There's a Girl in my House!

Day 3 of my awesome rest days: Something cool visited me.

No you stupid nincompoops, it’s not called menstrual cycle pouring out of my ass.

It’s called Cindy. One must think what’s the deal here? Yes, a girlfriend has finally seen my room. Just like when my friends came to my house to drink on my birthday, my mom tried hard to make sure my room, as well as my house, wouldn’t look like some stinky wildlife grazed on it. Unlike when my friends came to my house to drink on my birthday, no one vomited on my bed sheet.

So… why must this be groundbreaking? Well I had girlfriends (being the awesome hotness specimen that I am) but my house remains a mystery for all of my unfortunate lovers. Sometimes I ask myself if I was really an ass then but as I see myself in the mirror looking like an awesome person… well it basically my guilt stops there.

Sense of maturity?!?

Days 1 and 2 pretty much solidified my state as a lazy jackass lounged in a bed sleeping with an aircon on (forbidden), with junk food bits scattered everywhere (forbidden), and searching for the DVD’s that I have seen… and at that time trying to forget it just to make it fresh.

Anyway, Friday started with me waking up at ten and reading about the rise of the Liberal Party. I am such a fan of the old school Nacionalista-Liberal rivalry that despite I am more of a NP guy (blame the Laurels and the Rectos of Batangas), the three-way battle with Noynoy Aquino, Mar Roxas, Kiko Pangilinan at the frontline will surely scare the hell out of the current administration. Then someone buzzed at the doorbell. By this time, my parents has left early to buy things at the mall. It was Christian, my sister’s boyfriend.

You have to hand it to this guy. He just came off a 10pm to 6am shift working as a nurse. Anyway he asked me if I was playing Monster Hunter on my PSP. I laughed. What dumb asses play a Ragnarok-like game where people use their sword to butcher meat and their knapsacks are animals?

Yes, I’ve seen people play this…

Anyway, I was busy watching TV from 11 to 1:30pm. Cindy has not texted anything. Then I showered. When I came out, I received a text: she’s in the bus. I then asked her where’s she is now. After I watched a couple of minutes of TV I received her answer…

Tandang Sora.

The hell? That is like less than two minutes from Ever Commonwealth!

Therefore, I called for a trike (this is how the young people call tricycles these days… just like how youngsters call taxis “cabs”) and it zoomed to BF. I rode an Ever Ikot jeep and I arrived in Ever 30 minutes later. At this point she’s asking me if I wanted pizza. I told her to not buy pizza because my sister and I were plotting to buy pizza ourselves. Instead, I asked for a cake, it’s like what I always grab whenever I visited her house. When we saw each other, I told her that we should buy junk food. Meanwhile, my sister and her boyfriend cooked baked macaroni. However, it was burned because the two failed to wake up.

When we got to the house, we quickly called the ever-so-friendly 911-11-11. I haven’t eaten lunch at this point. A conflict of interest brewed early. “Team Krisette” wanted Meatlovers but “Team Syd” yearned for Supreme (Super Supreme is like Supreme but you get to pay 50 more for it to have pineapple). So using the Pizza Hut Pinaka Card, we bought Supreme, Meatlovers, a regular Pepsi, Pepsi Max, and the two free pizzas… that was both Hawaiian.


We feasted and dined like there was no tomorrow… alongside a helper. Funny how watching Surviving History is making me launch an explosive appetite! The show is about modern era torture methods. They tested a lot of helpful persecution devices like garrote (the ones used on the Gomburza), firing squad, the hanging door opening, pair of despair (you swallow a pear-like metal that blooms in your mouth), among others.

She then got to see my room. With an FHM and Maxim collection exposed, she didn’t care. She looked at some of my serious books that were authored by some of the greatest minds in history – Robert Greene, Shawn Michaels (I saw his bio… at the 100Php and under stash of National Bookstore), Arnold Arre, Lyndon Gregorio, and Pol Medina Jr.

After another bout in the dining table, which is basically leftovers from our meryenda, Cindy and my sister rode the same trike en route to the outside of my subdivision (my sister’s boylet left an hour early). I think it was a couple of minutes before 9pm when they left.

Then rain poured.

Cindy probably understood my annoying travel patterns as she returned to her house two hours after leaving my house, with part of her pants drenched despite the fact that rain has yet to touch Cainta!

When my parents returned to the house, my mom freaked at the quantity of pizza stored in our fridge. She commanded me to not engulf all the junk food in one sitting because it would raise hell on my liver and kidneys.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the visit and although my gay dog Bart, never stopped barking and growling at her (my sister’s boyfriend unfortunately also gets the same treatment from said dog) I think she enjoyed the stay.

The ride out of my house was harsh… but I think the stay was alright.

Until then.

Game over.


  1. pucha di mo man lang hinatid pauwi? class mo talaga syd

  2. oh my ghulay!

    i can't do that???

    even if kasama niya sister ko, i am recovering from pneumonia, umuulan, and you freaking know how far is my house and how far is cainta???

    bad... sydrick... bad!

    -- dude chill. she's like independent. she doesn't want to be treated like a princess.

    i bet you wanted to be treated as a princess... hehehe!

  3. nyek. ayun naman pala e. cainta pala sya. kasalanan na nya un



  5. eh pucha cainta un e. that's like, the province na e

  6. like, yknow, so dyahe the byahe

  7. *looking around... trying to sense if no person from cainta is reading this...