My 5-day "House Arrest"

Often, we take advantage of the simple things.

Back when we are in college, we second-guess ourselves to whether or not go to a fast food joint, thus sacrificing three hours of Counterstrike. How many of us have entertained the “bente meals” or a stick of barbecue and one rice for inexpensive sum of 15 pesos? The drinking sprees back then were monitored and riding the taxi en route to our houses are almost unheard of.

All of a sudden we have a job. As the salary increases the expenditures follow. Lunch becomes budget meals (or canteen meals) only on the 14th or 29th day of the month (if you’re paid during the 15th and the 30th). Loving the fact of being single and without responsibilities, we tour the metro for a watering hole. While some are contended with just boozing, others prefer meeting up with potential one-nighters.

*** By the way, don’t be shocked if you see doggy pics because they were the only living objects that loved me during the hours of siesta.

Last July 29, I used my Medicard. I have been coughing like hell for some time now and the stickiness of the phlegm is torture. The specialist offered me a couple of surprisingly budget-friendly pills and a nasal spray to cure this (I have a mild respiratory thing which is bacterial). He also asked me to rest for a couple of days… which I didn’t start until after Friday, when I finished all of my deadlines.

That August 1, I woke up surprised because I was watching something historical. Yes, I have written a couple of Cory articles so I’ll stop explaining this topic. Anywho, the weather was seriously mean to my Saturday shindig. This is why I hate being sick. I think my presence alone cause my girlfriend to get sick (I think it was during the various scenarios where I coughed at Cindy’s hair). That Saturday, rain and me couldn’t mix so I shelved my weekend DOTA goodness.

And just like every Saturday I spend in my house, I feel like a fish swimming in an undiscovered terrain.

The following day, which was Sunday, I was bent to chronicle the 2009 PBA Draft. It’s like an annual thing for me. I was so psyched that I lured my sister to buy a pizza using my Palm Card so I could put food in my mouth via my left hand as I continue typing using the other hand. Japeth Aguilar’s selection was no surprise but Alaska’s first round selection of Fil-Swiss PBL and Liga journeyman Mike Burtscher was a complete shocker. He better be good…

I was officially absent the whole of Monday and Tuesday and apart from the excuse I said to my boss, I was telling everyone that my balls and ass got a nasty from over-scratching it. I think the whole unit knew about this when an officemate, using my boss’ number, texted me while in the unit meeting that “I need to call to address an urgent matter”. When I called my boss I was on a loudspeaker… I was ALMOST embarrassed!

Anyway, the five days were a lot like the other. I wake up around 10am… read the papers… play PSP… raid the fridge… wait for something good to appear on TV… look for my restricted DVD’s… repeat the cycle a couple of times (except the reading part)… then sleep around 3am.

The “house arrest” had its fun moments. You see as we grow up, staying in the house for no apparent reason means you have no party life… or you have no money. In five days, I spent only 406 pesos (251 for the half the ambag of pizza and 155 for the weekly newspaper delivery fee). For 5 days my hair escaped hair products. Being beer-free was easy… but for five days I resisted smoking.

The sad part though of being in the house is that it is only you that is taking the time off. The rest of the world continue to work and do other things which could eventually lead you to boredom. Boredom led me to be super happy to talk to my GF on the phone because she’s the only rational living thing that I could talk to (and then we’ll just feel each other out because I don’t have anything exciting to bear to her). Also, boredom led me to spend time with my pets, mongrel Bart and baklabrador Milo (Milo gave the digicam very, very sticky saliva).

You don’t need to be in another timezone to enjoy tranquility.

Just spend your days in you house!

Crap, what am I saying?


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