Tara Doon sa patay-sINDIE: Da Underground Bands Peek - FMD

Because I need to write something quick (and a preview article is one of the fastest ways to write a blog read) here is a music patch up courtesy of You Tube!

I haven’t been into a gig since I held my birthday at Purple Haze (formerly in Tomas Morato near E. Rodriguez avenue) last 2008. Afterwards it became a smut bar, a fine dining house, and I think it became a dance school (?)

Anyway, thanks to Jorge, I saw a bunch of bands. I had been to the bar thrice (one when I first saw the crowd, then Jorge’s final gig at Haze, and lastly during my birthday), where back then, every first Friday of the month, Big Time Tado’s roster of indie rockers surface! I think I heard Wake Up Your Seatmate (or yeah… did I hear them when Jorge was doing something icky in Magnet Katipunan), but I certainly remember listening to Live Tilapia, Jeepney Joyride, Cover Me Quick, and this band here where Good Old Curly Top was an axeman… FMD.

FMD is a honest-to-goodness hardcore indie band that combines parodies with comic compositions. Their vocalist is named Isko, who in a way has the size and the theatrics of Jack Black. Had Jorge not left the group and stayed in Manila, Purple Haze could still be alive today (I heard rumors that the owner got married and decided to give up the establishment but it was Jorge that said this so this could probably be a cover up).

Tado launched a new bar in front of that OTHER station but I don’t think they are coordinating volume blasts everyday since Homer’s is an “open” bar and I doubt the other network’s bigwigs would delight with somewhat middle-aged rockers blurting out their obscure pipes. On the other hand, they sell Limitado shirts here.

Anyway, try looking for them at Makati, West Triangle, or Katipunan. Aside from this, try checking out their Sharon Cuneta cover.
Game Over.