During the “olden” times, people just blog (blog, until this moment is not a recognized Microsoft Word term).

Blame Doogie Howser’s blue screen and that non-upbeat electronic music for this phenomenon!
Now, thanks to those adorable geeks, blogging just became awesome.

Sites like Multiply, Blogger, Live Journal, and MySpace are examples of numerous websites that urge patrons to cultivate on new technology. You Tube, NBA, and Crunchy Roll are some sites that has that “embed” function which gives blog owners that go signal to post their favorite clips on their hub. Hell, blogging, if used properly could be a money-making device.

Just ask the guys that developed the search engines for Yahoo and Google.

Anyway, I just got hold of what is called a live streaming traffic device (although I think the trail period should expire anytime soon). This sends stats to the blog owner of who visited the site. It tells the blog owner how this person got hold of my address (most of the visitors come via direct access), the keywords they were looking for that led to visiting my site, how the user browsed my site…

Hell, because of these contraptions I know where they are surfing, what time they were surfing, what internet provider they are hooked up to, and what are their IP addresses.

For non-geeks, IP Addresses serve as host identification and location addressing. If you watch CSI and those other crime shows, they use these addresses to decode the location of the person they are seeking.

And since we’re in the subject, I know for a fact that police investigators have the know-how to use these kinds of knowledge. When I was a reporter and my beat was checking out the different government agencies in the metro, I was once brought in to the NCRPO headquarters in Taguig where I had the luxury to check out the different police innovations they have to further clean out the evil in the streets and reduce the unsolved crimes in the country (They had a place where its filled with bloodied mannequins and the officers train their cadets to properly analyze the crime scene).

Sure, one might say that we still are way below other nation standards but they are still capable to track down easy online crackdowns particularly probing a fussy internet protocol address. In a time where danger comes in all sizes and shapes, we need to be vigilant in making sure that we have the goods to dish out a proper counterattack on foes of all sizes and shapes.

The Multiply and Friendster sites were one of the first to use the “Who’s Viewed Me” gadget. Facebook has launched it but as a widget and Twitter might welcome this development soon. So for those men who loves to log in to their Facebook (current second-most visited website in the Philippines) and Friendster (former number 2 now at the late 90’s of the Top 100 list) accounts? If you want spy on a preferred chick’s hot pics or vids, maybe it is time to do the “brave” thing and just add them in your friend’s list and ask them out…

But don’t get pissed if they ignore you.

While internet laws are still fuzzy, and lawmakers aren’t suicidal enough to back on a proper online law, at least blogging still exhibits freedom of speech of its truest and safest form.

Now who says watching Olivia Munn talking fully-clothed and not stuffing anything in her mouth is pointless?

Game Over.


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