Hooray for a Pinoy version of The Office!

If TV execs are smart, they should do a Filipino adaptation of the Office.

Well, the Palibhasa Lalake adlib/improv works in our setting. Yes, I know Camera Café has already been done in Philippine TV (adapted from a French show of the same theme) but I am talking about an actual office setup apart from the coffee vending machine! All they need is a band of non-overacting comedians that could look boring and be funny and a beautiful story behind.

Hell, it could even a Primetime Bida or a Telebabad because the series permits office romance (Jim and Pam is the example here).

Although we need to do away from slapstick comedy that has been the country’s bread and butter in terms of laugh trips. Also, this should not have any hints of telefantasya bull we often see in out dramas.

And finally, they must carefully cast the man to don the duties of the head honcho role. Ricky Gervais was freaking awesome in the original as David Brent.

Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell is better because we Pinoys find it hard to understand British comedies (because it is British) and he plays a not-so-laid back blunder-ous buffoon boss to its perfection.

So before we rip off another American or Asian program, what are the chances of this to happen?

Game over.


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