Our Dota Lair: Kanye feel the love tonight?

Hey! My bathroom has Wi-fi! Yes, I am typing while dumping! Am I afraid to get brown stuff on my less than two-week old laptop? No... because I am good in typing while wiping!

Yes... I am a cursed buffoon.

They say another door opens when a door closes.

Will that door have DOTA?

Anyway, Kanye Feel The Love Tonight? Damn right, Kanye West made a tool out of himself by “sabotaging” Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech by basically telling the world that Beyonce was better than her. The 19-year-old newb looked visibly shocked at the events... much like how Beyonce reacted when her name was dragged to the controversy. Beyonce did the good thing by letting Taylor Swift make her acceptance speech after she wins afterwards for her work in “Single Ladies”. Yes, the “hug” could look fake but anything that followed that K-West stunt is well... quite non-bizarre.

My sister is up in arms over the matter because this K-West wouldn’t give out chilli sauce unless asked.


Oh, she’s talking about Kowloon West.

How could I not see this when she’s not speaking with a synthesizer!

Anyway, I was pissed at how Patrick Swayze left the world. At age 57, he has transferred to heaven. While starring with Wesley Snipes and John Leguizamo in that gay flick scarred part of my childhood, Dirty Dancing gave us those “macho dancer” moves and Ghost made women and men shape mud. He will be missed.

Okay, enough about the matters you can see from Yahoo.com. The biggest barkada news thus far is the tambayan’s shocking closure. Yes, while their PC’s are slow and troublesome, you can’t take away the fact that it was our home. Actually in that part of P. Noval, we have been cutting classes, cutting work, wasting tuition leftovers, and basically meddling on other people’s lives. That has been going on since 1998! There was a period where four internet shops flourished in that area. Now this is the first time that online satisfaction orphaned the spot.

Well I can’t say that I didn’t see this coming. I saw a lot of shops closing and this was just like the rest of them – PC’s not getting attention... less games placed... less crowds attracted... aside from the very brash signage in front of the Annie’s Place lobby, how will people go to their shop when no one notices it. While yeah, I can’t say if I am the right guy to critic on this since I now only come to the shop during Saturdays but it is near a UST gate where students go to either eat or wait for a ride that is shortcutting and it is just beside a convenience store.

Anyway, there were a lot of memories that were shaped in that area and we may never see another place like that given that some of us are nearing 30. From birthday drinking sprees, we have evolve to going to wedding functions and our Christmas shopping are spent in either toy stores or pre-infancy wears.

The budget weekend gimik we long for after a week-long of occupational bullshit needs to find a home. Problem is, is there another place in the UST area where there is a spacious spot to order pizza, smoke at the corridors, and serve as our watering hole apart from the booze and the other things that creeps the nightlife that will be greatly enhanced at this point?

To be determined.


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