Moving on from post-scandal

Important persons whose careers were destroyed because for their extreme yearning for some heat to their meat, please… do not fret.

A couple of years before Edison Chen displayed his ginormous collection of Oriental hotties… which was afterwards followed by Hayden Kho’s attempt to sleep with all the ladies of Philippine Entertainment, a predecessor suffered the same fate but rose up and won against the adversaries.

He was born horny…

He doesn’t wear underwear…

And he has served over a million people from all walks of the planet.


Last August 8, I brought Cindy to the birthday party of an ex-officemate’s kid (names disclosed so they'll live "normal" lives... video is a bit "Blair Witch-y"). It was sort of a reunion...

Basically we insulted each other as though it was 2003. Being the youngest, I endured a lot of talks regarding SSS, Philhealth, Pag-Ibig, GSIS, other government offices that gives employees things and more. But the most important thing here is the gigantic, orange bee’s unfazed greatness as a symbol of a Pinoy kid’s ambition to have a fast food birthday party.

While, it will be serious work for people to attach Edison Chen or Hayden Kho in a kid environment (much less if they made them as mascots), I doubt if this momentary lack of conscience thing will be an eternal problem.

Oh wait… I think it will.

Meanwhile, check out the other pics seen in this Saturday encounter.

In a Figaro or Starbucks near you, you might see these flock of former and current government employees flocking in some place, reminiscing at the times when the Merchandizing Department of NBN was undoubtedly awesome.

Just bear with us when we talk and laugh extremely loud.



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