The Vietnam Pose

My dad has been touring Asia as of late, attending various seminars alongside delegates of other countries. While my dad has to sign a contract prohibiting him to engage work outside the network (my dad has been working for the government TV station since Martial Law), traveling outside Commonwealth and Visayas Avenue is awesome.

As of press time, my father has returned from Beijing after joining a summit. A few weeks back, my father was supposed to be in Danang, Vietnam to attend a seminar. This was two days after Ondoy struck Metro Manila. By the time they got there, Ondoy has reached Danang. My dad and the other guests were stranded in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) where their four-day seminar turned into a half-day affair. The organizers had to fly to Saigon since Danang was heavily damaged by the tropical depression.

Hopefully I could do a feat similar to my dad and tour some random destination where I have to use a passport. Backpacking Europe is a dream. Jamaica is a good choice too. Singapore is an easy spot to go to while a trip to any Far East Country is something I crave too.

But first things first… I need to ride a plane (also... to vote).

I hope he brings a panda this weekend on his way back.

Cindy thinks I kind of resemble a panda because I move slow and I’m freakishly white. The black spots? Hmmm. I hope she’s not referring to my dark spots.

Anyway, here are some of the sights encountered by my dad’s camera. As you see this, I’m going say something about Vietnam.

Uhurm. Game starts now!

(By the way, he just came back and yeah… no panda. Actually, the only thing he brought was the usual chocolate goodies… I barely like sweets.)

If you know anyone that has a “Nguyen” in his name, he’s probably Vietnamese.

They are part of the once large French colony called French Indochina (along with Laos and Cambodia).

The Vietnam War was one of the battles that the US admittedly lost.

The Killing Fields story is derived from the country.

Same goes for the play Miss Saigon where Lea Salonga became the most popular person to play the lead role “Kim”.

The Pinoy war movie called Delta Force which stars Redford White, Cachupoy, Don Pepot, and the Tatlong Itlog is said to be set here. Why am I saying this? I have no idea.

Communism rules the country although they are lessening its version from its original state to enjoy democratic stuffs.

The teleserye Vietnam Rose which features Maricel Soriano among others, was initially shot here.

Their money is called “dong”. You can have a million dong and people will still call you poor!

Currently, they have less poor people than us, China, and India.

They have a population that loves to ride bikes.

Vietnam plays host to various wildlife like the Tonkin snub-nosed Langur. Now… what the fuck is a Tonkin snub-nosed Langur? Well, it’s a monkey who is in the brink of extinction if not for the serious efforts the Vietnam government is doing to preserve the specie. Only 250 are seen living well, according to reports.

85 percent of their people are Buddhists.

The Vietnamese restaurant Pho Hoa is not budget friendly.

Their letters have a series of scrawny lines indicating diction.

Dat Nguyen, was the first Vietnamese-American to play in the National Foolball League.

Dat Phan won the first Last Comic Standing season.

Had enough Vietnamese fun facts?

Game over.


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