Hard Balls

This could have been a perfect breakdown… but this is more of bored talk more than anything.

Still, there is basketball in these sentences so this could pretty much look like a review.

Or a hype article for the FIBA games.


Chrisangelo: Dude, Taiwan is for FN real! You know why? They only lost to Iran by 4! Four points! Four… FN… points ngayon! Tol, I am not ashamed that we lost to Taiwan!

The Sydman: Yeah but still... these guys played and starred in the Chinovela “My MVP Valentine”! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My MVP Valentine is a 2002 Asian hit whose actors are mostly players of their local professional league. According to http://www.spcnet.tv/, the story is like a combined Meteor Garden, Slam Dunk, and All About Eve. All I know is this was the series that was matched against Meteor Garden in its initial Philippine TV run and while F4 was a smash hit, 5566 bombed in the face-off.

Chrisangelo: That’s what I was going to say! Teka tol, eto pa, Korea beat Sri Lanka by 60 points only! We beat Sri Lanka by 84! Mathematically speaking, we can spank those Koreans!

The Sydman: Well… yeah. Pero Sri Lanka is not even mathematically… basta… hindi sila basis!

Chrisangelo: I can probably play in their national team.

The Sydman: And you'll play center and they'll worship you.

Chrisangelo stated he once played for World Citi Colleges alongside UST center/slasher Khasim Mirza. Unlike yours truly (that loves the game but hates playing it), he is vying for a slot in the Letran team. Hmmm… Letran? I believe he is following Mark Andaya’s footsteps… unless he wants to follow “wannabe” or “no-named” superstars like Willie Miller, Kerby Raymundo, Freddie Webb, Lauro Mumar, Fely Fajardo, Gabby Fajardo, Romy Ang, Rino Salazar, Terry Saldana, Chris Calaguio, Mike Mustre, Ed Ducut, and that absolute no-namer Samboy Lim.

Admire my sarcasm, ladies…

Chrisangelo: Dude I'm taking chances now! I'm flying to Sri Lanka tomorrow to play in their pro league and I’LL BE A STAR!

The Sydman: You're going to Sri Lanka to become an import!?!? Awesome!

Chrisangelo: YES! I like my chances!

The Sydman: You'll be like Ricky Ricafuerte, Malai Malabanan and other names that are Pinoy imports playing in foreign lands that will never play in the PBA because their talents were weakened by lack of competition!

I know some of the players that played in the PBA that were formerly imports in Southeast Asian leagues. Rensy Bajar played in Indonesia while Estong Ballesteros had his moments. Currently Al Vergara is a member of the Singapore Slingers as he replaced Jason Castro in that spot. Jerwin Gaco and former Purefoods guard Jonathan Fernandez will be named part of the Philippine delegation that will play in the Asian Basketball League. Nat Canson, Bong Ramos and Boyzie Zamar are Pinoy “import” coaches.

Chrisangelo: At least they're getting paid, pare.

The Sydman: How? Goat milk?

The following comments are all for fun. Do not overact.

Chrisangelo: Tol they're getting paid a lot! My coach in high school left us to play in DUBAI! He’s 29 now and he's a superstar there!

The Sydman: Hmmm... basta when you go there, try to grow a beard para di ka ma-rape. Nothing says “behind the back” than getting buttfucked.

Chrisangelo: Tol sa Saudi Arabia yun.

The Sydman: In Sri Lanka yata you drink goat's milk directly from the goat. Ito yata ang “night” life nila.

Chrisangelo: What the f**k? Source? You've been there na?

The Sydman: No.
http://www.uncyclopedia.com/... Tapos ang turban nila naka-konekta sa brief.

Then we saw a name popping in the YM. So I made a conference room and inviting him and Chris.

The Ocho: Afternoon guys!

The Sydman: Speaking of the devil...

Chrisangelo: Wasap Otso Man.

For those who have yet to know him, he’s the writer formerly known as Spoonman. I think he’s a student near Miriam and PSBA. While we eat V-Cut, he eats Cheetos. UST guys especially eat their V-Cut in the floody sidewalks of Dapitan since the “no yosi rule” was imposed to make college students’ lives hell on earth.

Pinoys are born discriminatory. Care to disagree?

By the way, you might ask (just might), why did Spoonman changed his name?

Date: August 6, 2009

The Ocho: BTW, I’m changing my nick to “The Ocho”. Apparently, some green minded people think about something else when they say Spoonman.

Note: Blue Eagles hate Green-minded people.

The Sydman: I thought that was a good name because its like spooning!

The Ocho: There you go.

End of flashback.

The Sydman: Sabi ni Chris “DLSU RULES”!

Chrisangelo: What the f**k!?!

Start flashback again.

Date: August 7, 2009… thirty minutes before starting the conference messaging.

The Sydman: Nag bro-chat kami ni Spoon kagabi. Kinda gay… pero I’ll diss him by saying “DLSU rules” sa lahat ng articles niya.

Repeating the last two lines before the flashback.

The Sydman: Sabi ni Chris “DLSU RULES”!

Chrisangelo: What the f**k!?!

I think I am experiencing a sickness called “over-watching How I Met Your Mother”.

Chrisangelo: Arriba boy ako!

Note: That sentence is sooo wrong in so many ways…

The Ocho: Maya pang 9pm ang RP versus Japan match no?

The Sydman: Oo. Hey Ocho, maglalaro raw si Chris sa Sri Lanka Professional League. Any thoughts?

Chrisangelo: Tol, I’m taking my chances…

The Ocho: Tempting pero ayaw ko matalo ng 100+ points against China.

Chrisangelo: All we have to do is wear gas masks while playing with them!

The Ocho: Sabay... MVP's tayo kung saka-sakali! Superstars tayo ng professional league nila! Yun nga lang, puro spicy ang pagkain doon.

The Sydman: Like I said Chris, I think you'll blend with the locals to rape a goat. Ocho... you'll get raped.

Chrisangelo: Did you know Sri Lanka had the highest per capital income in South Asia before its capital sank 25 meters in the 2004 tsunami? Did you know all Sri Lankans do not look alike… only most do.

The Sydman: Ows?

Chrisangelo: Yes pare, Uncyclopedia.com says so.

The Ocho: Bat pa sila sumali?

Chrisangelo: Ewan ko tol.

The Ocho: Akala siguro nila cricket match yung laro. Buti hinde sila naglabas ng mga bat noong laro at pinaghahampas tayo. Hinde ko napanood yung Sri Lanka so hinde ko masabi kung nag-improve na sila ng laro.

Chrisangelo: Korea allowed Sri Lanka to score 50+ points.

The Sydman: Sabi ni Chris they were only down by 60. So that means they improved? Korea probably rested their players?

Chrisangelo: Probably.

The Sydman: Can towel boys play? Baka kasi towel boys lang yung naglaro sa Korea e.

Chrisangelo: I have a pretty good feeling mamaya na RP will beat Japan down 20+ points. I saw Japan play last night against the Koreans.

The Ocho: Ok pa rin ba outside shooting?

Chrisangelo: Ok parin naman.

The Sydman: Yeng has something in his sleeve...

The Ocho: I think we can win mamaya… kaya lang naman talo tayo noong Jones Cup sa kanila kasi nagpabaya tayo.

Chrisangelo: I was looking for this guy pero I didn’t see him. Si ano…

The Sydman: Ha Seung-jin the Korean caveman?

Chrisangelo: Si Orimo.

The Sydman: Oh... great outside shooter but very old guy?

Chrisangelo: Yes.

The Sydman: At 39, he's still playing. This means Japan has zero scoring from the outside aside from him?

The Ocho: Wow. Yan ba ang version ni Olsen sa Japan?

The Sydman: I think version pa ni Andy Seigle. 1998 centennial team pa.

Takehiko Orimo is the team’s key sniper. The 17-year-old sharpshooter was expected to lead Japan’s charge but I guess, despite his insertion, he has since taken a backseat to favor the rising stars of the new face of Japanese hoopdom.

Chrisangelo: Imagine what would've happened noong 98 if instead of Andy Seigle, MARLOU and EJ Feihl We played the young guns like Eric Menk and Asi Taulava?

The Ocho: Yeah…

Chrisangelo: Nasa PBL yata sila nun if I can remember right.

The Sydman: All caps kay marlou... may pinapatamaan ka???

Chrisangelo: Wala naman. Wala naman sigurong Marlou fan dito.


The Ocho: Syd, Marlou fan ka ba? SLR kasi ako tol!

This Ocho kid will go places.

So what’s with the conference? Well, we have been thinking (haha) and we decided to try to do a round-table like discussion for Hoops. You know, one is the straight shooter, the other is the wise ass, and the rest are the guys that would agree to disagree. Ambitious? Hopefully it isn’t.

Now if we could get Benhur to participate (I am currently accusing him as a bot), then it would be an awesome foursome. We will be like the F4 of basketball blogging round table goodness! I bet Chris and Ocho would like to edit out the discussion because this is EASY TO EDIT (insert diabolic laughter)!

So maybe, we’ll do some gig before the PBA season begins. Or better yet, the NBA trades, UAAP and NCAA’s Final Fours, The supposed Liga and PBL merge (that will never happen) and anything that involves basketball.

May Sydman na! May Benhur pa! May Chrisangelo na! May The Ocho pa!

Wait… that sounded wrong.

Should have stuck with Spoon, no?


By the way: As I upload this, the Philippines won over Japan. They have qualified to the next stage (eventually Japan will knock off Sri Lanka), but we need to will against Korea because Iran and Chinese Taipei are the teams to watch out in this tourney.


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