Look at my Chorizo!

What’s so funny about a pack of Chorizo de Bilbao?

This is such an “unmanly” product.

Anyway, don’t see this as some sort of “Outreach Program” from a guy that hates animals. I don’t really hate animals… I just hate it when they touch me, destroy my things, destroy the air that I breath due to their insanely smelly out-product, barking senselessly 24/7, and making ferocious sounds and showing their teeth just to scare me from hurting them.

Before you call PETA (Try looking on to the YouTube site and type Bullshit: PETA and listen to Penn and Teller as they expose the wrongdoings of this “ethical” movement), I will never hurt an animal unless it bites me. By this time I will fear looking at them because I am terrified at the sight of death. I remember I owned a frog and I was delighted to punch holes in his body for our biology class. The moment he goes to a seizure or heart attack which prompts him to stop moving I ran out of the lab.

Milo is a Black Labrador. I hate his name because it is a step above ordinary dog names like “Blackie, Brownie, Whitey, and names that end in “-ie”, “-ey”, “y” or “-nhie”. The dog was free, and then it was merely three months old, and it was the name my sister’s boyfriend gave to the pooch so we had no choice but to go with the name (I would have called him man names like “Cornelius”, “Tayshaun”, “Dave”, or “Inaki”).

This is the part where we’ll see animal behavior… that could be cool…

But no.

Game over.


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