2009.

By the way, Happy National Heroes’ Day to all!

I read about Bill Velasco’s Philippine Star column. The column is all about the hottest news of the PBA right now… and this is not Josh Urbiztondo’s signing with the Sta. Lucia Realtors. The thing is this – Japeth Aguilar joined the PBA Draft so he could play for the Powerade-RP Team in the FIBA-Asia tilt.

While I just finished writing a Japeth piece less than 24 hours ago… all I can is this is BULLS#!%!

The sense of patriotism he had 24 hours ago was basically replaced by an aura of selfishness! Who do you think he is taking an unsuspecting team hostage! Burger King has every right to get fooled here because he is the top prospect and they are the owners of the top pick. Like I said, he will fool everyone if this is the case since he is a sought-after find. It is not like he was a former MyMVP player trying his luck to join the pros! He is Japeth Aguilar damn it, a 6’9 standout from a Division 1 NCAA school!

When Ronnie Nathanielsz said that the PBA doesn’t have any reasons to ban him, he must not be thinking right. For a guy who has been a pillar in the PBA during the Vintage days and the post-Vintage days, he must know that they are a private entity. In his column, Bill Velasco cited Duke University’s Danny Ferry. Ferry played overseas rather than play for the LA Clippers. Smart move… if he didn’t do that, he probably won’t get traded to Cleveland where he was offered a 10-year deal. Sure, Ferry ended his career as a 6’10 beanpole that is only good outside the three-point area but at least he won a NBA title… with the San Antonio Spurs.

If a ban takes place, can Japeth play in the NBA? NBDL? Europe? CBA (the Chinese league)? Singapore Slingers???

If he wanted to stay as an amateur, the PBA will still ask him to play for the team. In 1992, another Duke star Christian Laetner was the token amateur guy in the USA Basketball team that was dubbed “The Dream team”. Former NCAA standouts Duke U’s J.J. Redick and Gonzaga’s Adam Morrison were taken in by current Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski to compete for roster spots during the “Redeem Team” road to the 2008 Beijing games.

Actually, you don’t need to go far with the examples. During the road to the 2006 FIBA-Asia Championships in Tokushima, RP coach Chot Reyes was in the U.S. when he saw a former George Mason standout that is half-Filipino. Yes, this is Gabe Norwood. He was discovered years after Chot Reyes discovered another Fil-Am in Kelly Williams.

If this was the case, he should have stated this early and not shock people about your determination to play for your “motherland”. He should have told team officials that he might linger to the RP Team so they could “draft” him but they’ll have to pay for the consequences.

Case in point: Jason Castro. The former many-time PBL MVP applied to the PBA draft in 2008 even if he had an existing contract with the Singapore Slingers. He was exercising his options when the fact aroused that the Slingers would no longer compete in Australia’s National Basketball League. Even if Talk N Text knows his situation, Castro was selected third overall. When it was sure for him to detach with the Slingers, Castro’s handlers baited PBA legend Johnny Abarrientos and PBA hopeful Al Vergara to replace Castro. The Slingers opted for Vergara, who saw brief action with the Purefoods Giants in last season’s Fiesta Cup (midway in the season, Vergara was called back and Purefoods had no choice but to put him in the reserved list to honor his commitment to play for Singapore).

Whatever he is doing, this is blatant arrogance. Who is pulling the strings in this puppet? When the Grizzlies were still in Vancouver, Steve Francis resisted playing for the squad. This led one of the largest trades in NBA history. While there were no stars in the trade, Vancouver collared Antoine Carr, Othella Harrington, Brent Price, Michael Dikkerson and a second-round pick. At least Vancouver had players. Burger King was left high and dry.

Remember when Alex Cabagnot used to act as a tool? Since then he has been an outstanding member of the PBA community. He signs autographs; Coke hasn’t had any AWOL issues. Hell, he even led the league in assists and steals per game, and was second to Kelly Williams in minutes per game!

But still, people think of him as a bad fate waiting happen.


Because first impressions last.

Game over.

Hmmm… so the Japeth Aguilar saga continues?

Burger King’s top guy has ever reason to get pissed at Japeth. The former WKU standout is about to face a brutal punishment for his intentions to not sign with the Whoppers so he could help the Smart-Gilas national team in international competition.

Since he arrived in the Philippines, Japeth is been RP basketball’s most sought player. After weeks of speculation, Aguilar finally decided to play for the PBA. Yeng Guiao was helpful to get this guy’s nod, with the coach a Pampanga native, just like Japeth’s dad, former RP team and PBA player Peter. However, Yeng Guiao will not coach the Burger King Whoppers for long… as he is about to run for the governor position in Pampanga.

With Japeth joining the PBA, he was automatically included to the list of cagers to play in the 2009 FIBA-Asia Championships in Tianjin. He was tested at the Jones Cup and while he was a late addition, he showed a lot of potential. In Tianjin while he delivered a strong debut, he missed three games due to fever. When he returned, he was seldom used. I guess the feeling was he could have helped more for the Powerade team had he had more minutes. Sure, his repertoire was more of dunks and presence but he wasn’t really struggling, unlike Arwind Santos, Kerby Raymundo, and Jayjay Helterbrand. But hey, its not like we can do anything to salvage a top spot. While in the Iran game Japeth wasn’t fielded, the international competition just became too complicated for our PBA team to endure.

So this could probably be one of the reasons why Aguilar is joining the “other” side.

Let’s compare three first rounders who didn’t play for the teams that drafted them.

In 2000, Purefoods selected Dino Aldaguer as their third pick overall. Aldaguer was a top DLSU guard, actually one of the cornerstones of their championship runs. At this point, all the big amateur names were being lured to the allure of the Metropolitan Basketball Association. At hindsight, Dino Aldaguer wasn’t a top three player, but with the draft depth rather borderline ghastly, the Hotdogs had no choice but to selected the best player available. Aldaguer failed to win a spot in their rotation and was sent to the free agent pool. Luckily, Alaska signed him (they just had Aldaguer’s teammate Don Allado). After a brief stint with the Aces, he signed with the MBA’s Negros Slashers and ICTSI in the PBL.

A couple of years back, new team Welcoat Dragons selected Abby Santos as their first ever draft pick (tenth overall). Santos hails for UP, he is bulky and while he has questionable offense, his defense could improve. The problem is, despite the obvious lack of credible manpower (and size), Santos didn’t sign. He ended up playing for the Lhuillier club in the PBL. He did end up in the PBA as a free agent for Air21 and TNT but he barely played for both squads. He is now in Liga Pilipinas.

The problem with Japeth Aguilar is that he was a first pick overall. BK is in grave need for height and it seems that it is Japeth’s task to give them their first championship. Before the draft the Whoppers traded Arwind Santos to San Miguel for a draft pick, Marc Pingris and Kenneth Bono (Pingris has been since sent to Purefoods while Bono could see action in Coke). Without Santos and Aguilar, the Whoppers will continue to have a lack of size and now… with only Gary David as the only superstar in the squad. This is actually the fault of Yeng Guiao’s no star player system… and they seem to be paying for it.

So let’s predict how the Japeth Aguilar situation could end:

1) PBA BANS JAPETH: Alvarez blames veteran sportsman Ronnie Nathanielsz for giving Aguilar bad advice. With the setup of Smart-Gilas, Japeth could try to play in European leagues to further hone his skills. Smart-Gilas coach Rajko Toroman believes that Japeth could play in Europe. This is a better route actually if he wants to get recognition in international play. Problem is, at this point, Japeth could pretty much be a benchwarmer there. Best bet for him is to go for the Asian Professional League that will be institutionalized this year. If he could dominate there, maybe a chance in Europe could be inevitable.

2) THE SMART – TNT CONNECTION: While Smart-Gilas says they have nothing to do with Japeth’s decision, they could be looking at a possible trade to acquire Aguilar. Of course, this could be mean that they need to give away a couple of their bigs (either a 1 on 1 trade to involve Ranidel de Ocampo and Ali Peek… or a two-on-one trade that could give the Whoppers either Yancy de Ocampo, Renren Ritualo, Jason Castro, the San Beda Connection, or a draft pick). Of course, we are talking about TNT and Burger King, who have been doing lopsided trades since time immemorial (BK gets the weaker side of things). This solves the Aguilar case for BK, with the team still in need of a star player.

3) WHAT’S THE PROBLEM, ANYWAY?: Lito Alvarez has expressed a go-signal for Aguilar to do extra-curricular things. This is a like an open marriage of sorts. Aguilar can push through his dreams of playing in the RP Team and at the same time, he’ll have a PBA team to back him up. With a maximum salary, this is a great place to be at, money-wise and star-wise. But in order for this to work, both sides need to compromise.

Whoever is telling Japeth what to do, I suggest they ponder on the second scenario. But in order for this to work, they need to not put BK in a place where they cannot get a proper player. TNT is flushed with talents. With Nic Belasco in the team, some of their players are dispensable.

But the most important thing here is that someone needs to sort this. No one wants a person to get banned especially with his talent. While Japeth holding out means he is a “diffucult” person to deal with, there is no question about his potential to succeed. But let this be a lesson for officials and players in the near future…

If undecided… don’t commit. And don’t commit on undecided players. Why? So this would be the last time a party “gays” out of a responsibility.

Game over.

I remember something that my college professor once told me when I was trying to make the most awesome journalism article…

All you need is a kiss!


Keep It Simple, Stupid.

The reason why my Hardcore Chronicles couldn’t work is because I think too much. Just like what I am doing now… thinking of ways to further this paragraph’s ability to get lengthy. Anyway, I created the first 15 characters of what could be a weekly episodic treat.

Here goes.

CHICANO: From the former One Tuff Skool series. He is still an obnoxious living thing. However, unlike when I first labeled him as Carlito Carribean Cool that is smoking pot, now I level him like EDGE but smoking pot! Also, to twist things, he is now Tsong Michaels’ most powerful ally and they now feud against Ayatollah.

TSONG MICHAELS: Another returning character from the OTS cartoon series, his “heartbroken-ness” made him hate Ayatollah for destroying his “fragile” heart. While he is still a good guy, his anger towards Ayatollah made him ally with Chicano. This character is obviously patterned to SHAWN MICHAELS.

AYATOLLAH: The once object of affection has become everybody’s thorn. With an ever-so-bloated ego, she wants Chicano and Tsong to suffer for being their ping-pong ball and not moving when she already wants to. Formerly Sienna from the OTS series, she’s now a vengeful princess resembling CHRIS JERICHO.

DIVA TISTA: Another returnee from the OTS series, she now understood that she has the power to destroy people… just like BATISTA. While she’s still slow (i.e. a dimwit), she doesn’t like people making her do things! Especially if they want to claim her affection, they should prepare to have their hearts get literally crushed!

ESTONG COLD: Once Tsong Michaels’ opportunist friend, Estong found Tsong’s newest ally unbearable. So he branched out of their team and aligned himself to Unmachoman. He loves to drink beer and he is foulmouthed just like STONE COLD… but unlike Austin, he’s virtually a whipping boy.

UNMACHOMAN: He is insanely muscle-clad but it seems to be not proportional with his head! Alongside Estong Cold, Unmachoman will bench press his way to reach his goals. A new character, he is based upon RANDY ORTON. Yes he hears voices in his head… the smaller head.

CHOCOTUNA: Here is another returnee from the OTS series. He is obnoxious, he talks without sense, and he thinks he is THE ROCK! Yes, I detest giving the curly top the People’s Champ distinction however people will always call him Yuckishi. Whenever this happens, a feud would likely start.

THE GREAT PEBBLES: He is 7’4 and loves to embrace cute-looking men. He is a pretty flower that was originally cow dung. Coming from the GREAT KHALI, he will torment the men by bullying them to loving him. He is strong and immovable and only Chicano can restrain Pebbles from administering very icky and super-malicious pain.

G.I. JOKLA (HARRY POTPOT/X-MEN/TRANSFORMER): He is in actually Josh Mio Marinella but he dons a character commanded to her by Ayatollah. Actually, a GANG of CHAINS wreak his body from the verbal lashing given to her by Ayatollah. Worse, he has three girls in his stable, the Pretty Mean Street Posse. On a bright side, just like JOHN CENA, on combat missions he can easily whip everyone’s asses.

THE MATURE BOY: He is practically everyone’s uncle that’s trying to be “in” with the whims of the yuppie generation. A cross between RIC FLAIR and HULK HOGAN, his ultimate move is a bunch of football players entering the ring and kicking balls on people’s balls.

MANN HARDLY: He is pretty much the person that controls the action in this universe (this being an online spotfest). Alongside Jazz they comprise of the Hardly Boyz. Whoever says bad things against him will feel pain… virtually like MATT HARDY. He’ll just let everyone embarrass themselves than stand in the spotlight.

JAZZ HARDLY: She loves to be athletic to the point that she’ll do extreme things like JEFF HARDY. Since Mann is a physical liability, she has decided to be the force of the duo. Together they form the most impressive mixed tag team of the federation.

ORACLE: She sees the events unfold from the future. She is destructive and mysterious like THE UNDERTAKER. She is the part of the Pretty Mean Street Posse. She’ll often think she’s a mythological figure or a sea animal but when she gets pissed hell beckons.

SKINNY JEANS: He feels happy when he is sad. He is an awesome submission specialist despite gel and wax is making his head dizzy, his jeans taking much of his circulation, his eyes bleeding from too much crying, and My Chemical Romance ruining his ears. This character was based on STING.

HAPPY MEAL: She has a burp bag in his head. Unlike in the former OTS series, he is now a 4’11 midget that is cat-quick and ultra explosive. Like REY MYSTERIO, his true appearance is hidden. He loves solving blind items though. He is pretty much the token player in this world.

Soon new characters will appear in the scene. They are either a bunch of corporate tyrants, macho dancer-looking hunks, people the extremely love pain, and idiots dressed as superheroes. Nonetheless expect this to break the web in the first week of September.

I had an epiphany. You see, I saw this blog article that recalls the 100 Best NBA players of All Time!

It’s his take so it’s infallible. But there were a lot of things that didn’t suit me. First of all, let’s examine his Top Ten. Michael Jordan comes in first followed by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Tim Duncan, Larry Bird, Oscar Robertson, and Karl Malone. This ten deserve a lot of praise so I wouldn’t mind this (although I can’t see Bill Russell dropping from the Top 4). The next 10 however is disputable. Kobe Bryant is at number 11 with Hakeem Olajuwon, Julius Erving, Moses Malone, David Robinson, Bob Pettit, Kevin Garnett, Charles Barkley, George Mikan and Jerry West rounding out the group.

That didn’t suit me…

Just like this… would not suit you probably.

Let me level something to you guys: I expect this article to have criticisms. Yes, some of the rank ratings are not satisfying. I hope I can channel my inner “writer” and produce an awesome article. However, to make this fair, I’ll institute a little thing I call… RULES!


ELIGIBILITY: Only All-Star selected players are eligible in this list. Except for two notable players, all players mentioned should have at least played for 400 games. There is a two-point deduction to players that have yet to play more than 500 games. There is also a player I bumped off from the list. He will be replaced from one of the players that rated 101 to 110 in the rankings. The reason for the bump off is the fact that the player is currently playing in the NBA but isn’t making any waves… to the point of his career going downward spiral.

POINT SYSTEM: The list will undergo the PBfantasy system where PTS = 1, REB = 1.5, AST = 2, STL = 2.5, and BLK = 2.5. These five stats will be added and the sum will be divided to their games played. However, the sum of these stats will decrease when we subtract their turnovers. And if you ask the old players… don’t worry! They’ll fare well in the system even if they don’t have steals and blocks (since they also have no turnovers).

MVP = 3 points x number of awards
FINALS MVP = 3 points x number of awards
ROOKIE OF THE YEAR = 3 points x number of awards
ALL-STAR MVP = 3 points x number of awards
DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR = 2 points x number of awards
ALL-NBA SELECTION = 1 point x number of selection
ALL-STAR CITATION = 1 point x number of citation
PART OF A CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM = 1 point x number of rings

EXCEPTIONS: Bill Russell, since he didn’t had a Finals MVP trophy, will get an automatic 20 plus points because he had 11 titles with Boston and the trophy is renamed in 2009 as the BILL RUSSELL FINALS MVP AWARD.


Before I see hate mails, let state my claim regarding why these guys were left out.

SOME 50’s GUYS – Sorry but, when they say you’re an All-Star then, you score an average of 15 points, pick up a high of 3 rebounds, and an assist or two. Even with the steals and blocks, guys like Joe Fulks, Max Zaslofsky, Andy Philip, Carl Braun, Slater Martin, Cliff Hagan, and Bobby Wanzer will find it hard to qualify even if they are certified Hall of Famers.



TERRELL BRANDON, GUY RODGERS, MAURICE CHEEKS, MARK JACKSON, NORM VAN LIER, REGGIE THEUS, NORM NIXON, TONY PARKER, CHAUNCEY BILLUPS, MARK PRICE – Players that contributes in passing that were mere breaths away from getting a seat in the rankings.

(Note: this introduction would likely repeat in the following installments).


When I say best careers, you have to factor the best things that happened on why that player ranks high or very high in the list. Who knows? Definitely some choices will shock you! Remember Michael Jordan’s dismal Washington stint where his scoring averages decreased! Or how about Kobe Bryant first three seasons in the league! Tell me, will the fact that Karl Malone not having a championship gets some semblance when this gets factor in? How about the 50’s guys, those championship-less players, those that played on until their averages decreased considerably???


100 Dennis Rodman: I had the audacity to bump off Elton Brand (minus Rodman, he should have been 82) because I didn’t think Brand has done anything to make the NBA an international phenomenon. Rodman was weird and his antics were pretty crazy. David Stern’s version of popularity didn’t involve the Worm dressed in a wedding gown doing macho poses with Madonna. However, the Worm is a championship magnet. Rodman had 5 rings with the Pistons and the Bulls. He was also a rebounding champion for eight consecutive seasons. He was a 2-time All-NBA member, a 2-time All-Star, and a 2-time Defensive Player of the Year winner. Sure, Brand could blossom in the later years but until he gives people something to cheer at, Rodman takes his spot.

99 Sidney Moncrief: While the former Buck is a virtual unknown amidst the youngsters, Sid the Squid was an offense and defense gem during the 80’s. Appearing in 5 all-star games and 5 All-NBA citations, the first back-to-back Defensive of the Year winner was also one of those mentioned by Michael Jordan as one of his premier headaches when he was attacking the rim.

98 Dennis Johnson: The late great DJ was the ultimate chameleon. At the start of his career he was an off-the-bench scorer that helped Seattle win their first championship. In Phoenix he was the jump shooting go-to-guy. And then when he played in Boston, he was the hard-nosed quarterback who’ll likely pass the ball than shoot it. He got 3 rings in his career as well as a Finals MVP in Seattle, a 2-time All-NBA induction, and five appearances in the All-Star games.

97 Ed Macauley: This 11-year vet played when the league had a team called the St. Louis Bombers. He was a 4-time All-NBA member and a 7-time All-Star. He was also the first player to win the All-Star MVP award. He played for Boston and the St. Louis Hawks where he got his only championship. Alongside Cliff Hagan, they were traded to the Hawks for a St. Louis draftee called Bill Russell. Their departures paved the way for Boston’s rise in the 1960’s.

96 Sam Jones: Jones was never a big-time scorer and had to play behind the shadows of Russell, Havlicek, Heinsohn, Cousy, et al before getting fame. However, he played in 10 of 11 championship teams that Big Russell played. He was a key contributor for the Celts, being a 3-time All-NBA member and a 5-time All-Star. He is best known for his game-winning heroics, thus giving him the Mr. Clutch moniker.

95 Artis Gilmore: Gilmore was a player that played his best in the ABA. He is a 6-time All-Star in the NBA, but in the ABA, he was an MVP, a many-time mythical member, an All-Star MVP, Rookie of the Year, Playoff MVP, and is cited as part of the ABA All-time team. He remains to be the NBA’s career field goal percentage leader with a 59.9 percent clip.

94 Lenny Wilkens: The scrappy point guard was a one of the earliest playground legends to dazzle the NBA. With a streaky shooting and a gift to pass brilliantly, this former 9-time NBA All-Star (and a 1-time NBA All-Star MVP) was a crowd favorite. However, he was not inducted in any other citations. He didn’t even make any of the All-NBA teams in his more than decade-long tenure. He did become a playing coach, and then coached the Seattle Supersonics to the first championship, as well as becoming the winningest coach in the NBA.

93 Kevin McHale: He started out as a sixth man for Boston, replacing Cedric Maxwell every now and then. When Maxwell got hurt, he quickly owned the starting spot and completed the Celtics’ scary frontline. With an array of superb post-up moves he takes part of the defense away from Larry Legend. He won 3 rings with Boston, had a stint in the All-NBA Team, and appeared in seven All-Star games.

92 Michael Ray Richardson: One could wonder who this guy is – often in his career he wondered who he was too. During the 80’s, this 4-time All-Star was a star, finishing awesome numbers in four major statistical categories. However, this guy succumbs to the addition of booze and drugs – the typical NBA environment in the 80’s. He was banned twice in the NBA for failing the league’s drug policy. He did play 14 seasons in Europe and was known as a super guard-forward during his Knick and Net days.

91 Spencer Haywood: Ladies and gentlemen… we have an illegal player in our rundown. This more or less was the introduction Haywood received during his rookie season in the NBA. Because he has yet to finish college, the 1968 gold medalist played in the ABA (NBA prohibits early-entry players). The move was primarily to feed his poor family. When the Sonics obtained his rights, their owner launched an anti-trust suit against the league. He was a 4-time All-Star and a 4-time All-NBA team member. Drugs destroyed the end of his career (he’s basically Seattle’s first Shawn Kemp) but he did win his only NBA ring with the Lakers… while not playing due to drug suspension.

90 Bernard King: New Jersey, New York and Washington fans remember this guy’s athleticism and hard work. The world remembers him as an injury-plagued player. In his 14 seasons in the league, King was hardly healthy within a long period of time. Too bad, because this 4-time All-NBA member and 4-time All-Star could have been an awesome pair up if he reached Patrick Ewing in the Knicks. While he did, the tandem never got to play sweet music because he’s pretty much in the sidelines at this point.

89 Pau Gasol: Juan Antonio San Epifanio is considered as one of the best Spaniards to play in Europe. Why this doesn’t ring any bells? Well, “Epi” never played in the NBA. For the millions of basketball-crazy fans in the world, this distinction is reserved to Pau Gasol. Since getting drafted to Memphis, the 1-time All NBA member is seen as an exceptional big man with an array of shots. His stock increased significantly when he was traded to the Lakers for virtually nothing (Kwame Brown). This move gave the 2-time All-star a NBA ring aside from his Rookie of the Year award.

88 Ben Wallace: Funny how a player with zero offensive capabilities would rank so high in this list. This undersized center entered the league as an undrafted player that recently played in Italy. After being a second-string player for Washington and Orlando, he was part of the package that sent Grant Hill from the Pistons to the Magic. His presence rang a familiar sound in Motown as they became championship contenders. He captured an NBA crown despite opposition from the monstrous Lakers. He is a 5-time All-NBA member and a 4-time All-Star. Big Ben is tied for having the most Defensive Player of the Year citations of all time.

87 Gilbert Arenas: The former second round pick quickly rose to the top when he was given the chance by the Warriors where he became the league’s Most Improved Player in just his second season. However it was in Washington where he saw his stars bloom to the fullest. This awesome combo guard can dish out the goods as well as jam the lights out of any arena. Hibachi is a 3-time All-Star and a 3-time All-NBA member. He is also an excellent blogger who dreams of laying waste to the Cavs after a continuing struggle of botched missions.

86 Amar’e Stoudemire: Coming out of high school, this explosive and athletic mammoth conquered “high school”-ness to defeat Yao Ming in the Rookie of the Year race. Stat also won the battle of the Suns’ feuding forward (displacing long-time forward Shawn Marion). Sure, he is injury-prone and often plays the center spot undersized, but the guy is a prolific scorer and a great defender. In his short time in the pros he had 3-All NBA citations and he is a 4-time All-Star.

85 Jo Jo White: At first look, White looks like second-best to everybody. However, his admirable team leadership and the bringing of the other intangibles made him a force to reckon during the 70’s. He had two rings with the Celtics, where one of those runs earned him a Finals MVP trophy. He was part of two All-NBA teams as well as seven All-Star games. He was part of NCAA History when his Kentucky Wildcats coached by legendary mentor Adolph Rupp lost to the Texas Western Miners (now UTEP) in the finals of the 1966 NCAA Championship (Texas Western was the first team to start five black players in the championship). He was also part of the 1968 gold medal squad in the Mexico City Olympics.

84 Dave DeBusschere: At age 24, he was the youngest player-coach in NBA history. While it was unsuccessful, inside the shaded paint, he was unstoppable. Arguably he is one of the best power forwards the NBA has laid its eyes on. The 8-time All-Star’s trade from Detroit to New York gave DeBusschere two championships. However, sharing the limelight with a crop of superstars made his scoring a tad less of what he has been doing with the Pistons. Playing in an era dominated by Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the former Major League Baseball player was also a 1-time All-NBA member.

83 Jack Sikma: He owns the distinction as one of the most accurate shooting centers in NBA history. Long before Dirk, Memo Okur, Chris Webber, and Vlade Divac went above the arc, no coach on his right mind would ever think of making their big man score triples. While he was still restrained, he is 33 percent accurate from that spot and a career 85 percent shooter. He helped Seattle claim a championship in the 78-79 season. Despite a 7-year All-Star though, he played quiet and steady while delivering the numbers in Seattle and later Milwaukee. Actually, he played TOO QUIET! These clubs were mere padding just to make the Boston-LA finals seem to not look “too obvious” and he didn’t do shit to make it otherwise for the Bucks.

82 George McGinnis: Here’s another player who traces his roots from the defunct ABA. As a member of the ABA’s Indiana Pacers, this 3-time NBA All-Star became a mythical team member, an All-Star, a scoring leader, a MVP and an owner of two ABA champ rings. As a member of the Sixers, he almost led the team to a crown in the 1977 Finals. But he also played his best years in the ABA. It also seemed that he a couple of trades made his rise to superstardom regress. The only team that gave him love was Indiana, which is why he returned to his stomping grounds a couple of years before his retirement.

81 Brad Daugherty: Under the tutelage of Dean Smith at NCAA’s North Carolina, Cleveland made him the team’s top pick in 1986. He was a consummate scorer and a hard-nosed defender. The 1-time All-NBA member and 5-time All-Star was not at all flashy… but his presence changed the then-luckless organization into an Eastern contender. Think of Big Dukie as the late 80’s version of Tim Duncan. However, recurrent back problems forced him to retire in just 8 seasons. He last played his NBA game at age 28 which is sad because prior to the injury he was averaging 20 points and 10 rebounds in 3 of his last four seasons. It seems like he was the perfect player to give the Cavs its first championship… which will now fall to the lap of LeBron.

Wow, writing 20 names is tough! How about the next 20? Catch the next installment to find out! You'll probably see a Keanu Reeves film, a giant, a crossover genius, a type of gun, a chief and RUN TMC! Until next time…


So, ganito pala ang mapasukan ng mahaba at matulis na bagay sa ilong? Grabe… di ako mapalagay! Noong unang pinasok, dinahan-dahan pero palalim ng palalim! Pucha, tumatama sa edges tapos ang hapdi!

Pero medyo exciting siya! SOBRA!!!


Yes, I am really kadiri.

My website has seen its share of gore.

Seriously icky disgust-oidal shits have engulfed the sanity of my avid viewers.

Imagine their faces whenever I put anything “Cindy” in my page.

But I tell you, no one could ever prepare these guys for the thing they will see!

By the way, lots of thanks to the guys at the ENT Clinic of Capitol Medical Center. I was just thinking of shooting myself with a huge tube being inserted at my snout but their high-tech gadgetry made me drop it. Besides… isn’t shooting things in front of the camera a bit… jologs?

Rigid Nasal Endoscope is not usually a term you hear when going to the CR, crossing the sidewalks, gardening, etcetera…

There was an extreme amount of mucus inside the inner part of my nose which basically hampers my normal breathing patterns. When the telescope was shoved into my nose, it hurts when it got deep because the freakin’ snots are making things difficult for it to have a “perfect” entry. The name of this exam is called Rhinopharyngoscopy.

And yeah, if you’re thinking “Why the hell did I NOT clean my nose and ears before the procedure takes place… this is just me scared of altering anything that could disrupt my healing process.

(Screw it, I want action in this visual eye candy!)
Afterwards, I was treated to my first Otoscopy. Remember when I had phlegm lodged in my ear? Well… its not phlegm. It’s fluid. There is fluid in my ear. Good news is those things are quickly exiting out of my system, thanks to the many drugs that I have consumed in this “healing” period (more of this later). If you look at the video, you’ll see that I have a mirror-like figure. These are bubbles that are escaping my ears. Apparently my ear is improving.

Well, at least it was improvement unlike a couple of months ago when my left ear hears basically 25 percent less than what I hear with my right.

Anyway, the best part here is that it seems like my hospital ordeals will near its end. I also found out that the pneumonia wasn’t as bad as predicted and it is slowly dying down. However, I need to put nasal sprays and inhalers in my house and mouth for at least a month.

The sucky thing? After this I went to the pharmacy and this trip costs me 3800Php!

Sure, I know I have a medical reimbursement package but…

Day 3 of my awesome rest days: Something cool visited me.

No you stupid nincompoops, it’s not called menstrual cycle pouring out of my ass.

It’s called Cindy. One must think what’s the deal here? Yes, a girlfriend has finally seen my room. Just like when my friends came to my house to drink on my birthday, my mom tried hard to make sure my room, as well as my house, wouldn’t look like some stinky wildlife grazed on it. Unlike when my friends came to my house to drink on my birthday, no one vomited on my bed sheet.

So… why must this be groundbreaking? Well I had girlfriends (being the awesome hotness specimen that I am) but my house remains a mystery for all of my unfortunate lovers. Sometimes I ask myself if I was really an ass then but as I see myself in the mirror looking like an awesome person… well it basically my guilt stops there.

Sense of maturity?!?

Days 1 and 2 pretty much solidified my state as a lazy jackass lounged in a bed sleeping with an aircon on (forbidden), with junk food bits scattered everywhere (forbidden), and searching for the DVD’s that I have seen… and at that time trying to forget it just to make it fresh.

Anyway, Friday started with me waking up at ten and reading about the rise of the Liberal Party. I am such a fan of the old school Nacionalista-Liberal rivalry that despite I am more of a NP guy (blame the Laurels and the Rectos of Batangas), the three-way battle with Noynoy Aquino, Mar Roxas, Kiko Pangilinan at the frontline will surely scare the hell out of the current administration. Then someone buzzed at the doorbell. By this time, my parents has left early to buy things at the mall. It was Christian, my sister’s boyfriend.

You have to hand it to this guy. He just came off a 10pm to 6am shift working as a nurse. Anyway he asked me if I was playing Monster Hunter on my PSP. I laughed. What dumb asses play a Ragnarok-like game where people use their sword to butcher meat and their knapsacks are animals?

Yes, I’ve seen people play this…

Anyway, I was busy watching TV from 11 to 1:30pm. Cindy has not texted anything. Then I showered. When I came out, I received a text: she’s in the bus. I then asked her where’s she is now. After I watched a couple of minutes of TV I received her answer…

Tandang Sora.

The hell? That is like less than two minutes from Ever Commonwealth!

Therefore, I called for a trike (this is how the young people call tricycles these days… just like how youngsters call taxis “cabs”) and it zoomed to BF. I rode an Ever Ikot jeep and I arrived in Ever 30 minutes later. At this point she’s asking me if I wanted pizza. I told her to not buy pizza because my sister and I were plotting to buy pizza ourselves. Instead, I asked for a cake, it’s like what I always grab whenever I visited her house. When we saw each other, I told her that we should buy junk food. Meanwhile, my sister and her boyfriend cooked baked macaroni. However, it was burned because the two failed to wake up.

When we got to the house, we quickly called the ever-so-friendly 911-11-11. I haven’t eaten lunch at this point. A conflict of interest brewed early. “Team Krisette” wanted Meatlovers but “Team Syd” yearned for Supreme (Super Supreme is like Supreme but you get to pay 50 more for it to have pineapple). So using the Pizza Hut Pinaka Card, we bought Supreme, Meatlovers, a regular Pepsi, Pepsi Max, and the two free pizzas… that was both Hawaiian.


We feasted and dined like there was no tomorrow… alongside a helper. Funny how watching Surviving History is making me launch an explosive appetite! The show is about modern era torture methods. They tested a lot of helpful persecution devices like garrote (the ones used on the Gomburza), firing squad, the hanging door opening, pair of despair (you swallow a pear-like metal that blooms in your mouth), among others.

She then got to see my room. With an FHM and Maxim collection exposed, she didn’t care. She looked at some of my serious books that were authored by some of the greatest minds in history – Robert Greene, Shawn Michaels (I saw his bio… at the 100Php and under stash of National Bookstore), Arnold Arre, Lyndon Gregorio, and Pol Medina Jr.

After another bout in the dining table, which is basically leftovers from our meryenda, Cindy and my sister rode the same trike en route to the outside of my subdivision (my sister’s boylet left an hour early). I think it was a couple of minutes before 9pm when they left.

Then rain poured.

Cindy probably understood my annoying travel patterns as she returned to her house two hours after leaving my house, with part of her pants drenched despite the fact that rain has yet to touch Cainta!

When my parents returned to the house, my mom freaked at the quantity of pizza stored in our fridge. She commanded me to not engulf all the junk food in one sitting because it would raise hell on my liver and kidneys.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the visit and although my gay dog Bart, never stopped barking and growling at her (my sister’s boyfriend unfortunately also gets the same treatment from said dog) I think she enjoyed the stay.

The ride out of my house was harsh… but I think the stay was alright.

Until then.

Game over.

First of all, this isn’t about basketball. However, once, this guy was part of basketball. If you think about it… he still is. I am talking about the luckiest man in Philippine Basketball, Chris “Lucky or Jumbo” Bolado.

The former NU Bulldog first came to the scene in Alaska, where he became one of the key subs in Tim Cone’s grand slam roster. The starting five of this team included MVP Johnny Abarrientos, Jojo Lastimosa, Bong Hawkins, Jeff Cariaso, and Poch Juinio. Key subs included Jun Reyes, Merwin Castelo, Kevin Ramas, Roehl Gomez, and Dickie “Bachmann Forever” Bachmann. The usual reinforcement during this time was Sean Chambers. He was then traded to Purefoods where the team scored a championship with his revival. He also accomplished the feat when he moved to Ginebra the following year. For teams to win championships, “Lucky” Bolado has to be in their side. The feat was duplicated in Coke in the 2000’s but at this point, Bolado was more of a lucky charm rather than a inside powerhouse.

Fast forward to 2009, while most of his batch mates are still playing for amateur professional leagues or has cozily settled in the US, Bolado is working in the country as a basketball preacher. While the journeyman showed no offensive awareness and was reverted as a mere lucky charm his whole career, he is currently taking his wares to a more suitable environment: Jumbo Bolado is now a reality TV star.

I know what you're thinking... you should have bought his Air Bolado apparel?

He is perhaps the most noticeable figure in the second season of Survivor Philippines. Dubbed Survivor: Palau, he is currently leading the Airai tribe in terms of crab hunting and shelter building. The Koror tribe is also smarting as they head to the Week 1 Tribal Council because in the immunity challenge, where they were to carry a ton-heavy boulder, it took four Koror people to unsuccessfully lift the boulder from a elevated, inverted V shape barrier.

Airai only depended on Bolado to almost single-handedly lift the boulder to cross the other side,

While in the PBA he served as a supplementary player, here he is the show’s attraction. While he has gained a beer belly, his size and strength is unmatched. Since he is one of the eldest participants, the gentle giant with zero backstabbing prowess (yet) is a highly-respected member of the Airai tribe. While I don’t think he’ll win the contest (he resembles the ogre that played in Survivor: Pearl Islands and Survivor: All-Stars in the US versions), he’ll likely earn somewhat of an acting job here.

Either as a fantaserye goon or as a KiliTV comic.

Basically what I’m trying to say here is if you’re not doing anything, here’s something you can do every weeknight at 10pm. Watch Survivor on GMA.

The lucky part of this new viewing habit: You can always see Chris Bolado’s super ultra-skimpy bulaklakin shorts.


Game over.

Ever since the idiots in our computer admin blocked Facebook, my ability to scour for awesome pics has deteriorated. So deep in my collection of shitty pics, here is a pic of a yearning man.

The Sydman: Uy!

Evilbrain: Tabalits?

The Sydman: Pneumonia!

Evilbrain: What the fuck?!? Get away from me!

The Sydman: Hindi contagious yun!

Evilbrain: Fuck you!!!

The Sydman: HINDI NGA!! It’s like my breathing area is filled with sipon! Sa Monday lalagyan ako ng tubo sa ilong! Ibi-video ko!

Researching Pneumonia, I found out that it is an inflammatory illness of the lung. Frequently, it is described as lung parenchyma/alveolar inflammation and abnormal alveolar filling with fluid (consolidation and exudation). The alveoli are microscopic air-filled sacs in the lungs responsible for absorbing oxygen. Pneumonia can result from a variety of causes, including infection with bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites, and chemical or physical injury to the lungs. Its cause may also be officially described as idiopathic—that is, unknown—when infectious causes have been excluded.

Typical symptoms associated with pneumonia include cough, chest pain, fever, and difficulty in breathing. Diagnostic tools include x-rays and examination of the sputum. Treatment depends on the cause of pneumonia; bacterial pneumonia is treated with antibiotics.

Pneumonia is a common illness which occurs in all age groups, and is a leading cause of death among the elderly and people who are chronically and terminally ill. Additionally, it is the leading cause of death in children under five years old worldwide. Vaccines to prevent certain types of pneumonia are available. The prognosis depends on the type of pneumonia, the appropriate treatment, any complications, and the person's underlying health. (source: Wikipedia)

Hmmm… I now think my ailment’s serious especially when I saw the word “DEATH’!

Luckily I caught bacterial pneumonia because it could be easily treatable by antibiotics.

Wait did I say I was lucky? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


Evilbrain: Your anus has sipon.

The Sydman: Whaaaaaat? Bahay ka no? May internet ka kasi eh.

Evilbrain: Area.

The Sydman: Ows? Pupuksa ka na naman ng mga naka-uniform. Tangna kailangan kong pumunta sa Sabado!!!!

As of August 2009, I have been to the watering hole once in the three August Saturdays.

Evilbrain: Tangna.

The Sydman: Uy walang green-mindedness sa sinabi ko!

Evilbrain: Kung pupunta pumunta.

The Sydman: Kaya nga! Wala namang hot female nurse na naglalaro diyan!

Evilbrain: What the fuck?!?

The Sydman: Ano ba sabi ko?!?

Evilbrain: No one can really keep a secret here…

The Sydman: Wait... merong hot female nurse diyan?

Evilbrain: Ahhh… wala… nevermind.

As I was re-writing this, I noticed Brain’s reaction.

I have been gone for a while now.

The Sydman: Gago ka muntik mo na akong inggitin. Although… sino ba naiinggit? Hehe, birthday niya, binigyan niya ako ng t-shirt! Ang design... robot!

Evilbrain: E ikaw, ano bigay mo?

The Sydman: Hmm... good question…

Really. It’s a good question. Hi Labs!

Evilbrain: Alam ko kung bakit robot… na reprogram ka na niya eh!

The Sydman: Hindi ba “Mom, where's my favorite robot shirt? DULAAAYYY!!!!”

Evilbrain: Hindi. Reprogrammed ka na.

The Sydman: Ahhh... hmm... let me explain.

Three seconds later.

The Sydman: Yes. YEEESSS!!!

Afterwards Brain stopped typing. Either he got scared that pneumonia could entire online-ly… or he got scared that awesome loving is contagious.

Game over.

Trouble reared its ugly head a few months ago. It started out as a simple cough that often makes me emit nasty sticky phlegm every now and then. After a series of remedies (Solmux Broncho, Biogesic, Neozep, Amoxicillin, Water Therapy, Lessening of Smoking, Potassium Iodide Saturated Solution, and all those other stuffs that didn’t work and made my mom nag more), I finally found myself using my Medicard and going to a specialist to clean my air tube.

My first doctor specializes in ENT (Ears, nose, throat). He saw that my eyes were red inside and he gave anti-biotic meds, anti-cough pills, and a nose spray. For a week, I shall put these non-candies into my system. They also forced me to undergo a week-long sabbatical, which started on a Saturday and ended on a Wednesday (this week is also called the Mourning Week of President Cory Aquino).

Before the week ended, I felt my ears were somewhat deaf. It’s like the volume of the TV is 20. My right ear hears 20 but my left ear hears 15 on the average. It seems that there is something clogging my ear. In August 10, I returned to Capitol Medical Center but this time, I went to a different ENT. It was my mom’s inkling that we should go seek this doctor. I remember this doctor when I witnessed how she took out all my sister’s wax when she was still a pedia ENT at the Lungsod ng Kabataan (the hospital that has alphabet blocks in their ceiling). Yup, mom is always there to guide me when I go to the hospital… to make sure I GO to the hospital. Reason? Grown men will never admit they have a problem until it is visibly seen in their skin… or in their facial expressions like gagging in your own phlegm. Anyway, it seems that the doctor is very popular because I had to wait for three hours and a half for her to “heal” me. The doctor inspected my nose and I had a lot of boogers from the constant sniffing. However the money shot in this scenario is the fact that I have a flood in my left ear. It seems that my cough, nasal congestion, and ear flood all come from the same root. She seems to think I have an allergy to something. She instructed me to take a steroid to cure my allergy. However, the pill could give me a sour sensation in my tummy so I had to take another pill an hour tops before eating. The nasal spray coming from my first doctor was continued but it seems that she’ll apparently clean my ear lobes if after a week, she still sees something in my system.

After a month of grueling coughing, I thought that my throat is ready to rest. Fact is, I thought I was doing a helluva job maintaining myself. Yes, I still smoke but I have accepted the fact to say no from 7 of the ten people that gauds me to puff. The steroids are bent to make me fat, so I started to do some lifting and bouncing in my room (after an hour, the smell of icky steam will rouse your nose which was what I emitted). While I noticed I always have trouble breathing (especially after I eat too much), I often discounted it as a mere “effect” of my pill-popping.

Last Friday, I watched the awesome The Hangover with Cindy, who was about to celebrate her birthday at 10am of August 15 (she has yet to get over the fact that she’s growing old). It is an awesome storyline that I envy (it could have been better if they cleaned the mouths of some of the characters that isn’t Mr. Chow). She was at first tired and pissed because she woke up early to create a pasta creation that didn’t fill her department’s stomachs (let’s just say the food was good enough for the male population to pillage without thinking of the other people that even eaten yet). And then last Saturday, we celebrated Cindy’s birthday via roaming the metro (it was a miracle that I didn’t had any sense of sickness-mania what’s-so-ever.

I know I was going to meet a doctor that Monday, but my coughing hardly stopped. Worse, I was always catching my breath. During the sun-less hours of Monday morning, I was playing with my PSP (yes, my PSP still exists because I can play it whenever I want and even in the workplace), I placed two pillows below my head. I COUGHED severely every time my I move my head and I had to always go to the kitchen to issue myself a H2O break.

Five hours later, August 17, 2009… I woke up. My father told me to shower fast so we could finish at the hospital early (the Monday before I was ranting like hell because I was still at the hospital as of 1:45pm – my time should start at 12nn). While I was showering I would hear my mother tell my sister how I was not really taking care of health. Well, that could be true but she nags and nags and nags about my sickness… and it sickens me.

When we arrived at CMC my mother suggested we see a pulmonary doctor. This doctor is not Medicard accredited but my mom insisted that I see him. While my mom did treat me so I had no choice but to see this doc, I guess of all the doctors that I saw, this doc made a short and sweet message about my coughing, and actually made sense to all the things that has been happening to me for almost two months now. The guy was like House… but he captures the truest Pinoy essence by looking like D.O.M. who likes to sing Chicago, Hall and Oates, Stephen Bishop, and Michael McDonald songs at a videoke bar.

This could have been the conversation:

DOC: Ubo.

SYD: Cough.

DOC: May pulmonia ka.

SYD: Ano?

DOC: Ubo ulet.

SYD: Cough… cough…

DOC: Tama! May pneumonia ka nga.

MOM: Tingnan mo! Ayaw mo kasing makinig e!

DOC: (gets stethoscope) Hinga ng malalim… Inhale…

SYD: Hinga…

DOC: Exhale.

SYD: Hinga…

DOC: Inhale… ayun o… sa kaliwang baga…

SYD: May naririnig kayong huni?

DOC: Inhale sabi.

SYD: Hinga…

DOC: Inhale sabi eh.

SYD: Hinga…

DOC: May hika ka eh!

MOM: May hika po siya dati.

DOC: Hindi ka ba nagigising sa gabi at umuubo’t hinihingal?

SYD: Hindi po.

DOC: Hehe, sanay na sanay ka na sigurong magka-hika!

Then he laughed… but he’s only the one who got the joke.

DOC: Ahem. Nagyoyosi ka ba?

SYD: Opo. Titigil ko na?

DOC: Oo. Tigil mo na.

MOM: Ayaw mong makinig kasi!

DOC: Kasi medyo malala na. Gusto mo bang magpa-confine?

SYD: Ayoko!

DOC: Well okay naman na nasa bahay ka lang. Bakit hindi? Pero kailangan mo na mag-bed rest.

SYD: Kelan ho?

DOC: Ngayon.

SYD: May trabaho ako e.

DOC: Uunahin mo pa trabaho mo? Okay yan! Eto na lang, bibigyan kita ng gamot tapos after… one week bumalik ka dito. Bibigyan pa kita ng steroids ha.

MOM: Meron na po siyang ininom.

DOC: Pero mahinang klase lang yun, Ma’am. Kumbaga sinundot lang eh. Ang gusto nating gawin dito ay hatakan palabas. Okay bay un iho?

SYD: Oho.

MOM: E Doc, matigas po ulo niyan. Naliligo po pag dis-oras na ng gabi.

DOC: Sus, naniniwala pa ho ba kayo sa ganun? Okay lang ho kahit kelan kayo maligo. Mga lola na lang ang nagsasabi ng ganun ngayon! Pati nga yung maliligo ng may pawis sa likod? Sus! Maga-out of town lang ako kaya magkita na lang tayo sa susunod na Lunes. OK bay un?

SYD: OK po.

DOC: Apir.

After that, I waited another hour to see the ENT doctor. As it turns out, I had great progress with the fluid in my ear. She gave me cough meds too. She somewhat questioned my other round of Steroids but she relented and instead offered a full ear and nose scan.

Wow, so this is the right way to use a Medicard card. Before that I was using it to merely open doors…

Anyway, my biggest regret in my pill-popping trip was that let my mother make some of the decisions. Since I had asthma, my first instinct was to find a person that would cure my asthma problem. The one that always had my back (I trust my life to her because my parents was sure by the way I was living the first five years of my life, I was lucky to even THINK of puffing yosi now) has been going out to foreign lands more often. Still, my allergies was bronchi, while I’ll more or less claim a medicine refund because of the medical allowance, giving 2500Php could have been averted had I trusted my instincts.

Oh well, experience gains another level.

As of this writing (Monday evening), my cough still sounds appalling but at least I think I am getting high. I will be seen next Monday in a return stint at Capitol Medical Center where I will have the pulmonary doctor examine my progress, as well as the ENT doctor finally giving me a ear and nose scan where the doctor PROMISED to insert a tube inside my nose and she gave me authority to let my mom document the proceedings.

Nothing more to report.


Nonito Donaire aims to be the next Manny Pacquiao. He wants to reign all the alphabet soup organizations in the world and became a multi-division champion.

This could happen… if he gets his power to climb too. (first seen at

Last August 16, Nonito Donaire Jr. captured the interim WBA superflyweight crown against Panamanian Rafael Concepcion. The fight finished with a unanimous decision in favor of Donaire. Fight fans saw the Filipino Flash masterfully dismantling his opponent. This is only the second time a Filipino has beaten a guy from Panama since Flash Elorde defeated Ismael Laguna at the Araneta Coliseum in 1966. Concepcion was a tough cookie as he withstood Donaire’s punches. However, one thing Concepcion lacked was the ability to break down Flash as he threw more misses than hits. Donaire’s gameplay resembles a created superstar fighting in a created career mode of the Fight Night game. He doesn’t engage the opponent into a brawl. Instead, he patiently looks for the opponent’s opening, eventually making him realize that Donaire suckered his opponents into playing “his” game.

If you watch Donaire’s last three fights, you’ll see he has a trademarked style. While he is a smart fighter and waits for his opponents to commit a mistake, he seems like a lazy fighter. He doesn’t throw combinations a whole lot. There will be an instance where his last three shots all came from the same fist. If you look at his style, you’ll see him play around his opponents like he’s the older brother slapping his kid’s brother’s head… whose in kindergarten. While his footwork and the ability to slip out of nasty predicaments are awesome, if he can’t see the right formula, he tends to backtrack and bounce away from his opponents. While this is all too normal… a tall guy playing in a division played by 5’3 fighters or below is like a giant that doesn’t like to get tagged.

But you know, the last paragraph could pretty much be his trademark so if this really works for him, then all they need is to refurnish this style for his liking, However, the power is something that needs to be quickly addressed. Sure, Concepcion is a wiry vet that sacrificed his money so that he could come into the fight a few pounds overweight (a bit shady, but since the fee is not that high, it was a great tactic for Panamanian Bull). Donaire had many punches that could have been easily be knockouts. Curing this early should be the focus of their camp. Donaire like I said, looks like a super-sized boxer in his current weight class. This means, he won’t look like a chomp once he moves to other heavier and more money making divisions. Amongst the current Pinoy crowd drawers, Flash is only behind Manny Pacquiao and a notch higher than Brian Viloria, AJ Banal, Boom Boom Bautista, Donnie Nietes, Gerry Penalosa, among others.

With Manny getting distracted by various endorsements, television appearances, and a political career, we need to get another power player in the mix for at least three years time.

The Filipino Flash has the capabilities to scour on that possibility but he needs to raise his arsenal up a notch.

By the way, who was channeling in his fight hairstyle… a 70’s version of a NBA player?

POSTSCRIPT: didn’t get to watch Bernabe Concepcion in action. When I logged into my PC I saw that he got DQ-ed. I don’t know what happened but… did this amount to a brawl? Also the action finished a shade after 1:30pm. What? Oh wait… this is because this is not a Pacman fight! Riiiight! Did the Philippines-Korea match aired? I want to see how Korean wielded their imaginary magic wands anew!
Getting older is mandatory.

Growing up is optional.

I won’t say how old you are because I know how women react when asked about their age and based on experience, I find reporting it scary.

Japan surrendered in this day while India gained their independence from the Brits. Woodstock opened in 1969 and the Beatles performed to 60,000 screamers four years earlier.

Napoleon Bonaparte first saw light in this day as well as St. Anthony de Padua, Sir Walter Scott, UK’s Princess Anne, Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas, Will and Grace’s Debra Messing, Ben Affleck, South Korean actress Song Ji-Hyo (from Princess Hours) and Kiddie Pop icon Joseph Jonas. Macbeth meanwhile breathes his last this day.

Can’t say how life would suck without you. All I can say is life got awesome with you. I would have written more, but I’ll save this for later because the actual Cindy could be waiting for me to finish up in my work (besides August 15 is on a Saturday… and Friday night pa lang as of this writing). By the way, as of this moment, you just got out of the gym. A certfied fitness addict, I swear I will support or all your fun runs, rock-climbing, yoga, gym, and other related activities!

Malay mo, you could see me sweating it out with you (it is hard not to laugh as I write this).

Happy Birthday and labs you CINDY aka Babaeng Patay na Patay sa Akin!


I think I have fans here (insert canned laughter).

Vote for this!

Anyway, I’m just going to copy-paste this:

Hello friends,

If ever medyo may free time kayo ay makikiusap sana ako na iboto nyo 'yung customized toy na ginawa ni NOEL (taga-QTV Creative Services). Currently, kasama siya sa exhibit ng "Munny Grubbers Custom Show" sa Arizona sa US at may online voting component din yung exhibit. Naka-attach 'yung pic ng toy na ginawa n'ya and the design is inspired by, no less, ng ating all-time favorite bilihan ng merienda at mga kung anik-anik!:)

Eto po 'yung for the voting component:

Papili na lang nung "Delicious" sa graph para mataas ang mataas ang points.

Salamat in advance:)

Vote. Now. Bravo.

Just when you taught Hair Highness could only cut hair, Hair Majesty can also cut bloodlines.

Ang ganda? Ang lambot?

Ang hurtful.

Ricky Reyes (born Richard Nelly Diaz De La Cruz) (born August 28, 1978) is a Cuban American professional wrestler known for his appearances in Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, and various other independent promotions. Ricky Reyes uses Bulls on Parade by Rage Against the Machine as his theme song. Currently he is in World Wrestling Council where he is the WWC World Junior Heavyweight Champion.

Source: Wikipedia

Next time you say bad things about the Hair Diva, make sure you remember his scoop lift dropped into either a brainbuster or a dragon sleeper with bodyscissors finishing move...

Or he'll display your balls elsewhere!

What’s so funny about a pack of Chorizo de Bilbao?

This is such an “unmanly” product.

Anyway, don’t see this as some sort of “Outreach Program” from a guy that hates animals. I don’t really hate animals… I just hate it when they touch me, destroy my things, destroy the air that I breath due to their insanely smelly out-product, barking senselessly 24/7, and making ferocious sounds and showing their teeth just to scare me from hurting them.

Before you call PETA (Try looking on to the YouTube site and type Bullshit: PETA and listen to Penn and Teller as they expose the wrongdoings of this “ethical” movement), I will never hurt an animal unless it bites me. By this time I will fear looking at them because I am terrified at the sight of death. I remember I owned a frog and I was delighted to punch holes in his body for our biology class. The moment he goes to a seizure or heart attack which prompts him to stop moving I ran out of the lab.

Milo is a Black Labrador. I hate his name because it is a step above ordinary dog names like “Blackie, Brownie, Whitey, and names that end in “-ie”, “-ey”, “y” or “-nhie”. The dog was free, and then it was merely three months old, and it was the name my sister’s boyfriend gave to the pooch so we had no choice but to go with the name (I would have called him man names like “Cornelius”, “Tayshaun”, “Dave”, or “Inaki”).

This is the part where we’ll see animal behavior… that could be cool…

But no.

Game over.

Important persons whose careers were destroyed because for their extreme yearning for some heat to their meat, please… do not fret.

A couple of years before Edison Chen displayed his ginormous collection of Oriental hotties… which was afterwards followed by Hayden Kho’s attempt to sleep with all the ladies of Philippine Entertainment, a predecessor suffered the same fate but rose up and won against the adversaries.

He was born horny…

He doesn’t wear underwear…

And he has served over a million people from all walks of the planet.


Last August 8, I brought Cindy to the birthday party of an ex-officemate’s kid (names disclosed so they'll live "normal" lives... video is a bit "Blair Witch-y"). It was sort of a reunion...

Basically we insulted each other as though it was 2003. Being the youngest, I endured a lot of talks regarding SSS, Philhealth, Pag-Ibig, GSIS, other government offices that gives employees things and more. But the most important thing here is the gigantic, orange bee’s unfazed greatness as a symbol of a Pinoy kid’s ambition to have a fast food birthday party.

While, it will be serious work for people to attach Edison Chen or Hayden Kho in a kid environment (much less if they made them as mascots), I doubt if this momentary lack of conscience thing will be an eternal problem.

Oh wait… I think it will.

Meanwhile, check out the other pics seen in this Saturday encounter.

In a Figaro or Starbucks near you, you might see these flock of former and current government employees flocking in some place, reminiscing at the times when the Merchandizing Department of NBN was undoubtedly awesome.

Just bear with us when we talk and laugh extremely loud.


Something I did in my past work. Can't say I miss this. I'm getting bigger pay from the other side, hehe.

This could have been a perfect breakdown… but this is more of bored talk more than anything.

Still, there is basketball in these sentences so this could pretty much look like a review.

Or a hype article for the FIBA games.


Chrisangelo: Dude, Taiwan is for FN real! You know why? They only lost to Iran by 4! Four points! Four… FN… points ngayon! Tol, I am not ashamed that we lost to Taiwan!

The Sydman: Yeah but still... these guys played and starred in the Chinovela “My MVP Valentine”! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My MVP Valentine is a 2002 Asian hit whose actors are mostly players of their local professional league. According to, the story is like a combined Meteor Garden, Slam Dunk, and All About Eve. All I know is this was the series that was matched against Meteor Garden in its initial Philippine TV run and while F4 was a smash hit, 5566 bombed in the face-off.

Chrisangelo: That’s what I was going to say! Teka tol, eto pa, Korea beat Sri Lanka by 60 points only! We beat Sri Lanka by 84! Mathematically speaking, we can spank those Koreans!

The Sydman: Well… yeah. Pero Sri Lanka is not even mathematically… basta… hindi sila basis!

Chrisangelo: I can probably play in their national team.

The Sydman: And you'll play center and they'll worship you.

Chrisangelo stated he once played for World Citi Colleges alongside UST center/slasher Khasim Mirza. Unlike yours truly (that loves the game but hates playing it), he is vying for a slot in the Letran team. Hmmm… Letran? I believe he is following Mark Andaya’s footsteps… unless he wants to follow “wannabe” or “no-named” superstars like Willie Miller, Kerby Raymundo, Freddie Webb, Lauro Mumar, Fely Fajardo, Gabby Fajardo, Romy Ang, Rino Salazar, Terry Saldana, Chris Calaguio, Mike Mustre, Ed Ducut, and that absolute no-namer Samboy Lim.

Admire my sarcasm, ladies…

Chrisangelo: Dude I'm taking chances now! I'm flying to Sri Lanka tomorrow to play in their pro league and I’LL BE A STAR!

The Sydman: You're going to Sri Lanka to become an import!?!? Awesome!

Chrisangelo: YES! I like my chances!

The Sydman: You'll be like Ricky Ricafuerte, Malai Malabanan and other names that are Pinoy imports playing in foreign lands that will never play in the PBA because their talents were weakened by lack of competition!

I know some of the players that played in the PBA that were formerly imports in Southeast Asian leagues. Rensy Bajar played in Indonesia while Estong Ballesteros had his moments. Currently Al Vergara is a member of the Singapore Slingers as he replaced Jason Castro in that spot. Jerwin Gaco and former Purefoods guard Jonathan Fernandez will be named part of the Philippine delegation that will play in the Asian Basketball League. Nat Canson, Bong Ramos and Boyzie Zamar are Pinoy “import” coaches.

Chrisangelo: At least they're getting paid, pare.

The Sydman: How? Goat milk?

The following comments are all for fun. Do not overact.

Chrisangelo: Tol they're getting paid a lot! My coach in high school left us to play in DUBAI! He’s 29 now and he's a superstar there!

The Sydman: Hmmm... basta when you go there, try to grow a beard para di ka ma-rape. Nothing says “behind the back” than getting buttfucked.

Chrisangelo: Tol sa Saudi Arabia yun.

The Sydman: In Sri Lanka yata you drink goat's milk directly from the goat. Ito yata ang “night” life nila.

Chrisangelo: What the f**k? Source? You've been there na?

The Sydman: No. Tapos ang turban nila naka-konekta sa brief.

Then we saw a name popping in the YM. So I made a conference room and inviting him and Chris.

The Ocho: Afternoon guys!

The Sydman: Speaking of the devil...

Chrisangelo: Wasap Otso Man.

For those who have yet to know him, he’s the writer formerly known as Spoonman. I think he’s a student near Miriam and PSBA. While we eat V-Cut, he eats Cheetos. UST guys especially eat their V-Cut in the floody sidewalks of Dapitan since the “no yosi rule” was imposed to make college students’ lives hell on earth.

Pinoys are born discriminatory. Care to disagree?

By the way, you might ask (just might), why did Spoonman changed his name?

Date: August 6, 2009

The Ocho: BTW, I’m changing my nick to “The Ocho”. Apparently, some green minded people think about something else when they say Spoonman.

Note: Blue Eagles hate Green-minded people.

The Sydman: I thought that was a good name because its like spooning!

The Ocho: There you go.

End of flashback.

The Sydman: Sabi ni Chris “DLSU RULES”!

Chrisangelo: What the f**k!?!

Start flashback again.

Date: August 7, 2009… thirty minutes before starting the conference messaging.

The Sydman: Nag bro-chat kami ni Spoon kagabi. Kinda gay… pero I’ll diss him by saying “DLSU rules” sa lahat ng articles niya.

Repeating the last two lines before the flashback.

The Sydman: Sabi ni Chris “DLSU RULES”!

Chrisangelo: What the f**k!?!

I think I am experiencing a sickness called “over-watching How I Met Your Mother”.

Chrisangelo: Arriba boy ako!

Note: That sentence is sooo wrong in so many ways…

The Ocho: Maya pang 9pm ang RP versus Japan match no?

The Sydman: Oo. Hey Ocho, maglalaro raw si Chris sa Sri Lanka Professional League. Any thoughts?

Chrisangelo: Tol, I’m taking my chances…

The Ocho: Tempting pero ayaw ko matalo ng 100+ points against China.

Chrisangelo: All we have to do is wear gas masks while playing with them!

The Ocho: Sabay... MVP's tayo kung saka-sakali! Superstars tayo ng professional league nila! Yun nga lang, puro spicy ang pagkain doon.

The Sydman: Like I said Chris, I think you'll blend with the locals to rape a goat. Ocho... you'll get raped.

Chrisangelo: Did you know Sri Lanka had the highest per capital income in South Asia before its capital sank 25 meters in the 2004 tsunami? Did you know all Sri Lankans do not look alike… only most do.

The Sydman: Ows?

Chrisangelo: Yes pare, says so.

The Ocho: Bat pa sila sumali?

Chrisangelo: Ewan ko tol.

The Ocho: Akala siguro nila cricket match yung laro. Buti hinde sila naglabas ng mga bat noong laro at pinaghahampas tayo. Hinde ko napanood yung Sri Lanka so hinde ko masabi kung nag-improve na sila ng laro.

Chrisangelo: Korea allowed Sri Lanka to score 50+ points.

The Sydman: Sabi ni Chris they were only down by 60. So that means they improved? Korea probably rested their players?

Chrisangelo: Probably.

The Sydman: Can towel boys play? Baka kasi towel boys lang yung naglaro sa Korea e.

Chrisangelo: I have a pretty good feeling mamaya na RP will beat Japan down 20+ points. I saw Japan play last night against the Koreans.

The Ocho: Ok pa rin ba outside shooting?

Chrisangelo: Ok parin naman.

The Sydman: Yeng has something in his sleeve...

The Ocho: I think we can win mamaya… kaya lang naman talo tayo noong Jones Cup sa kanila kasi nagpabaya tayo.

Chrisangelo: I was looking for this guy pero I didn’t see him. Si ano…

The Sydman: Ha Seung-jin the Korean caveman?

Chrisangelo: Si Orimo.

The Sydman: Oh... great outside shooter but very old guy?

Chrisangelo: Yes.

The Sydman: At 39, he's still playing. This means Japan has zero scoring from the outside aside from him?

The Ocho: Wow. Yan ba ang version ni Olsen sa Japan?

The Sydman: I think version pa ni Andy Seigle. 1998 centennial team pa.

Takehiko Orimo is the team’s key sniper. The 17-year-old sharpshooter was expected to lead Japan’s charge but I guess, despite his insertion, he has since taken a backseat to favor the rising stars of the new face of Japanese hoopdom.

Chrisangelo: Imagine what would've happened noong 98 if instead of Andy Seigle, MARLOU and EJ Feihl We played the young guns like Eric Menk and Asi Taulava?

The Ocho: Yeah…

Chrisangelo: Nasa PBL yata sila nun if I can remember right.

The Sydman: All caps kay marlou... may pinapatamaan ka???

Chrisangelo: Wala naman. Wala naman sigurong Marlou fan dito.


The Ocho: Syd, Marlou fan ka ba? SLR kasi ako tol!

This Ocho kid will go places.

So what’s with the conference? Well, we have been thinking (haha) and we decided to try to do a round-table like discussion for Hoops. You know, one is the straight shooter, the other is the wise ass, and the rest are the guys that would agree to disagree. Ambitious? Hopefully it isn’t.

Now if we could get Benhur to participate (I am currently accusing him as a bot), then it would be an awesome foursome. We will be like the F4 of basketball blogging round table goodness! I bet Chris and Ocho would like to edit out the discussion because this is EASY TO EDIT (insert diabolic laughter)!

So maybe, we’ll do some gig before the PBA season begins. Or better yet, the NBA trades, UAAP and NCAA’s Final Fours, The supposed Liga and PBL merge (that will never happen) and anything that involves basketball.

May Sydman na! May Benhur pa! May Chrisangelo na! May The Ocho pa!

Wait… that sounded wrong.

Should have stuck with Spoon, no?


By the way: As I upload this, the Philippines won over Japan. They have qualified to the next stage (eventually Japan will knock off Sri Lanka), but we need to will against Korea because Iran and Chinese Taipei are the teams to watch out in this tourney.

I had my Facebook open for the sole reason of updating. I was doing office work moments after. Then when I refreshed my page… there it is…


It’s not like I want to always access Facebook, but the fact that it is available makes me feel unrestrained. Now how can people access to their Farms, their gangs and their fucking ghost catchings!?! How can I score big in a How I Met Your Mother quiz? How can I update my account? How will I know which Filipino bold star I am???

Do they have a clue what is my NINJA name?!? NO! If Cindy posts her pictures during a recent fun run, how will I access it... at home? Eight hours in front of the computer and they are urging people to LOG MORE MINUTES IN FRONT OF A RADIATION-FILLED PC!?! ARE THEY NUTS!?!

Fact is, a little taste of freedom is enough to make people crave to do well. Sure, FB is not educational by any means but when they blocked out Multiply back then, they took out my source for cool designs and great concepts. The moment they flushed Deviantart out, again cool designs and concepts were locked. The reason for creatives to have creative freedom is for people to get ideas that could serve well for a segmented audience.

Could Blogspot be next? I am afraid to ask? What’s next… are they going to take You Tube too? How can people think in such a restricted environment?

I hate the tech people in my office…

I hope someone shoves their tekkie stuffs to the fun part south of their bodies!
Often, we take advantage of the simple things.

Back when we are in college, we second-guess ourselves to whether or not go to a fast food joint, thus sacrificing three hours of Counterstrike. How many of us have entertained the “bente meals” or a stick of barbecue and one rice for inexpensive sum of 15 pesos? The drinking sprees back then were monitored and riding the taxi en route to our houses are almost unheard of.

All of a sudden we have a job. As the salary increases the expenditures follow. Lunch becomes budget meals (or canteen meals) only on the 14th or 29th day of the month (if you’re paid during the 15th and the 30th). Loving the fact of being single and without responsibilities, we tour the metro for a watering hole. While some are contended with just boozing, others prefer meeting up with potential one-nighters.

*** By the way, don’t be shocked if you see doggy pics because they were the only living objects that loved me during the hours of siesta.

Last July 29, I used my Medicard. I have been coughing like hell for some time now and the stickiness of the phlegm is torture. The specialist offered me a couple of surprisingly budget-friendly pills and a nasal spray to cure this (I have a mild respiratory thing which is bacterial). He also asked me to rest for a couple of days… which I didn’t start until after Friday, when I finished all of my deadlines.

That August 1, I woke up surprised because I was watching something historical. Yes, I have written a couple of Cory articles so I’ll stop explaining this topic. Anywho, the weather was seriously mean to my Saturday shindig. This is why I hate being sick. I think my presence alone cause my girlfriend to get sick (I think it was during the various scenarios where I coughed at Cindy’s hair). That Saturday, rain and me couldn’t mix so I shelved my weekend DOTA goodness.

And just like every Saturday I spend in my house, I feel like a fish swimming in an undiscovered terrain.

The following day, which was Sunday, I was bent to chronicle the 2009 PBA Draft. It’s like an annual thing for me. I was so psyched that I lured my sister to buy a pizza using my Palm Card so I could put food in my mouth via my left hand as I continue typing using the other hand. Japeth Aguilar’s selection was no surprise but Alaska’s first round selection of Fil-Swiss PBL and Liga journeyman Mike Burtscher was a complete shocker. He better be good…

I was officially absent the whole of Monday and Tuesday and apart from the excuse I said to my boss, I was telling everyone that my balls and ass got a nasty from over-scratching it. I think the whole unit knew about this when an officemate, using my boss’ number, texted me while in the unit meeting that “I need to call to address an urgent matter”. When I called my boss I was on a loudspeaker… I was ALMOST embarrassed!

Anyway, the five days were a lot like the other. I wake up around 10am… read the papers… play PSP… raid the fridge… wait for something good to appear on TV… look for my restricted DVD’s… repeat the cycle a couple of times (except the reading part)… then sleep around 3am.

The “house arrest” had its fun moments. You see as we grow up, staying in the house for no apparent reason means you have no party life… or you have no money. In five days, I spent only 406 pesos (251 for the half the ambag of pizza and 155 for the weekly newspaper delivery fee). For 5 days my hair escaped hair products. Being beer-free was easy… but for five days I resisted smoking.

The sad part though of being in the house is that it is only you that is taking the time off. The rest of the world continue to work and do other things which could eventually lead you to boredom. Boredom led me to be super happy to talk to my GF on the phone because she’s the only rational living thing that I could talk to (and then we’ll just feel each other out because I don’t have anything exciting to bear to her). Also, boredom led me to spend time with my pets, mongrel Bart and baklabrador Milo (Milo gave the digicam very, very sticky saliva).

You don’t need to be in another timezone to enjoy tranquility.

Just spend your days in you house!

Crap, what am I saying?