The “Amusing” Race

I usually go to work around 11:15am.

My work supposedly starts around 11:15am. I usually go early when I am tasked to do so. That barely happens on a daily basis.

My boss usually text “reminding” messages at exactly around 11:45am because my boss hates it when people are extremely late.

Today, the message was “Syd, Ning kayo na lang ang wala dito.”

I rode a tricycle en route to the bus stop. It was hot so my back is kind of liquid-y. When I entered the aircon bus (yes, this could be one of the reasons why I had pneumonia). I saw my officemate (Picture seen on the left… Dulay should meet him) sleeping at the front. I slapped him a la Ric Flair but since he occupied most of the two-seater (poor seatmate), I sat at the back.

East Avenue had extreme traffic. I don’t know if this is due of being a Tuesday, or the road excavation of the Heart Center/Central Bank sides are making people cringe but it was damn congested.

Since the East Ave/EDSA intersection prohibits buses from unloading passengers in the intersection proper, I usually undergo a long, tedious walk to my workplace. I stand near the exit when the LTO stoplight turns green. But then I saw my officemate come out of the bus to ride a jeep. I was hoping we will come to work together so that if boss is mad, WE will get scolding… TOGETHER!

Then it hit me.

“The last person to check in will be eliminated.”

When the bus stopped near EDSA, I ran to the Timog side and raced to the gate. At this point I was also looking left and right to see the jeepney my officemate should be riding (another reason why he rode the jeep is because he’s not that mobile). I raced to the Bundy clock, time in, and then hopped to the elevator.

When I reached my office, I saw that he has yet to arrive. Then my boss saw and I explained the events as I saw it. Then moments late, that officemate entered the room and got angry at me.

Yes, he was riding a jeep when he saw me running like hell (me running is never a pretty sight). And yeah, I was ahead to the entrance, until the elevator. However, it seems like I accidentally closed the elevator when he was about to enter, which is why my edge against him was… like an elevator ride.

I personally think that I can do well if I join the Amazing Race. I don’t swim. I’ll probably suck in lifting challenges… but I cram well.

Game over!


  1. I also believe you drown well to..

  2. i forgot to add another o to my to.. its supposed to be too.

  3. i thought so. funny how one letter could spoil your witty remark.

    oh well...