One meryenda break, we headed to the company’s gazebo to flaunt. I have yet to continue my smoke-puffing and I think three months of abstinence has heightened my capacity to get stressed easily and get pissed easily.

Yes, Smackdown versus Raw 2010 is really, really helping me cope on my mood swings.

Despite having access to various food trips, normality is grinding the shit out of people. A day before, we headed to the northbound side of the GMA-Kamuning MRT station to eat crunchy noodles and waffles. Yes, slacking off is often a desperate attempt to become happy.

I returned to the office drenched with water underneath my armpits!

Anyway, going to the 7-11 pit stop, I saw a Cali Shandy. Back when tasting beer is next to impossible (aka: the tweener years), this fruity pineapple drink is said to be “bad for kids”.

Now, young ones then found out that Cali Shandy is nothing more than a fruity pineapple drink with a slight hint of aftertaste. You can see it next to other Coca-Cola products and bottled fruit juices. But fact is, unlike other fruit juices, Cali only comes with either a can or a bottle.

The bottle is glass, by the way.

So when one officemate dared me to by the heavily-ridiculed drink (taena… nalalasing ka sa Cali?!?), I took a bottle and wielded it to the cashier guy. I then asked the security guard to open it for me (because guards only keep bottle openers because Cali is superbly taboo). Just like how people see me as a walking billboard (more on my statement shirts), people are looking at me when I drink the fruity, non-alcoholic drink. It seems like those 90’s ads where the “light and bubbly” selling point was a hit for ladies that think shandy can actually make you rowdy…

And surprisingly, those geeky, nerdy guys that never drinks.

By the way, special thanks to Caca for aiming her I-Phone at my face and for Vlad, Weng, and Chris for convincing me that posing like a daft prick in front of the Survivor Castaways and Eat Bulaga super hottie Daiana Menezes will give me the respect I ardently yearn.

Will I get it back by begging Pepsi-Cola to re-launch Q Shandy?

Game Over.


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