I had my Facebook open for the sole reason of updating. I was doing office work moments after. Then when I refreshed my page… there it is…


It’s not like I want to always access Facebook, but the fact that it is available makes me feel unrestrained. Now how can people access to their Farms, their gangs and their fucking ghost catchings!?! How can I score big in a How I Met Your Mother quiz? How can I update my account? How will I know which Filipino bold star I am???

Do they have a clue what is my NINJA name?!? NO! If Cindy posts her pictures during a recent fun run, how will I access it... at home? Eight hours in front of the computer and they are urging people to LOG MORE MINUTES IN FRONT OF A RADIATION-FILLED PC!?! ARE THEY NUTS!?!

Fact is, a little taste of freedom is enough to make people crave to do well. Sure, FB is not educational by any means but when they blocked out Multiply back then, they took out my source for cool designs and great concepts. The moment they flushed Deviantart out, again cool designs and concepts were locked. The reason for creatives to have creative freedom is for people to get ideas that could serve well for a segmented audience.

Could Blogspot be next? I am afraid to ask? What’s next… are they going to take You Tube too? How can people think in such a restricted environment?

I hate the tech people in my office…

I hope someone shoves their tekkie stuffs to the fun part south of their bodies!


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