All the newscasters do this! (Sort of)

My father will fly to Vietnam this Sunday for a seminar and next month, he’ll head to China. Just like me, he’s a writer (actually he’s one of the persons I admire job-wise). The difference between me and him is that his style is more safe, technical and serious while I am suicidal, whimsical, and preposterous. He writes news stories while I think of ways to create insane commercials for a TV show (I recently found love in doing commercials for drama shows because I can make people laugh by getting the cheesiest scenes). I do news writing in my blog but I still have the flare for controversy because I am such an attention whore. He also dissed two job offers because those offers will mean that he won’t be working at the same room where my mom works as a news director.

I imagine my dad’s willingness to endure my mom and her amigas’ high-pitched voices in a serious working environment.

You have to admire that!

Anyway this means I am camera-less most of next month (because we all know how important it is for me to record precious moments in front of beer than my dad’s sight-seeing in Beijing)! So for those thinking that I will act like a paparazzi and shoot scenes for a website hit… no. I’ll limit my significant event-hunting to actual footages I can use.

So when I wake up this day, my dad asked me to take his picture wearing a suit. I said fine but as we look for a decent wall to take the pic, I noticed my dad is wearing suit… and shorts.


(This thinking while also thinking of things I could ask as pasalubong. Video cam?)

Let’s just say all I consider important, gets exposure in my site.

And he did expose something to me that most newscasters that is seen on TV sitting down, practically does this all the time. Maybe I’ll take it as a mission to expose these fashion no-no’s.

Game starts now!


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