Brit Comedy: Coupling

I am such a huge fan of British comedies. Perhaps most you know British comedy from watching the always-repeating Mr. Bean clips. While Rowan Atkinson is awesome, there are other British series that you’ll simply laugh your ass out.

Take Coupling for instance. Coupling is UK’s version of Friends but their topics are a la Sex in the City. Actually, this resembles a lot of How I Met Your Mother, complete with the comparison between Barney Stinson and Jeff Murdock. The show aired from 2000 to 2004. It is said to be based on the lives of its creator Steven Moffat and his wife Sue. The show debuted with mediocre ratings but it quickly had a great fanbase in UK and outside of it. Syndication is making the series marketable to other parts of the globe. Gina Bellman, who plays Jane in the series, is currently a mainstay in the Timothy Hutton-starred Leverage.

Anyway, this is why I love the wonders of technology. This is an example. If you’re too lazy to come up with your own article, you can also hatch to a Youtube site so you could latch on a particular clip! The best thing here is that its less than ten minutes to do.

Here are some scenes why Coupling is awesome.

1. Incriminating Evidence

2. The Terror of the Melty Man

3. Out of Control Telephone Pause

4. The Unflushable

5. How to flirt with men

6. How to Dump Your Girlfriend

There’s a show called Grownups. I might check it out.

Game over.


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