Capsule Cocktails

Trouble reared its ugly head a few months ago. It started out as a simple cough that often makes me emit nasty sticky phlegm every now and then. After a series of remedies (Solmux Broncho, Biogesic, Neozep, Amoxicillin, Water Therapy, Lessening of Smoking, Potassium Iodide Saturated Solution, and all those other stuffs that didn’t work and made my mom nag more), I finally found myself using my Medicard and going to a specialist to clean my air tube.

My first doctor specializes in ENT (Ears, nose, throat). He saw that my eyes were red inside and he gave anti-biotic meds, anti-cough pills, and a nose spray. For a week, I shall put these non-candies into my system. They also forced me to undergo a week-long sabbatical, which started on a Saturday and ended on a Wednesday (this week is also called the Mourning Week of President Cory Aquino).

Before the week ended, I felt my ears were somewhat deaf. It’s like the volume of the TV is 20. My right ear hears 20 but my left ear hears 15 on the average. It seems that there is something clogging my ear. In August 10, I returned to Capitol Medical Center but this time, I went to a different ENT. It was my mom’s inkling that we should go seek this doctor. I remember this doctor when I witnessed how she took out all my sister’s wax when she was still a pedia ENT at the Lungsod ng Kabataan (the hospital that has alphabet blocks in their ceiling). Yup, mom is always there to guide me when I go to the hospital… to make sure I GO to the hospital. Reason? Grown men will never admit they have a problem until it is visibly seen in their skin… or in their facial expressions like gagging in your own phlegm. Anyway, it seems that the doctor is very popular because I had to wait for three hours and a half for her to “heal” me. The doctor inspected my nose and I had a lot of boogers from the constant sniffing. However the money shot in this scenario is the fact that I have a flood in my left ear. It seems that my cough, nasal congestion, and ear flood all come from the same root. She seems to think I have an allergy to something. She instructed me to take a steroid to cure my allergy. However, the pill could give me a sour sensation in my tummy so I had to take another pill an hour tops before eating. The nasal spray coming from my first doctor was continued but it seems that she’ll apparently clean my ear lobes if after a week, she still sees something in my system.

After a month of grueling coughing, I thought that my throat is ready to rest. Fact is, I thought I was doing a helluva job maintaining myself. Yes, I still smoke but I have accepted the fact to say no from 7 of the ten people that gauds me to puff. The steroids are bent to make me fat, so I started to do some lifting and bouncing in my room (after an hour, the smell of icky steam will rouse your nose which was what I emitted). While I noticed I always have trouble breathing (especially after I eat too much), I often discounted it as a mere “effect” of my pill-popping.

Last Friday, I watched the awesome The Hangover with Cindy, who was about to celebrate her birthday at 10am of August 15 (she has yet to get over the fact that she’s growing old). It is an awesome storyline that I envy (it could have been better if they cleaned the mouths of some of the characters that isn’t Mr. Chow). She was at first tired and pissed because she woke up early to create a pasta creation that didn’t fill her department’s stomachs (let’s just say the food was good enough for the male population to pillage without thinking of the other people that even eaten yet). And then last Saturday, we celebrated Cindy’s birthday via roaming the metro (it was a miracle that I didn’t had any sense of sickness-mania what’s-so-ever.

I know I was going to meet a doctor that Monday, but my coughing hardly stopped. Worse, I was always catching my breath. During the sun-less hours of Monday morning, I was playing with my PSP (yes, my PSP still exists because I can play it whenever I want and even in the workplace), I placed two pillows below my head. I COUGHED severely every time my I move my head and I had to always go to the kitchen to issue myself a H2O break.

Five hours later, August 17, 2009… I woke up. My father told me to shower fast so we could finish at the hospital early (the Monday before I was ranting like hell because I was still at the hospital as of 1:45pm – my time should start at 12nn). While I was showering I would hear my mother tell my sister how I was not really taking care of health. Well, that could be true but she nags and nags and nags about my sickness… and it sickens me.

When we arrived at CMC my mother suggested we see a pulmonary doctor. This doctor is not Medicard accredited but my mom insisted that I see him. While my mom did treat me so I had no choice but to see this doc, I guess of all the doctors that I saw, this doc made a short and sweet message about my coughing, and actually made sense to all the things that has been happening to me for almost two months now. The guy was like House… but he captures the truest Pinoy essence by looking like D.O.M. who likes to sing Chicago, Hall and Oates, Stephen Bishop, and Michael McDonald songs at a videoke bar.

This could have been the conversation:

DOC: Ubo.

SYD: Cough.

DOC: May pulmonia ka.

SYD: Ano?

DOC: Ubo ulet.

SYD: Cough… cough…

DOC: Tama! May pneumonia ka nga.

MOM: Tingnan mo! Ayaw mo kasing makinig e!

DOC: (gets stethoscope) Hinga ng malalim… Inhale…

SYD: Hinga…

DOC: Exhale.

SYD: Hinga…

DOC: Inhale… ayun o… sa kaliwang baga…

SYD: May naririnig kayong huni?

DOC: Inhale sabi.

SYD: Hinga…

DOC: Inhale sabi eh.

SYD: Hinga…

DOC: May hika ka eh!

MOM: May hika po siya dati.

DOC: Hindi ka ba nagigising sa gabi at umuubo’t hinihingal?

SYD: Hindi po.

DOC: Hehe, sanay na sanay ka na sigurong magka-hika!

Then he laughed… but he’s only the one who got the joke.

DOC: Ahem. Nagyoyosi ka ba?

SYD: Opo. Titigil ko na?

DOC: Oo. Tigil mo na.

MOM: Ayaw mong makinig kasi!

DOC: Kasi medyo malala na. Gusto mo bang magpa-confine?

SYD: Ayoko!

DOC: Well okay naman na nasa bahay ka lang. Bakit hindi? Pero kailangan mo na mag-bed rest.

SYD: Kelan ho?

DOC: Ngayon.

SYD: May trabaho ako e.

DOC: Uunahin mo pa trabaho mo? Okay yan! Eto na lang, bibigyan kita ng gamot tapos after… one week bumalik ka dito. Bibigyan pa kita ng steroids ha.

MOM: Meron na po siyang ininom.

DOC: Pero mahinang klase lang yun, Ma’am. Kumbaga sinundot lang eh. Ang gusto nating gawin dito ay hatakan palabas. Okay bay un iho?

SYD: Oho.

MOM: E Doc, matigas po ulo niyan. Naliligo po pag dis-oras na ng gabi.

DOC: Sus, naniniwala pa ho ba kayo sa ganun? Okay lang ho kahit kelan kayo maligo. Mga lola na lang ang nagsasabi ng ganun ngayon! Pati nga yung maliligo ng may pawis sa likod? Sus! Maga-out of town lang ako kaya magkita na lang tayo sa susunod na Lunes. OK bay un?

SYD: OK po.

DOC: Apir.

After that, I waited another hour to see the ENT doctor. As it turns out, I had great progress with the fluid in my ear. She gave me cough meds too. She somewhat questioned my other round of Steroids but she relented and instead offered a full ear and nose scan.

Wow, so this is the right way to use a Medicard card. Before that I was using it to merely open doors…

Anyway, my biggest regret in my pill-popping trip was that let my mother make some of the decisions. Since I had asthma, my first instinct was to find a person that would cure my asthma problem. The one that always had my back (I trust my life to her because my parents was sure by the way I was living the first five years of my life, I was lucky to even THINK of puffing yosi now) has been going out to foreign lands more often. Still, my allergies was bronchi, while I’ll more or less claim a medicine refund because of the medical allowance, giving 2500Php could have been averted had I trusted my instincts.

Oh well, experience gains another level.

As of this writing (Monday evening), my cough still sounds appalling but at least I think I am getting high. I will be seen next Monday in a return stint at Capitol Medical Center where I will have the pulmonary doctor examine my progress, as well as the ENT doctor finally giving me a ear and nose scan where the doctor PROMISED to insert a tube inside my nose and she gave me authority to let my mom document the proceedings.

Nothing more to report.



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