Isn't this contagious?

Ever since the idiots in our computer admin blocked Facebook, my ability to scour for awesome pics has deteriorated. So deep in my collection of shitty pics, here is a pic of a yearning man.

The Sydman: Uy!

Evilbrain: Tabalits?

The Sydman: Pneumonia!

Evilbrain: What the fuck?!? Get away from me!

The Sydman: Hindi contagious yun!

Evilbrain: Fuck you!!!

The Sydman: HINDI NGA!! It’s like my breathing area is filled with sipon! Sa Monday lalagyan ako ng tubo sa ilong! Ibi-video ko!

Researching Pneumonia, I found out that it is an inflammatory illness of the lung. Frequently, it is described as lung parenchyma/alveolar inflammation and abnormal alveolar filling with fluid (consolidation and exudation). The alveoli are microscopic air-filled sacs in the lungs responsible for absorbing oxygen. Pneumonia can result from a variety of causes, including infection with bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites, and chemical or physical injury to the lungs. Its cause may also be officially described as idiopathic—that is, unknown—when infectious causes have been excluded.

Typical symptoms associated with pneumonia include cough, chest pain, fever, and difficulty in breathing. Diagnostic tools include x-rays and examination of the sputum. Treatment depends on the cause of pneumonia; bacterial pneumonia is treated with antibiotics.

Pneumonia is a common illness which occurs in all age groups, and is a leading cause of death among the elderly and people who are chronically and terminally ill. Additionally, it is the leading cause of death in children under five years old worldwide. Vaccines to prevent certain types of pneumonia are available. The prognosis depends on the type of pneumonia, the appropriate treatment, any complications, and the person's underlying health. (source: Wikipedia)

Hmmm… I now think my ailment’s serious especially when I saw the word “DEATH’!

Luckily I caught bacterial pneumonia because it could be easily treatable by antibiotics.

Wait did I say I was lucky? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


Evilbrain: Your anus has sipon.

The Sydman: Whaaaaaat? Bahay ka no? May internet ka kasi eh.

Evilbrain: Area.

The Sydman: Ows? Pupuksa ka na naman ng mga naka-uniform. Tangna kailangan kong pumunta sa Sabado!!!!

As of August 2009, I have been to the watering hole once in the three August Saturdays.

Evilbrain: Tangna.

The Sydman: Uy walang green-mindedness sa sinabi ko!

Evilbrain: Kung pupunta pumunta.

The Sydman: Kaya nga! Wala namang hot female nurse na naglalaro diyan!

Evilbrain: What the fuck?!?

The Sydman: Ano ba sabi ko?!?

Evilbrain: No one can really keep a secret here…

The Sydman: Wait... merong hot female nurse diyan?

Evilbrain: Ahhh… wala… nevermind.

As I was re-writing this, I noticed Brain’s reaction.

I have been gone for a while now.

The Sydman: Gago ka muntik mo na akong inggitin. Although… sino ba naiinggit? Hehe, birthday niya, binigyan niya ako ng t-shirt! Ang design... robot!

Evilbrain: E ikaw, ano bigay mo?

The Sydman: Hmm... good question…

Really. It’s a good question. Hi Labs!

Evilbrain: Alam ko kung bakit robot… na reprogram ka na niya eh!

The Sydman: Hindi ba “Mom, where's my favorite robot shirt? DULAAAYYY!!!!”

Evilbrain: Hindi. Reprogrammed ka na.

The Sydman: Ahhh... hmm... let me explain.

Three seconds later.

The Sydman: Yes. YEEESSS!!!

Afterwards Brain stopped typing. Either he got scared that pneumonia could entire online-ly… or he got scared that awesome loving is contagious.

Game over.


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