Nonito Donaire aims to be the next Manny Pacquiao. He wants to reign all the alphabet soup organizations in the world and became a multi-division champion.

This could happen… if he gets his power to climb too. (first seen at

Last August 16, Nonito Donaire Jr. captured the interim WBA superflyweight crown against Panamanian Rafael Concepcion. The fight finished with a unanimous decision in favor of Donaire. Fight fans saw the Filipino Flash masterfully dismantling his opponent. This is only the second time a Filipino has beaten a guy from Panama since Flash Elorde defeated Ismael Laguna at the Araneta Coliseum in 1966. Concepcion was a tough cookie as he withstood Donaire’s punches. However, one thing Concepcion lacked was the ability to break down Flash as he threw more misses than hits. Donaire’s gameplay resembles a created superstar fighting in a created career mode of the Fight Night game. He doesn’t engage the opponent into a brawl. Instead, he patiently looks for the opponent’s opening, eventually making him realize that Donaire suckered his opponents into playing “his” game.

If you watch Donaire’s last three fights, you’ll see he has a trademarked style. While he is a smart fighter and waits for his opponents to commit a mistake, he seems like a lazy fighter. He doesn’t throw combinations a whole lot. There will be an instance where his last three shots all came from the same fist. If you look at his style, you’ll see him play around his opponents like he’s the older brother slapping his kid’s brother’s head… whose in kindergarten. While his footwork and the ability to slip out of nasty predicaments are awesome, if he can’t see the right formula, he tends to backtrack and bounce away from his opponents. While this is all too normal… a tall guy playing in a division played by 5’3 fighters or below is like a giant that doesn’t like to get tagged.

But you know, the last paragraph could pretty much be his trademark so if this really works for him, then all they need is to refurnish this style for his liking, However, the power is something that needs to be quickly addressed. Sure, Concepcion is a wiry vet that sacrificed his money so that he could come into the fight a few pounds overweight (a bit shady, but since the fee is not that high, it was a great tactic for Panamanian Bull). Donaire had many punches that could have been easily be knockouts. Curing this early should be the focus of their camp. Donaire like I said, looks like a super-sized boxer in his current weight class. This means, he won’t look like a chomp once he moves to other heavier and more money making divisions. Amongst the current Pinoy crowd drawers, Flash is only behind Manny Pacquiao and a notch higher than Brian Viloria, AJ Banal, Boom Boom Bautista, Donnie Nietes, Gerry Penalosa, among others.

With Manny getting distracted by various endorsements, television appearances, and a political career, we need to get another power player in the mix for at least three years time.

The Filipino Flash has the capabilities to scour on that possibility but he needs to raise his arsenal up a notch.

By the way, who was channeling in his fight hairstyle… a 70’s version of a NBA player?

POSTSCRIPT: didn’t get to watch Bernabe Concepcion in action. When I logged into my PC I saw that he got DQ-ed. I don’t know what happened but… did this amount to a brawl? Also the action finished a shade after 1:30pm. What? Oh wait… this is because this is not a Pacman fight! Riiiight! Did the Philippines-Korea match aired? I want to see how Korean wielded their imaginary magic wands anew!


  1. abe concepcion threw a 1-2 combination at Leuvano's face after the bell. Which knocked the latter down. And he never got up.. Find the replay and watch it.. Smells fishy...

  2. Well, if that's the case, either abe concepcion was too rabid, leuvano is such a foulmouth that made abe to give him "pabaon", or leuvano could be a great actor in the future...

    either way, malas lang at nahuli siya.