Slice needs to Dice!

The Tenth Season of The Ultimate Fighter takes a “slice” from the dark side.

In Episode 1, UFC Prez Dana White shocked everyone by introducing Kevin Ferguson, otherwise known as “Kimbo Slice”, as a contestant.

The 35-year-old former EliteXC champ will be one of the heavyweights featured in this installment. This somewhat took out the rivalry of this season’s coaches which were Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and “Sugar” Rashad Evans. Slice was picked second pick overall by Jackson after Evans selected James McSweeney as his top pick.

Slice is a great brawler. He’s like Yogi Bear… and you stole his picnic basket…

… and Booboo.

But the main problem for 6-foot-2, 235-pounder resident from Miami, Florida is he is only a striking and he doesn’t have much of a ground game. Exciting fights could catapult awesome matches but those boring matches could be his death. Actually it will become exciting when his opponent gets him into a submission position that would likely spell the end of this former underground fighter.

Let’s just remember that no one expected Brock Lesnar to become the MMA star that he is since he is a “sports entertainment” guy. Plus, he did defeat someone via submission… but that was an exhibition match that involves former WBO boxing champ Ray Mercer.

Slice got bad rep after the internet star was destroyed fourteen seconds after the start of the match when Seth Petruzelli creamed him in one lucky blow. This match also destroyed EliteXC whose only claim to fame is having the muscle-clad and erstwhile invincible Slice in their organization.

Dana White offered a contract to Slice but he needs to earn this deal through The Ultimate Fighter. White even stated that he will make a TUF strictly for heavyweights so that Kimbo could showcase his wares.

That idea is currently a reality.

Postscript: Kimbo Slice debuts in the TUF octagon (Episode 3) against Roy Nelson. Slice’s team coached by Rampage Jackson has lost two straight duels. A win for Slice could give him more chance to secure the UFC contract.

An early loss will shatter a possible career in the UFC.


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