Survivor Bolado

First of all, this isn’t about basketball. However, once, this guy was part of basketball. If you think about it… he still is. I am talking about the luckiest man in Philippine Basketball, Chris “Lucky or Jumbo” Bolado.

The former NU Bulldog first came to the scene in Alaska, where he became one of the key subs in Tim Cone’s grand slam roster. The starting five of this team included MVP Johnny Abarrientos, Jojo Lastimosa, Bong Hawkins, Jeff Cariaso, and Poch Juinio. Key subs included Jun Reyes, Merwin Castelo, Kevin Ramas, Roehl Gomez, and Dickie “Bachmann Forever” Bachmann. The usual reinforcement during this time was Sean Chambers. He was then traded to Purefoods where the team scored a championship with his revival. He also accomplished the feat when he moved to Ginebra the following year. For teams to win championships, “Lucky” Bolado has to be in their side. The feat was duplicated in Coke in the 2000’s but at this point, Bolado was more of a lucky charm rather than a inside powerhouse.

Fast forward to 2009, while most of his batch mates are still playing for amateur professional leagues or has cozily settled in the US, Bolado is working in the country as a basketball preacher. While the journeyman showed no offensive awareness and was reverted as a mere lucky charm his whole career, he is currently taking his wares to a more suitable environment: Jumbo Bolado is now a reality TV star.

I know what you're thinking... you should have bought his Air Bolado apparel?

He is perhaps the most noticeable figure in the second season of Survivor Philippines. Dubbed Survivor: Palau, he is currently leading the Airai tribe in terms of crab hunting and shelter building. The Koror tribe is also smarting as they head to the Week 1 Tribal Council because in the immunity challenge, where they were to carry a ton-heavy boulder, it took four Koror people to unsuccessfully lift the boulder from a elevated, inverted V shape barrier.

Airai only depended on Bolado to almost single-handedly lift the boulder to cross the other side,

While in the PBA he served as a supplementary player, here he is the show’s attraction. While he has gained a beer belly, his size and strength is unmatched. Since he is one of the eldest participants, the gentle giant with zero backstabbing prowess (yet) is a highly-respected member of the Airai tribe. While I don’t think he’ll win the contest (he resembles the ogre that played in Survivor: Pearl Islands and Survivor: All-Stars in the US versions), he’ll likely earn somewhat of an acting job here.

Either as a fantaserye goon or as a KiliTV comic.

Basically what I’m trying to say here is if you’re not doing anything, here’s something you can do every weeknight at 10pm. Watch Survivor on GMA.

The lucky part of this new viewing habit: You can always see Chris Bolado’s super ultra-skimpy bulaklakin shorts.


Game over.


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