Down Time

Here I was, slacking at work… with several loads that doesn’t make my brain bleed. I think this is the first time in days that my computer is open for worry-free surfing. My free time was used to scour blogs or play NBA Inside 2010.

I was about to log to my site as I was about to blog the fact that Cindy and I will hunt the metro to find a Halloween costume (I was thinking of buying a good morning towel that I will tie vertically to my head and a pack of cotton balls to plug my nose). Afterwards maybe we can eat out, watch a movie (ZOOEY DESCHANEL in 500 DAYS OF SUMMER!!!), and coffee out.

I have to come home early though since my dad would be arriving from China this weekend (I tried to post a thread regarding his Vietnam trip but I forgot to grab the photos from the camera whose currently with him in his China trip) so I’ll probably go home sober (The last time I drank was when Cindy and her officemates invited me to drink with them at a nearby watering hole called Geraldo’s. I was waiting for Cindy to finish her shift at my floor when she called me up. Another thing… apparently there is a menu at Geraldo’s which shocked me… and they have rice meals too).

But when I was about to log on my account, this happened:


What the fuck is this? Did my site entangled itself with a virus? Everytime I log to my site or any site I tried to enter, this freaking code is always present. Worse, I found out that most of the sites I browse upon features the same blasted code! Tunay na Lalake… Good Times Manila… even HakoPSP!

And then when I tried to complain, I found out I wasn’t alone. The Google help center was filled with comments about the recent “down time”. This brought me to a time when Twitter and Live Journal was “invaded” by hackers.
Outage: 11:15PM PDT: We're aware and working to fix this right now.

Anyway, before I finished the thread, the problem has been solved.

And “happy time” prospered when I found out that the Smackdown versus Raw 2010 installment was available at

I long for the days when I could slack anew.


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