Sick Boy

I guess I learned something about Poetry Making after that crappy excursion to Katipunan where Jorge made we see and hear stuffs I wished I hadn’t.

This usually comes once in a year
It’s an ordeal… I’ll always fear
I hate this because I’ll be stuck in my lair…
Have you ever coughed at your girlfriend’s hair?

I’ve been taking meds for a week now.
I’ve been coughing like crap for a month now.
Certainly this thing is an unsettling distraction
Hibernating in the weekend seemed the only solution

What the fuck will I do for three days in the sack?
While it’s easy to forget a cigarette pack
Boredom will sink in and it won’t be easy.
The only recourse is merely doing everything sleazy.

My internet connection is rather appalling
Dial up surfing is never relaxing
Luckily I have Korean R movies hidden in my kwarto.
I need to think of ways when people ask why my room is kandado.

Or maybe I should think ways to make my life useful.
Do something cool, create something wonderful
Fuck, I wrote another crappy poem.
And damn it, its hard to end a phrase that rhymes with poem.

Napanood niyo na ba ang Bruno starring Sasha Baron Coen?

*clap, clap, clap*


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