We hope Santi will have a “heart” and not devastate the country unlike what Ondoy and Pepeng did.

Meanwhile as I leave the metro to pay my respects to my maternal grandparents, my paternal grandfather, and the rest of my relatives who are all probably doing R and R in the afterlife, let us remember the Filipinos that died in 2009 that more or less gave significant contributions to the country in some way… that I spotted in Wikipedia.
(insert a Sarah McLachlan music track)

Francis Magalona – King of Philippine Rap
Erano Manalo – Iglesia ni Cristo patriarch
Mary Ejercito – mother of Joseph Estrada
Manuel del Rosario – The oldest Catholic bishop before his death
Miguel Bernad – Jesuit priest
Espiridion Laxa – Film executive and producer of Darna and the Giants
Sotero Laurel – former Senator from Batangas; brother of former VP Doy Laurel
Eduardo Roquero and Victor Sumulong – former Congressmen
Paraluman – 50’s actress
Tita Munoz – character actress
Berting Labra – character actor
Roland Dantes – actor/martial artist
Anabel Bosch – former Tropical Depression and Elektrikoolaid singer
Susan Magno – host of Concert at the Park
Tony Fabella – choreographer
Alexis Tioseco – film critic
Marciano Guzman, Genoveva Matute, Al Robles – penmen
Pocholo Ramirez – racing enthusiast
Leo Prieto – PBA commissioner
Tony Chua – PBA chairman


Corazon Aquino – Philippine president and Queen of Democracy.

Have a safe weekend!

This was one of the videos my dad caught on cam during his trip to Beijing.

A little film grain, a letterbox, and then add frequent blur effects and a tad of monochromatic dosage could make this scene a perfect prelude to a “normal” sci-fi flick.

Funny how dad and spawn are tight due to these bonds?

Last Saturday, Cindy and I watched 500 Days of Summer. It is a film that stars Yes Man’s Zooey Deschanel and former child star Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Third Rock from the Sun, 10 Things I Hate About You).

The premise is boy meets girl… but it’s not your typical love story.

Here’s the thing: my GF is somewhat naïve in terms of the realm of ghetto talk. While this film doesn’t exhibit any shizzle or hizzle, she never got The Hangover. I was laughing my ass off… but had she seen the DVD version where the Chinese Guy was actually naked doing Kung Fu in the Arizona desert, she’ll flip!

Anyway, I remember why my rural friend Jorge disapproves of After Eden. The Arnold Arre graphic novel is not bad by any means… however it hits close to home. The fact that a person tried to destroy a relationship by destroying all avenues of communication is ruthless… however, it is real.

Anyway 500 Days is basically looking at one point of your life. It’s hard to laugh at it… because it hits right smacking on the kisser. However, this is by no means a bad film. Actually it is easy to digest and very natural. The events that unfolded were not chronological, but are needed to get the impact the film craves. It is like an art film that is a love story because the emotions the actors produce are not O.A. Zooey in this flick has blemishes and freckles but still manages to look F’N awesome. Her looks here a far from the Hollywood look which gives the viewers semblance that in fact the woman portrayed here is “attainable”. The characters that were casted barely resemble anything Cruise, Clooney, and Pitt which is good because, yeah, the normality bug is still working.

I won’t say much about the story but there was a line here where Levitt points at one friend and says “hand job”. He points at the other friend and says “blow job”. Then he points at himself and says “Unemployed”. The comedy is there and it isn’t raunchy. It is foremost a love story and a romantic one at that. The love for the flick deepens because of the realism of every bit of entity they instill here.

My GF is enthralled at the story. This is not like every other sci-fi flick or adventure story that is superbly hyped but after latching at it for 10 minutes; you wish you could take back the 340 bucks you spend on this lame-ass shit. It’s like as if all women in the moviehouse are staring blank stares at the big screen thinking if they are experiencing the same thoughts. Fact is, you hope they aren’t because things get sour at the end of the story.

Finally there was a line here that… says why we should reacquaint ourselves with the possibility of miracles… the lines said in this part is awesome. You need to also watch out for the kicker at the end of the story. This will give out the meanings of everything about the story… even the title.

Aside from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, this is one of the most awesome romantic flicks I’ve seen in recent memory.

I give it an awesome 9!

Game Over!

So far the Shaq experiment has yet to bloom.

I can understand Cleveland’s home loss against the Boston Celtics. While they raced to a 13-2 start, Boston’s bench was great in the middle rounds (especially in the third salvo). The addition of Rasheed Wallace, Marquis Daniels, and Sheldon Williams really brought something new to the Celtic bench.

When Cleveland was hinting to turn the tables at crunch, you saw how their suffocating defense made Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen struggle. This leaves no choice for the C’s to score jump shots from Kendrick Perkins.

This happened thrice I think… and all attempts failed.

Doc Rivers charged a timeout and out came Wallace to sub Perkins. This is the versatility of the C’s frontcourt. With Perkins, they have a player to join KG in clogging the lanes. With Wallace, a scorer with a deadly outside touch, he opens up the defense. While the problem of having fewer players in the shaded area is a concern for Doc Rivers, the fact that he has more options now is a great sign (especially when the Big 3 succumbs to injuries midway in the season).

Anyway, Shaquille O’ Neal is a player that needs to become monstrous in the first 36 minutes of the game. Sure, he is one of the best centers in NBA history, but he is a liability come crunch time. Hell, there is a term named for his free throw inadequacies. He has slowed also, making him a liability in transition offense and defense. On paper, the tandem of Shaq and Zydrunas Ilgauskas is a twin tower combo with variation. Shaq dominates the paint… Z can sink mid-range jumpers. However, these two are slow players which mean Anderson Varejao is the only big man flexible enough to man the paint.

In the end, Boston gets their first win against a team that was almost invincible at home last season. The score was 95-89 where Paul Pierce barely reached 20 markers to lead Boston.

I won’t blame LeBron James because he was his awesome self in their first game netting 38 points, 4 rebounds, 8 assists, 2 steals, and 4 blocks in 45 minutes of action. Shaq had 10 points and 10 rebounds in 29 minutes while new find Anthony Parker jacked up 10 points, 3 boards, 4 assists, and 2 swats in 40 minutes of action.

Parker played extended minutes with Delonte West still out due to personal problems. But in that first game, chemistry was lacking and in the end, it reverted back to the usual LEBRON JAMES SHOW.

Then came Toronto.

After a head-to-head battle with the Celts, the Cavs had no business losing to the Raptors. Again, problems haunted Cleveland. Shaq continues to become a liability at the stretch (-25 when he’s in) while Mo Williams went 2-for-10 in the two point zone. Sure, let’s say Toronto played brilliant ball. Chris Bosh was awesome piling in 21 points and 16 rebounds and Hedo Turkoglu gave the Raptors a reason for his importance. But it was Team Italia that gave Toronto the X-Factors. Prized former top pick Andrea Bargnani scorched the rim for 28 points while reserve Marco Belinelli added 10 points (+19 when he’s in the court).

Toronto won 101 to 91. James was struggling in his game but still managed to do a triple-double (23 points, 11 rebounds, and 12 assists). Again, most of his teammates merely watched him work. I don’t who to blame here but I like Shaq and I like Anthony Parker (who played a lot of games as a Raptor). Mike Brown needs to device plays that would maximize their strengths.

Maybe Minnesota could break them to the winning column. While the Wolves won their first assignment, outscoring New Jersey 31 to 15 in the fourth quarter to crave a come-from-behind 95-93 win, The Timberwolves is in for a tough season. Al Jefferson is a very undersized power forward that plays center for the team that also has Damien Wilkins and Ryan Gomes mismatched in their positions. Jonny Flynn led the Wolves with 18 markers against NJ but can he lead his team against a playoff-bound squad.

If he does… something needs to be done for the Cavs because they aren’t doing anything to get it right on the hardcourt.

Is this too early? I think this is WAAAAY too early. Dallas lost their first five games last season and went on to win 50+ regular season games. But certainly Cleveland needs to wake up soon.

Minnesota is a “dream” team that if you belittle, could turn into a nightmare.

Game over.
One meryenda break, we headed to the company’s gazebo to flaunt. I have yet to continue my smoke-puffing and I think three months of abstinence has heightened my capacity to get stressed easily and get pissed easily.

Yes, Smackdown versus Raw 2010 is really, really helping me cope on my mood swings.

Despite having access to various food trips, normality is grinding the shit out of people. A day before, we headed to the northbound side of the GMA-Kamuning MRT station to eat crunchy noodles and waffles. Yes, slacking off is often a desperate attempt to become happy.

I returned to the office drenched with water underneath my armpits!

Anyway, going to the 7-11 pit stop, I saw a Cali Shandy. Back when tasting beer is next to impossible (aka: the tweener years), this fruity pineapple drink is said to be “bad for kids”.

Now, young ones then found out that Cali Shandy is nothing more than a fruity pineapple drink with a slight hint of aftertaste. You can see it next to other Coca-Cola products and bottled fruit juices. But fact is, unlike other fruit juices, Cali only comes with either a can or a bottle.

The bottle is glass, by the way.

So when one officemate dared me to by the heavily-ridiculed drink (taena… nalalasing ka sa Cali?!?), I took a bottle and wielded it to the cashier guy. I then asked the security guard to open it for me (because guards only keep bottle openers because Cali is superbly taboo). Just like how people see me as a walking billboard (more on my statement shirts), people are looking at me when I drink the fruity, non-alcoholic drink. It seems like those 90’s ads where the “light and bubbly” selling point was a hit for ladies that think shandy can actually make you rowdy…

And surprisingly, those geeky, nerdy guys that never drinks.

By the way, special thanks to Caca for aiming her I-Phone at my face and for Vlad, Weng, and Chris for convincing me that posing like a daft prick in front of the Survivor Castaways and Eat Bulaga super hottie Daiana Menezes will give me the respect I ardently yearn.

Will I get it back by begging Pepsi-Cola to re-launch Q Shandy?

Game Over.

While some think the fad “created” by these hand-held gaming devices has faded out, well… think again. While the persons behind the PSP are hell-pissed on the online free ISO sites, don’t think for a sec that DS games rule the portable gaming population.

These games proved their worth through two-hour trips, boring meetings, boring office days, and basically thinking of ways how to make your PSP’s valuable (my PSP offers suggested pegs on how my plugs will look like and also… a portable preview bay for on-the-go bosses). Anyway, here are the last three ISO’s my PSP has tested.


I remember my high school days when I play “easy” games that don’t do hadokens because I suck as a gamer. It’s easy to bottomsmash the arcade buttons but after my uncle did the same thing when I let him try Tekken on my PSP (it has since been discarded), I had doubts loading this ISO. When you have this game, make sure you don’t lend it to noobs (or individuals older than 35) because the only learning they’ll do is via contemplating on why the buttons disengaged from the device. Anyway, game play looks solid and the create-a-character option is more than adequate. The problem with these types of fighting game is their repetitiveness. Luckily the file I acquired is a CSO so it only robs a little less than 500MB of my memory space.


I still think it’s the best NBA game in the world of hand-held consoles. Fact is, the points scored depend on your shooting touch which makes three-point shooting difficult (for me honestly). The CPU’s ability to burn you senseless is another great thing (although if senselessly beat the CPU since the 2008 version, you’re basically asking for more challenge). They now have a NBA Live-like Crown system where playing all of the games and completing challenges earns you to get… something awesome (I wish). What makes this stand out from the other NBA games is the fact that it has a lot of sidebars, which could be great “deception” methods to make your GF love your PSP (although I got Cindy playing Worms Armageddon). Cherry Pickin, Pinball, Shooting Bricks, and the bowling game are notables. The only problem that you’ll basically have with this game is again, repetitiveness. Perhaps handling various kinds of franchise modes could do the trick but I doubt if this would keep you glued to the game. The new Give and Go quest is another cool mode to ponder upon but the rosters are outdated.


I waited and I waited and I WAITED for months for this thing to come out! Sure, this is a bottomsmashing game but unless you know what you’re doing, you’ll probably give up on playing the game. While I must admit, the 2009 version was a letdown. The 2008 version was good because you have The Rock, Stone Cold, Mick Foley and Bret Hart as unlockable characters. The 2010 version also has The Rock but you’ll have first dibs on the Legacy Dads (“Cowboy” Bob Orton, Million Dollar Man, and Dusty Rhodes). Anyway, there is a story-telling mode where you can direct a scene (promo or match). The Road of Wrestlemania storylines are also back, as well as the career. But fact is, it’s the GM mode that needs to return. I mean… what good is it to create 30 superstars when you can’t put all of them in a match! Anyway, unlike NBA Inside, you can actually experience change in this game. The fighting part has been altered and there is distinctiveness in their movements. For fans of the previous installments, you’ll succumb to the fact that you need to relearn their movements. Also, the Royal Rumble match isn’t as easy unlike the past versions. While a 30-man battle royal will now bore you, the turnbuckle and the kicking out the player option is enhanced here. The rosters in this version are outdated though, as most of the “sports entertainers” involved are either released or out of commission.

While there are a lot of games that won’t fare well in the PSP console (try playing FIFA), there is a reason why PSP 3000 and PSP Go debuted this year despite mediocre sales due to piracy: When there are bored and stressed yuppies running rampant in the metro… eating their hair and scratching their asses with a fork… expect hand-held awesomeness to ensue.

First seen at http://www.hoops.blink.ph/

Welcome to my first individual power rankings of the PBA’s 35th season. For those of you who know how this works, this is a bi-weekly countdown where I will count down the best player of the conference. I changed the name so that it would be more awesome.

Last Philippine Cup, Macmac Cardona and Arwind Santos went neck-to-neck before the Air21 Express (now BK Whoppers) were eliminated. The new runner-up Willie Miller emerged as the BPC winner (I scored it in favor of Cardona).

Let’s see how things will turn out this season.

25 SMB: DORIAN PENA – Injuries to Danny Ildefonso and Danny Seigle gave the Big Dawg extended minutes. The Beermen lack ceiling with Mick Pennisi and Sam Eman as the only 6’6 and over players, that’s why the durable Pena is getting more playing time.
STATS: 25.7mpg (3games) – 8.3ppg, 11.7rpg, 1.0spg, 0.7bpg & 1.0tpg

24 BK: JR QUINAHAN – Baby Shaq is taking over at the expense of Japeth Aguilar. Good for him because I thought last year was a great season for the UV Lancer. However, Beau Belga and Richard Yee are aching to take away his top spot. JQ can’t be complacent.
STATS: 27.0mpg (4games) – 8.3ppg, 7.3rpg, 2.3apg, 1.3bpg & 1.3tpg

23 ALA: JOE DEVANCE – The Speaker of the House debuts at this spot because while his team is playing well, Reynel Hugnatan is taking away his minutes. Add the fact that he could be sidelined due to bruised ribs… he needs to create impact soon and he actually could do such.
STATS: 28.3mpg (4games) – 10.0ppg, 6.0rpg, 1.8apg, 0.8bpg & 1.3tpg

22 TNT: ALI PEEK – The Man-Mountain is inconsistent. But when Peek has his game face on, imagine the benefits TNT reaps. Last Sunday, he blasted 6 of SLR’s shots off to the opposite side of their basket! Peek may be old… but who cares with the way he’s been playing.
STATS: 25.3mpg (3games) – 8.3ppg, 6.0rpg, 3.0bpg & 1.0tpg

21 BK: RONJAY BUENAFE – Gary David has been struggling as of late and it looks like Buenafe’s entry is meant to ease out Gary D (I wish I was wrong here). Anyway, Buenafe had a tremendous showing in their wins which means he’s the barometer of BK’s win-loss record.
STATS: 26.3mpg (4games) – 15.3ppg, 2.5rpg, 2.8apg, 1.5spg & 1.8tpg


WAIT! I strategically placed the criteria of the rank in this spot so you can READ it.
Just like in the PBFANTASY, the multiplier for points is 1, 1.5 for rebounds, 2 for assists, and 2.5 for steals and blocks. Now these five stat categories would be summed up. But we also have to factor in their minutes played and turnovers per game. Basically the equation here is:


Why did I repeat the five main stats? The only thing I could think of is it doesn’t look pretty if you are seeing 0.1364645858.

The WINS and LOSSES are also important here because WINS are worth an additional THREE points but LOSSES give you a mere ONE point. DNP’s, regardless of how your team fares, is equivalent to a big, fat nada.

Included in the list are the players that played more than two games.


20 TNT: MACMAC CARDONA – Captain Hook is slowly suffering the effects of the extended minutes of Jason Castro. Despite this, Cardona continues to give the Texters awesome numbers. And it’s not as if TNT is in dire need to use him. They are currently riding a three-game surge.
STATS: 29.0mpg (3games) – 19.0ppg, 3.7rpg, 1.3apg, 1.0spg & 3.0tpg

19 SMA: JAPETH AGUILAR – The great thing BK did to piss Aguilar’s career was to make him play a game for them (since he’ll be joining a guest team which will disappear in the near future, this makes a Top Rookie award impossible). Anyway, he is the only consistent big man in the talent-depleted RP squad… although he leads the league in turnovers.
STATS: 35.5mpg (4games) – 12.3ppg, 10.0rpg, 1.5apg, 2.5bpg & 4.5tpg

18 BK: CHICO LANETE – If there’s one good thing the “Wynne Arboleda fisticuffs” brought BK, it’s the fact that they are lucky to acquire Balboa. He was about to sign to the ABL’s Philippine Patriots when the offer arouse. He is currently the main PG of the lineup.
STATS: 26.0mpg (4games) – 11.3ppg, 4.0rpg, 3.8apg, 2.5spg & 2.3tpg

17 SLR: JOSEPH YEO – The departure of Denok Miranda gave the Ninja a ticket to the starting unit. He then grabbed the spot and gave Boyet Fernandez a ferocious backcourt duo (alongside Ryan Reyes) that could defend and shoot. Yeo is having career minutes and assists this season.
STATS: 34.7mpg (3games) – 14.0ppg, 5.0rpg, 6.0apg & 4.0tpg

16 ROS: GABE NORWOOD – He is the first guy in the list that is playing for a winless squad. Most of ROS’ losses are heartbreakers and they are lacking an offensive presence to lead them in crunch. Norwood is not doing enough for his team to get the W’s. He needs to do this ASAP!
STATS: 38.0mpg (3games) – 13.7ppg, 7.0rpg, 4.0apg, 2.0spg & 3.7tpg


The rookie race? Here are the leaders:

1) Rico Maierhofer (PUR), 2) Jervy Cruz (ROS), 3) Ogie Menor (BB), 4) Chris Ross (COK), 5) Marcy Arellano (ROS), 6) Josh Urbiztondo (SLR), 7) Ronnie Matias (BK), 8) Mike Burtscher (ALA), 9) Benedict Fernandez (BB), 10) Bryan Faundo (BB).


15 SLR: GABBY ESPINAS – When he left Barako Bull, gone were the days where his talent is wasted. Now, he comes to a system where defense is vital. Espinas has been claiming double-doubles for three straight games now!
STATS: 36.3mpg (3games) – 14.3ppg, 12.7rpg & 3.0tpg

14 ALA: REYNEL HUGNATAN – Against Ginebra, he dominated. He grabbed 8 rebounds to go with his 20 markers and played heavy minutes with Sonny Thoss struggling. For a person who comes off the bench, his game is a welcome sight... only for his teammates.
STATS: 24.0mpg (4 games) – 15.0ppg, 6.5rpg, 2.0apg & 3.0tpg

13 SLR: RYAN REYES – Coming from an injury-plagued season, Reyes blossomed in his first two games. He is currently tied with Arwind Santos in terms of steals per game. However against TNT, he suffered a mild injury. Will this affect his gameplay?
STATS: 32.3mpg (3games) – 13.3ppg, 4.3rpg, 2.7apg, 3.0spg & 1.0tpg

12 PUR: JAMES YAP – Big Game James debuts near the top ten after impressive shooting performances against Ginebra and Barako Bull. And just like Kelly Williams, he has a “1” in his every stat which is an improvement from his outcomes last year.
STATS: 33.7mpg (3games) – 16.7ppg, 4.3rpg, 3.3apg, 1.0spg, 1.0bpg & 3.0tpg

11 SMA: MARK BAROCCA – If his stats were posted via winning games then he could have been in the Top 5... but no. Team Gilas has been listless since the BK match and the only bright spot is the FEU standout. He almost had a triple-double in his second game and posted big numbers duelling against Jayjay Helterbrand.
STATS: 28.7mpg (3games) – 13.3ppg, 3.7rpg, 7.7apg, 1.3spg & 2.3tpg


Before we see the Top 10, let’s look at the players that almost made the list:



10 TNT: JASON CASTRO – The guards of TNT are extremely dangerous and Castro is no different. The press corps awardee could play both guard positions with relative ease. He is a help by either passing or hitting the shots that could kill runs.
STATS: 25.0mpg (3games) – 12.7ppg, 5.7rpg, 3.7apg, 1.7spg & 2.3tpg

9 PUR: KERBY RAYMUNDO – This Abet Guidaben play-alike is yeah, turnover prone but when he gets into a zone, be wary of him. To date, he’s averaging a double-double. Except for the Ginebra game, everything he’s been doing has been solid.
STATS: 33.3mpg (3games) – 14.0ppg, 10.3rpg, 2.0apg, 1.0bpg & 4.3tpg

8 ALA: LA TENORIO – The third Ace in the Top 10 is currently the team’s scoring leader. He is a consistent performer for the squad. And while he needs to dish more assists and control his TO’s, Expect Flying LA to be instrumental in Alaska’s wins.
STATS: 33.0mpg (4 games) – 16.3ppg, 3.0rpg, 3.0apg, 1.0spg & 1.3tpg

7 GIN: RONALD TUBID – Wow! With the absence of Caguioa and Junthy Valenzuela and the current state of Cyrus Baguio’s game, Tubid has evolved to become a superb scoring threat. Also, his rebounding, turnovers and defense are in exceptional conditions!
STATS: 31.0mpg (4games) – 17.5ppg, 6.3rpg, 1.8apg, 0.8spg & 0.8tpg

6 ALA: TONY DELA CRUZ – SURPRISE! Many might be wondering about his rank but don’t. You see, while people focus on Alaska’s top guys, we forget that TDC is an awesome force. He might not score high, but he is freakin’ effective when he plays! If you don’t believe me, check out Alaska’s win-loss card (1 turnover in 4 games!).
STATS: 30.8mpg (4 games) – 9.0ppg, 7.5rpg, 3.0apg, 1.8spg, 0.8bpg & 0.3tpg


Before we dish out the Top 5, here are the scoring leaders (2 games and higher).

1) Macmac Cardona (TNT), 2) Jayjay Helterbrand (GIN), 3) JV Casio (SMA), 4) Ronald Tubid (GIN), 5) Arwind Santos (SMB), 6) Kelly Williams (SLR), 7) James Yap (PUR), 8) LA Tenorio (ALA), 9) Willie Miller (ALA), 10) Ronjay Buenafe (BK).


5 TNT: JIMMY ALAPAG – Hey, here’s a representative from the OTHER undefeated team! He was actually at number 7 but I had to move him in the top five because hey if you’re Chot Reyes and you’re enjoying a damn big lead, will you risk playing the league’s current assist leader when the outcome has already been decided? I don’t think so.
STATS: 29.3mpg (3 games) – 11.7ppg, 4.7rpg, 8.0apg & 2.7tpg

4 GIN: JAYJAY HELTERBRAND – In his first few games he thought his job would be easier with the return of Menk and Caguioa. With both injured, the reigning MVP had no choice but to triple his efforts. He is second in league scoring and is third in the league in assists. How awesome is he!!!
STATS: 34.3mpg (4 games) – 18.5ppg, 5.5rpg, 7.3apg & 3.8tpg

3 ALA: WILLIE MILLER – The Thriller has two sides: he could either be explosive... or he could freaking phenomenal. While he often blows hot and cold, Alaska has yet to lose and you could blame him for this. And yeah, he posted the first triple-double of the season.
STATS: 33.8mpg (4games) – 16.0ppg, 9.0rpg, 4.8apg & 2.8tpg

2 SMB: ARWIND SANTOS – Yeah, while the guy gave a subpar debut and an improvement in his second game, the Beermen are still winless. And then they fought his former team... where he exploded! 28 points and 18 rebounds is awesome especially if you look at his minutes!
STATS: 29.3mpg (3games) – 17.3ppg, 13.7rpg, 0.7apg, 3.0spg, 1.0bpg & 1.3tpg

1 SLR: KELLY WILLIAMS – While his face is still bloated, he has been his same destructive self. Given that the blood disorder could be disrupting his game, he has managed to take it out in his “gaming” condition. Except for a subpar scoring night against the Texters, Machine Gun Kelly was unstoppable in his first two outings, leading his team to victory! He has a “1” in every stat and he leads the league in minutes.
STATS: 41.7mpg (3games) – 17.0ppg, 13.0rpg, 3.0apg, 2.3spg, 1.0bpg & 2.0tpg

The rankings will return after two weeks. Until then…

I’m going to pimp my site here! It’s pretty all things that I love. Visit http://www.sydrified.blogspot.com/.

And by the way…
My dad has been touring Asia as of late, attending various seminars alongside delegates of other countries. While my dad has to sign a contract prohibiting him to engage work outside the network (my dad has been working for the government TV station since Martial Law), traveling outside Commonwealth and Visayas Avenue is awesome.

As of press time, my father has returned from Beijing after joining a summit. A few weeks back, my father was supposed to be in Danang, Vietnam to attend a seminar. This was two days after Ondoy struck Metro Manila. By the time they got there, Ondoy has reached Danang. My dad and the other guests were stranded in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) where their four-day seminar turned into a half-day affair. The organizers had to fly to Saigon since Danang was heavily damaged by the tropical depression.

Hopefully I could do a feat similar to my dad and tour some random destination where I have to use a passport. Backpacking Europe is a dream. Jamaica is a good choice too. Singapore is an easy spot to go to while a trip to any Far East Country is something I crave too.

But first things first… I need to ride a plane (also... to vote).

I hope he brings a panda this weekend on his way back.

Cindy thinks I kind of resemble a panda because I move slow and I’m freakishly white. The black spots? Hmmm. I hope she’s not referring to my dark spots.

Anyway, here are some of the sights encountered by my dad’s camera. As you see this, I’m going say something about Vietnam.

Uhurm. Game starts now!

(By the way, he just came back and yeah… no panda. Actually, the only thing he brought was the usual chocolate goodies… I barely like sweets.)

If you know anyone that has a “Nguyen” in his name, he’s probably Vietnamese.

They are part of the once large French colony called French Indochina (along with Laos and Cambodia).

The Vietnam War was one of the battles that the US admittedly lost.

The Killing Fields story is derived from the country.

Same goes for the play Miss Saigon where Lea Salonga became the most popular person to play the lead role “Kim”.

The Pinoy war movie called Delta Force which stars Redford White, Cachupoy, Don Pepot, and the Tatlong Itlog is said to be set here. Why am I saying this? I have no idea.

Communism rules the country although they are lessening its version from its original state to enjoy democratic stuffs.

The teleserye Vietnam Rose which features Maricel Soriano among others, was initially shot here.

Their money is called “dong”. You can have a million dong and people will still call you poor!

Currently, they have less poor people than us, China, and India.

They have a population that loves to ride bikes.

Vietnam plays host to various wildlife like the Tonkin snub-nosed Langur. Now… what the fuck is a Tonkin snub-nosed Langur? Well, it’s a monkey who is in the brink of extinction if not for the serious efforts the Vietnam government is doing to preserve the specie. Only 250 are seen living well, according to reports.

85 percent of their people are Buddhists.

The Vietnamese restaurant Pho Hoa is not budget friendly.

Their letters have a series of scrawny lines indicating diction.

Dat Nguyen, was the first Vietnamese-American to play in the National Foolball League.

Dat Phan won the first Last Comic Standing season.

Had enough Vietnamese fun facts?

Game over.

Here I was, slacking at work… with several loads that doesn’t make my brain bleed. I think this is the first time in days that my computer is open for worry-free surfing. My free time was used to scour blogs or play NBA Inside 2010.

I was about to log to my site as I was about to blog the fact that Cindy and I will hunt the metro to find a Halloween costume (I was thinking of buying a good morning towel that I will tie vertically to my head and a pack of cotton balls to plug my nose). Afterwards maybe we can eat out, watch a movie (ZOOEY DESCHANEL in 500 DAYS OF SUMMER!!!), and coffee out.

I have to come home early though since my dad would be arriving from China this weekend (I tried to post a thread regarding his Vietnam trip but I forgot to grab the photos from the camera whose currently with him in his China trip) so I’ll probably go home sober (The last time I drank was when Cindy and her officemates invited me to drink with them at a nearby watering hole called Geraldo’s. I was waiting for Cindy to finish her shift at my floor when she called me up. Another thing… apparently there is a menu at Geraldo’s which shocked me… and they have rice meals too).

But when I was about to log on my account, this happened:


What the fuck is this? Did my site entangled itself with a virus? Everytime I log to my site or any site I tried to enter, this freaking code is always present. Worse, I found out that most of the sites I browse upon features the same blasted code! Tunay na Lalake… Good Times Manila… even HakoPSP!

And then when I tried to complain, I found out I wasn’t alone. The Google help center was filled with comments about the recent “down time”. This brought me to a time when Twitter and Live Journal was “invaded” by hackers.

Outage: 11:15PM PDT: We're aware and working to fix this right now.

Anyway, before I finished the thread, the problem has been solved.

And “happy time” prospered when I found out that the Smackdown versus Raw 2010 installment was available at HakoPSP.com.

I long for the days when I could slack anew.

I am such a huge fan of British comedies. Perhaps most you know British comedy from watching the always-repeating Mr. Bean clips. While Rowan Atkinson is awesome, there are other British series that you’ll simply laugh your ass out.

Take Coupling for instance. Coupling is UK’s version of Friends but their topics are a la Sex in the City. Actually, this resembles a lot of How I Met Your Mother, complete with the comparison between Barney Stinson and Jeff Murdock. The show aired from 2000 to 2004. It is said to be based on the lives of its creator Steven Moffat and his wife Sue. The show debuted with mediocre ratings but it quickly had a great fanbase in UK and outside of it. Syndication is making the series marketable to other parts of the globe. Gina Bellman, who plays Jane in the series, is currently a mainstay in the Timothy Hutton-starred Leverage.

Anyway, this is why I love the wonders of technology. This is an example. If you’re too lazy to come up with your own article, you can also hatch to a Youtube site so you could latch on a particular clip! The best thing here is that its less than ten minutes to do.

Here are some scenes why Coupling is awesome.

1. Incriminating Evidence

2. The Terror of the Melty Man

3. Out of Control Telephone Pause

4. The Unflushable

5. How to flirt with men

6. How to Dump Your Girlfriend

There’s a show called Grownups. I might check it out.

Game over.

If TV execs are smart, they should do a Filipino adaptation of the Office.

Well, the Palibhasa Lalake adlib/improv works in our setting. Yes, I know Camera Café has already been done in Philippine TV (adapted from a French show of the same theme) but I am talking about an actual office setup apart from the coffee vending machine! All they need is a band of non-overacting comedians that could look boring and be funny and a beautiful story behind.

Hell, it could even a Primetime Bida or a Telebabad because the series permits office romance (Jim and Pam is the example here).

Although we need to do away from slapstick comedy that has been the country’s bread and butter in terms of laugh trips. Also, this should not have any hints of telefantasya bull we often see in out dramas.

And finally, they must carefully cast the man to don the duties of the head honcho role. Ricky Gervais was freaking awesome in the original as David Brent.

Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell is better because we Pinoys find it hard to understand British comedies (because it is British) and he plays a not-so-laid back blunder-ous buffoon boss to its perfection.

So before we rip off another American or Asian program, what are the chances of this to happen?

Game over.
Finally, after weeks of hydrotorture, grass is finally seen at my GF’s place.

So in behalf of Cindy, goodbye dalag, hito, and other fishes that were swept away from the Laguna de Bai! Goodbye floating kutsons, stock of styrofoams, and boats that charge hefty fines for those who want to relax at their homes or go to work! And babayoo to the diseases that could be acquired by swimming, crossing and merely breathing the flood!

But before we let go of the PIECE OF CRAP KNOWN TO MANY AS THE WRATH OF TYPHOON ONDOY, here are the scenes of Cindy and her sister’s first trip en route to their house.

First of all, the reason for this list is to scope out the players with the most number of recognizable achievements. Now you might ask… how will I rate this? The achievements mentioned here are the awards that they earned during their tenure as a player.

The criterion is as follows: The MVP Award is good for five points. The Mythical Five is good for three points while being part of the Mythical Ten earns one point. One point is also given to those players that won a Best Player of the Conference, Finals MVP, All-Star MVP, and an All-Defensive Team citation.

The players that were sighted as part of the 25 Greatest Players list will earn five points. Since the pioneers don’t enjoy many awards back in their day (the annual awards “package” only has the MVP, Rookie of the Year, and Mythical 5 plums), the pioneers automatically gets three points. RP Team members also get two points but the players have to participate in events such as the Olympics and the World Championships.

The Rookie of the Year unfortunately will not matter since this is not like the NBA where the Rookie of the Year then would eventually become a SUPER superstar in the near future (I am sighting Boybits Victoria, Rich Alvarez, Eugene Quilban, Larry Fonacier, Dondon Ampalayo, Willie Pearson, and Andy Seigle).

So for the tens of leaders reading this… GAME STARTS NOW!

GOLD: Mythical 5 (2)
GLORY: After a dismal rookie season, Washington finally found his worth as the guy that gets the loose balls and convert it to either medium-range shots or explosive dunks. Formerly from TNT, the current SMB player has evolve into an all-around threat.

GOLD: Mythical 5 (2)
GLORY: He started out as a backup at Shell and Purefoods. However, he rose to fame when he led the then-expansion Pop Cola team in points. He proved to be a great scorer outside the 2-point zone… like the usual norms of a typical southern player.

GOLD: Mythical 5 (1), Mythical 10 (2), BPC (1), Finals MVP (1)
GLORY: Perhaps the most popular Ginebra player of the current generation, its funny how even if he is bar none face of the league, it seems like the awards snub his existence. Will this season break the jinx?

GOLD: Mythical 5 (1), Mythical 10 (1), BPC (1), Finals MVP (1), All-Defensive Team (2)
GLORY: Triple H, I mean Rudy Hatfield is a small frontliner blessed with quickness and power. He loves to own rebounds and he helped Coke and Ginebra score titles. Had he didn’t go AWOL; Ginebra wouldn’t have a frontline problem (solved during Villanueva’s entry).

GOLD: Mythical 5 (2), All-Star MVP (1)
GLORY: Asian players fear him while Philippine players idolize his court vision. His presence alone makes his team awesome. Aside from his accurate passing, his scoring accuracy beyond the arc is fabulous!

GOLD: Mythical 5 (2), All-Defensive Team (2)
GLORY: Playing out of UST, this wily post-up scorer boasts the fact that he has helped Sta. Lucia in securing two championships. The interior is his realm. While he won’t block shots, his stingy defense and veteran smarts are commendable.

GOLD: Mythical 5 (2), Mythical 10 (1), All-Defensive Team (1)
GLORY: Yes, this entry seems… unreal. Well, we should all blame the 2000 and 2001 seasons where SMB monopolized the championships. But to his credit, he was a key defender and a sometimes scorer for the SMB five.

GOLD: 25 Best Players of the PBA, 2 Grand Slams
GLORY: Leading five legends (seven if you count Danny Florencio and Lim Eng Beng who briefly played for the Redmanizers) Guidaben, Co, Cezar, Adornado, and Hubalde wouldn’t have their storied career if not for his exemplary playmaking skills. He is a tiresome defender too.

GOLD: Mythical 10 (2), All-Star MVP (1). 25 Best Players of the PBA, 1 Grand Slam
GLORY: While his career was brief and injury-plagued, Lim’s aerial artistry gave the Beermen something to cheer at during the 90’s. He could slice through a stonewall defense and throw dipsy-doos only him could perceive as shots.

GOLD: Mythical 10 (4), All-Star MVP (1). All-Defensive Team (6), 1 Grand Slam
GLORY: Known as a enforcer for his hard-nosed defense, he was one of the cogs of San Miguel’s glory days in the late 80’s and early 90’s. He then developed offense when he became the main man of the expansion team Pepsi.

GOLD: MVP (1), Mythical 5 (1)
GLORY: Predominantly an offensive player, he blossomed as a leader during Purefoods’ battles against Red Bull in mid-2000. He has the ability to disrupt an opponent’s defense because he can hit his shots in any distance.

GOLD: Mythical 5 (2), Mythical 10 (2), All-Defensive Team (1). 1 Grand Slam
GLORY: One of the cornerstones of the dominating Alaska squad that got a grand slam in 1996, he was an undersized power forward with a very effective side shot. He is also a capable defender and an excellent clutch performer.

GOLD: Mythical 5 (2), Mythical 10 (1), All-Defensive Team (3)
GLORY: The youthful forward from FEU can play all five positions if needed. He is also a two-time MVP runner-up, as in these seasons, he averaged at least one in points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks.

GOLD: Mythical 5 (1), RP Olympic/FIBA-World Team Member (2)
GLORY: Playing for Crispa in the MICAA, he moved on to other squads before hanging his sneakers in 1980. Papa’s claim to fame is being a RP member? Well, unlike the current RP Team version, Papa played for two RP Teams that reached the Olympics.

GOLD: Mythical 5 (2), Mythical 10 (1)
GLORY: During the late 90’s and the early 2000’s, the former Ateneo guard was voted as the best point guard of his time. He orchestrates well, plays with intensity, could score when needed, and gives his team clutch plays when asked.

GOLD: Mythical 5 (3)
GLORY: In the early 80’s, the sleepy-eyed Victorino was considered as the Dennis Espino of his generation. He is a post up player that has a credible jumper and could run the floor for a fast break or an unsuspecting block shot.

GOLD: Mythical 5 (1), Mythical 10 (3), All-Defensive Team (7)
GLORY: One of the more durable cagers to play in the league, the burly power forward was a force when he played for the Alaska Milkmen. He was bruising his way to the basket and he was thwarting shots. This feat also continued as part of the Pop Cola squad.

GOLD: Mythical 5 (1), 25 Best Players of the PBA
GLORY: Known as a super scorer playing for DLSU in the NCAA, Beng was one of those significant PBA stars not playing for either Crispa and Toyota. While he did play for Crispa in the team’s final years, his steady scoring and great playmaking is his main assets.

GOLD: Mythical 5 (1), Mythical 10 (3), 25 Best Players of the PBA
GLORY: During the 90’s, you are not watching a Shell game when you don’t hear “Magsanoc… THREE POINTS” being shouted by the barker. He is a deadly outside shooter and a great assists guy (usually for Benjie Paras).

GOLD: 25 Best Players of the PBA, RP Olympic/FIBA-World Team Member (2)
GLORY: Here is another player who had international experience playing for the Olympics and at the World Championships. Florencio is a proven competitor. He takes emphasis on hustle and he could shoot anywhere possible in the court. He played for Crispa in the MICAA and then became a mainstay of Toyota in the PBA.

GOLD: Mythical 5 (2), Mythical 10 (2), BPC (1), Finals MVP (1), All-Defensive Team (4)
GLORY: He entered the league with such hype and while he failed to reach people’s expectations, when inspired, he was a force to reckon. Most of his accolades happened during the Ginebra team of the 90’s where they were a constant challenge for Alaska and SMB.

GOLD: Mythical 5 (3), 25 Best Players of the PBA, 1 Grand Slam
GLORY: He was the man behind SMB’s dominating grand slam season. At 5’8, he demanded respect inside the hardcourt with his sure orchestration, great ball-handling skills, and crisp passes. He was also a part of the Ron Jacobs-coached Northern Consolidated Squad.

GOLD: Mythical 5 (3), Mythical 10 (1), BPC (2), Finals MVP (2)
GLORY: One of the most explosive scorers of the league’s history, surely Seigle could have won MVP titles had not for his injuries. His trademark tomahawk and hang-time jumpshot makes him a cut above the rest.

GOLD: MVP (1), Mythical 5 (2), Mythical 10 (1), BPC (1), Finals MVP (1), All-Defensive Team (1)
GLORY: One of the reasons why Sta. Lucia grew a lot of “devotees”, this thrillseeker loves to do emphatic throwdowns to scintillate the crowd. He is also an all-around player that could play multiple positions and can create for his shots.

GOLD: Mythical 5 (1), 25 Best Players of the PBA, RP Olympic/FIBA-World Team Member (2)
GLORY: He was once dubbed as the “Highest paid athlete in PBA history”, this burly center is a problem for his opponents. He has a set of moves to display down the shaded area and yet he is graceful enough to execute them, therefore getting three-point plays.

GOLD: Mythical 5 (3), Mythical 10 (2), BPC (1), Finals MVP (1), All-Defensive Team (4), 1 Grand Slam
GLORY: As the fourth scoring option at the Alaska grand slam squad, Cariaso moved to Mobiline where he became a leader. A deadshot from all angles, the durable Jet continued his game to Tanduay and Coke before returning to Alaska to prepare for his retirement.

GOLD: MVP (1), Mythical 5 (1), Mythical 10 (1), BPC (3), Finals MVP (3), All-Defensive Team (1)
GLORY: A direct hire from the powerhouse Tanduay PBL squad, Menk would dominate the league with his relentless assault to make good use of the leather. When he moved to Ginebra, he became more popular and would bag a MVP plum.

GOLD: MVP (1), Mythical 5 (2), BPC (2), Finals MVP (1), All-Star MVP (2)
GLORY: He is fast, he can score in streaks, he has great court sense and his passing plays are fun to watch. As one half of the feared Fast and Furious tandem, he has moved out of the shadows of Mark Caguioa by winning a MVP award.

GOLD: Mythical 5 (3), Mythical 10 (4), BPC (2), Finals MVP (2)
GLORY: The chinky-eyed mammoth bulldozed his way by leading Swift to various finishes. Moving to San Miguel, he at one point averaged 30 points a game. In two occasions, his actions resulted to runner up finishes for the MVP award.

GOLD: Mythical 5 (3), Mythical 10 (3), Finals MVP (1), 25 Best Players of the PBA, 1 Grand Slam
GLORY: Jolas started his career as a high-flyer that loves to dunk. When he transferred to Alaska, he developed an outside shot and his jumpers often came in bunches come crunch time. Thus, was the reason why he was called the Fourth Quarter Man!

GOLD: Mythical 5 (3), 25 Best Players of the PBA, RP Olympic/FIBA-World Team Member (1)
GLORY: At one point he averaged 30 points in one conference, alongside Robert Jaworski, they formed a potent backcourt combo. He hits big shots when it matters and he could slice the defense with his penetration skills.

GOLD: MVP (1), Mythical 5 (3), Mythical 10 (1), 25 Best Players of the PBA, 1 Grand Slam
GLORY: Injuries to SMB’s key men was enough for Agustin to break to the talent-heavy SMB lineup. He stroke jumpers with relative ease, and it often breaks a rally or thwarts hopes of an opponent to win the game.

GOLD: MVP (1), Mythical 5 (3), Mythical 10 (1), BPC (1), Finals MVP (1), All-Star MVP (2), All-Defensive Team (2)
GLORY: Part of the Fil-Am influx of the late 90’s, this Fil-Tongan giant is currently the top big man of Philippine Basketball. He can impose in both offensive and defensive ends plus his likeable charisma is adored by all.

GOLD: MVP (1), Mythical 5 (3), 25 Best Players of the PBA, 2 Grand Slams
GLORY: He is a forward known for his sweet scoring touch. He’s also known to knock medium range bank shots as well as his trademark undergoal stabs. Throughout his stint with Crispa, he helped the team bag 13 crowns.

GOLD: MVP (1), Mythical 5 (2), Mythical 10 (1), BPC (3), All-Star MVP (3), 25 Best Players of the PBA
GLORY: He is a main event guy blessed with the abilities to contort his body to deliver mind-boggling moves. He is also a great shooter and an awesome passer. He is often tagged as a Samboy Lim play-alike… but more durable.

GOLD: MVP (1), Mythical 5 (2), Mythical 10 (2), BPC (2), Finals MVP (2), All-Star MVP (1), 25 Best Players of the PBA
GLORY: Now the best person to resemble Meneses’ game is Captain Marbel. Duremdes started out as Meneses’ backup at Sunkist before Kenneth was traded to Alaska. The major difference in their game is that Kenneth was more explosive and more direct with his shots while Vergel was more creative.

GOLD: MVP (1), Mythical 5 (5), Mythical 10 (1), 25 Best Players of the PBA
GLORY: Despite standing under the shade of six feet, Brown was one of the better rebounding guards of his time. The former third round pick of the Houston Rockets was the first “localized” Fil-Am to play in the league. In a time where Fil-Ams were considered as a dominant basketball race, his scoring and defense were applauded by all.

GOLD: Mythical 5 (3), Mythical 10 (5), BPC (2), Finals MVP (1), All-Defensive Team (9), 25 Best Players of the PBA
GLORY: The highest ranking player to not win a MVP plum, alongside Alvin Patrimonio, they form an awesome one-two punch for Purefoods. He loves to snare caroms and deflect shots and impose his presence under the boards. He was also the first person to win the Best Player of the Conference Award.

GOLD: MVP (2), Mythical 5 (3), Mythical 10 (2), BPC (2), Finals MVP (2), All-Star MVP (1), All-Defensive Team (1)
GLORY: The only MBA player to become a draft’s top pick is also the first MBA player to win the MVP award (the second is Helterbrand). At 5’10, he is unfazed at an opponent’s height and would go straight to the basket if his opponent underestimates him. He can also score jumpers and grab rebounds and dish passes when asked.

GOLD: MVP (2), Mythical 5 (2), Mythical 10 (3), BPC (5), Finals MVP (5), All-Star MVP (1)
GLORY: People would think that Danny I. is insanely high on the list. However, most of his accolades came when the Beermen were lording over the league in the 2000-01 season. Plus, despite Seigle’s should be-MVP seasons, Ildefonso completed what Seigle’s frail body failed to do. And getting 5 straight Best Player of the Conference and Finals MVP awards? Come on now!

GOLD: MVP (1), Mythical 5 (6), Mythical 10 (2), BPC (1), All-Star MVP (1), 25 Best Players of the PBA
GLORY: The Triggerman is perhaps the most feared Filipino since the “PBA” period. While the Caloy Loyzaga-led squad dominated the international ranks, Asian hoopstars know that Caidic has a pretty mean shooting streak when not checked! In the PBA, he is the only local to score 79 points and 17 triples. Leaving him defense-less in the three point area is a mortal sin then.

GOLD: MVP (2), Mythical 5 (5), 25 Best Players of the PBA, RP Olympic/FIBA-World Team Member (1), 2 Grand Slams
GLORY: It was said that he was overshadowed by his more successful teammates in the 70’s. But when the 80’s struck, this Crispa Redmanizer burst into stardom. He played for 8 teams and was twice traded for Ramon Fernandez. While a journeyman late in his career, he had the most number of games, second in most points scored, and had an everlasting mark as one of the best in the league.

GOLD: MVP (1), Mythical 5 (7), Mythical 10 (1), All-Defensive Team (4), 25 Best Players of the PBA, 2 Grand Slams
GLORY: Cezar could have won more awards had there been more awards in the PBA’s early stages. He is a gifted athlete that has a nose for the ball. He is a strong fan of team play and would rather claim rings than individual accolades. He is dubbed the “Original Tapal King” because of his stingy and unrelenting defense. Last May 15, 1975, his 23 points, 16 rebounds, and 10 blocks made Cezar become the first PBA player to accomplish a triple-double.

GOLD: MVP (2), Mythical 5 (5), Mythical 10 (3), BPC (1), Finals MVP (1), All-Star MVP (2), 25 Best Players of the PBA
GLORY: He is the only player to win Top Rookie and Top Player honors in the same season. The former UP Maroon was blessed with quickness and power which was poised to make him dominate the paint. He has also a top of the key set shot a la Chris Webber that is mercilessly accurate. While injuries made the middle of his career stagnant, a decade after he won his first MVP, he bested Danny Seigle to repeat as the league’s premier player in 1999.

GOLD: MVP (1), Mythical 5 (7), Mythical 10 (1), BPC (2), Finals MVP (2), All-Defensive Team (4), 25 Best Players of the PBA, 1 Grand Slam
GLORY: The spitfire from FEU impressed a lot with his style that he almost planed to Charlotte to try out for the Hornets. Arguably, the best pointguard to ever play the sport, this diminutive 5’8 point could quarterback the team to victory. He could cream his opponents via his dribble penetrations, step back jumpers, or long toms. In his prime, he topped the league in assists and steals. His career experienced rebirth with the Tigers in the early 2000’s.

GOLD: MVP (1), Mythical 5 (6), Mythical 10 (2), All-Defensive Team (3), 25 Best Players of the PBA, RP Olympic/FIBA-World Team Member (2)
GLORY: Perhaps the most popular player to ever grace the sport, this Pied Piper of basketball could make people hate him or adore him. From his glamour boy stint at Toyota to his crowd darling days in Ginebra, the league wouldn’t have experienced this support had not for the Big J’s antics. And as a player, this former playing coach was the first person to score a three-point shot, which he was perfected along with his crisp passes, baseball throws, elbow motions, and animated gameplay.

GOLD: MVP (1), Mythical 5 (9), 25 Best Players of the PBA, 2 Grand Slams
GLORY: Before Allan Caidic, Co was considered as league’s best shooter. Amongst his trademarks are his stop and pop jumper and his turn-around fadeaway shot. Norman Black once uttered that Co would be alone during fast breaks and instead of a lay-up, he would stop and pop a jump shot. No one does it better than F. Co Jr. In his 14 seasons, he was the first person to reach 5,000 and 10,000 points. If there was a three point line in 1975 he would have reached the 1,000-three point mark faster than Allan Caidic and Ronnie Magsanoc.

GOLD: MVP (3), Mythical 5 (7), 25 Best Players of the PBA, RP Olympic/FIBA-World Team Member (2), 1 Grand Slam
GLORY: The first-ever MVP of the league (and back-to-back MVP of the PBA), the former UST Glowing Goldie has a textbook jump shot that seems unstoppable during the game’s wilting moments. Off-court he is nice, but make no mistake, he is all business once he dons his team uniform. Amongst Crispa’s big names, Bogs was the first legend to leave the team before it disbanded. He captured a MVP plum in 1981 making him the first player to win two MVP titles in two separate teams.

GOLD: MVP (4), Mythical 5 (10), Mythical 10 (1), BPC (3), Finals MVP (1), All-Star MVP (1), 25 Best Players of the PBA
GLORY: He is the second-most popular player after Robert Jaworski. He is a prolific and phenomenal scorer that ranks third in the all-time points list. He plays the power forward position and his version of Hakeem Olajuwon’s “dream shake” is an automatic deuce. He won’t back down in terms of banging bodies in the shaded area. However, during the Fil-Am invasion, he found it hard to play the power forward spot. He forced himself to evolve into a small forward whose three-point shooting has a high accuracy.

GOLD: MVP (4), Mythical 5 (13), Mythical 10 (3), 25 Best Players of the PBA, RP Olympic/FIBA-World Team Member (1), 1 Grand Slam
GLORY: He is the league’s all-time leader in points, rebounds, blocks and is second all-time in assists and steals. He has won a total of 19 championships, including a grand slam feat as part of the San Miguel Beermen. He is quick, he could dribble, he could rebound, and he could pass the ball as he can play all five positions with relative ease. His signature move is the “elegant shot”, where Don Ramon would use a one-handed running jumper as an offensive weapon. In 1984, playing for Beerhausen, he almost averaged a triple double in that season. He has an uncanny passing ability, a perimeter jump shot, and a different array of offensive moves that looks weird because it was so innovative. Now who’ll say that he doesn’t deserve to be in the top spot?

So this ends the list. Glad to be of service. Now onto the greater things in life such as blogging on Korean dramas with beautiful women or watching Survivor Philippines: Palau (Cris Bolado was defeated by a former man)!


I usually go to work around 11:15am.

My work supposedly starts around 11:15am. I usually go early when I am tasked to do so. That barely happens on a daily basis.

My boss usually text “reminding” messages at exactly around 11:45am because my boss hates it when people are extremely late.

Today, the message was “Syd, Ning kayo na lang ang wala dito.”

I rode a tricycle en route to the bus stop. It was hot so my back is kind of liquid-y. When I entered the aircon bus (yes, this could be one of the reasons why I had pneumonia). I saw my officemate (Picture seen on the left… Dulay should meet him) sleeping at the front. I slapped him a la Ric Flair but since he occupied most of the two-seater (poor seatmate), I sat at the back.

East Avenue had extreme traffic. I don’t know if this is due of being a Tuesday, or the road excavation of the Heart Center/Central Bank sides are making people cringe but it was damn congested.

Since the East Ave/EDSA intersection prohibits buses from unloading passengers in the intersection proper, I usually undergo a long, tedious walk to my workplace. I stand near the exit when the LTO stoplight turns green. But then I saw my officemate come out of the bus to ride a jeep. I was hoping we will come to work together so that if boss is mad, WE will get scolding… TOGETHER!

Then it hit me.

“The last person to check in will be eliminated.”

When the bus stopped near EDSA, I ran to the Timog side and raced to the gate. At this point I was also looking left and right to see the jeepney my officemate should be riding (another reason why he rode the jeep is because he’s not that mobile). I raced to the Bundy clock, time in, and then hopped to the elevator.

When I reached my office, I saw that he has yet to arrive. Then my boss saw and I explained the events as I saw it. Then moments late, that officemate entered the room and got angry at me.

Yes, he was riding a jeep when he saw me running like hell (me running is never a pretty sight). And yeah, I was ahead to the entrance, until the elevator. However, it seems like I accidentally closed the elevator when he was about to enter, which is why my edge against him was… like an elevator ride.

I personally think that I can do well if I join the Amazing Race. I don’t swim. I’ll probably suck in lifting challenges… but I cram well.

Game over!

The lineups aren’t precise and I wouldn’t think twice if several “comebacking” names spawn in the process. Anyway, I know I suck in forecasting but I think I can easily distinguish the best teams from the sucky squads.

Game Starts Now!

11. Barako Bull Energy Boosters

Just like the death of Red Auerbach, will the passing of Tony Chua give the Boosters the “boost” to contend this season? Well, they’ll think they’ll play inspired ball but with this weak lineup, I’ll be very surprised to see them latch on a Top 8 spot. (Its hard to find a Barako Bull action pic so here is a pic of Crisano)

HOLDOVERS: Paolo Hubalde, Jojo Duncil, Leo Najorda, Alex Crisano, Magnum Membrere
PLAYERS ADDED: Chad Alonzo (BK), Aris Dimaunahan (COK), Rob Reyes (TNT), Gilbert Lao (TNT), Donbel Belano (TNT), Yousif Aljamal (TNT), Jec Chia (TNT), Ogie Menor (draft), Benedict Fernandez (draft), Bryan Faundo (rookie free agency), Jim Viray (rookie free agency)
PLAYERS LOST: Gabby Espinas (SLR), Jeff Chan (ROS), Mike Hrabak (ROS), Larry Rodriguez (COK), John Arigo (free agency), Warren Ybanez (free agency), Reed Juntilla (free agency)

10. Sta. Lucia Realtors

I thought for sure they’ll do well this conference but after a stellar acquisition, the abuse their starting five got was enough for their devotees to doubt their chances. Another disruption from the competence revolves around the health of Kelly Williams and Ryan Reyes.

HOLDOVERS: Kelly Williams, Ryan Reyes, Marlou Aquino, Joseph Yeo, Nelbert Omolon, Paolo Mendoza, Dennis Daa
PLAYERS ADDED: Gabby Espinas (BAR), Chris Pacana (GIN), Jason Misolas (COK), Ardy Larong (free agency), Mark Benitez (draft), Charles Waters (draft), Josh Urbiztondo (rookie free agency)
PLAYERS LOST: Denok Miranda (SMB), Dennis Espino (SLR), Norman Gonzales (COK), Christian Coronel (free agency), Kelvin Gregorio (free agency). Chito Jaime (free agency), Melvin Mamaclay (free agency), Philip Butel (free agency)

9. Coca-Cola Tigers

After their final year of SMC un-acquisition aftermath, the Tigers have made a position to return to the top. Asi Taulava and Alex Cabagnot lead a virtually-new lineup that is a step higher in terms of talent from their previous roster. Their ability to gel quickly will prove important in this cup.

HOLDOVERS: Asi Taulava, Alex Cabagnot, Mark Macapagal, Dale Singson, RJ Rizada, Ricky Calimag, Cesar Catli, Rodney Santos
PLAYERS ADDED: Dennis Espino (SLR), Norman Gonzales (SLR), Larry Rodriguez (BAR), Kenneth Bono (BK from SMB), Marvin Cruz (BK), Francis Allera (draft), Chris Ross (draft trade from BK)
PLAYERS LOST: Ronjay Buenafe (BK), Nic Belasco (TNT), Mark Telan (ROS), Aris Dimaunahan (BAR), Jason Misolas (SLR), Leo Avenido (free agency), Ronjay Enrile (free agency), Kelani Ferreria (free agency)

8. Talk N Text Tropang Texters

They did serious spring cleaning and basically took out all the dirt in their lineup. The defending champs should perform well. The only problem they have is that they have too many starters playing support. This has been their problem for some time now, and taking out the role players isn’t the best solution.

HOLDOVERS: Jimmy Alapag, Mac Cardona, Ranidel de Ocampo, Jason Castro, Harvey Carey, Jared Dillinger, Ali Peek, Yancy de Ocampo, Renren Ritualo, Pong Escobal
PLAYERS ADDED: Nic Belasco (COK), Mark Isip (ROS)
PLAYERS LOST: Donbel Belano (BAR), Jec Chia (BAR), Yousif Aljamal (BAR), Rob Reyes (BAR), Gilbert Lao (BAR)

7. Burger King Whoppers

With the Japeth Aguilar issue getting resolved, it seems that the Whoppers roller coaster preseason will have a semblance of a good thing this season. While Yeng Guiao will play his usual unpredictability style, he needs to make sure his top pick is happy. He also needs to give his team wins to boost his own political bid.

HOLDOVERS: Gary David, Wynne Arboleda, JR Quinahan, Beau Belga, Mark Yee, Carlo Sharma, Erick Rodriguez, Aaron Aban, Egay Billones
PLAYERS ADDED: Japeth Aguilar (draft), Ronnie Matias (draft), Ronjay Buenafe (COK), Chico Lanete (GIN), Richard Yee (PUR), Orlando Daroya (draft trade from GIN)
PLAYERS LOST: Arwind Santos (SMB), Chad Alonzo (BAR), Cholo Villanueva (GIN), Marvin Cruz (COK)

6***. Smart-Gilas RP Team

Despite being a guest team, Rajko Toroman’s style could give these “amateurs” enhanced abilities. They have faced pro rivals and gave them a run for their money (Powerade and TNT lost while Alaska one-upped the youngsters). Japeth Aguilar playing in two teams is a possibility. Claiming W’s against the top teams could pad their confidence in the international scene.

PLAYERS: CJ Giles, Mark Barrocca, Greg Slaughter, Paul Lee, Junmar Fajardo, Jason Ballesteros, Ryan Buenafe, Dylan Ababou, Rabeh Al-Hussaini, Aldrech Ramos, JR Cawaling, Mac Baracael, RJ Jazul, Rey Guevarra, JV Casio, Magi Sison, Japeth Aguilar (?)

5. Purefoods Tender Juicy Giants

It seems that the Giants are shoring up their roster with players that once helped them in their road to glory. Still the carousel of SMC players rotated anew but in this version, Purefoods actually got the players they wanted. Let’s just hope that this would finally render to a return to the top spot.

HOLDOVERS: Kerby Raymundo, James Yap, Roger Yap, Peter June Simon, Don Allado, Nino Canaleta, Romel Adducul, Jondan Salvador, Jonathan Fernandez
PLAYERS ADDED: Marc Pingris (BK from SMB), Rafi Reavis (GIN), Paul Artadi (GIN), Rico Maierhofer (draft), and Chris Timberlake (draft trade from GIN)
PLAYERS LOST: Enrico Villanueva (GIN), Rich Alvarez (GIN), Paolo Bugia (GIN), Celino Cruz (GIN), Al Vergara (Singapore Slingers), Topex Robinson (free agency), Richard Yee (free agency)

4. Alaska Aces

With an intact lineup, the Philippine Cup runner-ups will give the competition something to get pissed at. The triangle system has been tweaked through the years and it is still effective. They didn’t address their lack of frontline scoring threats so they have the same problems they had last season.

HOLDOVERS: Willie Miller, Joe DeVance, LA Tenorio, Tony dela Cruz, Reynel Hugnatan, John Ferriols, Sonny Thoss, Jeffrey Cariaso, Larry Fonacier, Mark Borboran, Brandon Cablay, Ervin Sotto, Kelvin dela Pena, Ariel Capus
PLAYERS ADDED: Mike Burtscher (draft), Sean Co (draft)

3. Rain or Shine Elasto Painters

After sacrificing a good name for a good season, the youthful Painters are back for another record-breaking feat. They padded their team with size which was one of their weak points last year. Now the Fire and Ice tandem has a better frontline that is not ONLY Jay-R Reyes.

HOLDOVERS: Gabe Norwood, Solomon Mercado, Jay-R Reyes, TY Tang, Ryan Arana, Eddie Laure, Don Dulay, Jireh Ibanez
PLAYERS ADDED: Mark Telan (COK), Jeff Chan (BAR), Mike Hrabak (BAR), Jervy Cruz (draft), Marcy Arellano (draft), Jam Alfad (rookie free agency)
PLAYERS LOST: Rob Wainwright (BAR then Philippine Patriots), Mark Isip (TNT), Allan Salangsang (free agency), Mark Andaya (BAR then Philippine Patriots), Gherome Ejercito (free agency)

2. Baranggay Ginebra Kings

Finally, with the recovery of ace scorer Mark Caguioa, all eyes revolve around the Kings. They finally got a scoring frontline in Enrico Villanueva and with MVP Jayjay Helterbrand manning the plays, there is no reason to not pick the Gin Kings as this conference’s favorites.

HOLDOVERS: Jayjay Helterbrand, Mark Caguioa, Cyrus Baguio, Ronald Tubid, Eric Menk, Billy Mamaril, Willy Wilson, JC Intal, Sunday Salvacion, Junthy Valenzuela, Doug Kramer
PLAYERS ADDED: Enrico Villanueva (PUR), Rich Alvarez (GIN), Paolo Bugia (GIN), Celino Cruz (GIN), Cholo Villanueva (BK), Kevin White (rookie free agent drafted by TNT)
PLAYERS LOST: Rafi Reavis (GIN), Paul Artadi (GIN), Chico Lanete (BK), Chris Pacana (SLR), Macky Escalona (free agency), JR Aquino (free agency), Homer Se (free agency), Junjun Cabatu (free agency)

1. San Miguel Beermen

The Fiesta Cup champs, for the nth time, just became stronger more than ever! The acquisition of two-time MVP runner-up Arwind Santos will again make the Beermen a squad to fear at. They are knee-deep in every position and the only thing that is stopping the Beermen from the championship is their chemistry.

HOLDOVERS: Dondon Hontiveros, Jay Washington, Danny Ildefonso, Danny Seigle, Lordy Tugade, Dorian Pena, Mick Pennisi, Mike Cortez, Jonas Villanueva, Bonbon Custodio, Olsen Racela, Wesley Gonzales, Samigue Eman
PLAYERS ADDED: Arwind Santos (BK), Denok Miranda (SLR), Mike Holper (BAR), James Sena (draft)
PLAYERS LOST: Marc Pingris (PUR), Ken Bono (COK), Froilan Baguion (Philippine Patriots), Chris Calaguio (free agency)

Time to play the game!

Game starts this Oct 11.

Nearing the end of the countdown, here is the second to the last batch of the 5-part series.

I won’t say much but the entries in the list is always arguable. A couple of rankings back, Shawn Marion was part of the list ahead of many other players but a caliber like Reggie Miller or a Chris Mullin were snubbed. Here I factored the fact that Marion was a better all-around player. Sure Miller and Mullin are shooters, but their stats are too low. Pistol Pete Maravich, George Gervin, Ray Allen, and Sam Jones are players of the same gameplay (the scoring SG/SF) but because they had other intangibles, their legacies were padded better. From the earlier entries, you’ll spot that the players entered were specialty players. These are the guys that did well on offense, defense, rebounding, passing… but somewhere down the line, these guys are barely all-around players.

Some of the players you’ll see in this installment are complementary players that could fare well if they were to lead a team.

The previous installment? Click here!


Game starts now!

40 GEORGE GERVIN (San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls)

STATS: 791g – 26.2ppg, 4.6rpg, 2.8apg, 1.2spg, 0.8bpg

ACHIEVEMENTS: All-NBA Team (7), NBA All-Star (9), All-Star MVP (1), Hall of Famer

HITS: Called “The Iceman” for his cool demeanor on the court, his shooting is basically his specialty of the house. He is a four-time NBA scoring champion and he was the master of the “finger roll”. He started his career playing for the Virginia Squires in the ABA. He once played with Julius Erving in that squad to create a powerful scoring combo (he closed his career playing with Michael Jordan in Chicago). He moved to the then-ABA San Antonio Spurs where he was absorbed by the team when it jumped to the other side of the fence. He had a Mark McGuire/ Sammy Sosa moment in 1978. David Thompson and Gervin were battling for the scoring crown that Gervin leads 27.22 to 27.15. In Thompson’s last game, he scored 73 points which was enough to grab the scoring title… had not Gervin scored 63. This 63-point explosion was scored in just 36 minutes (Gervin did not play in the fourth quarter that game) and 33 of which were scored in one quarter (this record has since been tied by Carmelo Anthony).

MISSES: Gervin knows that his main job was to score. And most of the time his onslaughts would translate into wins. But title-hunting Spurs of now were not like the Gervin-led Spurs of yesterday. This team barely fights for a division title. In his 13 pro years, Gervin never reached a championship series. This is one of the Iceman’s low points. The other one? It seems that Gervin is the guy that usually stands in the outside just waiting for the ball to reach his hands so he can create scoring opportunities. Despite the fact that Gervin is second all-time in blocks made by any guard, the Iceman is not known for his defense.

39 GARY PAYTON (Seattle Supersonics, Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, Miami Heat)

STATS: 1335g – 16.3ppg, 3.9rpg, 6.7apg, 1.8spg

ACHIEVEMENTS: All-NBA Team (9), NBA All-Star (9), Defensive Player of the Year (1), NBA Champion (1)

HITS: This two-time Olympic gold medal winner was once dubbed by Gail Goodrich as “probably as complete a guard as there ever was”. Dubbed “The Glove” for his ability to shut out an opposing player, he limited Michael Jordan to 27.3ppg which is the lowest Finals average His Airness has ever had. Aside from being the only point guard to Defensive Player of the Year honors, he is great scorer. Actually he is one of the best offense-defense combos to man that spot. He was part of the “Sonic Boom” combo where he tagged with Shawn Kemp. He has an outstanding ability to dish out the assists and people needs to check him when he plays defense. But perhaps the most distinguishing feature of his career is that he is one of the best trash-talkers of all time! His trademark open-mouth, head-bobbing style is one of the most irritating things you can see if Payton is in your face. Jason Kidd admits that Payton is his mentor growing up but Payton doesn’t give a shit and still gets a dose of his wicked mind games.

MISSES: Throughout his career, Payton has been in search to find a city that would give him a ring. He spent his greatest years in Seattle but after the trade of Shawn Kemp, the city has no chance of winning a plum. He had a chance with the Lakers, but the four egos failed to score a ring. In Miami, he had a crack at the championship and while he finally scored that ring, he was playing behind Jason Williams. In the end of his career, his scoring was nonexistent and while his defense was still there, the Glove was never the same again.

38 CHRIS WEBBER (Golden State Warriors, Washington Wizards, Sacramento Kings, Philadelphia 76ers)

STATS: 831g – 20.7ppg, 9.8rpg, 4.2apg, 1.4spg, 1.4bpg

ACHIEVEMENTS: All-NBA Team (5), NBA All-Star (5), Rookie of the Year (1994)

HITS: Before switching teams with Mitch Richmond in 1998, this former All-American was a great player playing for a poor squad. Webber is a post player in a wingman’s body, as he is equipped with an awesome array of ball handling and passing skills. Webber did not like Sacramento because of its longstanding crappy record. However he was just a part of its rebuilding process that also featured free agents Vlade Divac and Peja Stojakovic and drafted the energetic Jason Williams. All of a sudden, this cellar-dwelling team became a playoff contender. Webber was the anchor of the Sac-Town “Serbs” and this ignited a couple of years of excitement at the Arco Arena. Webber’s soft hands and natural court sense, plus his outstanding numbers are reasons for him to get a push at a Hall of Fame induction. He also dated Tyra Banks for three years which means yeah… she got “Webbered”.

MISSES: Webber could have been a NBA champ had not for their arch-rivals, the Lakers. He also had health issues in the course of his career. But one thing that somewhat destroyed his career’s sheen was his legal trouble. He had numerous counts of Marijuana possession and resisting arrest. But the biggest damper in his legacy is the forfeiture of anything Webber as far as the University of Michigan is concerned. NCAA also took back his All-American status and all of their accomplishments were taken down from the Michigan rafters. Webber was said to be taking money from an agent which was wrong since amateur players need not have agents.

EXTRA POINTS: Webber was picked first in the 1993 NBA Draft by Orlando. He was traded to the Warriors for Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway who was the third pick in that draft. Issues surrounding him and coach Don Nelson (Nelson wanted C-Webb to be a permanent post up player which means he cannot do outside shots) sent him to Washington for Tom Gugliotta.

37 JERRY LUCAS (Cincinnati Royals, San Francisco Warriors, New York Knicks)

STATS: 829g – 17.0ppg, 15.6rpg, 3.3apg

ACHIEVEMENTS: All-NBA Team (5), NBA All-Star (7), All-Star MVP (1), Rookie of the Year (1964), NBA Champion (1), Hall of Famer

HITS: Have you seen David Copperfield play ball? Lucas is said to be a very intelligent man that does mind and card tricks when he just wants to chill. He has great leaping ability and could calculate shooting and rebounding accuracy. One of the most decorated college players of his team (leading Ohio State 78-6 in three seasons) and in the NCAA (he is the only player to score 30 points and 30 rebounds in a game). At New York, he played backup for Willis Reed but he was instrumental in their title runs. He became the first NBA player to win high school, college, NBA, and Olympic championships. He also retired fourth all-time in rebounds per game.

MISSES: On court he was hot, but he was more interested in the off-court lifestyle. It seems that he never wanted to play pro ball. He chose to play for the ABL’s Cleveland Pipers in 1962 because it had fewer games and it gave him a chance to have team stocks and a chance to complete his doctorate in Business Marketing. He was drafted by the Cincinnati Royals and was pissed at his actions. When the Pipers bankrupted, he moved to the Royals where he also became part-owner. With his array of wheeling and dealing he became one of just three millionaire players in the NBA. Off court he was getting money but the Royals are struggling. New coach Bob Cousy traded Lucas to San Francisco for two reserves because he is often distracted and doesn’t hustle enough. SF was a nightmare for “Luke” as most of his businesses lined up for bankruptcy. Luckily New York saved him.

36 CLYDE DREXLER (Portland Trail Blazers, Houston Rockets)

STATS: 1086g – 20.4ppg, 6.1rpg, 5.6apg, 2.0spg

ACHIEVEMENTS: All-NBA Team (5), NBA All-Star (10), NBA Champion (1), Hall of Famer

HITS: Phi Slama Jama boasts Houston Cougars standouts known for their explosive and fast-breaking style. This college featured Hakeem Olajuwon, former PBA import Michael Young, and this guy, otherwise known to many as “The Glide”. In the NBA, he led a menacing force bent to take out “Showtime” in the Western Finals. Wearing the intimidating black, white, and red Blazer colors, Portland fought with the Lakers in terms of Western supremacy, with Portland getting two trips in the finals. He has posted at least 20,000 points, 6,000 rebounds, and 6,000 assists (only Oscar Robertson and John Havlicek have equaled it). Until now, the above the rim playing Drexler leads all guards with his career average of 2.4 offensive rebounds per game. He wore number 10 in Barcelona where the Original Dream Team claimed gold in the 1992 Olympics.

MISSES: The Glide reunited with collegiate buddy Olajuwon where he clinched his first NBA crown. He played a second star role when he was reaching this feat. The Blazers had two chances to win gold but Detroit and Chicago shut these chances. Also, Drexler had a dismal rookie season where he only normed eight points that year.

EXTRA POINTS: He had two chances to gain a rare quadruple-double. On January 10, 1986 he scored 26 points, 9 rebounds, 11 assists, and 10 steals in Milwaukee as a Blazer. On November 1, 1996 he racked 25 points, 10 rebounds, 9 assists and 10 steals against Sacramento as a Rocket.

35 JASON KIDD (Dallas Mavericks, Phoenix Suns, New Jersey Nets)

STATS: 1107g – 13.8ppg, 6.7rpg, 9.2apg, 2.0spg

ACHIEVEMENTS: All-NBA Team (6), NBA All-Star (9), Rookie of the Year (1995)

HITS: Kidd is the first player to make people realize that you don’t need to score just to become explosive. Whenever he gets the ball, you HAVE to expect some random player zooming to the basket for a fiery finish. He has passed Magic Johnson at number three in the all-time assists list and is the only player in history to score 15,000 points, 10,000 assists and 7,000 rebounds. Kidd is also number three in the all-time triple-double leader list. He ranks second in career playoff triple-doubles and he has started all 115 of his playoff games. He has an awesome career. Now wonder he always blow kisses in the air when at the free throw line!

MISSES: Kidd’s career is somewhat the same with Oscar Robertson. Both are great passers as well as excellent rebounding guards. What Kidd lacks though is a steady offensive game. Also he had two trips to the NBA Finals but blew both because his teammates have become too dependent on him that once the Spurs and the Lakers neutralized Kidd, then the rest of the Nets are easy pickings. He was also in marital squabbles. It was reported that he was cruelly abused by his wife, which prompted Kidd’s wife to counterattack.

EXTRA POINTS: In his professional career, he has never lost an international game. He is 56-0 all-time with gold medals from the 2000 Sydney and 2008 Beijing Olympics, and from the 1999, 2003 and 2007 FIBA Americas Championship.

34 SCOTTIE PIPPEN (Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets, Portland Trail Blazers)

STATS: 1178g – 16.1ppg, 6.4rpg, 5.2apg, 2.0spg, 0.8bpg

ACHIEVEMENTS: All-NBA Team (7), NBA All-Star (7), All-Star MVP (1), NBA Champion (6)

HITS: Nobody knows playing behind a legend like Pips. He is perhaps the best sidekick in NBA History. During Michael Jordan’s Washington return, he tried out Rip Hamilton and Jerry Stackhouse to be his “partner” but no one has the playmaking skills and the smarts that Pippen possesses. This makes it hard not to write a Jordan memoir that is poised to delete Pippen’s (and Phil Jackson’s) contributions. He is a playmaker, a defensive specialist (owning a lot of defensive first team honors during his tenure with eight), a scorer, a rebounder, a low post threat, and more! He is one of four players to lead his team in points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks in one season which as it stands, only four players has done so and this doesn’t involve Jordan. Despite the accolades, Pips knows his role as MJ’s chief backup. He could have wanted the spotlight but he played his best to become the best sidekick in history. In this fashion led to his owning of six rings. He is one of the creators of that point-forward spot and he holds career assists and steals made by a forward in history. He was also part of the 1992 and 1996 Gold Medal Olympic squads.

MISSES: He started his rookie campaign playing backup for Brad Sellers. Who is Brad Sellers? He was the starting forward for the then-hapless Bulls. Anyway, while he is a great complement for His Airness, it seems like he made it a career to make other players look good… even if they weren’t like that. While I understand that he has to play that role when he played alongside Hakeem Olajuwon and Charles Barkley in Houston (where he and Sir Charles clashed) for one season, he could have asked to be traded when the powerhouse Portland experiment failed to trounce the Lakers (and the Kings for that matter also). His career began to stagnate as for four season with the Blazers his scoring average never got higher than 12.5. This was the same fate also suffered by Damon Stoudamire, Detlef Schrempf, Jermaine O’Neal among others to Rasheed Wallace, Bonzi Wells and Steve Smith. As backup to Jordan, the lowest he scored was 14.4 (he scored 7.9ppg in his rookie year). And it is not like he can’t lead a team. He led the Bulls in major departments and into twin Eastern semis appearances during Jordan’s hiatus from the game. Another problem with Pips is his temper. He once sat out in crunch time, not wanting to return when Phil Jackson designed a play that made Pips inbounds the ball to a potential Toni Kukoc game winner. This was for the eastern finals seat and the Bulls eventually lost the game and the series to the Knicks (this was the first year of Jordan’s baseball career). This was one of the few low points of Pips’ career.

EXTRA POINTS: Jerry Krause never liked Pippen’s antics (although the rest of the Bulls hated Krause as much) and offered Seattle to acquire him for Shawn Kemp. Seattle was the team that drafted Pippen but they traded him to Chicago for the rights of journeyman Olden Polynice. This trade bogged down when Jordan returned from his baseball odyssey.

33 DIRK NOWITZKI (Dallas Mavericks)

STATS: 1107g – 22.7ppg, 8.6rpg, 2.7apg, 0.9spg, 1.0bpg

ACHIEVEMENTS: NBA MVP (1), All-NBA Team (9), NBA All-Star (8)

HITS: If Larry Bird went to Europe and part of his genes was stolen from him, then Larry Legend should sue this Dunking German! It’s like Dirk is Larry’s heir apparent which was erroneously seen when Keith Van Horn debuted. He plays like a shooting guard in a center’s body. He can dunk and at the same time, he can score from long distances. He could hustle, he can play with mismatches with regards to what position he would play and he is versatile. He is also the first European to win the MVP plum.

MISSES: One thing that separates Bird from Dirk is that Bird is consummate defender. Bird could also read moves and attack them with such while Dirk has some kinks. For one, Dirk will eat a low-post defender that would block his shot but wilts to pressure if that player uses his speed rather than power. Dirk has learned to defend better but he’ll rather waste his energy to score. He was a key figure in the infamous four straight losses that made the Miami Heat NBA Champions.

EXTRA POINTS: During the 1998 Draft, then Boston Coach Rick Pitino wanted Dirk to play for Boston. Unfortunately then-Dallas coach Don Nelson was also interested in the German. Boston owns the tenth pick while the Mavs own the sixth. Dallas was also interested in Phoenix’ reserve point Steve Nash. Phoenix wanted Pat Garrity but they have no first round picks. The Bucks had two picks but all they wanted was to acquire top prospect Robert “Tractor” Traylor. So during draft day, Dallas hatched a plan. Milwaukee would use its eighth and nineteenth picks for Nowitzki and Garrity. The Bucks will trade these picks for Traylor. The Mavs would then deal Garrity to Phoenix for Nash. The often overweight Traylor and Garrity were pretty much role players (Traylor is now in Turkey while Garrity retired in Orlando). And if you ask what Boston got as their tenth pick? Don’t worry about them. They got Paul Pierce.

32 DOLPH SCHAYES (Syracuse Nationals, Philadelphia 76ers)

STATS: 996g – 18.5ppg, 11.3rpg, 3.1apg

ACHIEVEMENTS: All-NBA Team (12), NBA All-Star (12), NBA Champion (1), Hall of Famer

HITS: Considered a big player then, Dolph Schayes was one of the most important ballers in the 50’s. While he manned the inside, he is a great set shooter, which was one of the norms then. Before shooting required jumping, his deadly high-arcing set shots wow crowds. It was said that during his early career, Schayes broke his right arm and played the season with a cast. This made him learn to shoot with his left, making an unstoppable set shot. He was the last great superstar to shoot baskets with his feet planted on the floor. He was also the first player to achieve 30,000 PRA’s (points, rebounds, and assists). He played from 1948 to 1964.

MISSES: No question, he is a legend. The only problem in his 16-year career was he didn’t get a lot of championships. The George Mikan-led Minneapolis Lakers owned the early 50’s and it was Bill Russell’s Boston that eliminated all chances for Schayes to acquire a ring when he was nearing retirement. He was the first of many NBA legends to produce subpar spawns. His son Danny was more of a backup center more than anything.

31 PATRICK EWING (New York Knicks, Seattle Supersonics, Orlando Magic)

STATS: 1183g – 21.0ppg, 9.8rpg, 1.9apg, 1.0spg, 2.4bpg

ACHIEVEMENTS: All-NBA Team (7), NBA All-Star (11), Rookie of the Year (1986), Hall of Famer

HITS: The NBA was forced to institute the draft lottery to discourage teams from losing their matches. Controversy struck when the NBA office granted New York the top choice. All these problems because the most sought college athlete has just declared his eligibility. Once he entered he transformed New York from a struggling franchise to a playoff contender. He became a leader and became the owner of several Knick records. He was part of the crew that powered New York to many playoff appearances… where each of their chances was thwarted by Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia or Boston. Nonetheless, he is a great scorer, awesome defender, and one of the cornerstones of the league in the 80’s and late 90’s.

MISSES: No, I won’t even say his reading problem. Nearing the end of his career, two trading paths tarnished his career of dominance. It all started with the trading of his two most equipped allies in Charles Oakley and John Starks. This started New York current roster of ragtag all-stars that can’t play well together. Then an injury which made him miss the Finals against the Spurs gave the Knicks the reason to hunt for younger blood. He was sent to Seattle where his role deteriorated. He was then traded to the Orlando Magic where he was supposed to play the center role to complement Grant Hill and Tracy McGrady but at this point, old age sunk. The highest point of his NBA career was when Ewing and Hakeem Olajuwon battled in the NBA Finals. Ewing defeated Olajuwon in the NCAA (Georgetown versus Univ. of Houston) while Olajuwon one-upped Ewing in the pros.

30 JOHN STOCKTON (Utah Jazz)

STATS: 1504g – 13.1ppg, 2.7rpg, 10.5apg, 2.2spg

ACHIEVEMENTS: All-NBA Team (11), NBA All-Star (10), All-Star MVP (1), Hall of Famer

HITS: The guy looks like a kid. In Filipino terms he looks like a “salingkit” whenever he steps on the hardcourt. But beware of this guy. As far as basketball insiders are concerned, Stockton ranks as one of the best point guards in NBA history. First of all, he tops all all-time assists and steals categories. And for a guy that looks so scrawny, he only missed 22 games in his ENTIRE CAREER! His ability to read his opponents makes him a dangerous foe. And while he is no high-flyer, he knows how to use his skills to make his game productive. He also made a couple of guys known as Jerry Sloan and Karl Malone extremely happy. Stockton was Sloan’s extension in the court and Malone was pretty much the receiver of most of Stockton’s passes. Did I mention that he played for two gold-winning teams in the Olympics? Because of his talent despite limited abilities, he could likely be the Ric Flair of basketball. Actually, if you look at it, Stockton is seen as one of the “Dirtiest Players of the Game”. This is not bad by all means because basketball is a physical game. However, coming from a guy that is 6’1 and 170lbs? That’s kind of… annoying.

MISSES: The Stockton to Malone pick and roll combo is one of the most popular tag team moves in the game. However, this brings up the fact that there could be no Stockton had not for Malone. Certainly with Malone’s caliber, any player could get an assist by merely giving him the ball. Perhaps, had these two not met, their accomplishments in the league wouldn’t be this high. Also, Stockton started his career as a second string player with limited minutes. He is also the type of player that would pass than score although, Stockton had an underrated outside game.

29 DAVE COWENS (Boston Celtics, Milwaukee Bucks)

STATS: 766g – 17.6ppg, 13.6rpg, 3.8apg, 0.8spg

ACHIEVEMENTS: NBA MVP (1), All-NBA Team (3), NBA All-Star (7), All-Star MVP (1), Rookie of the Year (1971), NBA Champion (2), Hall of Famer

HITS: Cowens had the hard task of becoming the team’s “Next Bill Russell”. Unlike in the 50’s and the 60’s, 6’9 players will have a hard time manning the center post. However he did and he did it with gusto. Celtic faithful lauded the fact that they could still win the crown without Russ and Company. In fact his intensity on both sides makes him a vital cog in their two championships. Cowens is the first of only four players to lead his team in the five main stats categories for a season (points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks). Only Scottie Pippen, Kevin Garnett, and LeBron James have duplicated this feat.

MISSES: While Cowens was a mere tool to complement John Havlicek, who was Boston’s heart and soul of the 70’s and the only remaining link from the 60’s, Cowens was a super special player for Boston. Problem is… his actions are often uncharacteristic for a NBA player. While he slept at a park bench when Boston celebrated their championship in 1974, he wasted the first part of the 1977 NBA season as a cab driver to “cure his burnout issues”. That was kind of… freaky… even if the 1970’s paraded the hippest of hippies. While you might think these actions shouldn’t be problems on-court… it actually was back then.

28 ELVIN HAYES (San Diego/Houston Rockets, Baltimore/Capital/Washington Bullets)

STATS: 1303g – 21.0ppg, 12.5rpg, 1.8apg, 1.4bpg

ACHIEVEMENTS: All-NBA Team (6), NBA All-Star (12), NBA Champion (1)

HITS: “Big E” was the top pick in the 1968 Draft. In his rookie year, he scored 28.4ppg making him the last rookie to lead the league in scoring. However, he lost the top rookie plum to Wes Unseld, who became the last player to win Rookie of the Year and MVP honors in one season. A couple of years later, he will join Unseld in Washington where they made the squad a perennial contender. Hayes is a dominating scorer with Unseld concentrating more on grabbing the rebounds. Although, this doesn’t mean that Hayes is not a ferocious rebounder. In his second season, he led the league in rebounds which is the first time since 1957 a player led in rebounds that is not named Bill Russell or Wilt Chamberlain. Hayes played in 12 straight All-Star games from 1969 to 1980.

MISSES: It is hard to say awful things about Big E since in the course of his career, he was nothing but solid. However, when he returned to Houston (where he also played college ball), his career numbers were rapidly decreasing. Injuries also kicked in and by the time he was in Houston, Ralph Sampson and Moses Malone were manning the frontline. He retired in 1984 before Hakeem Olajuwon could ever test his first NBA uniform.

27 WILLIS REED (New York Knicks)

STATS: 650g – 18.7ppg, 12.9rpg, 1.8apg

ACHIEVEMENTS: NBA MVP (1), Finals MVP (2), All-NBA Team (5), NBA All-Star (7), All-Star MVP (1), Rookie of the Year (1965), NBA Champion (2), Hall of Famer

HITS: The guy is a leader and a winner. During his tenure as a Knick, New York had their taste of championships. Who could forget Game 7 of the 1970 Finals where the injured captain started the game against the Wilt-led Lakers and despite limping and bandaged up, gave the team a huge shot in the arm to win the crown? He shot a mere two attempts (both connected), but that is enough to revitalize Frazier, Earl Monroe, DeBusschere, Bill Bradley, Dick Barnett, Jerry Lucas, and the rest of the New York Knicks! Compared to Kareem and Wilt, Reed was puny at 6’10. However what he lacked in size, he doubled in muscle. He relishes the pivot part of the offense and this is where he works his wondrous ways. He is also an adequate defender as if blocks were part of the statistical categories then; he’ll be amassing a superb collection of it.

MISSES: While inspirational, the victory he got from the 1970 Finals would mark the downfall of his career. After that he had a couple of injuries that forced him out of action for months. This could probably be due to the wear and tear he suffered as a banger and a bruiser. When he retired, the Knicks were dismantled. His career and the Knicks organization could have been better if he didn’t end his tenure after ten short seasons.

26 RICK BARRY (San Francisco/Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets)

STATS: 794g – 23.2ppg, 6.5rpg, 5.1apg, 1.4spg

ACHIEVEMENTS: Finals MVP (1), All-NBA Team (6), NBA All-Star (8), All-Star MVP (1), Rookie of the Year (1966), NBA Champion (1), Hall of Famer

HITS: What is the “granny shot”? For younger generations, this is how Slam Dunk’s Hanamichi Sakuragi shoots the free throw. The softball pitch best describes his style which is leaps and bounds less pretty than the more popular baseball throw. While it looks odd, it is freaking devastatingly accurate! In fact, he ranks amongst the best all-time! He is arguably the best pure small forward in the history of the league due to his tenaciousness, uncanny court vision, defense, demanding will to win, and superb outside scoring! He is also one of those players that can successfully alter their game styles to fit the needs of his team. He’ll do the things asked to get a win, even if he is paired with low-quality and problematic teammates.

MISSES: His talents could do so much. Most of his years, he was Mister-Do-It-All because seasons of lackluster rosters are destroying his Hall of Fame reputation. This is also the reason why he left the San Francisco Warriors for the ABA where he played for three fruitful seasons that earned him two finals appearances and a championship crown. His exodus to the ABA made people think that he left the league because of higher financial gain. The Warriors made the fans believe that he was only after the money. When the judicial court ruled that he needs to honor the Warriors contract, he returned to the NBA. It also didn’t help that he had a reputation of talking without thinking which made him an unlikable person.

EXTRA POINTS: From his “Barry” spawned former NBA players like Jon, Brent, and Drew. Coincidentally Rick and Brent became the second father and son combo to have NBA rings. Rick in 1975 with the Golden State Warriors and Brent with the 2005 and 2007 San Antonio Spurs.

25 LEBRON JAMES (Cleveland Cavaliers)

STATS: 472g – 27.5ppg, 7.0rpg, 6.7apg, 1.8spg, 0.9bpg

ACHIEVEMENTS: NBA MVP (1), All-NBA Team (5), NBA All-Star (5), All-Star MVP (2), Rookie of the Year (2004)

HITS: He is the second coming of Magic Johnson in terms of pre-NBA attention. During his time high school games are getting nationwide attention (although they didn’t care about the games per se and were merely looking out for James). Picked first in the 2003 Draft, James found out that it was hard to survive the NBA… if he had weak-ass backup. Slowly, his team was formed to his liking and it was safe to say that LBJ has the goods to blaze the league. James combines power with quickness and athleticism. He has the power of Oscar Robertson with the scoring abilities of Julius Erving and the unselfishness of Grant Hill. He is a regular 25-5-5 player and he is ready to man clutch moments.

MISSES: There is a double-edged sword that surrounds a high-ranking placing in their early career and this is where Kobe could outshine LeBron in the years to come. First of all, Kobe’s seeding went up with his constant accolades such as individual honors and championships. While LBJ is young and dangerous, so was Ralph Sampson, Vin Baker, and Anfernee Hardaway in their early years before injuries took its toll (this is somewhat overacting because King James had done more than what these three had accomplished, respect-wise). James needs to stay away from danger as possible to further cement his self as the league’s future. He also needs to rise during clutch times. While he could perform well in dire situations… in the regular season, he needs to advance his crunch time antics to the playoffs. He is too unselfish at times that it hurts his team rather than helping it.

24 JULIUS ERVING (Philadelphia 76ers)

STATS: 836g – 22.0ppg, 6.7rpg, 3.9apg, 1.8spg, 1.5bpg

ACHIEVEMENTS: Finals MVP (1), All-NBA Team (7), NBA All-Star (11), All-Star MVP (2), NBA Champion (1)

HITS: The old school basketball game was flushed out with his entry. All of a sudden, basketball became exciting. When he entered the NBA in 1976, he was the most popular player of the ABA. He continued to be the game’s ambassador in the NBA and his style (alongside David Thompson) paved the way for Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and other NBA high-flyers. Remember that jaw-dropping behind-the-board reverse layup that’s virtually visible in every NBA history show? He can stay in the air for so long that he could drink coffee, read the paper, nail cut his toe nails, and scratch his ass before scoring a fadeaway shot! Because of his style of play “dunks”, “crossover dribbles”, and “no-look passes” were incorporated in the basketball vernacular! Erving introduced jumping off the foul line which has become a key trick for succeeding slam dunk events and regular season game bonuses. He became a multi-million endorser and he was so charismatic that everywhere he went, fans clamored for the “Doctor”. But Dr. J wasn’t just a showman; he also knows how to lead a team to victory.

MISSES: No question, he is a legendary fixture in the history of basketball. However, Erving’s best years were played outside Philadelphia. In the ABA, the lowest scoring average he had was 27.3, and this was in his rookie year (he averaged 31.9 in his second season). In the NBA, the highest scoring average he obtained is 26.9. He scored 23 points and up only four times. His five seasons in ABA summed up 28.7ppg, 12.1rpg, 4.8apg, 2.4spg, 2.0bpg, a 2-time ABA champion, a 2-time ABA Finals MVP, a 5-time All-ABA member, a 5-time ABA All-Star and a 3-time ABA MVP. You can see his NBA stats underneath his name.

23 ISIAH THOMAS (Detroit Pistons)

STATS: 979g – 19.2ppg, 3.6rpg, 9.3apg, 1.9spg

ACHIEVEMENTS: Finals MVP (1), All-NBA Team (5), NBA All-Star (12), All-Star MVP (2), NBA Champion (2)

HITS: When late Detroit mentor Chuck Daly asked Isiah to lead a group of bruisers with zero athleticism, he responded well. The Bad Boys of the 80’s were a ferocious bunch of “goons”. Thomas is the best person to lead these Pistons. His toughness and competitive fire are his strengths that made this team harbor a couple of rings at the expense of the Lakers and Blazers. He hates losing and will do everything to one-up his foe. He will drill a merciless tres or rattle the defense with a gutsy penetration. He can pack the points in batches (an example of which is scoring 16 points in 94 seconds in a playoff game) rendering the opponents helpless. His abilities give him acclaim as well as adversaries.

MISSES: Critics peg him as a gracious winner and a lousy loser. His eagerness to win is both his strength and weakness. Remember how he “froze” Michael Jordan because his hometown idolizing a newbie that was taken the spotlight out of the vets in the 1985 All-Star Game? What about his “feud” with Larry Bird? Professionally, injuries in the 90 are factors that led to his retirement. Looking back, his ego bolstered failed bids to further cement his legacy: 1) Many team owners blamed his mismanagement for the eventual downfall of the CBA (the NBDL came and destroyed the semi-pro league), 2) Coaching and management woes in Toronto, Indiana, and New York, and 3) A sexual harassment case that cost Madison Square Garden 11.6 US Dollars! This perhaps also led to the alleged drug overdose he had in mid-2008. Detroit was the only franchise that treated him graciously in his NBA career.

EXTRA POINTS: Thomas missed out three potential US Olympic gold medals. He was going to represent the US but US boycotts the 1980 Moscow Games. In 1992, he could have been part of the Dream Team had not for Michael Jordan’s ability to hate him. And when Dream Team 2 was about to don the US colors, he injured himself that promptly caused his retirement. He was replaced in the lineup by Kevin Johnson.

22 JOHN HAVLICEK (Boston Celtics)

STATS: 1270g – 20.8ppg, 6.3rpg, 4.8apg

ACHIEVEMENTS: Finals MVP (1), All-NBA Team (11), NBA All-Star (13), NBA Champion (8), Hall of Famer

HITS: Named from a John Wayne flick, Hondo is considered as one of the best players of the league. Currently it is him and not Russell, Bird, Cowens, and Pierce as the Celtics’ all-time leading scorer! While he was merely a backup for Jerry Lucas in his college years, Havlicek was a key contributor for Red Auerbach in the 60’s. He started as Boston’s sixth man but when most of the guys retired, he was placed in the starting lineup. He was pretty much the connection from the 60’s for the players of the 70’s. He could scorch his opponents with his jumpers and could perform well when the shots matter. He is also a tough customer in the defensive end as his famous steal that made legendary Boston broadcaster Johnny Most exclaim “Havlicek steals it! Havlicek stole the ball” is one of the most recognizable natsots of the league’s history.

MISSES: In his 16 year career, Havlicek never scored lower than 14.3 points (this was during his rookie year). There is hardly any downside in his career but if I would count on something, it could be the fact that people thought of him as a mere role player in his early career. Even when he was scoring in consistent double digits people try to factor in that had not for Russell and company, he’d be scoring less. Hell, even Bob Cousy thought of him as a mere defensive specialist when he first saw Hondo.

21 ALLEN IVERSON (Philadelphia 76ers, Denver Nuggets, Detroit Pistons, Memphis Grizzlies)

STATS: 886g – 27.1ppg, 3.7rpg, 6.2apg, 2.2spg

ACHIEVEMENTS: NBA MVP (1), All-NBA Team (7), NBA All-Star (10), All-Star MVP (2), Rookie of the Year (1997)

HITS: When we say Georgetown, the people we know from that school usually stands above 6’9. Now Allen Iverson isn’t like Mutombo, Mourning, or Ewing, because he brings something new to the court. Standing barely six feet, the man dubbed as “The Answer”, is one of the league’s most popular players. He is flamboyant, he is skillful, he is controversial, and he is a media magnet! AI plays larger than his size. He is a four-time scoring champion and a three-time steals leader. He loves to get his hands on the ball during moments that matter, which is why he is one of the best clutch players in the league’s history.

MISSES: Larry Brown was the only coach that actually got Iverson’s respect… and yeah, that was rocky at best. Iverson is a coach’s nightmare. He is said to be a ball hog and this is one of the reasons why he can’t win a plum. He was sent away from Philly after Iverson’s over-outbursts. He was brought to Denver to second Carmelo Anthony but AI can’t take a step back for Melo. Worse, he was brought to Detroit to add star power but his stint gave the team an eighth seed in the East. And now… most teams won’t sign him because he’s a headcase and a lowly team like Memphis was the only team to take a chance on Iverson. His chances of winning a championship are slim.

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