SYDrified Reviews: Dismantling Archie The Proposal

What… Archie chose Veronica?!?


YEAH! Archie Andrews is so cool that he chose money and power!



What about Betty?

Almost 70 years ago, the redhead from Riverdale (although his hair is actually orange) has been two-timing Betty and Veronica. Finally, he settles down… but to every girl’s dismay, he chose the boy-crazy Veronica Lodge over all-American Betty Cooper. The online community that I saw while I was writing this piece was furious and shocked at the events that transpired! It is like Archie abandoned them by abandoning Betty! Guys on the other hand (despite a very limited population) is happy and gloating at the result.

Like I said… marrying Veronica Lodge is like stumbling on a magic lamp… with unlimited wishes!

Now don’t mistake this to Riverdale and Back Again, the 1990 NBC-TV movie of the week adaptation comic. This is all about Archie coming back to Riverdale and second-guessing his option to stay or go. That comic my friends, is trash. It was made to please some NBC network exec on a “what if”. The story turned action, the emotions were hurried, and the fact that it was a made-for-TV live action movie which starred virtual unknowns (Lauren Holly was once linked to Jim Carrey though) means that this couldn’t hit big even if people seriously pimp it!

Back to The Proposal, this 6-part series is $2.50. This means Comic Quest people are selling this less than 40-pages ripoff at 125Php. I admit, I stopped laughing at Archie when I was in high school, but I was a huge Archie fan back then. While I wasn’t an avid buyer, if had money then I’ll buy all the issues of Archie 3000, Jughead’s Diner, Riverdale High… hell if I see a Archie Meets Punisher comic, I’ll buy it. Since I got my CBA money however, I’ve been having random pit stops at random places. This was an easy purchase (although I had to double the wrapping because I fear people will laugh at me when they see this).

Anyway, the positives of the book: this was not a cartoony story. In the first installment, no car bombs exploded, no other woman entered, no characters were turned evil… in short this is like the regular Archie comic. The parents were given bigger roles, especially Archie’s parents, Betty’s parents and Mr. Lodge. Jughead gets a softer side but he seems to be hesitant over Archie’s choice. Veronica is so naïve here (while still looking slutty) and Betty is seriously bleeding. Especially the backbreaking scene she witnessed… it was like when Dawson took down the ladder connected to his room where Joey was usually climbing. Minor characters that weren’t seen in the Riverdale and Back Again series found some sort of importance here, most especially techno-wizard Dilton Doiley. Cheryl Blossom is here, like Chuck, Big Ethel, Nancy, Moose and Midge (they broke up but managed to get back again), Miss Grundy, Mister Weatherbee, Smithers, Pop Tate, Josie and the Pussycats, and Hot Dog. Reggie and Mister Lodge, two characters that were turned evil in the NBC-TV adaptation, was used right here. Reggie is the guy that is jealous at Archie but he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to his buddy. Same goes for Mister Lodge who all of a sudden gets a change of heart after hearing the news firsthand.

But returning to what I said… upon why this is not cartoony. This is the same Archie scenario but minus the corniness. Yes, fans of Gossip Girl or Dawson’s Creek or 90210 or the New and Improved Melrose Place will find a lot of love in this take because the teen story is so 2009. And taking in the consideration that this story is almost three scores and a decade… this means they actually researched the younger crowd to attain to look and feel of the story. Also, it seems like they are taking a knock at Boston Legal (or Palibhasa Lalake), because the dialogues looks bent into breaking the fourth wall.

Now if I can say the negatives, again, the illustrations seemed rushed and the inking is like a typical Archie comic that if you didn’t know the story, it will just look like a simple Archie comic. Then, the use of the “memory lane” bit is good, but it should have had more depth. Also, if I gave my son a check and he used it to buy an expensive gift instead of using it for his future, I wouldn’t be that ecstatic (although, if you’ll be married to a Lodge, what is good is your hard-earned “petty” cash, anyway). And if there was one thing that Riverdale Back and Again brilliantly spot, it is the fact that it was Betty that devirginized Archie. I hope the “sex” thing will happen in the later installments because with Archie now in his early 20’s, its IMPOSSIBLE for him to have TWO GIRLFRIENDS and NO SEX LIFE! Luckily, the hanging ending leaves you something to look forward.

While I am not saying that I will laugh at Archie, expect a lot of speculation to materialize in the coming installments. Will Archie blindside Veronica to marry Betty? Will Veronica blindside Archie, for a young rich man? Will the girls dump Archie? Will Editor-in-Chief Victor Gorelick do a DALLAS and tell Archie that this is all but a bad dream?

Until then I shall await the second installment. And until then I will wait for all the nerds to leave Comic Quest or Comic Alley so no one will judge me when I buy the second part.

Game over.


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