SYDrified Reviews: 500 Days of Summer

Last Saturday, Cindy and I watched 500 Days of Summer. It is a film that stars Yes Man’s Zooey Deschanel and former child star Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Third Rock from the Sun, 10 Things I Hate About You).

The premise is boy meets girl… but it’s not your typical love story.

Here’s the thing: my GF is somewhat naïve in terms of the realm of ghetto talk. While this film doesn’t exhibit any shizzle or hizzle, she never got The Hangover. I was laughing my ass off… but had she seen the DVD version where the Chinese Guy was actually naked doing Kung Fu in the Arizona desert, she’ll flip!

Anyway, I remember why my rural friend Jorge disapproves of After Eden. The Arnold Arre graphic novel is not bad by any means… however it hits close to home. The fact that a person tried to destroy a relationship by destroying all avenues of communication is ruthless… however, it is real.

Anyway 500 Days is basically looking at one point of your life. It’s hard to laugh at it… because it hits right smacking on the kisser. However, this is by no means a bad film. Actually it is easy to digest and very natural. The events that unfolded were not chronological, but are needed to get the impact the film craves. It is like an art film that is a love story because the emotions the actors produce are not O.A. Zooey in this flick has blemishes and freckles but still manages to look F’N awesome. Her looks here a far from the Hollywood look which gives the viewers semblance that in fact the woman portrayed here is “attainable”. The characters that were casted barely resemble anything Cruise, Clooney, and Pitt which is good because, yeah, the normality bug is still working.

I won’t say much about the story but there was a line here where Levitt points at one friend and says “hand job”. He points at the other friend and says “blow job”. Then he points at himself and says “Unemployed”. The comedy is there and it isn’t raunchy. It is foremost a love story and a romantic one at that. The love for the flick deepens because of the realism of every bit of entity they instill here.

My GF is enthralled at the story. This is not like every other sci-fi flick or adventure story that is superbly hyped but after latching at it for 10 minutes; you wish you could take back the 340 bucks you spend on this lame-ass shit. It’s like as if all women in the moviehouse are staring blank stares at the big screen thinking if they are experiencing the same thoughts. Fact is, you hope they aren’t because things get sour at the end of the story.

Finally there was a line here that… says why we should reacquaint ourselves with the possibility of miracles… the lines said in this part is awesome. You need to also watch out for the kicker at the end of the story. This will give out the meanings of everything about the story… even the title.

Aside from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, this is one of the most awesome romantic flicks I’ve seen in recent memory.

I give it an awesome 9!

Game Over!