Happy __th Birthday!!!

Getting older is mandatory.

Growing up is optional.

I won’t say how old you are because I know how women react when asked about their age and based on experience, I find reporting it scary.

Japan surrendered in this day while India gained their independence from the Brits. Woodstock opened in 1969 and the Beatles performed to 60,000 screamers four years earlier.

Napoleon Bonaparte first saw light in this day as well as St. Anthony de Padua, Sir Walter Scott, UK’s Princess Anne, Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas, Will and Grace’s Debra Messing, Ben Affleck, South Korean actress Song Ji-Hyo (from Princess Hours) and Kiddie Pop icon Joseph Jonas. Macbeth meanwhile breathes his last this day.

Can’t say how life would suck without you. All I can say is life got awesome with you. I would have written more, but I’ll save this for later because the actual Cindy could be waiting for me to finish up in my work (besides August 15 is on a Saturday… and Friday night pa lang as of this writing). By the way, as of this moment, you just got out of the gym. A certfied fitness addict, I swear I will support or all your fun runs, rock-climbing, yoga, gym, and other related activities!

Malay mo, you could see me sweating it out with you (it is hard not to laugh as I write this).

Happy Birthday and labs you CINDY aka Babaeng Patay na Patay sa Akin!



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