Can you see my mind... literally?

So, ganito pala ang mapasukan ng mahaba at matulis na bagay sa ilong? Grabe… di ako mapalagay! Noong unang pinasok, dinahan-dahan pero palalim ng palalim! Pucha, tumatama sa edges tapos ang hapdi!

Pero medyo exciting siya! SOBRA!!!


Yes, I am really kadiri.

My website has seen its share of gore.

Seriously icky disgust-oidal shits have engulfed the sanity of my avid viewers.

Imagine their faces whenever I put anything “Cindy” in my page.

But I tell you, no one could ever prepare these guys for the thing they will see!

By the way, lots of thanks to the guys at the ENT Clinic of Capitol Medical Center. I was just thinking of shooting myself with a huge tube being inserted at my snout but their high-tech gadgetry made me drop it. Besides… isn’t shooting things in front of the camera a bit… jologs?

Rigid Nasal Endoscope is not usually a term you hear when going to the CR, crossing the sidewalks, gardening, etcetera…

There was an extreme amount of mucus inside the inner part of my nose which basically hampers my normal breathing patterns. When the telescope was shoved into my nose, it hurts when it got deep because the freakin’ snots are making things difficult for it to have a “perfect” entry. The name of this exam is called Rhinopharyngoscopy.

And yeah, if you’re thinking “Why the hell did I NOT clean my nose and ears before the procedure takes place… this is just me scared of altering anything that could disrupt my healing process.

(Screw it, I want action in this visual eye candy!)
Afterwards, I was treated to my first Otoscopy. Remember when I had phlegm lodged in my ear? Well… its not phlegm. It’s fluid. There is fluid in my ear. Good news is those things are quickly exiting out of my system, thanks to the many drugs that I have consumed in this “healing” period (more of this later). If you look at the video, you’ll see that I have a mirror-like figure. These are bubbles that are escaping my ears. Apparently my ear is improving.

Well, at least it was improvement unlike a couple of months ago when my left ear hears basically 25 percent less than what I hear with my right.

Anyway, the best part here is that it seems like my hospital ordeals will near its end. I also found out that the pneumonia wasn’t as bad as predicted and it is slowly dying down. However, I need to put nasal sprays and inhalers in my house and mouth for at least a month.

The sucky thing? After this I went to the pharmacy and this trip costs me 3800Php!

Sure, I know I have a medical reimbursement package but…



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