Have a safe Undas Weekend!

We hope Santi will have a “heart” and not devastate the country unlike what Ondoy and Pepeng did.

Meanwhile as I leave the metro to pay my respects to my maternal grandparents, my paternal grandfather, and the rest of my relatives who are all probably doing R and R in the afterlife, let us remember the Filipinos that died in 2009 that more or less gave significant contributions to the country in some way… that I spotted in Wikipedia.
(insert a Sarah McLachlan music track)

Francis Magalona – King of Philippine Rap
Erano Manalo – Iglesia ni Cristo patriarch
Mary Ejercito – mother of Joseph Estrada
Manuel del Rosario – The oldest Catholic bishop before his death
Miguel Bernad – Jesuit priest
Espiridion Laxa – Film executive and producer of Darna and the Giants
Sotero Laurel – former Senator from Batangas; brother of former VP Doy Laurel
Eduardo Roquero and Victor Sumulong – former Congressmen
Paraluman – 50’s actress
Tita Munoz – character actress
Berting Labra – character actor
Roland Dantes – actor/martial artist
Anabel Bosch – former Tropical Depression and Elektrikoolaid singer
Susan Magno – host of Concert at the Park
Tony Fabella – choreographer
Alexis Tioseco – film critic
Marciano Guzman, Genoveva Matute, Al Robles – penmen
Pocholo Ramirez – racing enthusiast
Leo Prieto – PBA commissioner
Tony Chua – PBA chairman


Corazon Aquino – Philippine president and Queen of Democracy.

Have a safe weekend!


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